Crisis on Infinite Earths: Crossover Review


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    Check out our full, spoiler-filled review reaction to The CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, which recaps all the biggest moments from the Arrowverse event. The Crisis crossover saw Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Superman, the Legends of Tomorrow and many more heroes team up to save the DC multiverse, including major cameos from Tom Welling, Kevin Conroy, Tom Ellis, and Ezra Miller.
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    1. Shubham Rawell

      I felt very disappointed by COIE overall. Oliver got screwed over again. Barry got sidelined to prop up Kate Kane and Kara Danvers. Kevin Conroy’s Portrayal of Bruce Wayne was wasted by bad writers IMO. Smallville was destroyed in five minutes. All in all it was very disappointing and did not deliver on the hype in fact all they did was disappoint me further.

    2. Massive Phaggot

      If any of you actually enjoy this garbage then I'm not even convinced that you're a real person

    3. ReegFlix

      There’s nothing “meaty” about this entire cross over.

    4. Tyler Harding

      IGN. Ur a joke. This is bottom tier television.

    5. Ainin Sofiya

      I didnt know Lucifer was a DC show... is dracula one too?

    6. Mr. Ant

      The last part actually every battle scene after part 3 is a huge disappointment

    7. Filipe Felagund

      I want more Superman.

    8. Hayvok 64

      Did I miss a spoiler warning.

    9. Jesse Awesome

      I don’t know what this review is talking about. This was the worse crossover by far. It was a complete mess and f’d arrow in the process.

      1. Joanis Bayern

        Jesse Awesome Well it was still a success it got 8,7/10 rating so the majority of people liked it.I liked too.It was the best crossover.But depends of what you do expect everyone has their own preferences.

    10. TheHotDog HasLeftTheBun

      9 Too many superheroes

    11. Fergo30

      Lol a 9? See it was a nice watch but wasn’t that nice. ign once again proving their reviews are straight garbage 😂

    12. Luke Bickner

      More confusing than Dragon Ball Super universes.

    13. El John

      Looks like a completely wack cheap network show

    14. ken shin

      Lex Luther was a horrible addition

    15. ZarathrustaTate

      it was tacky.

    16. Rasik Aggarwal

      I don't know about you but i just didn't like crisis

    17. Abas Khan

      I found it disappointing

    18. Shane J

      Is this the narrator from Screen crush!??? A youtuber crossover about a tv/movie crossover???

    19. GOD_JDMasterFlex

      I liked it!!

    20. Cheef Sosa

      Still wack

    21. Austin Gomez

      Crisis whats the difference?

    22. Tolbert Gaming

      one of the worst written show i have ever seen. lets destroy all of the multiverses one by one with a treadmill that has flash run in it but if he gets out of it has a fail system that destroys every universe immidietly. how does it make any sense?

      1. Olicity Smoak

        Mobius is simple saddist

    23. Just A Common Fan

      I must have watched a different crossover event. I enjoyed the first three episodes but I think the final two were very boring, convoluted, and lackluster.

    24. Abel Rios IV

      Arrow verse did it better than the dceu.... change my mind

    25. Nathan Noon

      The Supermen's role were disappointing though. No justice done to them

    26. apex XD

      everyone looks so budget

    27. Josh M

      Best parts was Oliver and Barrys interactions

    28. vince ng

      wonder whats next year?

    29. TheInfamousWolf

      Nothing managed to touch the weight of the Avengers. This is a Marvel world.

    30. Scott Draper

      I've only watched the first episode, but the whole concept is pretty cheesy. The CW DC universe is too small and the characters too nerfed to provide a plausible 'save the universe' team.

    31. Alvin Bautista

      Crisis is like puts the Justice League 2018 movie to shame.

    32. Spooderman

      Dc fans compare joker and Endgame. That really screws the hell out of my brain cells because they're VERY different movies. DC fans are just desperate. More like, compare crisis on infinite earths with Avengers 3/4. Obviously infinity war and endgame were better than crisis on infinite earths. I fell asleep during crisis, but not in infinity war or endgame. Honestly crisis was a big DISAPPOINTMENT imo.

    33. TJM060765

      I didn't find it "reasonably accessible." I've watched FLASH and SUPERGIRL and I found myself scratching my head wondering who certain characters were when they showed up. You would think a story involving visitors from parallel universes would involve more formal introductions. :)

    34. King Jiggah

      It was Amazing for Tv. Perfect

    35. The Gamer Next House

      horrible boring crossover hyped up by a huge amount of forced fan service nonsense cameos, crisis on earth x is ten times better

    36. Călin H

      How can you praise this garbage? Nothing made sense in this. Crossover and everything was way too predictable. They thanked Oliver Queen 500 times in the final episode, jeez! Lex Luthor: criminal mastermind, writes his own name on a magical book? Really, cow and chicken did this 20 years ago🙄

    37. jc50gt

      Idk why i just didn’t like it. Was boring in my opinion

    38. Retroactive Rav3ng3r

      10 Favorite Things From Crisis On Infinite Earths: (Spoilers Ahead): 10. Oliver's second sacrifice 9. Tom Welling's Superman 8. Robert Wuhl returning as Alexander Knox & Burt Ward's Robin 7. Kevin Conroy's Batman 6. Ryan Choi 5. Jon Cryer's Lex Luthor 4. The formation of the Justice League 3. Ezra Miller's cameo 2. 90s Flash's sacrifice 1. Part 3's ending

    39. Nosknut

      I was left underwealmed by the crossover. It didnt feel any bigger or more serious than what they have alredy done

    40. Chukwudi Nnanyelugo

      I felt it was trash. Kudos to CW for the effort though.

    41. Falcon

      For me it was ok. They stretched it and it had very stuped things it looked for me to waste time. And the legends were messing and they did not had all the heroes in one shot.

    42. Christian B.

      Cant support anything with batwoman in it. Just very disrespectful to Batmans well deserved legacy.

    43. Braeden Hager

      Wow. 1/10 from me. Literally most clips are worse than the cats trailer. Waste of a “crisis”. I’m fact the real crisis is entirely the script

    44. mark o' reilly

      It's terrible cheesy nonsensical garbage.. but it knows what it is and leans into it

    45. Adel The Kid

      Will it be on Netflix or Hulu ?

    46. Richard Nelson

      This crossover had some great ideas and story, but was executed terribly. Feels like a fan made film.

    47. bishopcruz

      Lived up to the hype? How. The writing was awful all around. A few great cameos does not a coherent story make.

    48. SCI X


    49. Kakashi

      It's successful cause it wasn't rushed, and wasn't made by zack the hack snyder

    50. DeskieFam

      Speaking of Psycho Pirate, what happened to him? We saw him at the end of Elseworlds and then...nothing.

    51. Jaden

      very ambitious crossover with very low budget tv shows

    52. Tommy Osborne

      5 out of 10. They went to big and should never have tried doing something like this

    53. Eelchad1

      Amazing?!?? I must've watched the wrong version cause I thought it was average at best. Did enjoy the cameos tho.

    54. Ndivhu Mogashoa

      Hahahahaha! 9??!! Wow! No. Just no!

    55. amazo88

      even dc tv show can beat endgame. lol marvel is that shitty after all.

    56. Trocyden Studio

      Lucifer was the best crossover. 💯

    57. Prison Riot

      But i don't have time!!!!

    58. Mohamed Ahmed

      I am genuinely starting to feel the CW are making better storylines and crossovers than the MCU

    59. Otter Pop Culture

      Just came here because it looked too exhausting to watch.

    60. Spell I CUP

      In an Alternate Universe...Ign is still trying to beat Dragon Ball Kakarot