Dems Bring Two Articles of Impeachment Against Trump | The Daily Show

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    House Democrats bring two articles of impeachment against President Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, and the Justice Department’s inspector general finds no anti-Trump bias or “witch hunting” in the FBI’s Russia investigation.
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    1. Nathaniel Riley James

      2:37 The Smallest Impeachment Of All Time LMFAO!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Lil Bluepill

      The Impeachment will be dismissed on the 12th, thanks for playing tho. :) be well

    3. Suckafree FREE


    4. Hari Menon

      Ugly bitch maxi-pads in the background......ugh!

    5. Daniel

      “We are operating in a universe......” this women think America is the entire universe...

    6. Hildebeast Clinton

      Trump is so funny.

    7. MrGuy Unknown

      Impeached ............................... *Bigly*

    8. dfoiusfe

      I understand the democrats want to keep it simple and easy with 2 articles, but in the end it does not make a difference. His cult has been denying the most basic truths and facts. Do you really think they will suddenly say: 'Ow, well those 2 are very convincing, now I will suddenly change my tune.'??

    9. FranciKatherine Melton-Jones

      Hey 🤔👋! He’s been given everything his entire life....☝️he FINALLY EARNED SOMETHING ALL BY 👌HIMSELF!!👍👏👏👏👏👏

    10. Target Guest

      trumpy is just laughing,at the f.b.i.what a shame.....what's the hold up,?.

    11. Target Guest

      "impeachment"is not gonna do it.he's laughing at the Democrats...cause he's. really not worried...he should be taking out now.

    12. Matan Baruch

      Wow this show isn't funny.

    13. Brendamejia mejia

      Friction of the convection

    14. fire works

      You can impeach a President.But NO ONE can impeach a liar. It won't work! Trump got the power to get away with it. Just wait and see.

    15. ra ra

      You have to look hard to find people so fundamentally stupid, hateful and ethic-free as trump supporters. Oh, I forgot Brexiteers.

    16. Jewel

      4:44 wow they found 2 black young people - check on them, did they get home safe!!!

    17. Gh0stNoName

      Cops are above the law

    18. Flyboi Clarkston

      Anyone with a daughter that voted for a guy that admitted to assaulting women. Are inbreds. Most of his voters are people his policies does not help. That just shows the mind frame of people in our country haven't changed at ALL....

    19. Chris Wilder

      If we are being honest, he got impeached cause he is simply a dishonest person that feeds off of negativity, division and fear mongering. Oh, and because he used his influencial position for personal gain in the upcoming 2020 election.

    20. Lynell Salazar

      Having Don JR classic 🤣🤣🤣

    21. Clay wells

      Whether you agree with impeachment or not, can we just say that the left and the Dems own the media, and that any singer, actor, writer, or comedian has to give obedience to the Democrats, and must do it as a worshiper of the Dems in thanksgiving for the millions of dollars that they made? Where is freedom of expression in the arts now? Where is freedom of the mind in the media? It's gone. It's no different than when the religious right owned the media, and you might be in big trouble for showing a bedroom scene, but now its the left, and everyone who has made it in media must crawl through the leftist glass and worship the man behind the green curtain. Despicable.

    22. Eduardo Delfierro

      5 more years of Donald Trump Beter get ready your ass be whoop

    23. AllHail Me

      I honestly want to understand how is a BJ impeachable but purposefully causing division in the country isn't? Am i missing somthing about why Clinton was impeached?

    24. juan sanchez

      Here are all the unhinged and deranged democrats

    25. Danny 302

      I was offended when Trevor compared Donald trump to the dog I mean even the dog is smarter. Time stamp: 0:52

    26. Renat Valiulov

      Why those dems faces are so sad? Old sad faces.

    27. The Only Pepperoni

      He doesn’t know how to read

    28. Michael Howe

      I don’t think he is going anywhere

    29. iLeah !

      If it were Obama rather than Trump, would the Republicans still be so dismissive of the facts? Or would they be fighting for impeachment? If it were Obama, would the Democrats still be adamant that there was wrongdoing? Or would they defend their party’s president? These are important questions to consider. The facts are indisputable, but the Republicans keep trying to cover them up, pretend like they aren’t facts, and divert our attention from the truth, to the Biden’s! Bringing up Hunter’s substance abuse problem during the impeachment hearings was their attempt to distract us from the facts by disparaging the Biden’s with irrelevant rumors.

    30. Donovan Giles

      Hey how do you all feel now that schiff was a complete liar and none of this is true and the FBI agent is now under investigation for falsifying records to go against trump?

    31. adamf663

      You misinterpret what trump said. When he accused the dems of a coup, with a lot of people involved bla bla bla, he's talking about himself. The trump law of projection -- anytime he accuses others of a crime, he's confessing his own crimes.

    32. András Agócs

      We will all pay the price of the Right ignoring reality in every country.

    33. Magnus

      Trump's a sitting president, literally. he can't even get up and walk.

    34. Charles Henderson


    35. Cameron Kim

      Ever since trump won the presidential election they kept trying to find a way to impeach trump it’s just one big video game level and they can’t find out how to beat it

    36. Gabriel Santamaria

      Trevor, where are you gonna have an interview with president trump?

    37. Lynn Tilmon

      Why is everyone so surprised at "Rump's" action? After all, during his campaign, Rump did tell us that he was going to run our coountry like he runs his businesses.

    38. miniontemple

      2 articles on false premise. He won’t get impeached. On top of that, with the current FISA hearings, things are looking bad for dems.

    39. Mfundi Mkhize

      Only two charges after all the noise. 🙄

    40. LovinLife

      Trump lies, because he knows his Supporters will believe him over verifiable facts. There goes another member of the Republican Party speaking for the American People, when most Americans don’t agree with their narrative. I myself am an Americans and believe everyone in Washington DC isn’t above the rule of law. The Ukraine Military Aid was approved and released by Congress for Ukraine’s efforts in ending corruption in their country. Which included getting corrupted Shokin fired at the demand of US, ER and Ukraine Leaders. Trump finally release the Ukraine Military Aid 2 days after learning Congress would investigate the Whistle-Blower complaint. So, Trump only released the funds because he got caught. The GOP keep calling for fact witnesses as Bolton, Perry, Pompeo, Mulvaney and Rudy refuse to honor their lawful subpoenas and are fact witnesses, unlike Hunter and Joe, since they weren’t on the July 25th call or have first knowledge of Rudy and his 2 associates’ actions in Ukraine. In the Mueller Report, the term collusion isn’t a legal term, so the Mueller didn’t assess collusion, but did assess coordination as defined by conspiracy law. Page 1 Vol 1: The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion. Late July 2016, Papadopoulos suggested that the Trump Campaign had received indications from the Russian government that it could assist the Campaign through the anonymous release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton. While the investigation identified numerous links between individuals with ties to the Russian government and individuals associated with the Trump Campaign, the evidence was not sufficient to support criminal charges. Since, Trump got away with working with Russia on his 2016 election and announcing on National TV that he would welcome help from any foreign country on his 2020 election, without maybe contacting the FBI, Trump felt empower to try his business as usual tactic to pressure Zelensky into announcing a baseless investigation against Joe Biden for personal political gain. As Sondland testified, Trump only care about the announcement and not a real investigation. Sondland donates a million dollars to Trump’s election campaign and receives ambassadorship from Trump. All the people who say Trump is guilty testified under oath. All the people who claim his innocence refused to testify under oath. I have heard a number of GOP saying Trump shouldn’t be able to get impeach on a partisan vote, which make no legal sense to critical thinkers, since impeachment is based on rule of law and not party. Nepotism, attacking a 16 year, stealing from a charity and abuse of power is clearly okay in Washington D.C. as long as you have an "R" by your name. If Trump gets away with this a precedence will be set for EVERY POLITICIANS to do this in the future, which will COMPETELY REMOVE the election out of the control of the American People/Voters.

    41. Bantamdude Rodriguez

      Maybe when we're finally rid of trumptard, he'll start a talk radio show for his supporters to follow.

    42. al-Zughal Ch.

      Mark my words, he is going to win again

    43. kasmir justin williams

      Is kid and play in his office

    44. kasmir justin williams

      The "Fiction of the Conviction"!

    45. kasmir justin williams

      The Republicans are complaint with Trump's Criminal Activities.

    46. Dennis M

      They just gave him enough rope to wear he can hang himself. Can't believe it only took three years but there is enough rope now!


      Notice how CNN is against trump and not neutral like they supposed to be

    48. Flamingwings

      You do realize that the impeachment process is not over yet, right?

    49. iLindahLIFE

      trump didn't make it this far on his own. He was clever to USE already corrupt GOP to use their power to protect him. If trump didn't have any of this, he would never have been president in the firs place. LETS BE CLEAR, trump is president because of PUTIN cyber attack. GOP have to cheat to win anything. they have no integrity or honour support their spines.

    50. Anarasha

      "I'm President Moron Coach Steve Trump!"

    51. LuLola Sammuel

      Trevor 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    52. Are Gup

      And did they impeached Clinton...No! 🙈🕸🤯... When the impeached is handed down to the 😡 will believe 🤷🏽‍♀️

    53. christopher reid

      I hope he loses the election

    54. Inquiring Mind

      He dared the Democrats to impeach him. Now he's being impeached and he doesn't like it.

      1. Inquiring Mind

        @gru It's not obviously going to happen. He won't be kicked out because his partners in crime, the Republicons are gonna save his arse. It's clear that your Lord is a criminal though. Your Lord and fake savior, con man Trump.

      2. Esmeralda Amaya

        He needs to be out & get back to his game show's that he's known for!

      3. gru

        I'm sorry to tell you that he's not going to be kicked out

    55. Nurse_Joy42

      Most people don’t read they watch tv for information

    56. Kimberly Lund

      No matter what a report says he spins it to fit his story. He's base won't look at facts they just blindly follow what he says! People need to vote!!!!!

      1. Bantamdude Rodriguez

        Everyone that runs lie and tell us what we want to hear. Once in office they forget their promises.

    57. Tom Maika

      this video goes Into DETAIL the corruption and CRIMES that BIDEN is guilty of. When TRUMP asks about BIDEN's deals? The Democrats circle their wagons around "their guy". Obama MUST be in on this too. THIS is the PERFECT STORM. Obama Biden had the PRESS, the FBI, the DOJ and the WHITEHOUSE in their pocket and this is grounds for corruption at its highest level!

    58. Ronald

      Smallest hands, smallest penis, and now he has the smallest impeachment.

    59. Chuck W

      🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 No doubt this is by far the greatest impeachment in our history and only Donald Trump could have accomplished it. He also is a great comedian who regularly sells out large venues. It’s a twofer... great president and entertaining too. 4 more years 4 more years 4 more years 🇺🇸 MAGA 🇺🇸 💪🏿💪🏾💪🏻💪🏽💪🏼💪🏾 💪🏿MAGA🇺🇸

    60. Flavio Vlang

      You are also a sad man