Coding on cheapest laptop ever! - Programming with Boris

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    Coding on cheapest laptop ever! - Programming with Boris
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    In this video I teach you the basics of programming with Java. I try coding on the cheapest laptop ever. It's a Slavtop from eastern bloc costing only $200. I am here to prove that even the cheapest possible laptop on the market is enough to start coding, for studying and even professional programming work.
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    1. We will miss you olympic Airways!

      3:02 you mean Microsoft edge?? Mr??

    2. d2dyno

      Can you do Machine Learning with Boris in Python?

    3. who are you ?

      Блин это менталитет, я так же начал. Борис тру славянин

    4. Xilog

      Watching this on a ThinkPad X250 I got used for $140

    5. Mapping a hry

      Why install Java when you can program in Batchfile?

    6. TheMOMdq

      You have intrigued me. Now I, a 49 year old artist and writer, who has only played with HTML and occasionally CSS (20 years ago) and gave it up, is wondering about java, just for fun. Hmmmm. And I even already have a laptop.

    7. CIA

      Boris: But this laptop... Not from China... The back of the laptop: **MADE IN CHINA**

    8. Alex

      what kind of english is this?

    9. RESPECT

      Тут есть русские?!

    10. bertjesklotepino

      alcohol free wodka? Hmm

    11. TNThead12345

      Alternative Title: Insane man writes functions using: _func() { }

    12. Мой Господин


    13. Frederick Play

      Есть Русские ? лайк )

    14. DragonsREpic

      ...This isn't g code... -_____-

    15. Binary Flawgic

      > worries about spyware on Chinese laptops > uses Windows

    16. Joseph

      bruh use intellij

    17. VacEx

      is it weird to say this is actually a pretty understandable "tutorial" lmao.

    18. Auden


    19. Matthew Young

      What is the point in using Java if you can write binary code and also you do not need to compile it because the computer reads binary

    20. Bitter Balls

      This is my laptop. Its fucking frustrating to code on it because when I downloaded eclipse it ran out of memory then all came down. Had to format it. But now I am able to do some basic level animation using it. So it does its job. Btw mine has black touchpad 😭

    21. Gettinq

      -Gets a very cheap laptop: Downloads the worst OS possible for ressource usage, worst web browser for ressource usage, worst language for ressource usage, and finally, a bloated IDE. *why are my applications starting so slowly*

    22. Guten Tag

      I lost you at coding

    23. Claudio Brent

      Aye make more war thunder vids for blinkind

    24. Erlend

      can i get the code?

    25. TheGrimravager

      mfw favorite programming language is not Russian

    26. Иван Винокуров


    27. YUMMY

      А где русские , не понял

    28. KAVOヅ

      Говно полное

    29. Dariusz Deoniziak

      Everything good, but I see room for improvement of your programming skills my friend. Java and Eclipse are western, not as good software as our slav alternatives. Use IntelliJ IDEA, real slav IDE developed by JetBrains company, which was founded by Sergey Dmitriev, Valentin Kipyatkov and Eugene Belyaev in Prague. Also use Kotlin, a programming language developed also by JetBrains and Dmitry Jemerov. Kotlin language name comes after island name near Petersburg, in Poland it is confused with ketchup.

    30. Andrey Dodonov

      И где неудавшиеся дубли, пока ты такой говор ставил? :D

    31. Andrey Dodonov

      Path with spaces?! (Slav Superstar) Are you CRAZY?! Oh, wait...

    32. netman87

      Dear Boris - please do TLC or Perl :P

    33. HardLOLMaster

      I cry when I see this code

    34. davey Konijnenberg

      Wodka 0.0 alcohol 🤣

    35. Samuel Zeman

      Boris must be from India

    36. Osprey

      Employer: Wow! That's so good... how did you learn Java so well? Me:

    37. Friedrich Villegas Murillo

      I have learned more about Java in a potato video than the university Blyat

    38. LAMA GOOD100

      Issss BORISSS

    39. Biswamohan Dwari

      Now I see why Russian are the top coders in the world

    40. Zach

      I'm going to recommend that my computer science instructor show the class this video

    41. Yücel Toluyağ


    42. Alen

      Should've programmed in 1C

    43. Toster

      А в итоге программирует на английском. чикибрики в дамки За бандосов

    44. bugi171

      2:25 for a second i thought this is a slav your laptop tutorial xD

    45. Yilmaz Kara

      Im living in Cyprus and I know that our products are usually shit

    46. the diamond minecrafter

      How to swear without getting domonetized: use slav language

    47. João Nilson

      Boris. This laptop is from Brazil

    48. SetSky

      I need more slav coding videos.

    49. napishu

      Тут русские вообще есть? Что за лол

    50. ItsAiden

      I love your accent mate Russia fore ever yes cyka blyat

    51. Jack Solidus

      When you find out your grandmother's grandfather was a Russian , and you are a 14 (close to 15) year old boy... VODKA FOREVER!!!!! BORIS IS GREAT!!!!!!! THAT IS HOW WE DO IT IN MOTHER RUSSIA MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    52. Blue eyes white power

      In this that new form of american math but in calculator form?

    53. Scaredy Oldcat

      i more understand with this

    54. DerMetzger

      I haven't been around this channel for very long, so this may have been explained already. But... I always thought a blin was kinda like a Russian pancake or something. Why does Boris keep calling us a pancake? 🤔

    55. F0rscher

      when is first said java is easy: I was like: f**k you.

    56. Spike Spiegel

      @Life of Boris Prestigio is a series of electronic devices from the company Asbis of Belarus

    57. JC Corsanes

      Use Linux OS instead ;)

    58. Rendy Febriansyah

      where is tanya.. Boris

    59. John James

      As a java programmer, I'm proud of you Boris

    60. jaguar warrior

      Why is a true slav using a western operating system like windows? 🤨