Dak Prescott should 'bet on himself,' take smaller contract - Whitlock | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

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    Jason Whitlock, Marcellus Wiley, T. J. Houshmandzadeh, LaVar Arrington discuss whether or not the Dallas Cowboys should pay Dak Prescott $35 million.
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    Dak Prescott should 'bet on himself,' take smaller contract - Whitlock | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF
    Speak For Yourself


    1. Speak For Yourself

      Should Dak Prescott take a smaller contract?

      1. BOOSTED365

        Speak For Yourself nope!!

      2. rich majors


      3. Yahm

        No he played out his contract like a G and never complained. They owe him money for that. That is at least worth the 6 million difference. If we got rid of Garret before last season we would of been in the playoffs.

      4. Damien Bell

        Yes $18

      5. Antonio Logan

        Dak is worth that 40M

    2. Revy's Bitch

      Wiley thinks he was higher than LT? Pretty sure only one of those guys has a gold jacket and it ain't Wiley

    3. Cesaetho C

      Talking about another mans pockets I mean seriamente ay Dios mío 👉🏾🚪

    4. Cameron Lowrey

      I think the owners are "low key" colluding. The cowboys are a top 5 sports organization...IN THE WORLD!!! Jerry Jones and the Cowboys can afford to draw a line and take a stand against individual player salary inflation. Especially against QBs. I think the owners are putting the responsibility on J.J. to say NO!!! NO MORE PAYING ONE PLAYER(out of 52+) 20% OF THE CAP!!! Im all about players making as much as possible but QBs are making a lions share of the money leaving a lot less for all other players...duh. Back up QBs are making 5 mil a year for fuks sake......... Somebody has to bite the bullet and take a hit, eventually, and put a stop to 1 player making all the money! It seems like every QB that enters contract negotiations wants to be the highest paid and all but 1 (including Dak) ARE NOT THE BEST IN THE LEAGUE!!! What a strange situation the NFL is facing...huh Enter Jerry Jones. The most powerful man in the NFL. Somebody has to take a stand and i believe the owners are talking behind closed doors. They chose J.J. to draw a line in the sand and stop Qbs from taking food out of the mouths of other players. #sharethewealthQBs 😆

    5. big daddy Osborne

      Emmitt Smith is right

    6. ronmch20

      Jason Fatlock needs to get laid but evidently no woman with a pulse will have him.

      1. J James

        I'm sure he paid for a woman of the night a time or two

    7. montez Fowler

      Uncle Tom Show.

    8. PoonDestruction

      i dunno who is more narcissistic - dak for thinking hes worth $35M+ or marcellus for thinking he is a "legend."

    9. Ty Taylor

      He isn't worth that much money. All pro-O-Line and RB ad Reciever and still went 8-8? He walked into that and the Cowboys are still trash. Let Him walk...don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    10. John Arch

      Dak choked against the eagles and bills bad

    11. Bass 4FTWM

      Dak needs to take 28 to 30 mil, had one of the best Oline, top flight receivers, better than average D and went 8-8. He's not there yet...

    12. rich majors

      no,,dak take the money & run

    13. lionel sherard

      I'm an E-A-G-L-E-S fan.. but you have to see it from Dak point of view.. as a starter he got what $2m in his first four years. And been the starter from day one. No drop off.. Carson my QB been getting paid as a first rounder... So don't may not ever get another chance to get paid. As a 4th round pick. And this is the NFL meaning NOT FOR LONG. why should he give an discount. They don't give a discount to the fans for them seats. So not get what he is due... In hopes for later on... Or get his money guaranteed

    14. Dayquan Watson

      It’s funny we expect dak take a pay cut we never asked any other qb to do so regardless if they deserved it or not I mean wentz gettin paid and hasn’t even been able to play a play off game barely a whole season

    15. Les Francis

      If your name is not Wilson , Brees , Brady , Rodgers or Mahomes . You should sit down and lower your voice while negotiating .

    16. Tap Out

      Let Dak walk Mr. Jones. He is not worth the money. Dak is not a great QB, he can not throw the ball well. Dak need a lot of surrounding cast to even play well.

    17. John Sirko

      A GB is not worth above 15 million...it is a team sport...

    18. Dontavious Payne

      Stop pocket watching n let dak do him

    19. Edward Saucedo

      He called himself a legend? Drug test that guy.

    20. Edward Saucedo

      Dak wants top 5 money when he's not it.

    21. Peter Biamomte

      Cowboys have the highest paid RB ever, the highest paid D-lineman ever, one of the highest paid O-lines, one of the highest paid linebackers and they were 8-8 and watching the playoff's at home and every one of those players under achieved this past year. Ya, ya I hear all the Jason Garrett bashing but he doesn't make the plays. When does it stop? Do they make Dak the highest paid player ever? Then what, Amari is the highest paid receiver ever?? Byron Jones the highest paid corner ever?? At some point teams have to look at what they are getting ion return for their money. As much as I like Dak and think he will be a very good QB for a lot of years the reality is pretty much any QB in the league, and probably a few backups, could have taken this team to 8-8. Yes he had big stats but the only stat that matters is wins. People often say Aikman wasn't one of the all time greats because his stats aren't lofty. But he won. Only Brady, Bradshaw and Montana have more SB wins than Aikman. It's great Dak threw for almost 5000 yards but it didn't translate to wins! .

    22. Tiffany Williamson

      Dak is not worth 35 or 40 million....Unless you have a Super Bowl, under your belt, please please be quiet. Idgaf, about individual stats, cause you don't go to the Super Bowl on stats...Emmit Smith held out, got his $$$$ and went to the Super Bowl, that year, that year....Didnt Brady, take a discount, and won how many Super Bowls????...

    23. David LS

      Marcellus never makes any sense and loves accusing everyone else of not making any sense.

    24. VicZX6R

      Money only matters to Jerry Jones and him being the GM still... cowgirls are NOT in next years playoffs... sorry cowboys fans.. no Jimmy Johnson will balls to stand up to a puppet master with JJ. Better luck next year.

    25. brickhra

      For all of you ignorant negores and sports fans who listen to this stuff and believe it, yall should be ashamed of yourself! Dak Prescott went to a team that was 4-12. They have never had a losing season since he has been there despite drama every year and intense pressure and scrutiny on him like no other QB because these idiots are jealous that this black guy got to be the starting QB of the Cowboys out of nowhere! They put him under immense psychological pressure and eventually he cracked some against the Eagles! If they paid Dak the year before, the Cowboys make the playoffs! Its too much of a circus and too many distractions in Dallas! I don't know how Dak has done this good under this level of pressure and scrutiny! He was one bad game away from being benched his entire rookie year! Then the NFL cheated him against the Packers in the playoffs! They even called a phantom illegal huddle penalty that I never have seen called befored that negated a 20+ yard pass by Dak to get the cowboys in scoring ranged! Negated an terrible pick into double coverage by Rodgers by calling pass interference! Didn't call blatant pass interference against Witten who was tackled by a LB and Dak threw him the ball! So there is some agenda to not make this guy the face of the Franchise as they have brainwashed fans into believing that none of the Cowboys success is because of Dak! They did the same thing to Russell Wilson! Even after 2 SB appearances they wouldn't pay him more than Andrew Luck because it was supposedly the defense and running game! Not Wilson! Daks not good, its everyone around him!

    26. Kennedy Roland

      Go fuc yourself Whitlock in any of the motherfuker to tell you to take this mother to go take less

    27. James Son of Mary

      Did Marcellus Wiley just imply that he’s more legendary than LT???????😳😳😳😳😳

    28. the rav

      Dam goes to another team that isn’t that good and has a mediocre career and plays maybe 6 years and never heard of again !!

    29. kongmeng03

      Who is Marcelles? I didn't even knew he was in the NFL lol. I do like him as a analysts but he calling himself a legend and better than LT is a joke. That's just silly. Did he ever make the NFL 100?

    30. Drip Time

      Goff And Jimmy both have been to a superbowl. I agree they dont deserve that money but at least they can turn it on in the 4th

    31. Austin Douglas

      The most in-original show on tv

    32. Kim Walker

      Smartest things I have ever heard come out of Whitlock's mouth

    33. Kim Walker

      Arrington is the smartest of them all. Yes it makes sense. Prescott is going to be out of a job if he keeps it up

    34. Kim Walker

      So Wiley says Prescott deserves his value. Not sure there is an argument there. The point is, his "value" is NOWHERE NEAR what he's asking for. If you paid him 30 million a year, even with the money that is being thrown around, you've surly over paid him. Emmitt was right with the numbers, maybe just wrong for speaking about them.

    35. Enyi Onyeobia

      I can’t believe Wiley is the only one making factual agreement from an ex-player perspective. For those guys endorsing small change, what will a QB needy team be willing to pay Dak in an open market? #paydak

    36. Ben Reyes

      Finally someone says the right things to DAK. First show us what you can do.

    37. Johnny C

      Dak isn't that good. I don't see the cowboys becoming more talented, if anything the talent will decrease. How bad will dak look with a lesser team?

    38. The_HBK_23

      Then let him walk, have someone else pay him. While he has not been amazing, Dak did perform well enough for them to want to keep him, but the way i see it, he already took the paycut. He was getting 500K a year for 4 years... how about you pay him back what you owe him.

    39. Astronomical 1

      Jason Whitlock looks so silly with that man weave

    40. claudia33

      Emmitt won 3 Super Bowls Emmitt made Cowboys worth $5 Billions Dak Prescott couldnt defeat Eagles practice squad

    41. claudia33

      bingo Emmitt is 100% right : Dak doesnt worth more than $28 M

    42. Euclid’s Chemical Equation

      Dak is worth 25 at best

    43. mksrookies

      Cooper Rush could win 8 games with this team. Dak sucks

    44. geramy pace

      Pay Dak you got your discount with getting him in the 4th round he deserves his money. Jerry paid Romo big bucks and he played worse than Dak pay the man!

    45. D.C Cowboy Proc'

      Whitlock is stupid Dak had 13-3 and Offensive ROTY

    46. D.C Cowboy Proc'

      Everyone is trashing Dak when he won games as a matter of fact 40 games in 4yrs inspite on Coach clap that's been holding us down for 10yrs

    47. Edwin Singleton


    48. Edwin Singleton


    49. Simba

      This is ridiculous. Everyone can say whatever they want to say about Prescott. Bottom line is, the reason why no one wants him to be the highest paid qb in the league(until next year), is because he's black. No one ever has anything negative to say about qb salaries when the qb is white. Period. End of story.

    50. Daizhon ThaGreat

      Tj was a good player back in the day

    51. I-10 Veteran

      Marcellus really said he was a legend 🤔

    52. King Mufasa

      U don’t get what your worth u get what u negotiate

    53. Dootha Browne

      Wiley Said Dak is putting the team on his back😂😂 Don't have a problem with dak but he has to be reasonable did he forget how he look before amari came to dallas and now he demanding money that wont allow the Other supporting cast to get some of the cake to

    54. Morpheus Rising

      I'm having trouble understanding why Emmitt couldn't have picked up the phone to give Dak this advice like whitlock wanted snoop to call Gayle instead of calling her out publicly. We know why emmitt said it publicly. He's doing Jerry a solid.

    55. Zch Murphy

      Any team that wants to offer Dak more than 20-25 million is delusional. Let him walk Cowboys

    56. Brendan Walsh

      Dude the Cowboys are a TRASH 🗑 organization for even letting it get to this point... you made your bed now it’s time to pay Dak... what’s your alternative, Phillip Rivers??? Ryan Tannehill??? Have fun with that...

    57. Asi Asi

      Y’all see Lavar’s smirk when Wiley called himself a legend 😂😂😂 gtfoh lol

    58. ibcalm24

      He is in the 25-28 million market. They keep talking about those garbage stat padding yards. It was on display this year beat the Eagles your in. He clearly didn't do it, next week blast the Redskins in a meaningless game. He probably compares himself to Goff and Garappolo overpaid as well. Can't compare himself to Wilson, Mahomes they close the deal. I wouldn't overpay plan & simple. It is issue to find a mediocre qb. He isn't even challenged by a backup that's how bad it is in the nfl. The starter does even get challenged anymore that's another reason not to overpay. You get stuck with them. Look at Jacksonville Foles guaranteed 50 million & got benched.

    59. Rex Feliciano

      It’s a toss.. let’s see if Brady gets his money.. patriots owe him

    60. Chris V

      Wiley hit it out the park pay the man !

    61. packinwood2009

      I like how they just ignore the fact Emmitt was actually good and Dak isn't...

    62. Matt Branch

      How did asking if he was worth even $27-28million get to asking if he's worth $35-40million???? If it was a ? if he was worth the 27-28$ then he def ain't worth $35-40

      1. ibcalm24

        The problem is the Cowboys offered 33 million. The overall problem is owners are paying for mediocre play Goff, garoppolo getting paid & ain't winning nothing. Dak showed he wasn't a 100 million qb against the Eagles & then blast the Redskins in a meaningless game. He wants to be paid for being for stat padding. He would get 3 yrs 25-28. If not walk on I can get another mediocre qb next week

    63. Master Pierce

      Bet on himself then what?

    64. John lisE

      Garrett was fired after 10 years of mediocrity. So it makes zero sense to pay Dak the same money as QB’s that wear SB rings. He lost to Wentz, when Wentz only had practice squad WR’s. Against a Philly Def that was average at best. Pay for that players ability not market projected value.

    65. John lisE

      I’m so tired of hearing market value and take Dak out of the conversation. NFL franchises fail because they continually pay the wrong players high contracts.

    66. John lisE

      Wait a sec..we are talking about the leagues #1 rushing RB of all time. Ya think he gets to see game film and can see the ability? Emmitt is being blunt. Emmitt was the highest paid RB in 1993. He was the best and finished the best. You pay the great ones, not the might be greats, like Kirk Cousins..right?

    67. Sean Pen

      Dak should be amongst the top paid, but def does not have the credentials to set the market. He isn’t half as good as Mahomes who deserves 40+

    68. Kevin W

      All of this is click bait-let anyone of the commenters take less money to do there job-the NFL is a one hit away league with no guarantees

    69. James Grau

      What we have here is a failure to communicate

    70. Benny Blanco

      Wiley really just call himself a legend? 😂😂😂😂 Dude is delusional

    71. Johnny Le

      I trade Dark, he not worth it for 35 M

      1. ibcalm24

        He is in the market 25-28 million. They keep talking about those garbage stat yards. I

    72. Trump 2020

      Dak think above his ability

    73. Ernest Espinosa

      Emmitt held out after CHAMPIONSHIPS not "fluff" yardage.

    74. Ernest Espinosa

      DAK ain't worth 28 Million...7-9 Season.

    75. Magic Estrada

      Must be nice to not want 28 million because it’s too little 🙄

    76. Kamau Bentley

      Can you guarantee that the cowboys will win the Super Bowl if he gives the cowboys a discount? Nothing is guaranteed

    77. Carolyn Adcock

      I think every critic has lost their minds about Dak. Have you ever thought of giving him a chance with Mike, the new coach? What's the hurry? Why was there no complaints like now 20 yrs before Dak came?? It has been 25 YEARS we have won a SB. All of a sudden, he needs out? If anything, everyone needs to quit bringing up all the negative stuff. I am one among many other fans who are just flat tired of these comments. No offense Dak, if you give us Patrick Maholmes, he would be the only one fans would consider. Now, we know that WILL NOT happen. So we need Dak, simple. Dak, if you are going to be our QB, it will be worth all the text media I do just to back you up. THERE IS NO ONE ELSE that we have EVEN considered!!!!!!!!

    78. edgar57639

      Once they started comparing apples with Oranges it starts too sound bad for Jerry, my outside benefits have nothing to do with you Jerry now pay me my Apple's

    79. Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

      Where's all this diversity they be talking bout? Dis be nothin but a barbershop.

    80. Dee Gus

      Did Wiley just say he’s a Charger legend lmao gtfoh CTE is starting to set in folks smh his show done got to his head