Do All Beyonce Fans Think the Same?



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    1. Jubilee

      We call her Queen Bey for a reason. Most of us know Beyonce as an phenomenal performer and her highly engaged fandom, the Beyhive. These are passionate individuals who truly love Beyonce and will protect at all cost when it comes to their queen. Some say they are sweet, but some say they sting. In today’s episode, we explore the spectrum of the Beyhive. Do you think celebrities should be responsible for their fandom? Let us know in the comments below!

      1. King Neptune

        Yall should do a who is not a barb and have me on

      2. Lady of The Living Skies

        Yes they should be responsible. If they are doing shady things and are okay with it then To me that’s sending a wrong message and a lot of their fans are our kids so yes they should be held responsible You should see JBs fan base it’s horrible! If he spoke out more I’m sure the kids would actually listen! But I don’t see any effort being done .

      3. Miki N

        Jubilee “Do All Refugees Think the Same?” Please include Tibetan Refugees!!

      4. Zainab Ibrahim

        You should do do all feminists think the same

      5. Zainab Ibrahim

        No what she says does and believes is in no way an excuse for people to act immorally and viciously towards others an anything. She may be Queen Bee but she is also human so in the same way you wouldn't do anything and everything a stranger would say and do. You shouldn't really do it to for her cause in all respects she is a stranger we view through the perception of her work and the media

    2. jayteeREX

      This was cool, and do Lady Gaga one and I’m down to doing it

    3. David Mesut

      Everyone complaining about us seeing her as a god, but she is litteraly the hardest working artist alive. She deserves all the respect she gets, a true legend and icon.🐝

    4. Fabian Shepherd

      Beyonce's a feminist.. she has a song called can you pay my bills.... what ?!?!

    5. mo ray

      Please do a Michael Jackson one

    6. Mello Smith

      Friendly Lurker here. I love the series!

    7. Shanny boo


    8. Jackie Torres

      Beyonce music honestly does help me feel better about myself I loved this episode. Pretty hurts holds a special place in my heart because I would listen to it when I was batteling anorexia and it was just the song that was helping me through my recovery. I thank her music and herself for that.

    9. chas s

      Bruh I am a fan of Beyonce's art form and work. Beyond that I don't know that woman and her life. That goes for all celebrities.

    10. Dawson Horne

      do a gaga one

    11. Baby Blunt

      Do one with kids

    12. Ty Solomano

      Lowest point in this channel when they dropped this but have picked things back up. Don’t do this again. Real issues only.

      1. aweful

        It’s okay to switch it up and have fun

    13. Gabriel Lopez

      Beyonce fans are no different than Trump fans.

    14. Taehyun lollipop

      Do all BTS fans think the same

    15. Dalia Pabon

      Please do these! - Do all Beyonce Haters think the same? Do all seniors think the same? Do all Lizzo Fans think the same? Do all policemen think the same?

    16. Britt Waller

      I like beyonce. I loved destiny's child....then lemonade came out and this new era of beyonce and the celebration of black women specifically made me really like her, but yo these people are deep. Too much! I dont think I love any one like they love her

    17. lydia sarrou

      I believe that you don't have to know everything about a celebrity or every song or movie they've done to be a true fan. For example I am a huge fan of Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera. I may not know many things about them, but I still love them so much, even if I don't know all their songs, I still am a fan of them, because I love them as singers, as people, as performers. I think both of them have amazing music and songs and their voices are amazing, so just because I don't know all of their songs, doesn't mean I'm not a true fan of them. With Rihanna, who's my favorite singer and my favorite person in the world and I would literally die for her, I know most of her things, I know all of her songs, I think, I follow her everywhere and always watch what she's doing, I know a lot of personal information about her, like birthday, where she's from, her family, etc. But that doesn't mean I know everything about her. Since 2011, I've been one of the biggest fans of Rihanna, and some other people will say that as well I'm sure, and being a big fan of someone, doesn't necessarily mean you know everything about them and that you have seen everything. Sometimes you miss a couple of things, but you still love them. I love her more than anything else in the world, so if I have missed a few things, does that make me less of a fan? Also, I hope there's a video like that for Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, I would love to see what fans of these 3 think of.

    18. tayleralexis

      parris has this arrogant, know it all thing about her..

    19. Leo Scott

      Do a Nicki Minaj video!

    20. Kennedy Evans

      Do all thespians think the same?

    21. ohhetrill duh

      We need one for the barbs Frfr

    22. Luka V

      Can you do the same with eminem fans

    23. McArthur Seek and Speak Truth

      Beyoncé is a man and you've been fooled!!!

    24. Tyler Jackson

      Beyoncé is God herself, she is perfect in my eyes!

    25. Lia Facey

      Imma say this once Beyoncé is an idol

    26. ol yuppi

      It should b titled “do all mentaly ill people think the same

    27. felipe tozi

      u need to do one of Ariana Grande fandom pleaase!! she has such a strong fandom !!

    28. Jay P


    29. Kayloni Thaiesha

      i dont know if this has been done or not, but id love to see an episode of mixed race people. has someone who is mixed race i love hear other perspectives since I do not know too many in my personal life

    30. MoneyBuss 38

      Can y’all do a NBA youngboy one😂😂😂

      1. MoneyBuss 38

        Or Nicki Minaj

    31. omgitscarl

      Do all pimps think the same?

    32. Carolina Gonçalves

      Do all the arianators (ariana grande fans) think the same?

    33. Aminta Skye

      I love Bey. She is perfect.

    34. Chad MDZ

      Eh, she alright but, I don't do celebrity worship

    35. Nicole Moreno

      I don’t care what the comments say, I love this so much and any fan of an artist knows the love and it feels so refreshing to see a community talking about it

    36. Nicole Moreno


    37. Snakestelle

      0:48 I’ve seen him on this, something else and Gabbie Hanna’s vlog wtf who is this man

    38. d . c

      "Do all Marching band kids think the same?"

    39. Lele_Baked Potato

      Is that Spencer from Who’s a Beyoncé Hater?

    40. Lunna Rodriguez

      Just random ideas: Do all people who have trust issues think the same? Do all street performers think the same? Do all janitors think the same? Do all cashiers think the same? Do all stoners think the same? Do all college dropouts/graduates think the same? Do all slaughterhouse workers think the same? Do all ex/drug addicts think the same? Do all homeless people think the same? Do all comedians think the same? Do all kindergartners think the same?