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    1. Jagodziq q

      Bez urazy ale ten zegar wygląda jak gówno

    2. Rein Vogel


    3. Nárima Alemsan

      :)) i loved

    4. Kiara Alexis

      The clock pissed me off

    5. xbby girlx

      The first one just looks like a fail

    6. Elsa Queen Tan

      Now really needs to clean up

    7. Juliana Johari


    8. Casuki Chan

      2020 is here and it’s been 2 years

    9. Angel The epic seven fan

      Comments: Complains about the clock Me: Haven't I've seen 3:08 before? OH WAIT YEAH. 5 MIN CRAFTS

    10. bad bunny

      Thanks I'll never do that cus I'm too lazy 😊

    11. Khang Nguyễn

      whoever made that clock was stupid af :(

    12. Uraraka Ochako

      “DIY ideas for room 2020” Year video was made: 2018 Me: ytfjffjfutuufddbfb its 2020 right now trufgfhfhdyddyhf

    13. Adventures With Nicole

      Whos watching this in 2020 😂

    14. Andrea Flores Calvo

      The letter k looks like toothpaste hahaha

    15. Mika Yasaka

      Ew the K straight up looks like it’s been straight up smothered in Colgate Triple Action toothpaste.

    16. Mika Yasaka

      Overused music ruined the video.

    17. Rose Skyler

      Pls don’t hate the clock she tried her best

    18. Alia González de Paz

      Emmm wow

    19. fernando castillo

      Yo trataria de q no se arrigara asi el papel... :$

    20. INUNG G

      The first one got me confused How to destroy a perfectly fine clock???

    21. Amilah George

      That first one nearly made me be like bye bye

    22. Carlas Adventure

      Time is valuable and so is the clock so stop hating

    23. Jess Price

      This picture is worth a million words.

    24. josslyn henry

      i’m so confused- the title says 2020 the recommendation says one month ago the actual date say 2018 i- what

    25. Tatyana Ivanova

      Roses are red Violets are blue I can't see the clock And you can't too

    26. Amy Proulx

      Who wood have a crystal

    27. Comfy Aesthetics

      This persons clearly an alien

    28. Shrek plus Dora

      And you expect us to just have chair legs lying around our house

    29. Anastasia lanina


    30. Chusnul Sas

      Lah faedahnya jam diubah itu apaan 😂

    31. Lotte Kuiper

      Her: makes that thing for pictures and stuff Me: I seriously bought today

    32. Moonlight and Midnight


    33. Roz - روز

      The first idea was like -

    34. Becka Fernandez

      The clock 🤦🏻‍♀️

    35. Save The Endangered

      I'm disappointed. My skills are to low for anything they are doing.

    36. iiConfettiCookieii Yeet

      Who else came in 2020 lol just me

    37. Hater

      okay, the clock sucks we get it

    38. Neluska Adamusovaa

      Omg wooow

    39. Caron Whiteside

      These are amazing

    40. Munia MM

      Wow clever

    41. 19 Muhammad Fachrozy


    42. mozmorriss two

      Thanks I'm moving house soon and in finally getting my own room! I love all these ideas except maybe the clock

    43. I'am Panda -DIY

      1:03 não gostei dessa ideia nao 😂😂😂😂

    44. Safaa Rhoulam

      Idées pour les salons artisanales

    45. Katie Might

      I love this so much 😍😍

    46. Miracle and vibes Chimezie


    47. Gracie BECKER

      At 9:16 was my sisters floor in her room

    48. ЛичНосТь

      Тут есть русские? Кто из 2020?🤣👍🏼🌚

    49. Bethany boje

      I think ill stick to painting the clock, thanks.

    50. - dadyzlps - Vlogs of a zonuts

      are you a pisces?

    51. Hyper_ Lemon

      The clock hack is prob for peeps who know the time by soul

    52. oliver rafael bohorquez rincon

      porque esto esta en ingles? es como el canal de ideas en 5 minutos


      I’m sorry the clock was real bad. But I get you were tryna make it pretty and not really caring about the time thing... though! The paper in the back kind of crumbled up a bit weird right?

    54. WOW Crafts

      Awesome !!! Hope you like my WOW CRAFTS Channel

      1. Bunny girl and Friends

        if its clickbait... i will dislike ur vids

    55. crusty ramen

      My mind at 1:28 :Ah yes sticks glued to more sticks, very trendy.

    56. kate k

      DAMM!!im too lazy for all this:

    57. Yuiwarm _

      WhY aM I wAthCinG ThIs ? IT sAyS 2019 BuT I'm iN 2020 😡✨

    58. Muneera Rahman

      Hey , lets use a store bought model of a crystal and make another crystal.

    59. Muneera Rahman

      In the first hack when they said iridescent paper it was actually holographic paper shoutout to all of the holo fans and simply nailogical

    60. Lilah Messerly

      “I have a perfectly fine clock.... but wait! Let’s ruin it so NOBODY can read the time.”