Corsair made an Air Cooler... is it worth it?

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    Corsair has launched the A500 Air cooler... but how does it stack up against the big guys??
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    1. DarkPhoenix

      Yeah, I completely understand the cinebench being a torture test. I'm running a r5 1600 with a 3.9Ghz overclock. I have had no issues with this overclock with anything else besides cinebench. On cinebench it just crashes immediately.

    2. Jørn Mulder

      this one, or noctua black D15 or the Be-Quiet dark rock pro 4 ... can you test does 3 ? and compare them ? that would be a nice compare test i think.

    3. Justin Scott

      It's an awesome cooler, I just want it all black.

    4. Sheila olfieWay

      looks good and only $100 not bad...i expected it to cost more for what you get other than that change the color maybe.

    5. Jaydee Sled

      Please someone can gift me for my birthday this coming march 2 even if it's old computer I just want to have a pc because I still cannot afford to have a pc.

    6. seth duffey

      Better than Linus.. lol. Cheers

    7. ColinMCMXC

      anyone know where i can get the wallpaper he uses?


      Nice Spyderco Been looking at snagging a new Para , can't beat the quality

    9. Tekjunkie28

      Thermal paste doesnt cure.... Der8auer even says that. Now You might be right for the initial "burn in" but its does not cure.

    10. Lance Owens

      So Jay, got my ROG STRIX board put into my first GEN Corsair Pro replacing the Z270 MSI board. The fit was just fine, I'll snap some pics and send them over to FB. I even had room for both harddrives, waiting on the I7 9700K to arrive today to replace the chip. It started life as a CORSAIR ONE PRO Compact Gaming PC - Intel Core i7-7700K, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, 32GB DDR4-2400, 480GB M.2 SSD, 2TB HDD, just over Christmas and I'm already doing dirty things to it...Ram will be next on the list. I couldn't afford retail on it, so I bought it off of Amazon renew, which left me a little budget for playing. I replaced the 2TB HDD with a 2TB Samsung EVO SSD and move the 2TB over to a scratch drive. I moved to the ROG STRIX because I wasn't sold on the the airflow being sufficient to cool the M.2 on the back of the board and it was creeping at idle up to the mid to high 50 degrees Celsius and eventually, I want to jump to a I9 in addition to the 64GB Ram. I just can't justify getting something other than the 1080TI now. Haven't messed with building/modifying PCs in about 20 years, life, babies, wife, army, war got in the way for a while. Kinda doing this with my last kid in the house who is really into gaming.

    11. Terry Johnson

      Hey Jay I was thinking on getting a 2080 ti I have a i9 9900k with the msi ace an a corsair 850rm power supply should that be Enough? Or bigger power supply?

      1. customcomputer hobbyist

        It's more than enough for that setup. A 650W would be fine even with some overclocking, 750W if you tend to err on the side of more headroom. Congrats your 850W is overkill and plenty. But don't be silly and buy a 2080Ti now when new cards are on the horizon.

    12. Jonathan Walker

      If I could make one suggestion for corsair, even though it would probably only increase heat dissipation by a slight amount, to fill in some of the middle area with fin so there was only two holes for the screwdriver to access the mounting screws. Also, Perhaps make a 14mm fan variant, but clearance would be a much bigger issue for that one.

    13. Benkt Löfgren

      Most important question for me, could you put Noctua fans on this baby ?

    14. Screuu Guglew

      The CPU cooler market is filled with BS and hype! For example, take the Hyper 212 EVO by Cooler Master, which costs around $30 (or less when on sale) and compare it to the comparable Noctua NH-U12S, which provides the same cooling performance as the 212 EVO BUT costs SEVENTY dollars!!! AND it comes in that OBNOXIOUS $#lT brown color!

    15. MrBall Breeder

      features are great but should have been 140mm fans

    16. Fiddlestickz1

      Its basically the same as Dark Rock 4 by the looks of it, only with a corsair tag on it. The sliders are very nice and an upgrade to the flimsy clips on the other coolers have. Judging from the pricetag it wants to be as good as the NH D15, so it should be the main competitor in a benchmark video.

    17. David Anderson

      JayzTwoCents i went how you start your business and get free stuff on youtube channels because i went start business like you doing online

    18. tetryl1

      Price is very wrong. If you're coming to a all ready saturated market for high performing air coolers at a high price, you have to either beat the performance of them or be cheaper. And more compatible which I think this is terrible at just from the looks. We haven't seen a really good review of this things actual compatibility with motherboards and RAM's and if we did I bet it would be one of the worst. Also pretty much every 120mm AIO is cheaper and those fit with anything and cooling performance is similar or better. Though sure AIO's are not forever, probably 5 years and either the pump's break or the liquid has evaporated too much. Air coolers last basically forever so there is that. Oh and why the hell didi they leave the empty space in the middle? You could have just filled that with fins and make the thing smaller thus being more compatible. Going for style points over performance and compatibility is stupid.

    19. GiSWiG

      Looks like they copied a lot from the Cryorig R1 Ultimate but fell short on some of the complaints you had. I've been using the R1 to cool my OC'd 6700K for years now. The R1's towers are separate. It comes with two 140mm fans, typically for one in the front, one in the middle but they give you a third set of clips to put a third fan on the back. The clips give you the freedom to make the air blow any direction you want. It comes with a dual fan header splitter as well. The shrouds around the fins can be replaced with ones of different colors so no need for spray paint (I bought red ones with slight metallic finish). The fans still clip on and can be slid up, maybe not as easily as the A500 but seriously, how many times are you going to be moving your fans up and down? And if your not sure if it will fit, go to Cryorig's web site, print their paper guide that you fold in to the shape of the bottom of the cooler to see if it will fit. No, I'm not affiliated with Cryorig, I just really like their stuff.

    20. Jeremiah Dant

      I wouldn't use an air cooler They take up way too much room and block so much of the view of the motherboard.

    21. Иван Драго

      I've been using a Fuma 2 for two months so far. Not as nice at cooling as a Noctua of the same form, but not far off at all. It's also very adaptable given the fan form factors and the layout of the towers.

    22. Azri Azhari

      12:04 I did know that regarding the thermal paste. Just leaving a comment so that I can reference that later in the future :)

    23. shawn bruncic

      great looking cooler i have always have same problem whiff ram great idea with the fans and general maintenance

    24. 0rogontorogon

      I am sorry but this is not a review, this is a commercial. The most important characteristic of a cooler is noise normalized performance. I don't care about the temperatures if the noise generated isn't mentioned at all. So, after nearly 17 minutes I don't even know if that cooler is worth it or not. Feels like one of those teleshopping ads.

    25. Artur

      Can you change the stock fans inside the mounting mechanism?

    26. vanveenmatt

      I'd buy it!

    27. David Hurt

      FYI my current system has a Corsair air cooler in my i7 950 I bought it then

    28. Crixis


    29. Admiral JT

      It should have an option to put a fan in the center.

    30. Dave Davidson

      Corsair made an Air Cooler... is it worth it?: no Corsair don't actually make anything so the title is a lie.

    31. denvera1g1

      hoyl crap 190w, IIRC my 3950x only hits 140w, though, only stock speeds, wonder what it would pull at 5Ghz(if it were possible)

    32. denvera1g1

      What would be really cool with this cooler, is if the cage of one or both of those fans was open on the bottom, to cool the ram, and or VMRs

    33. denvera1g1

      back in the day, didnt overclocking require putting a fan on your passive heat sink? i mean it was before i was born but still

    34. Thercon Jair

      Hey Jay, put some Noctua fans on that thing! Looking at the mounting solution, it should be possible :)

    35. Ishaan Pitcon

      The U12A at the same price, while less bulky, less noisy, beats this cooler by at least 5c (look at real reviews that compare the A500 to others...) I don't understand why anyone would by it, except for "i must have only corsair stuff" kinda people

    36. Matt Bulfinch

      Hey! That little space underneath the brushed metal top is perfect for toasting! :P

    37. Connectron Builds

      There's a problem with this cooler where the heatpipes contact the capacitors around Intel 115x sockets you should probably do a follow up on that.

    38. Rengaruu

      I've tested it today and it's really a mixed bag. It is super easy to install and looks good, however it forces you to use low profile ram as it blocks all ramslots. the cooling performance is good, however it is also super noisy. I just hope that bequiet and noctua will copy the slide mechanism for their fans as it is very good. perhaps corasir shouldnt have overengineered their first big cpu cooler to the moon. :pp

    39. Ioan Koka

      Can't tell a gazilion times and nobody gives a crap. DO NOT USE the thermal paste they provide. wipe it of and put your trusted paste in a thin-thin-thin layer. thermal paste should fill the imperfections between the two surfaces and be used as a layer of conducting material. idiots.

    40. Miner Huck

      Who cares I wouldn't use a Corsair product anymore. Corsair doesn't honor their warranty, and when they do RMA a product they send it back still screwed up no matter a solid state drive, case, aio cooler, ram. I will never trust Corsair for personal products or for my business customers again. I have tinnitus due to their first generation h100i which the noise level was mis represented on paper especially in their sound dampening 300R case.. that lasted 2 years out of a 5 year warranty. Their support is absolute trash.

    41. pegadirty

      Did Corsair talk to Nintendo about that fan mounting system? Reminds me a lot of the Switch Joycons lol

    42. EggChen6DemonBag

      Yeah that fan removal mechanism is awesome. So simple. Good Job Corsair!


      For the same price as the D15 no contest, I'd much rather have the Noctua fans over the corsair ones

    44. Tim R

      And DAMN that a sexy cooler!!!

    45. Tim R

      I love the vids Jay but damn, flex that board just a little more!

    46. Doom Slayer

      Ill take it! Ill take 12! :P

    47. C-Fed Tech

      Been away from the channel for some time now. I am back and loving the videos. Phil is a great addition, keep up the great work!

    48. Alexander Amis

      My solution to the fan color problem? Include a set of attachable rails for standard fan mounts, or possibly even sell a separate edition for a bit less without included fans and instead just the rails

    49. ronny r

      gara gara mas andi nih pasti ke saya lagi deh

    50. Jarrod Gertig

      If an air cooler is $100 it better have some nice tech built into it, this doesn't. This is a literal brick that just so happens to cool your CPU... :I 1x OOF for Corsair

    51. Alan Wagner

      All problems with this video:

    52. Island Computers

      That is one brilliant, if immense, cooler. I love the fan removal system. Well done @Corsair. Top marks. If you want to send a review unit my way I'd love to have a look at it. ;-)

    53. Tarquin Farquhar

      5:32 - "that's no moon, that's a CPU cooler." Obi-wan Kenobi.

    54. Typo's Gaming Channel

      Those are ML fans

    55. Chris SoulLess

      12:59 "i think it's gone rank up there" "we need more people to buy it" "it's the motherboard's fault" what the hell man???? are you kidding or something? you think? what do you mean you think?...... i didn't expect a sponsor asslicking from you jay

    56. Fuchi Grafika

      This review seems slightly awkward. Is the cooler better than its rivals? Is it compatible with most motherboards (would be a shame to pay first and then find out later that it may have clearance issues)?

      1. GiSWiG

        Cryorig has "origami" like print outs that you cut and fold into the shape of the bottom of the heat sink.

    57. Dave Fawcett

      i have a 9700k air coolers just dont work for 5ghz clock !!!

    58. Backlash0o

      Ok , enough advertising . Now go compare it against Dark rock pro and NH-D15 :)

    59. TheGreatMunky

      CorsAIR Cooler

    60. JoeH

      Thanks for this. Thinking of buying this cooler for my ryzen 5 3600, how is the noise?

      1. customcomputer hobbyist

        @JoeH AV Techy and LinusTechTips both mention the noise and don't recommend the cooler. AV Techy also talks about the compatibility issue. Corsair would do well to recall this cooler and fix the baseplate design to raise it higher to adhere to socket keep out area standards, or remove the compatibility claim with certain sockets in their advertisement for the product. After that, they need to think about pricing for a product which is outperformed by less expensive coolers and is a lot noisier.

      2. JoeH

        @customcomputer hobbyist I watched all this but might of missed the bit about noise, was st work at time of watching so was skimming I'll look at other reviews thanks.

      3. customcomputer hobbyist

        Jet engine-like when maxed if you watch actual reviews. Also has compatibility issues with capacitors on motherboards it claims to be compatible with.