Conan Furloughs Non-Essential Staffers

Team Coco

Team Coco

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    In the spirit of the government shutdown, Conan is laying off some of his staff. Look out Jordan Schlansky! More CONAN @
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    1. Ramirez Ortiz

      So many talented comedians would kill to be in this Grad School piece of shit's shoes and he can't even make it to work on time smh 😤

    2. Ian haubner


    3. Ken Chan

      Oh wow, when this popped up I thought this was recent!

    4. Lemonade S

      just realize this video is from 2013 wtf

    5. Mark Lind

      Conan Furloughs Non-Essential Staffers 19,274,306 views•Oct 2, 2013 Is this really 7 years old or are there some shenanigans.

    6. Matthew Bender

      Of course Jordon is Essential.

    7. Helio Ocean

    8. The Good Pilgrim

      if you look carefully jordan was about to burst laughing at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="376">6:16</a>

    9. Jeremy Howard

      Conan was 6 years ahead of this

    10. Simon Chung

      Conan please redo this now in 2020

    11. Flybynick

      Still a classic and oh so relevant even 6 yrs later

    12. Akki Kishore

      Corona, woo....

    13. nick woodward

      Easily over 8 pints a day I reckon

    14. Wolfman Jackster

      Thought this was released just now lmao, Conan got on the layoff train early hot damn

    15. Raven Ridge

      Is there a clip that jordan, conan and sona all together...???

    16. TrueNovice

      You remember when Conan was funny? I don't either

    17. Yidaki

      "You have the body language of Lee Harvey Oswald" is the greatest insult Conan has delivered to Jordan lol.

    18. Yidaki

      "I assist the executive producer." As she recommends laying off the executive producer. 😆

      1. E W

        Jordan is the 'associate producer' not the executive producer...

    19. Christian Darrall

      subject Jordan to SAS style interrogation

    20. Nominis

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="267">4:27</a> on Jordan Schlansky's door it says "One cranky fake italian"

    21. N. Joel

      Sonia: "That crossword puzzle is very essential Conan"... "Where else do you think you get your material from?" .."Now, as you were saying.. for instance, about the word 'CAR' ..."

    22. Fact Seekers

      The LockDown failed. Biden touches kids:


      A three letter word for vehicle that starts with c ? OMG how do these people get hired for anything?

    24. Trevino

      A round of applause for our essential workers. And Jordan

    25. RyaanS Music

      FIsels recommended is savage af

    26. Mike O

      I know Conan worked on The Simpsons, does this mean he has their premonition??

    27. The Dark Knight

      "Where are the cameras?" - Former Conan staffer

    28. Horatio Moonraker

      The crossword puzzle clue is "Over-burdened postman." Hmmm. How many letters? "Millions."

    29. Make Cool Apps

      funny how there reused the old clips and tied it to corona virus stuff

      1. mick the eagle

        This was released October 2, 2013.

    30. owen 234

      Sub to my FIsels channel

    31. Richard Bacchus

      wait the government shut down in 2013

    32. Jj Sands

      anyone who's name is "Jordan" is a loser.

    33. j soo

      I drink at least 100 ozs. of water a day. What's weird about that?

    34. mrenaep

      Oh crap - I thought this was recent!

    35. jordan Christeson

      What are you a weeping willow?

    36. Felicia Vale

      Sona is so cute.

    37. Mara de la Rosa

      I wonder how many of the 19,173,134 views (as of the time that I am writing this) have watched this in the last 2 months!?

    38. hannahrae927

      lol I drink like over a gallon of water a day. 72 ounces is not that much.

    39. Tom Steele

      I have never enjoyed Conan very much - this was top quality funny stuff! Hmm...

    40. J A

      *"you have the body language of Lee Harvey Oswald."* That was so specific & true. 🤣😂🤣

    41. moshrosh

      Super confused how this is comedy

    42. The Gaming Walrus

      Interesting title, given the circumstances

    43. ZANEY Alexander

      This is funny- this is exactly what we’re going through. They should just get rid of all the late night talk show hosts and keep Conan.

    44. A mildly enjoyable train ride

      This could've been released today and it would be just as relevant

    45. DanJ100m

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="9">0:09</a> …well well well this guys the new simpsons

    46. Carlo Coppola

      Jordan is 10 times more entertaining than Andy

    47. Abdi Marmalade

      The title has aged like fine wine.


        Honestly it has lol

    48. Borderlands808

      I got furloughed. Can you send me 10 million dollars?

    49. Sheila Zhiyi Liang Nguyen

      Who is watching this 2020?

    50. lafayette le baguette

      how did he know

    51. BRYCE brookd

      I thought this came out a few months ago

    52. REDZER_14

      Cringy comment section

    53. Sam S


    54. jBone4400

      Wait, this was published in 2013? Wow, weird.

    55. Margaux Cornell

      Confirmed: Jordan Schlansky has a friend 🥺 👉👈

    56. David Atch

      Sona's got a great rack

    57. Jason Davis

      The Lee Harvey Oswald bit at the VERY, very end put me over the top... and I was already close.

    58. Hima Hmm

      Is this scripted or is it real I mean does everyone want Jordan to laid off

    59. 813Productions

      Damn this aged so well. He still should have re-done it again in 2020 lol!

    60. PaxLuvNow

      without a laugh track, you losers would not exist!

    61. PaxLuvNow

      stay home conan, do what your controllers tell you to do for a paycheck, wasting my time here, your a loser!

    62. PaxLuvNow

      Yeh! numbnuts, you conna make it, hahahhaahhahhahahahaahhahahhah oh, live in fear live in fear omg, sky is falling!

    63. Fadi YASSINE

      Connon never seems to disappoint! 🔥

    64. Captain America

      Conan better get some funny or he's going to be furloughed for low ratings.

    65. Hoony K.

      I always thought Sona was going to get fired eventually but I think Conan is stuck with her forever..

    66. ozi oz

      i was thinking i knew english until i start watching jordan.

    67. Eoghan Brophy

      I know it's 2020 and all but did we ever actually figure out what it is that Jordan does exactly?

    68. RoseMaryRN

      Sign of the times!

    69. Hammad Hussain

      Why was there a shutdown 6 years ago though?


        Hammad Hussain- *Practice-run?*

    70. Marija Radonić

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="193">3:13</a> CONAN HUUUUGGSSSS

    71. Simon Reee

      Why is everyone hating on Jordan. He does his various task and duites

      1. hakuna matata

        @Ariel Liu dont know if you're joking or you just dont get what they're saying

      2. Ariel Liu

        They don't hate him😂They just thought it funny to confront Conan with him hhhh

      3. Drew DaDonn

        ...after her prepared his body in various ways🤣🤣

      4. Chris HP Le

        Can't hate a man who prepares his body in various ways.

      5. xtension xward

        yeah and they're numerous !

    72. funkluv

      What is this like a seven year itch thing?

    73. Clorox Bleach

      Dafaq. I thought it was made a few days ago but it's 6 years old.

      1. normalwerido

        SAME! !!!

    74. jai oh

      This whole episode was used to bait Jordan into telling everyone what he actually does

    75. Tom Campbell

      Has been. Nice laugh track because no one's laughing at you, and you're not funny

    76. John Brand

      He’s really ahead of his time

    77. Col William NOYDB

      This guy has a DNA reading of 100% Irish. That means that even though his family moved to the US several decades ago, they only married other people who were 100% Irish. He said it was because they all his relatives married the family next door, his own. That's funny. He should get free Guinness alone. And they Lee Harvey Oswald joke, I think we now know who was the second shooter, his Clone.

      1. Col William NOYDB

        @alex ojideagu I have lived in Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, France, Germany and West Berlin back in the old days. And that is nothing compared from all the places. There are many people, who make it a duty, to stay within their own race. Point is, look it up, Conan did a show on it. But there is 1 thing I am sure of, you are 100% douche.

      2. alex ojideagu

        I say BS. There is no such thing as 100% Irish DNA. Irish and British people are highly mixed with each other. Go to the UK and there are English people who have more "Irish" DNA than Conan. At least 1 in 5 British people has an Irish relative.

    78. Sloggin

      Damn dude! You swole! 8)

    79. Aisllng Rogers

      For anyone wondering, 156 ounces = 4.46 litres...😱

    80. friggen bozo

      Very good, You are one badass comedian.