Couple Secretly Share Most Vulnerable Moments



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    Julkaistu 9 kuukautta sitten


    1. Haris Brdakic

      Was that a G1 at 0:01???

    2. NoXiOuS BiShu

      Lucky, if you got someone to love (like a partner).

    3. Muhamad Rangga Faturohman

      I can feel the love 💜💜💜

    4. Kid Bonkerz

      I cried, this was super cute

    5. くしゃみとどろき

      Dia Frampton!!

    6. phaserra

      They're both 31, I can't believe it.

    7. Uni corn

      What's her band called?

    8. wadafup

      Aye that's David so's homie

    9. hohoho maricris mass

      Hey, is that Dia of Meg & Dia?! Omg i love herrrr

    10. papa razzi

      what’s the singers band

    11. NutmegPluto

      Lol had to get a mixed race couple didn't you, just couldn't help yourselves


      Aww....God bless both of you🌸

    13. ian Michaelson

      I wanna support her music now what her @

    14. EMÜS

      eyy, she sings on Illenium track "Needed you"

    15. Savannah Ashley

      I want a love like this... God please don't let me be alone... Ik I said I don't want a husband but now I do... I lay in my bed feeling empty and depressed... I don't wanna live like that for the rest of my life... Please don't let me be alone.... ...I'm scared.... 💔

    16. Charles H

      This is the vulnerability that is hard to bring into a relationship but strengthens that bond so much! I love that these videos help bring 2 people that much closer.

    17. random black guy

      Aww this is so cute

    18. Victoria B

      She looks so pretty crying😂

    19. Ciera Gentry

      They are amazing!

    20. Faizaan Naseem

      Jessica Alba

    21. Ivonne Solís

      Oh my god!!! She looked so familiar in the thumbnail and when she said her name I realized she was on the first season of the voice! Loved her REM cover ❣️

    22. pumpkinmakesmelaugh alot

      Lol y’all remember meg and dia, monster how should I feel creatures lie here type beat

    23. Ahmed Elsayed

      I know her from the thumbnail. She is Dia Frampton from the first season of The Voice. I like her voice so much. I recommend listening to her song: How to Say Goodbye. She is so underrated.

    24. Chriss

      10:35 I would like to go on a roadtrip with them. They seem like a lot of fun

    25. Zero

      Don't do that. Don't give me hope.

    26. pocket knife

      Anddddd im crying

    27. Hughes Sooaemalelagi

      I usually keep my thoughts/comments to myself. But I REALLY do wish and hope for these two love birds to continue with each other on their amazing journey together. Much love you two! 😁

    28. lonnie499

      This, THIS. Is and will always be the best one.

    29. Slapy

      they are sooo cutee

    30. eunice nomel

      This real love, it is. It’s innocent, vulnerable and genuine. ❤️

    31. UgraVityU

      jesus they dont even got how long they been together down

    32. Metsu Hado

      So no one knows khalif from david so ?

    33. Thúy felt special bc of twice

      Oh my god I have the same birthday as her.. So much love for both of these beautiful beings.

    34. Omar Mendoza

      Feels like all they really wanted to say was “I love you “

    35. Theresa Odigie

      Watching this couple made me finally believe in love. BTW damn this onions

    36. Fatlexis

      What’s the instrumental in the background

    37. Mace Windu

      i dont understand this. why the headphones again..?

    38. Vanessa

      I love them!🎙🎼🎵❤

    39. Aditya Vats

      Why do girls always want the guy to pay on the first date/drink ?

    40. nirex

      This is just so pure I’m sobbing. You can see how much they genuinely love each other 🥺❤️