Do All People With HIV Think The Same?



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    1. Jubilee

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      1. Sherrod The God

        "I've lied about my status" Raphael: There was only one instance when I lied Me: *Then why u disagreed?* 🤦‍♂️

      2. maddy gibbson

        @lauren anderson I mean I definitely get what your saying, but I do think the whole point is to give a voice on sensitive subjects like this

      3. R B

        Javier so true so true!

      4. Karma Korinah

        Can we see a "Do all Queer or Trans Military Members Think The Same?" The laws and benefits that affect the lgbtqa+ are very different for those that identify as heterosexual in the military.

      5. Patty C

        Also I want to add, you need to ask yourself: would you want to know if it was the other way around? Most likely you would. And besides, if the person doesn't accept it and/or doesn't want anything to do with you because of it, or thinks you're disgusting etc, you dodged a bullet in my eyes.

    2. Alex Nelson

      Lexi is a cutie i would holla if she didnt want kids

    3. David Still

      ok but are they all HIV positive about their opinions?

    4. Neezy'zGotYou

      Do one for herpes!!! @jubilee

    5. pricesymonej

      Its unfortunate and i know how they feel but the participants who were on agree and somewhat agree with the "my diagnosis was my fault" prompt need to take a bit more responsibility for their actions. Ignorance and bad judgement is not an excuse for bad behavior. With their logic drug addicts could say " me getting addicted wasn't my fault because i was young and didn't know better" in recovery and the real deal is if i would have taken advice, not been so stubborn, and heeded the warnings of educators and my elders i wouldn't have gotten into that position...and that's the case for everyone and these people as well...The yellow striped shirt and zebra jumpsuit said they consciously took risks they knew they shouldn't have

    6. sweetee

      My heart is hurting for the two born with HIV 😢. The guy still found it in his heart to forgive his father. I can’t even imagine the emotional damage before he decided to forgive.

    7. Makiya.A9598

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="270">4:30</a> tbh they not even teaching heterosexual sex correctly, my teacher chose not to give us sex ed because so many people in my class made sex jokes and he said that we know too much now.

    8. Edward Burns

      lbtwink lbtwink lbtwink am i the only one who is excited seeing lbtwink

    9. yeet

      notice how most of these guys are most likely gay

      1. Speaking Truth

        It’s a lot more accepted in the gay community, almost all patients I’ve met that are heterosexual keep their HIV positive status completely private

    10. Twan Hams

      at least they all stay positive

    11. Charlotte Emerson

      The point of this video was to break down the stigma about people with HIV. I thought they did it beautifully, though I’d like to see another woman on the cast. But these comments just prove that there is such a negative association with STIs and HIV that you guys are calling them “disgraceful” and not appreciating how strong they are for participating. I learned a lot in this video, and thank you to the cast for that.

    12. Avatar Anonymous

      Raif is fine

    13. Kᴇɴɴᴇᴅɪ’s Wᴏʀʟᴅ

      Use condoms!It protects you from death and babies!!

    14. Eazzy Cheesy

      I feel like at least they should have the ones they have sex with know they have or had it at one point, no matter if it's currently contractable or not, just for the basic courtesy and not even the law.

    15. Ignacio Errejon

      "I'm not just sure, i'm HIV positive" -Eric Cartman

    16. Kenzie Louise

      I love Thomas ❤️❤️❤️❤️ lbtwink❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    17. 1234 8765

      So the majority of HIV patients are gay, right?

      1. Speaking Truth

        Depends on your specific location really- varies around the world (and I’m not American but I would assume probably varies depending on state as well). As a general rule in developed countries it tends to be more common the gay population, but in really poor countries it tends to be a huge issue among heterosexual women (combination of how common rape is, cultural practices surrounding virginity and sex, FGM, lack of education, lack of treatment causing vertical transmission etc)

    18. Miss Masoodah

      It's so wrong to lie about your status even if it's in the heat of the moment.. Pretty disgusting.. Even it's undetectable.. Being dishonest is just horrible

    19. Josefine Andersen

      my dad died of AIDS, that was in 97. I was 1 year. he actually got told he had AIDS same day as I was born.

    20. Yara Mehdi

      Damn i'm on a Jubilee marathon in this quarantine

    21. Animeaniseed

      Im confused, so were they or were they not told about safe sex? Cause i thought safe sex between both female and males, regardless of sexuality, were the same. Like, were they told about a condom or a dental damn or not?

    22. imma fvckin rare breed

      I know he's gay but I cant take my eyes off of Raif damn

    23. Owen Modracek

      funny how basically most of them are gay

    24. Jonny BERTOCCHI

      its typical for the gay guys to be in denial about not being taught.

    25. Rawie Plays

      We should gather up everyone with HIV and send them to the moon. Boom HIV and AIDS cured.

      1. Speaking Truth

        Tbf if everyone is given access to healthcare and we stop the spread then there’s no new infections and HIV dies out within 80 years once everyone who has it dies.

    26. Redgamer 44

      I got an Condom ad before video 😂😂

    27. Banzar

      why are so many of them gay? asking for a friend

    28. Janine Pillay

      Those who are positive and who don't practice save sex and don't tell your need a serious wake up call.

    29. Jiminiepabo

      Comparing hiv to other disorders like fibromyalgia is not really accurate unless the person was born with hiv. Other than that it sort of is their fault a little bit 🙃

    30. BCD Movement

      Wow never considered hiv and children

      1. Speaking Truth

        In countries where there isn’t access to treatment is actually really common

    31. arianna feliciano

      Jesus loves you !!

    32. MrSpliffstarz

      The fact that people don't feel the need to tell people is what will get ya'll murdered. I'm not justifying violence, but it's not your choice to make for me. I should have the choice to put my life at risk. Not you! That's attempted murder imo.

    33. Love Good Hip Hop

      "It's undetectable, why do I even have to say it?" Because it's wrong, and you have a chance at changing somebodies life forever. Not telling somebody is insanely selfish and they should get sued/thrown in prison for not telling people.

    34. OppBlok

      Everyone who supports the "They shouldnt have to tell them its undetectable" idea has aids

    35. Phoebe Carios

      The girl disagreeing that she was ashamed of having HIV yet says that she doesn't have to inform her partner about her status was really interesting tho.

    36. TimesAreHard

      In Canada, its a crime to not disclose your HIV status before engaging in a sexual activity. Yes, it requires a "realistic possibility of transmission" but the HIV virus mutates with every replication. Just because your viral load is low now, it may not be in a month from now regardless of what you may be doing to treat it. Unless you get tested every day how likely is it that someone always knows their viral load status at the time of sexual activity? Just disclose and let what happens, happen, rather than potentially ruining someone else's life.

    37. Phoebe

      To not tell someone is disgusting and should not EVER be encouraged. If it’s dangerous don’t be sexually involved with someone.

    38. Phoebe

      Always have protected sex with people unless you are in a secure enough situation that your partner is fully honest with you about their past, present and future.

    39. Phoebe

      You don’t learn enough about STI and HIV from a scientific standpoint of what to do after you get it. You only learn about how to avoid it, which is important obviously, but not enough focus is put in educating the general public about life after a diagnosis or how to cope and support friends and family with a diagnosis.

    40. jb fromdahkb

      i’m very uneducated in this topic but is it more common homosexuals

    41. FRISHR

      What’s the first sign of AIDS? A pounding sensation in the ass.

    42. P L

      The final is amazing the diagnostic doesn’t define who we are 😳 because in the end of the day, the Majority of the people who does have some sort of imune deficiency is already a winner, also in the end of the day even the people that doesn’t have, get to go to the same place in the end...

    43. Nick Perez

      That dude in leotard is rude he cut off the lady from saying her piece...

    44. Marija Babic

      I'm a medical student from Croatia and in our pathology class our professor told us how she got a tissue sample from someones mouth and she was really confused because the changes in that tissue were quite unusual. She worked with the tissue for a couple of days, even inviting other doctors, when she realised it could be a tissue from an HIV positive person. If a person has AIDS he/she tends to get opportunistic infections and 'strange' tissue changes. And law in my country's health sistem is that if a person has HIV, to prevent stigmatisation of the person, a doctor when he sends tissue, blod, urine, etc. for analysis can't say that it is a HIV positive person. Now imagine, my proffesor got a tissue sample, worked with it for days and could get infectet just to prevent someones stigmatisation, not to say she could have diagnosed him/her in 5 minutes if she knew. So... I'm against stigmatisation and excluding people from society, but if you can harm others, it is selfish and wrong. As it is not teling your sex partner

    45. Noor A.

      I totally support “not being diagnosis” but I do just want to correct something. HIV is NOT an autoimmune disorder. AIDS is an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. HIV is a VIRUS that infects your cells and kills your immune cells- leaving you with fewer immune cells - meaning you have AIDS. Autoimmune disorder is your body attacking healthy cells for no reason. In the case of HIV/AIDS. Your body attacks infected immune cells/the virus ends up killing the infected immune cells it infects. It’s totally NOT AN AUTOIMMUNE DISORDER. It’s more similar to the flu or to leukemia. That being said your diagnosis is not you. You don’t need it to be an autoimmune disorder in order to validate not being your diagnosis.

    46. nicole nappi

      They are all lying! They lost certain ave lied about their status in some way.

    47. It’s geo Bitch

      Is that lbtwink

    48. shizukagozen777

      They are the reason why I don't trust people. I only trust STD tests.

    49. Le K

      If you're a straight male having hetero s e x (and no a nal ) it's very unlikely to get hiv.

      1. Speaking Truth

        Depends on your specific location- in some cities the risk is actually quite high (and outside of the USA in some countries it’s ridiculously high)

    50. TripleOGdripGod

      Dont worry gays cant have children

    51. Letícia Mourão

      People judging they for keeping their status a secret don't understand the kind of prejudice that they face. If they are being responsible, taking their meds, not putting other at arm, it shouldn't be anyone else problem. I have a best friend who is positive and in our country is more dangerous for him to tell someone than for that other person catch. So I will keep telling him to only tell people who he trust.

      1. MrSpliffstarz

        Then guess what. Go date other HIV victims. It's not their right to make that decision to put someone else life at risk. It's the person who doesn't have it. You can't make that choice for me. It's like rape!

    52. Oscar Santiago

      Raif and Raphael are hot!!!!

    53. Andy Morris

      Whats HIV im a kid what kind of infection

    54. Lil Chicken

      Yes, HIV is a death sentence if you are poor in a poor country...

    55. Xavier Gamble

      Do an episode on Spectrum about Persistent general arousal disorder acronym in please get short version four P.G.A.D please look out for women find them and recruit them on the show spectrum then again hopefully they’re looking out and they’re contacting you guys because these women live very isolated but not completely secluded life these women are literally nonstop horny they can’t control it it happens to any woman at any random time

    56. Xavier Gamble

      God rest the memory of Eazy-E next time Michener show me image I’ll work with his son he’s actually in a awareness fighter he fights a bruise awareness for young people probably are older people as well how to prevent age he’s a sons rap name is little Eazy-E and big Eazy-E is real name is Erick right

    57. James H

      Going against the grain- but the idea that you have to tell your partner even if its not transmittable may seem fine but we have to realise that if we are to be consistent this is a kind of standard we may not hold in other areas. The principle here is: you have an obligation to tell your partner even if there is no harm involved because it is up to your partner to decide about the harm (even if they are incorrect). What if there was a person who would only have sex with a particular star sign? They may feel very strongly and be serious about this. Of course we know that the harm here is only in the person's head and a star sign is nothing at all to do with who the person is. Do we give up what otherwise may be a wonderful experience or even deep relationship- simply because one partner is labouring under beliefs that are not in coherence with reality?

      1. James H

        @Speaking Truth You could equally say that my conviction that star signs pose no extra risk is susceptible to human error

      2. Speaking Truth

        The issue is it COULD be transmittable. Human error occurs, and that is a risk your partner should get to decide for themselves. A startsign poses no extra risk

    58. MrDoggo

      Im 14 and its crazy to think that I didnt know about this, I am ignorant about the subject so while watching this video i learned so much. I thought HIV potitive people were like these people that are dying and look like they are cancer patients, now i know that there can be someone that has it right next to me.

    59. Lorenzo Espetxe

      Hiv is more prominent on homosexual people right?

    60. Jag vill dö

      "Normal intercourse" how far has society fallen

    61. Bernadette Strubing

      I think if you are that confident that the medicine you take has made you near cured you shouldnt have a problem telling your partner. But on a serious note being undetectable doesnt equal cured. Your medical documents will never say you are free from the disease or cured. That lady was being an asshole and she is just upset because of her status but she neeeds to take that up with her parents. Tell ppl your status regardless, why should it be a secret if you are not ashamed of it.

    62. TheDorianTube

      Heat of the moment?! really?

    63. Coffee conquers all

      When you're casually hooking up with a ton of dudes, you're going to catch something. You can still have fun by being more selective and protecting yourself!

    64. Merve Öztürk

      I swear to god the woman thinks its so quirky to have HIV

    65. Anike Akin

      welp they're dying slowly anyways

    66. Lisa


    67. Danielle Erhiganoma

      the title is like saying all cancer patients think the same

    68. Visolls

      Were they all LBTQ 😂😂

    69. MrJLM2001

      All the people demanding that even if undetectable you must tell your partner, no you don’t. You don’t know how they will act, those who are undetectable are effectively clean. It’s extremely dangerous for many HIV+ people to be open with their condition

      1. MrSpliffstarz

        It's your partners job to make that decision whether to have intercourse with you. It's not the carriers job to make that decision. Just because you put your life at risk having unprotected sex doesn't mean you have the right to do that to your clean partner. Logic like this is how people get killed or assaulted. You can't play around with people lives. If you want to have a connection with a person, but are ashamed of your HIV status i suggest go and date other HIV victims.

    70. Ana S

      “We can’t even pass it down if it’s not to be found in bloodtests” yeah, no.. that’s not how it works love

    71. Polluting Penguin

      So many ignorant and entitled people in this comment section - wow.

    72. alex ojideagu

      Anyone who has sex without telling their partner they are HIV should be prosecuted. In England and Wales there is a reckless transmission law.

    73. alex ojideagu

      I was taught about HIV when I was 10 years old in primary school in the UK

    74. BRANDY D

      I want this whole video. I am Ryan White Program Coordinator for the Health Department that helps with funding those that have no resources. While they HIV+ and informed, imo, a few of them should not be advocates without more info and telling their choices of their personal life to another. What works for you doesn't work for everyone. There are different strands and are ever evolving, and unfortunately a medicine you have been on could have been "decoded" by the strand over night thus becoming resistant. So many things to say, happy to hear their stories, very happy to see that do not feel defined, scared, ashamed of their status.

    75. hehe _


    76. Asdfghjkl Zxcvbnm

      Do all people with corona think the same?

    77. rzum81

      In Ca it’s legal to be HIV/AIDS positive and not tell your partner even if you do infect them. It’s not punishable by law.

    78. Sweetzs100

      Just like you need to disclose your transgender status to your partner, you need to disclose your HIV status as well

      1. alex ojideagu

        Anyone who has sex without telling their partner they are HIV should be prosecuted. In England and Wales there is a reckless transmission law.

    79. Code Name

      If you have an incurable communicable disease and you don’t disclose it by choice you should be charged with at minimum aggravated assault and at best attempted murder.

    80. luis Quinones

      When I turned 18 and went to grindr I decided to get some penis bc I wanted to actually experience it. I experienced it but then I decided that I wanna be a hoe but only a flirty one and not kissing and having sex with strangers so after my first encounter I didnt do anything for 3 months and then I went and got tested for STD, HIV... and other related test available and luckly I came back negative for all tests, and now its been penis and kissing free for over two years now or since my first encounter bc I'm afraid I'll catch something instead I'm waiting for the one who I wanna settle down with like after my post-secondary education.