1. Ace Diamonds

      i will just fax my doctor. i have some body parts i would love for him to look at.

    2. Mspec 507

      Meanwhile in Mexico, people are donating to build the wall.

    3. Thomas Hamstedt

      Any & All Lawyers - question please? Is there a case to be made against Trump, Mnuchin & Crew for 'RE' of the US? RE of the Planet? "Reckless endangerment (RE) is a crime consisting of acts that create a substantial risk of serious physical injury to another person. The accused person isn't required to intend the resulting or potential harm, but must have acted in a way that showed a disregard for the foreseeable consequences of the actions."

    4. NeonsStyle

      Government in that clip all huddled together to get on camera saying social distance! Mixed messaging is going to kill America!

    5. Alice Grey

      So... I'm from Germany. My american english-teacher showed us Mr. Colberts show. And yet after I finished the classes month ago (it was just a short part of my apprenticeship) I'm so in love with this show :D I wished there would be more shows like that in Germany aswell. Your awesome !

    6. steve conn

      Miss Colbert's voice to keep us sane during the crisis. For fresh Corona comedy, check this out: fisels.info/video/videot/kZipX7xqeWeDcGw.html

    7. Esrohloric

      New York with, by far, the highest corona cases in the US, and they just now (a week ago) stopped crowds from coming to their shows. LOL. Chances are people in the audience were spreading the virus to eachother. What a joke.

    8. Santhosh K

      Veeryyy pooor at handling CORONA... Save lives , economy can b built later.... TRUMP became an idiot Box

    9. arthur riley

      please consider sending EXTRA Soc Sec and SSI checks on a one-time basis. Help these elderly and needy folks now! pass this comment on!

    10. Alberta Gill


    11. no one


    12. no one


    13. bademoxy

      Democrat leftists are so happy and so is Chinese frontman Biden & son. The virus is called WUHAN ,not Corona as WHO officials renamed it . The vaccine will be developed fast by PRIVATE U.S. companies, not the Communist Party of China who's policies CREATED this virus in the first place

    14. Ayélé Mensah

      I mean, from the look of things, you Americans should definitely travel right now.🤔 Fly away! Go abroad! To a country where you can actually get tested! I am of course kidding!

    15. Fredrik B

      Regarding the stock market and Corona: Everyone is blaming people for stockpiling groceries out of misguided fear. Why is nobody holding the players in the financial market responsible for the same kind fear responses? We are asking everyone to wash their hands and be socially responsible, and we are asking governments to create financial packages to support the failing markets. Why the fuck is nobody asking the players in the financial market to not fucking sell anything, stay calm and help the world out?! The financial market is not a force of nature, it’s people. Where is the fucking ban on selling assets, spreading the financial virus?! Set a date 1 month back, all sales since are null and void, and fucking close the markets for 2 months or until further notice.

    16. 안단태

      As a Korean(South, not North which your president is in lover’s spat with) I want to be cynical about your country. I don’t get what your country’s fuzz is about really, There have been way more deaths caused from mass shootings in America for decades than deaths by the pandemic. COVID-19 deaths & gun violence deaths have some similarities, like the randomness of the casualties and victims dying against their will. No wonder your president is not on edge about the pandemic. US used to be the pioneer and the leader of the free world, I partially admit in the past. But now US is indeed a comedy show for the rest of the world. I hoped your clown got impeached and dragged out of the White House like South Korea(actually our former president who got impeached was indicted for similar reasons) for the sake of US citizens and the world. But now thank you Stephen Colbert for providing this amusement while a lot of us are socially distancing myself.

    17. Valentin BALBINOT

      "Quarantined his mind from knowledge" That one was awesome.

    18. Tyler Shrouder

      Do yourself a favor and google 'EARN IT bill'

    19. omar6781

      What the hell is the audience booing for. So the world is in mayhem and you are mad for not attending a damn show live. ..

    20. Be Happy It pisses 'em off

      The only reason this bullshit grows is because people like you are hired to promote it...you make it real, you keep it alive, you're part of the problem. That's what late-night hosts are for.


      All of these Hollywood phonies are glad the economy is tanking. This has nothing to do with Trump but they want to blame him. Sad.

    22. koreen cam

      such lies-their MD licenses should be revoked. asap.

    23. Al Loomis

      it doesn't have to be like this, you could be citizens of a democracy, with a common interest in the health of the nation. of course, you would have to be citizen quality, and i'm pretty sure there is no re-training program for orcs. but if the would-be citizens move to the west coast, and the north east, the orcs could be satisfied with the remainder. where they would enjoy one another with live hunger games.

    24. H McNamara

      My sister is a pharmacist in CA where it's bad. Her 24 year old daughter is in quarantine (and being tested) in Atlanta. I'm praying constantly for them and for everyone.

    25. b10rain

      4100 cases in the US. 72 deaths... STFU MEDIA TRASH!!!

    26. Keith459001

      way to die #444...

    27. Trish Jean-Louis

      this is why trump sucks so much...these people are afraid to stand up to him, afraid to do their jobs in fear of retaliation if the facts dont parallel trumps lies... this is how dangerous this horrible man is

    28. Abigail Trumbo

      Actually garlic is a natural antibiotic, so if you're still healthy, loading up might actually give your immune system a helpful boost.

    29. wily wascal

      It's them damn Republicans running out all the bleach, toilet paper, and disinfectant spray! 'Cause now the coronavirus has got them shitting their pants, their minds already lost!

    30. wily wascal

      In Trump America we got hassle-free pandemic testing: Doesn't cost anything, but largely non-existent. Simple, effortless, no worry, no need to...PANIC!

    31. wily wascal

      Long story short: A bunch of Americans had to be sacrificed to die in order for the U.S. to rid itself of the ignorant yoke of Trump and Republican cultism.

    32. wily wascal

      World leaders: Humans facing greatest health crisis in a century! Trump: "It's a hoax!" "Coronavirus is so unfair to ME!" "It will pass!"

    33. wily wascal

      Toxic Trump and Republicans, asked about their chances in the upcoming American elections: "We're killing them!" The American people, their elections, and their chances.

    34. The Rich Solution

      Yes, it is making so many people anxious...

    35. Atlsynth

      love how he's always blaming trump for everything, and so now his solution is to "laugh and be together". lefty's cry and whine and complain all the time, and offer nothing. yea, laugh and be together. great solution. go leftys, yea!

    36. I H

      Hopefully this show goes away along with the virus

    37. eioshen boboi

      8oz bottle of purell. Most workers making around $15 and can not afford to skip work. We need Bernie now more than ever.

    38. Celia’s Tarot

      fisels.info/video/videot/kojGp8ucl6Jmq2Q.html Tarot Reading about Virus

    39. James Niland.

      Ah, the good ol' days, when people dared to be an audience

    40. D Smith

      We could have used the world health organization’s template for tests and we could have tested hundreds of thousands of patients (like South Korea); this government chose to try to create the test from scratch. And here we are

      1. eioshen boboi

        put a led panel in each seat and then lt audience members skype in from home and put their sound on main speakers so we can hear.

    41. Candyboxradio

      Sharia law will come soon, and this nonsense will all be over.

    42. Deadpool Gaming

      Maybe thanos can save us.

      1. Deadpool Gaming

        @nieooj gotoy So what?

      2. nieooj gotoy

        Daily life changes for Italy . And for China and for France . Stephen Colbert desperate. Running a show hoping for attention. A lose whinny

    43. Deadpool Gaming

      Don't worry fam, we got this.

      1. Deadpool Gaming

        @nieooj gotoy I will try.

      2. nieooj gotoy

        #theboxchallenge , #flattenthecurve , #delivery , perspectives

    44. SunnyStyle

      Is that $113B net profit loss? If yes, the airlines are making way too much money.

    45. Nikosi9

      I wonder how many in that audience got infected by being there just to see this idiot...?

    46. Tony Nameless

      I am sorry for you people but Trump will remain a President at least for the reasons he promised about tax cuts etc. If you change President now, promises of Trump will not happen. You have no choice. Trump or pay.

    47. Mike Szabo

      keep dreamin colbert, you ain't impeaching trump 🖕

    48. opzz xsin

      US banning international travel. Been a crazy 24 hours

    49. Steve Anderson

      The thing about scolding Redfield and Fauci, is if they dare to call trump's lies out, they'll be fired immediately, and then we won't even have them telling us what little they are willing to say. Trump would replace them them with yes men who will tell us that his lies are the truth.

    50. Ron Krikorian

      This sick individual continually makes fun of this Virus. Too bad the people that Died from it can’t comeback to hear this Disgusting person !!!!

    51. Georgia Dentith

      This is why Americans are hated

    52. Vvk Samant

      i always thought americans were filthy rich since when do they have an issue with bearing cost o a test? smh

    53. Jack Zaccardi

      Colbert neglects to mention that 12,000 Americans died from Swine Flu in 2009. Obama didn't declare an "emergency" until 4,000 had died. So far, 60 dead from corona. 40 were over 80 years old.

    54. Darren Grosvenor

      put a led panel in each seat and then lt audience members skype in from home and put their sound on main speakers so we can hear.

    55. dave etcetera

      Kids are calling the virus "The Boomer Remover."

    56. Gina Kaulbach

      #theboxchallenge , #flattenthecurve , #delivery , perspectives

    57. Richard Dastrup

      Daily life changes for Italy . And for China and for France . Stephen Colbert desperate. Running a show hoping for attention. A lose whinny

    58. Miss Madeline's adventures

      5100 people commented. Anyone here know someone who has the virus? A close friend or family member?

    59. Mabutu Boy

      Must read!!!! The virus have exposed the bad leadership of America. As the number of infected continues to rise, broader questions are being asked of governance systems all over the world. One can examine the responses of two countries, for instance, and reveal far more about these places than their philosophies on crisis management - we can dig even deeper, and learn their foundational values.

    60. Krystle

      Jean Baptiste in the back yelling out “that’s how they be” is giving me so much life right now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    61. bowen voowy

      "we've always been clear" anyone showing symptoms can get a test... unless you're Gatzes or another Trump sycophant, and in that case, here, do two for good measure...

    62. anderson

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="316">5:16</a> And m4a you can only get if you vote for Bernie.

    63. James D Robertson

      Who will nod off first? O'Biden "I have to sit down at debates" Bama.... Go Bernie! 🔥🔥🔥 F T B

      1. bowen voowy

        What's 5G got to do with it? see below fisels.info/video/videot/snazZ66GmaGpiHU.html&feature=emb_logo

    64. LikeBlowingintheWind

      1000 cases out a country of 370 million citizens


      everybody's a comedian in here

    66. Natalia Dagenhart

      Hi guys, I have a question: my birthday is next week, so I have no idea how to celebrate it during a coronavirus pandemic. Do you have any ideas?.. I would really appreciate your help! fisels.info/video/videot/cIi2Zdmar3ire6M.html

    67. Thil

      The 'Trump in the White House' saga in the US sure went from hilarious to terrifying real quick.

      1. viddork

        Yeah, but that happened way back in Nov. '16.

    68. Kevin McCauley

      yeah ok big steve ,,, keep us posted LoL you still suck bad

    69. Katherine Smith

      Why the hell is pence nodding?!? He should be on his knees!!! Praying. He should be on his knees... praying... 😈

    70. Biggus Dickus

      We should be more afraid of trump re-election than corona virus pandemic. There is no test or cure for that one.

      1. oiuet souiu

        that time. Could it have been... NOTHING??

    71. Biggus Dickus

      I wonder how many trump supporters got coronavirus?

    72. Anita Ricka

      Oh Stephen! You make it easier to survive anything, even this! Laughter is the best medicine! I take your medicine every evening I can, and my home is full of joy and belly laughs when you are on! I think you may just keep me healthy!!!😊I know for sure that you help keep me sane in an insane time. Thank you for keeping me calm, knowing that there are many other sentient and intelligent beings out there!👌💝😀

    73. Jay Black

      Anyone else remember The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Samantha Bee, Ed Helms, and Rob Cordry (please forgive the spelling.) This was some of the greatest comedic talent ever assembled outside of SNL. Stephen Colbert is as brilliant now as he was back then and no one is more deserving of the position he holds. We need him now more than ever...

    74. Mikael Jensen

      Hi ! This is evolution here. You have for 30 years had full scientific knowledge of climate change due to your irresponsible actions, yet you have done NOTHING! So I sent you this. It´s designed so Greta will survive. Lets see if I can let you off with this last warning or if I have to send the next vira in line....

    75. Angrage Macmuffins

      Low IQ is a real problem in America, IQ's are plummeting. Thanks for panicking all the dummies, Fake News Media! Evil Bastards!

    76. mikemichaelmusic09

      Remember all those black caskets that can hold up to 6 body's being stored in the Midwest alongside of the highways and and all those Wal-Mart's that were closed for no apparent reason and gutted out, it's starting to make a little more sense now.

    77. Mark Murray

      If it were not for trump this guy would be unemployed.

    78. Kathy Hussey

      the Senator is telling the health officials THEY need to stand up and tell everyone Trump is lying about THE TESTS when half the Senators won't even do that about minor matters. These health officials have watched our government allow Trump to trample over every decent man he meets, watched him unjustly, illegally cost decent life long public servants like Lt. Vinman, Comey, McCabe ( wasn't he fired 10 days before his pension was going to kick in just to punish him for not kissing Trump';s big ass?) Sessions and about 150 others have been fired or ran out of their positions arbitrarily by Trump for DOING THEIR JOBS. They've seen the Whistleblowers be practically crucified along with Judge 'Beer More Beer' "Feely Hands' Cavanaugh's accusers, They've watched that nut dismantle every good person within a 100 mile radius of him and you think these Health officials are going to jump up and say he is lying?? THIS, people, lies that cost REAL LIVES, this is the true cost of allowing a President to lie constantly about everything and act like a thug using his temporary Presidential power to silence ANYONE who disagrees with him or calls him out for lying. This is the danger.

    79. emily peyton

      What's 5G got to do with it? see below fisels.info/video/videot/snazZ66GmaGpiHU.html&feature=emb_logo

    80. emily peyton