Couple in Open Relationship Secretly Share Their Story



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    1. Cyreine Adams

      I love the philosophy behind open relationships, it feels so good to see two people that comfortable and that free

    2. Mae Smith

      I absolutely love the idea of open relationships and if people were more honest with themselves and each other we would so many more success relationships and marriages. Personally, it isn't for me though.

    3. WOKEipedia

      “Energy” drugs

    4. INDVNT

      I used to be a possessive person. The typical “crazy girlfriend”. I eventually grew to understand that we don’t POSSESS other people and that instead we EXPERIENCE them. That changed my perspective completely. I can definitely understand the concept of open relationships

      1. Allison Taylor

        Yes girl! I use this frequently now when trying to explain my marriage. Nipsey Hussle said that and Lauren Quoted him at his funeral

    5. Melia Salzer

      Big Sean’s brother?

    6. Alexandre ArseneaultDuquet

      what a disgusting way of living your life.

    7. Shar B.

      They are so prefect for each other omg ... the love

    8. C Von

      You’ve all been in open relationships you just didn’t realize it. Have you ever been through a breakup and missed the person so much that even when you met someone new, you could only think about your ex. Have you ever been riding with your spouse and a song comes on the radio that reminds you of an old lover and been overcome with that sense of melancholy & heartache? You can still love someone long after you’ve moved on. How would your partner feel if they knew you still had love for an ex? An innocent love, like you love your family. Does that change how you feel about your new partner? Or can you admit that it is entirely possible to love multiple people at once. Doesn’t mean you have to act on it sexually. Just be honest that love and sex are not mutually exclusive. Jealousy is normal, it’s human, it’s a sign of love, but it’s also a sign of insecurity. You know you can love more than one person at a time.

    9. 1 1

      It’s all fun and games until one of them comes home with stds/hiv

    10. georgia penz

      bruh i met this guy at ecstatic dance one time

    11. Oliver A

      The way he lit up when she said her own name...Wow😍😭

    12. Marissa Daily

      why are both of their Instagram accounts gone :(

      1. How To Human

        he's @kyng.imari and she's at @well.with.v <3

    13. Sam Harris

      Her necklace looks like a turquoise squash blossom and it’s beautiful ❤️

    14. Danyboy

      Yeaa... nahhh ... I’m way too crazy for this ideology , I would def catch a charge lmaoo

    15. S.T.A.

      Its cool to be open minded (especially sexually) but yea, im good on my wife/gf gettin dug out by other dudes 😂😂

    16. cory sigle-oliver

      i want to know his music playlist. he was going to town with it.

    17. One Life

      They should just close it and be happy

    18. Moronke Alex-Jimoh

      Hella tapped

    19. Georgina Santiago

      From my observations from my friends the partner who initiated open relationship always ends up not seeing anyone outside their relationship even tho they are the one who insisted

    20. jon Doe

      They could be best couples.... they are really denying themselves but he just wanna have sex around... she needs a real man not a pretty boy

    21. jon Doe

      How come I cant find a philippina gurl like her?

    22. Phil Coulson

      I could NEVER share my girl. Props to this man. Or actually maybe I feel sorry for this man smh

    23. It's Gabie

      That's the definition of unconditional love. Beautiful.

    24. Leroy Hill

      Aww a great couple people are way too insecure haha smh get a life not everything is about sex and for those who say you can only love one person you should really think about what you just said lol 😮🤔😎☕🙄😐😁😏😄 but hurt peo pl le in the comment section how childish that your not mature enough to love more than one person a man can love more than one woman but a woman cant just facts let's not get emotional and no were obviously not the same genetically,spiritually,physically or emotionally no need to argue 😁🙄😐🤫☕😂🤯😎☕😄🤔

    25. Tanvee Choudhary

      I came here totally to judge!

    26. Tristan Hayes

      They definitely going to get married after the whole open relationship thing dies down

    27. shanbing

      Does anybody wonder what music are they listening to?

    28. Mandoe Muñoz

      No way I’d be cool with this type of relationship but cool for them

    29. Michael Vitiello

      This is just as healthy as Vaping.

    30. Akash Hazarika

      Wtf is an open relationship? It's so sad that ppl don't want to acknowledge their real feelings and pretend such stupidity

    31. SavC

      would be interesting if they brought all the involved people

    32. Parker Lynn

      8:05 straight out of a movie

    33. Paola Jaime

      I want an open relationship. . I like this dude and i wanna date him. But this other dude, i also like him.

    34. Jenn Nguyen

      she has amazing style

    35. V C

      This ♥️

    36. fruitmonsterfly1

      Is she still with the guy in Bulgaria?

    37. Clementine ASMR

      he is beautiful???!!!

    38. Cami

      I’m too insecure and need to feel reassured and secure too much to live with the idea of someone possibly replacing me with someone who is possibly better than me. The idea of sharing someone scares me

    39. cathleen nyx

      Mutable signs be like

    40. Cameron Guilbeau

      I see two people afraid of commitment. Just my opinion.