Congress Votes to Limit Trump's War Powers After Iran Lies: A Closer Look

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    Seth takes a closer look at the House voting to rein in President Trump’s war powers as it becomes increasingly clear his administration lied to justify an unconstitutional act of war.
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    Congress Votes to Limit Trump's War Powers After Iran Lies: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers

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    1. GamerUncle_

      I’m still waiting on Seth to be funny. Every time he tells a joke you hear maybe 3 people laugh in the background. Looser.

    2. thanh nguyen

      Trump=satan's man=pure evil.

    3. Robert Thompson

      Everything they do is a lie

    4. Uknowmeazdaddy

      Adding to @11:39...”You swamp-diving, Boomhower looking-craw daddy, Alabama raised-Copenhagen chewing-sister marring-Pres Obama resisting- incoherent articulating-trailer trash-wife beating piece of💩!!!” Yeah you...dOug cOllins

    5. Cynthia Coney

      If he forgoes that salary then how is it that its HIS to say where it is given ? You cant have it both ways.

    6. nicholas cisternino


    7. Queensue jesuseschild

      If you don't like him doesn't mean you run him down if you are a reporter. But you are so left sided. You need to just shut up you lie so much and you spin every word that is said . And t You spend all your money on drugs that is why you have a brain and our laws should be changed where you can't say bad things about the president no matter what party they are. You need to be hung along with obombya and Hillary and Nancy shiftie and all the rest of them. You are nothing but a scum bag of the worse kind. Big pile💩 is what you are


        you have a good point, yes trouble is they would do this to a Republican party or Democrat party President, it is comedy an 45 has given so much material, but I hope he understands, I know U feel it is out of line! fair enough, well expressed, God Bless The First Family! under free speech as well, , mostly like comedy ur right feels like a roast with Greg Geraldo as M.C. lol. respect him still though u know that? even though it might be true, think a lot of people kinda understand across the world, it is a bit messed up,lol,

    8. toney ingram

      He is nothing but a fat low down like trump

    9. toney ingram

      You should give it away that was taking out satan play book to make his cult love him some more



    11. Big Daddy Kane

      We Republicans (anti-abortion, anti ILLEGAL immigrant) laugh at you douchebags all day long. Trump will win again and hopefully you keep your promise to move out of the country.

    12. Louise Durfee


    13. jack denial

      LOL.... We the USA condemned you N. Korean, Ukraine, Russia, China, Iran, etc...etc.. for being corrupted. We will not stand by and support any corrupted government in the world...... .... ... ... unless it's us... then it's ok. ..... LOL

    14. Activated Christian

      TRUMP 2020!

    15. MrMagicJs

      I had to take a break from all this trump news. Happy you guys kept the vigil. I'm back. Let's get this guy out

    16. Amelia Wojnicz

      Oh look, Collins looks like the Christmas Elf....

    17. Amelia Wojnicz

      I love how so many people have Donald Trumps accent down to a "T".

    18. Stephen Parkes

      At least Collins apologised. Haley has actually stood by her idiotic comments.

    19. polite critique

      Mass tweet Republican traitors like Moscow Mitch and Paedo Lindsey Graham to fire terrorist trump regime or be voted out

    20. Corina Sulica

      hip hurray They are finally impeaching Trump!!!!

    21. Andy Macedo

      Poor Ronny - guy just can't catch a break - good thing that Vladimir has got his device synced up - that cloud has done wonders for Vladimir - 🤣😲 that's an understatement - Ronny is donating ? He's the type of dude to rob a bank and give the bank back some money and want to be praised as the hero - never seen such corruption - I mean this dude is a hurricane a one man wrecking crew of corruption - a crime wave - by himself - one man crime spree - how can anyone not see that he's the biggest criminal ever born ! I mean seriously there wasn't a bigger criminal ever born in this entire world - ahh nope hands down the biggest most obnoxious criminal ever born - I just can't believe that anyone would allow this madness to continue - first if all he can't run the local Starbucks - for real everything he touches goes poorly and that's an understatement - it dies or breaks - never works - none of his policies have ever worked - he breaks the law on an hourly basis - how many times a day does Ronny break the law ? Double digits - Ronny they are talking about the bone spurs - remember five six times saying the spurs were broken ? Unspeakable - this is mind blowing - I'd rather trust Declan running the country ! Office of the national security is trying to do closed door public threat for congress so American citizens don't know Nathan ? Walks are closing in ! Be careful William - gonna screw around and end up getting ten years in federal prison with a conspiracy charge - by the way no heresy with a co- conspiracy charge - just keep that in mind when the RICO ACT gets charged and ten of you all get whacked with a conspiracy charge ! Don't say I didn't warn you ! Your breaking the law and the documents say it and lev and Gordon and the witnesses - even the government accountability office says your breaking the law ! Let's say that again your breaking a federal law by the OMB office not giving the money to Ukraine you broke the law ! I agree exactly with the black peoples - you white bread are out of your minds ! Going down with the ship the titanic is sinking you are on the ship headed down quickly - could have gotten a rescue little ship - a life jacket - gonna end up like jack - sinking to the bottom of the ocean - drowning - freezing to death and remaining on the bottom of the ocean - it's a cold dark lonely experience ! Sure you want to end up like Paul or Cohen or Flynn or Roger or Lev or Gates ? Etc etc etc are where your headed ? It's not rocket science to see how this is going to end up eventually - got no chance whatsoever of getting away with Nathan - all those emails and documents are coming out one way or another ! Just thought there was smarter people involved that could have ended this at any time and gotten the best results ? Now I know your not getting out of prison !

    22. lookronjon

      This administration is like the Keystone Cops. Slapstick politics. No goals except for their own benefit. No foreign policy. Praise our adversary’s. Put down our allies. Our economy is set up for the wealthy to fleece us. It always recovers. Now we are in deeper debt. Where is the outrage from the right??

    23. UNCLE SAM

      Bury Trump already!

    24. rolland mousseaux

      impeach the bum for war crimes

    25. Oblithian

      ...that fart joke was stupid.

    26. Tim Cotterill

      Seth, I know I’m probably gonna go to hell for this but, I kinda want the Big Orange Idiot to get re-elected... just so I can continue to watch you paying out on him. When someone leads with “I know I’m probably gonna go to hell for this but...” you just know it’s going to be bad. As soon as I get the giggles under control, I’ll fell proper, ashamed... I promise! Great segment. I watch these on FIsels religiously as we don’t get your show here Australia. That Trump... definitely a couple of kangaroos loose in the to paddock. The man is definitely a Dag. (Dag is a wonderful Australian insult... it is literally the rotten, magotty, shitty, wool around a sheep’s arse... sorry ass. It means you’re an ignorant, stupid, unpleasant individual, with few if any redeeming features. Reming you of anyone?). Anyway loved the show. Cheers.

    27. luis vargas


    28. Tapo Watchorn

      Trump's inability to moderate his lies makes me laugh, someone calls something bad his response is always to say it is the greatest thing in the universe. The guy lies like a 10 year old.

    29. belmondo

      the waitress of the waffle road side joint

    30. Dirty Damfino

      Lol that ugly ass statue is 5 minutes from my house and covered in red paint.

    31. Pixel_Geist

      the fart sound is saying *"ALIEN ALERT ALIEN ALERT ALIEN ALERT"*

    32. Lambert Starr

      "looks like he downed a dozen of benzos during a gasleak"

    33. Gary Wilson

      If you have to brag *constantly* about donating to charity, you are not a good person.

    34. Scandicraft

      Will Trump be the first president to get impeached twice for abusing power?

    35. ceicli se-i-sl-i

      Spending money on money? Well, perhaps they multiply that way!

    36. Chris Mouton

      I spend a lot of money on money...uhm...

    37. Kelly Hopkins

      This Blonde Orange Ass Wipe is literary Crazy.We’re in fucken trouble.Who’s gonna rise to the occasion?

    38. Glenn parent


    39. Joe Magnets

      "GOLD STAR Families', Families that had their Father or Mother, or Sister, Brother, KILLED in the Middle East, sent by 'our' zionist corrupted 'politicians' to KILL, DIE, or be wounded to enforce the 'religious' INSANITY of the INSANE that claim the INSANE CLOWN, the INSANE INVENTED, that CHOSE only THEM, gave land ONLY to THEM, has a covenant only with THEM, that now KILL real people for being 'guilty' of living on land that the INSANE, and their newest JACKASS, dONALD dUCK calls 'god', while the ISRAELIS pay NOTHING in THEIR LIVES or THEIR money, but are GOLD RECEIVING COWARDS< that get 4 BILLION USA tax dollars as they laugh at the American people that are fooled by the AIPAC JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL lobby, and the zionist corrupted 'news' media that keeps the American people in the DARK of the DEEP STATE gov't of America, now the colony of the zionist, JEWISH STATE of ISRAEL, that rules 'america' by the deception and corruption of 'our' POLITICIANS that, BOTH, commit TREASON. Makes you wonder who really are the INSANE? Joe Magnets

    40. Trevor Johnson

      By doing this, *you defeat* the lobbyists and their *warmongering ways of the* arms manufacturers. And without consent, that means the military cannot *strike against* countries, because without written consent of the president. It would *be illegal just strike another country* without a signature or the say so of the president. Thus any general or admiral could face *war crimes* allegations. Welcome to the next world of the back seat driver who *was in the shadows* and now has to *drive from* the front. Your Congress person or senate person *sits on them* secret panels and wages *War and then pass the buck to the defence secretary and then the president*. Who gets it in the neck.

      1. Pat Doyle

        That was an insane rant. But no, it would be illegal for the President NOT to carry out a war that Congress declares, and it is illegal for him to do it himself. Admittedly, Congress has abdicated this duty to a great extent. There is no authorization of military force to attack Iran or their officials. SO what the President did is illegal. But you are right about one thing, they do try to pass the buck a lot of times - authorizing use of force but not requiring it.

    41. Ylno Ebutuoy

      "You don't get to just change the definition of words" unless the words are "man," "woman," "male," "female," etc...

    42. Alan Roberts

      whoever writes for Seth does a fantastic job the jokes are clever and funny and very good all in all the only problem is when Seth impersonates the president....... he needs to work on that.

    43. Alan Roberts

      When you want the truth consult an angry trump loving southern hillbilly, right??? When he started to get in trouble he headed to one of the hillbillist states: Florida....look where he holds most rallies: the Bable belt. Where ever the IQ average is less than Zero there is trump, right in the center.

    44. Zack Dickson

      Doug needs to relearn talking.

    45. Camaro Drag Racing Second Generation

      OMG someone should do a show about u I guess u have to make money anyway when you can your kids ask dad what do u do for work I make fun of the president u must be proud of yourself.

      1. Pat Doyle

        He should be proud - this man needs to be mocked.

      2. Alan Roberts

        The problem is we have a president who makes fun of our country.

    46. Jessie Solas

      Your an Anti-Trump... that is why... hmmm you have a laughing recordings and you think your funny hmmm...

    47. Zee Hilal

      These comdey central goons are traitors to America, humanity, love, and beauty. They are rats afraid of the people hiding behind their money shitting their views down our throat.

      1. Pat Doyle

        Idiot - you don't have to watch! And also this show is not ON comedy central and Seth has NEVER worked for them! But, "goons are traitors to America, humanity, love, and beauty." is a good description of this Administration and most of the GOP today.

    48. Zee Hilal

      Comedy central is the racist propoganda wing of a secret society of nazis

    49. Susan Bishop

      YES...F_*k O_f✨🤓 🇺🇸

    50. aldus vonnegut

      i agree with seth but some of his jokes are 50 years old and most are from the 90's

    51. Bon Guy

      everyone knows he killed solemani to slow down impeachment process

    52. Gee Lahrie

      Hey! Don't insult crawfish like that!

    53. Siraje Kifamunyanja

      This page is for Let me be free womens rights and men's rights or dogs cats rights FIsels siraje kifamunyanja page ( 1 ) ( 2 ) ( 3 )

    54. LSmallCatL

      Trump counts like this: A, B, D, F No wonder he received "numerous" calls...

    55. Matt Beilewech

      boohoo white men boohoo

    56. Ar Ss

      at this point it is pretty obvious that evangelical neo-cons live in some weird alternative universe where facts and logic doesnt exist and they could just make up stories as they go along. GOOODDDD just hearing their speechs feels like my brain is going to have an aneurysm.

    57. Jack

      Iran Lies? Wtf does that mean???

    58. Char Stevens

      Presidents should have to pass an annual drug screen!

    59. Analysta654

      I was listening to this without seeing who was talking, but when I heard the Republicans spouting their nonsense, I know exactly what the person looks like, and lo and behold, he looked exactly like he sounds.

    60. Jeff Matthews

      He just said donating his salary isn't worth it if no one notices. How did Seth skim over that?I'd love to see his evangelical cult follower's explain how that jives with their believes.