Coronavirus II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    As the spread of coronavirus worsens in the US, John Oliver discusses how the government is handling the outbreak, how they’re not, and what we can do to help.
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    1. Antonia Uribe

      All I’m saying is stick around to the very end

    2. Diarmuhnd

      @LastWeekTonight: wow , I am amazed ... a video i can play and watch in my country. Guess the world really is dying. *Let the galaxy burn.*

    3. Linamar


    4. Don Jonsen

      hope that retarded basketball player dies painfully

    5. atomicsushi1

      Thoroughly enjoyed the last 10 seconds of bonus content

    6. Ritesh Patel

      I still hear the laughter of the audience

    7. Katrina Johansen

      Stay home everyone, wash your hands, and practice social distancing when you absolutely have to go out. Call your love ones, and check on them and catch up, because in six months time they may not be around. That is the cold hard facts, I wish I had better news. Stay safe everyone, and together we will get through this.

    8. Shuan

      no, wear masks to protect yourself or prevent contagious incubation, even if you have no symptoms.

    9. Cody Vanderzwaag

      I know this show is a comedy, but I'm extremely grateful for the information & news provided. The idea of looking out for eachother makes the whole situation feel a little less Lonely

    10. Sorenkair

      Respect for not adding a laugh track tho

    11. Juan Rivas

      This a so much softer version of the show and I kinda dig it?

    12. Richard Neal Armstrong

      Take care of yourself and your family! And if you're reading this go wash your hands

    13. Dashippo


    14. King Cat

      I lost my job and had to move back to my home country because a lot of jobs were lost and I can't be prepared to support myself on no income for 3 months + I moved away from a country I'd came to call home, shit happens, we just have to make the best decisions we can in the moment and work towards the future, and not our selfish present.

    15. Nick

      how about Nancy Pelosi ignoring social distancing and encouraging mass groups of people getting together...

    16. PompiTube

      Democrats are all liers:

    17. systematic101

      the markets will be fine. It always returns. It's been through multiple events much worse than this and has tanked far harder than this and yet still grew bigger than before.

    18. Norman Lévesque

      Is this a cat? How about uploading pictures from the movie Cats ?

    19. tristan bailey-gonzalez

      Thank you

    20. sauropod

      And this is what you end up as when you drink too much soy and end up talking like one has a crrot up their ass

    21. Thomas Tetreault

      Barely a citizen. Already a patriot. Lucky us.

    22. Sebastián Anselmo Carretero

      Keep doing it without the laugh tracks, it lets us decide whether or not you're joking.

    23. Mr Scapegrace

      Well, at least there is no stupid laughter in inappropriate timing, so that's an improvement.

    24. knøvis

      Man why does Canada always have to wait like 2 weeks for these, I don't see the merit.

    25. Spangler@rt

      No music and no audience nis just plain sad and creepy 😔😔😔

    26. Jack Anderson

      So a captioned hamster gives better advice than the president...


      🔥🔥 📈📈📈📈deserves this place in trending 📈📈📈📈 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="79">1:19</a> 🧡🖤 👇👇👇👇💯

    28. Peter Pinto

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="949">15:49</a> he should have said "I PUT THAT SHIT ON EVERYTHING ! " like the hot sauce lady about the alex jones toothpaste that stops Covid19 in its tracks

    29. Faolin Siannodel

      It's moments like these that show how good John actually is at his job, because he's still able to give a good performance despite there being no reaction to his lines at all.

    30. ravi kant

      You are blaming everyone....and yet not even a single time you raised any question on china...

    31. Chris P Bacon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="603">10:03</a> yah they gave that web site to kushners brother's company that he owns part of it

    32. Chris P Bacon

      Weeks later testing still isn't where they gotta be , trump keeps saying oh we're doing more then south korea ... Per capta we are way off

    33. Jason m

      Look I know this is probably a long shot that John will see this but there's a possible solution to the ventilator problem around the world and if you could look into this to find out how legit it is and how can we get them massed produced for the world that would be amazing! Thank you for your amazing show that makes me laugh during these chaotic times. To those that think John should see this please like the comment so we can increase the chance he will. Thanks.

    34. Stef Eckford

      Apparently Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons are at risk for contracting corona, because of their views on blood donating and transfusions. They don't accept being given blood for even life-threatening circumstances

    35. Aaron Fereti

      I hope Trump gets the Covid-19 and dies so no one can attend his burial🤞

    36. Tegridy Farms

      *I'm just waiting for Trump to blame Dr Fauci for the deaths* You think he won't? Give it time.

    37. Thorgonator

      For what it's worth, thanks for being there, and thanks for being a voice for common sense. Too many people suddenly became medical experts here, so it's refreshing to hear someone with a large following specifically say to stick only to advice from experts.

    38. 0JMachine0

      makes you really appreciate laugh prompts and tracks.

    39. Sol Rossi

      TE AMO

    40. Marcus T

      Best episode in quite a while. They should really lose the audience laughter long-term.

    41. Edgardo 'Dio' V.

      Thank you, John. Unfortunately, everyone is selfish. Preaching social distancing to take care of one another (mainly to protect themselves). Then after this has settled, those same people will continue to ignore the poor and homeless... Yay us!

    42. Robert Ballow

      where is the audience?

    43. Cameron Brtnik


    44. Nathan Levesque

      There's something really weird about the lack of laughter. For some reason it makes his delivery feel flat.

    45. Autism Man

      Corona virus II: electric boogaloo

    46. Simon Fogel

      I wish he didn't try to make jokes, they don't reflect the somber mood and come across as some tired Reddit comment. When he's got the audience and the music the absurdity works but in this atmosphere it's trivializing the situation. Lol thicc corgi right lolololol!!! Chonkers!!!

    47. Robo Elite

      Why is it I can name several people that are below the age of 30 that can run this country better then this president. I'm not even a trump hater I dont like him but he was better then Hillary. But I at 18 and knowing less about this country already know as a fact I can run it better then this man in a time of crisis . I'm tempted to try

    48. anno1602

      Why couldn't Trump have half a brain and do a 20 minute talk like this?

    49. D G


    50. Daecon 16

      its so sad without the audience

    51. Angie De Freitas

      Well said, John, well said.

    52. Dave Kuzyk

      I was thinking he was going to stand up and be in his boxers, lol. Missed opportunity!

    53. isays

      i've always hated laugh tracks. but i _have_ to admit its unsettling to watch John drop punchlines into _complete silence_

    54. TheFreeThinkingMan

      on an unrelated note apparently Garfield is not a cat...

    55. devilaces

      That show fuckin' sucked! I'm just left with feelings of existential dread now. Well at least you gave it your best shot and took it on the chin I guess.

    56. Michelle McMiken

      About that website thing, Ring of Fire says Trump got Jared Kushner's brother's company to make it. Then it apparently disappeared. I don't think Google had a look in.

    57. Guillaume Internoscia


    58. Jerm-X Gaming Channel

      So I’ve heard of certain stats governors saying to not travel. As an individual whose job it is to haul product around the country seeing people loading up to go camping is infuriating, what part of “STAY HOME” do people not understand? Like I get it the places are all empty and “it’s just for a weekend” that doesn’t matter. If you don’t have the decency to follow what has been heavily advised you shouldn’t be allowed to get pissy when the issues persist.

    59. Ravid394

      be safe everyone, we can all get through this, apart!

    60. somishows

      FYI: DO not turn it off until the very end... wait for it... LOL

    61. kim m.

      Thanks for having that segment with Yamiche Alcindor's question. She is FANTASTIC!

    62. Betty White

      I love John Oliver!

    63. Tiago De Freitas

      People say that if Friends didn’t have a laugh track it wouldn’t be as funny but you sir, could you BE any more entertaining? Keep up the good work

    64. BTCTim

      Hey John, the thing that must REALLY rattle you about the delay of Liverpool's title? If it wasnt for the winter break, they would have already won it. Have a happy 20-18. GGMU

    65. Brenna Kish

      don't hoard, but wear a mask! Make your own out of cotton, a tea towel, use anything.

    66. Caroline Lehoux

      I'm Canadian, so I have no right to say anything here...but I really want to say that you are great. All what you said is exactly what our gouvernement is telling us and what should your gouvernement tell you. You are right when you say you should ignore the gouvernement and the false information. Its actually super important cause when people are scared that is when they become naïve and believe anything. The media play a crucial role right now they are the one that can tell the people the good information and denunciate the wrong. Exactly like you did with some humour right there. More media should do like you and inform people. As a health worker in canada I can tell you the situation everywhere is VERY serious. It's very sad and outrageous that your gouvernement leave you on your own with this situation. If you want to get through this, you really have to unite to help each other and respect the health protocole. I wish you all good luck. P.S. sorry for grammatical mistake English is a second language for me.

    67. Amanda V

      It's crazy watching this two weeks later...

    68. Acefighter1300

      You stay safe as well John

    69. Snack Time

      You gotta stop making this vidoes available in canada 2 weeks after airing; these are important topics that need to be seen.

    70. janique pellerin

      ILL BE HONEST-with covid and my 30th im getting mad since i cant find the number 1

    71. Shazeb سہزیب

      and people still support donald trump for 2020 too

    72. MrChristopherGuest

      Time to bring back laugh tracks.

    73. Kenneth Uyabeme

      Any Liverpool fans also feeling John's pain?

    74. Braden Young

      Coronavirus II: Electric Boogaloo

    75. สาระ และความบรรเทิง

      I don't follow football but 25 a points lead and two games to go is a win.

    76. Brad Cater

      “America’s major sports got canceled as was hockey” ....... I may be a bias Canadian but hockey is a major sport in North America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    77. Andrew T

      John Oliver: "okaaaaaaayyyy, fuuuuuuuuck" Me: "How many thumbs up can I give this video?" FIsels: "One" Me: "ARE YOU FUCKED?" *silence*

    78. Webby53

      John Oliver you are the best. Even with no audience you can be funny whilst (that word really bugs me) being very serious about a very serious and not so funny topic. You really are always spot on. The 30 seconds of venting was my favorite. I have to call my son on a regular basis because he gets so pissed at the people who don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. I tell him that there are always going to be people like that and all you can do is the best that you can do but most importantly always make an effort to find laughter in your life. There is nothing funny about this situation but we’re in the shit together and (I hate this overused maxim too) it is what it is. I didn’t hear from my best g/f at all last week. Texted her on Sunday and she said we’ll talk next week. At the end of a nice convo I said well just let me know if you die. That’s who I am and she got a good chuckle. Keep speaking the sad truth and making us laugh whilst you do it!

    79. Yudith Caron

      I just uploaded a picture of my cat on and the website said "no". My vet says yes. This site is crap.

    80. isobel brown

      man my new york trip had to be posted