Do All People With HIV Think The Same?


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    1. Jubilee

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      1. Little Loomer

        I’m Rylo Chile..

      2. Devin Lockhart

        I don’t care how low levels are. You are infected with the disease and you need to absolutely disclose this information before exposing someone to this. You have to be exposed to a lot of saliva to pass but at any rate you have the obligation to tell partners before exposing them to your bodily fluids that can pass this. Just because the carrier doesn’t think it is necessary, you have no right to take away anyone’s choice to continue to be around you and control their own exposure! It is about morality and character.

      3. Devin Lockhart

        Lexi Gibson you don’t know the law too well. Screw intent, if you pass this without disclosing it to a partner and you have been diagnosed (whether someone told you that you were undetectable or not) it IS A CRIME and one can an will be prosecuted bc the state picks it us. In all states!

      4. Black Knight Fool

        Remember the purpose of this channel is to push homosexuality on us.

      5. Lexi Gibson

        @RoxiePoxi For myself, I like to disclose before intercourse. But, there are many types of situations for why people may not, when they are undetectable. If one is practicing safe sex and not putting the other at risk, there is no wrong in that behavior. The rest is personal preference. Some people say you should tell first meet and some right before sex. Some before kissing. Etc. There are many opinions. The main focus is intent to pass, and safe sex. Which is why most states support this. It is completely logical. They live in cali and I live in Vegas. Both places do not criminalize, not telling. Plus, there has to be intent and ACTUAL PASSING of the virus for there to be a crime.

    2. 1 Popcorn

      That Zebra outfit is on fire!

    3. aly rodriguez

      10:01-10:10 if i could show this clip to every person in the world i would

    4. aly rodriguez

      im 17 and i was born wit HIV n i’ve been undetected ever since i believe 1 yrs old n my mom just told me a couple months ago this video made me feel so much better bout myself 🥺

    5. Miruna Sima

      I loved this video and the message it's trying to send, i think it's something that we need to start talking about! But i am very dissapointed with the comment section and the stigma i am finding, which turns out to be much bigger than i thought. My opinion about this is that, not only AIDS that's undetectable but also STD that the person has full knowledge that can't be passed anymore (given by a doctor), those people do have the moral responsibility to always keep doing their treatment correctly. But they should not be forced to disclose their condition if they are using a condom. If the partner/hookup do not want to use a condom, then you either tell them and they can make an informed decision or if they insist and you don't feel confortable to tell them, just don't have sex with them, anyone who can not respect your wishes like that does not deserve your body. People are being very pushy about "I want to know, cause i'd never have sex with someone with HIV" and that will make people in those conditions scared, scared of not being accepted and feeling like they won't be able to get a partener because of this unfair condition. And fear often clouds our vision and judgement, leading people to make bad decisions, no one is ever going to feel confortable disclosing their condition when they know that there's a huge chance they'll be unfairly judged. My tip for today's society that wants so badly to "look smart" and have an opinion for everything. A huge sign of intelligence is when you are able to say "i don't have enough information to create an informed opinion on that matter" we should all do our best to keep an open mind, changing our opinions based on new information we get and being able to give good arguments as for why that is our opinion, as well as fact checking any important information that reaches us. Don't be that person that says "this is my opinion and you won't change it" because that mindset will never lead our society forward.

    6. Vlad To the Bone

      Kameron has a pretty manicure

    7. Lyudmila

      Lol I think this is the only episode where the gay ppl were underrepresented 😏😂

    8. Allison Hunter

      Thank God for the people who run and utilize the testing booths at Pride. I'm so thankful to have seen this.

    9. E D

      I find it hard to believe that there was Not One Straight Man there or one female who wasn't born with it there to say something

    10. ZonDolo

      CAMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!Yesssss I’m so proud of

    11. Ryan Cleverly

      That chick in the white jacket needs a freaking reality check.

    12. Lazy Pup

      DO ALL COUPLES THINK THE SAME!!! I just thought of it

    13. Kyla Robinson

      is is just me or were they all really attractive

    14. Queen Chico


    15. Linnie L Velvet

      11:34 I just eng to give him a hug

    16. Pierre Guerrero

      Sad part is that Lexi (blonde) is really gorgeous.

    17. hobodaddy addie

      the guy in the thumbnail doesnt even look real i thought he was like a ps2 graphic at first glace lol

    18. Daddiii_Sam

      11:40 Oh no stop it, you're gonna make me cry

    19. Naomi

      Consent is more important than you getting off or because you’re too embarrassed to tell the person or don’t want to ruin the heat of the moment. You can’t gain full consent without being fully transparent.

    20. Iroc Life

      How could you not be ashamed? This is everything that is wrong with the world and the exact reason why we hear about newly infected numbers every year.

    21. Iroc Life

      Spreading HIV/AIDS should result in the death penalty. Point blank. These people are talking about why should they have to say anything because it undetectable. Are you kidding me? What the hell is wrong with the world. This disease would be gone in 1 generation if people would just be responsible. So fukn infuriating.

    22. Iroc Life

      So irresponsible to gamble with an unborn child’s health

    23. Satavisha Nath

      That young dude in zebra print look like straight out punk rocker.

    24. ELCNUmorFnaMehT

      "Do all flat earth believers think the same?"

    25. Tokito

      Do all disabled students think the same

    26. Courtni Breann

      This video really showed me that I have so much to learn I didn’t know it could be undetected

    27. Fui Fui

      i dont understand when the guy in the grey t shirt got emotional, was he saying he got HIV the first time he had sex even though the person told him they were + and he did it anyway because he was desperate for intimacy?

    28. angehIs

      I got like 3 shots in school, preventing HIV+.

    29. Moises Rodriguez

      Sis really said normal sex 😭💀

    30. Sarah K

      Can someone please make Korean subtitles for this video?! This really needs to be shared in Korea bc of the lack of education and awareness! I would love to use this for educational purposes (as a teacher in Korea). ♡ please like for subtitles!

    31. Jaliya deandrade

      itching and burning itching and burning

    32. Sarah Núñez

      I understand what the guy with the animal print said about the school system and same-sex relationships but boi, I mean, the whole AIDS epidemic in the 80s was literally called Gay-related immune deficiency and labelled the "gay plague". That's like, common knowledge. NOTE: What I mean here is that I think it should at least be common knowledge in the LGBTQ+ community that AIDS and HIV are or at least were a huge issue.

    33. 8idenFpS Gameplay

      I think they took this series to far

    34. Good old-fashioned Killer Queen

      I hate how ignorant some people are about HIV/AIDS. Some people actually think you can contract it from sneezes and coughs... If that isn’t bad enough, it also makes me so sad how some people treat HIV+ people. They’re not monsters just because of an illness. My idol had AIDS and am I repulsed? Not at all. I wish people would just calm down and learn how to accept others. 🖤

    35. Brimmy Burner

      This video is so important

    36. Georgia Atlanta

      I wanna hug all of them

    37. Anna Pyatkova

      13:03 “You are not your diagnosis, it’s not who you are” 🙏🏼

    38. Anna Pyatkova

      -12:00- the way they all ran to strongly disagree made me tear up.... I hope each of them lives a happy, fulfilled life ❤️ Thanks Jubilee for such great content!

    39. Chocolatepie

      Do all Jews think the same and do all native Americans think the same

    40. Ariëlle Dawn

      Thank you so much for posting this, and thank you to everyone in this video for sharing a very personal, vulnerable part of themselves. My parents are HIV positive and I was born without it. I have never been able to understand the taboo around it, especially in the Netherlands where I grew up. I used to get bullied because of my parent's status and it's still something I don't ever talk about. Thank you for opening up the discussion, we've been keeping this topic a taboo for far too long.

    41. Kayla Stevens

      "do all people with eating disorders think the same?" 😃

    42. Cintia Martinez

      Omg its lbtwink 💟💟

    43. Ianfirespider

      Thank California for paving the way to less punishment for intentionally infecting someone with HIV.

    44. Latina K

      It must be so scary to find out you have HIV, it can truly happen to anyone.

    45. HattoPapaSeedsu

      Zebra pattern guy looks like a STAND User.

    46. Z

      do all people with cancer think the same?

    47. Serran Lewis

      Can you guys do all fosters think the same? Slot of us have different intersectionalities because of our circumstances

    48. Ahmad Echols

      This is to biased. I dont have anything against anybody but I feel like there should b more diversity in terms of sexual orientation. There should have been more heterosexual representation. Gay men aren't the only ones with HIV.

    49. William Esping

      I’m not just sure I like this video, I’m HIV positive!

    50. raven mceachin

      I cried the guy with the tattoos on his arm with the gray shirt reminds me of my closest cousin more like my brother he killed him self a couple months after he was diagnosed got it from his first & only boyfriend it just breaks my heart

    51. -kookieswithtae-

      Do all FIselsrs think the same? Do all Subscribers think the same? Do all kpop idols think the same (😂)

    52. Neyleesia Chuong

      this video is soooooooo positive! pun not intended

    53. Desmond Oko

      Jubilee, I love your channel so much. Thx for spreading awareness and showing us how people from different minorities and cultures view different subjects 😁😁👍

    54. Challenger4Gaming

      Do all agoraphobics think the same? Now hear me out, they'd have to be together via webcams and it'd be a lot of work for the editing people, but I'd seriously give my left tit to see people like me talking together. Like without outside sources telling us how it can be fixed or giving us their Google University doctorate spiel. 🖤

    55. Abby Lynn

      next should be do all youngest siblings think the same

    56. Olivia Richter

      do all people with terminal illnesses think the same?

    57. Claire Edwards

      Can you do do all Jews think the same

    58. B Y

      Stop making your health and LIFE the responsibility of someone else. It would be great if people disclosed but some people are truly afraid and ashamed and people also lie. Even if your partner knows and doesn't disclose to you, it's still your fault for not taking responsibility for your own health. It shouldn't be a felony because your health is your responsibility. Stop putting the onus on other people. It's on YOU. Period.

    59. Irrelevant Aldc

      "Do all abortion survivors think the same?"

    60. Zubin Luthra

      Do all Introverts think the same.