Do All Strippers Think The Same?


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    1. Ana Bella

      That white guts is so nice

    2. Ana Bella

      Damn they’re people to they’re not only strippers

    3. Ana Bella

      That black men is fine asf

    4. Jasmine Sabedra

      11:36 Annemarie is ready to fight

    5. Kai

      Okay anniemaries boobs are scary

    6. Emma Cain

      I think they should have had people there that are forced into the industry, or were sex trafficked. I feel like it was under represented. There are A lot of people in the industry about Stripping and sex working that We’re not given the choice.

    7. Celestia Studios

      love to see someone else with my name as well :)

    8. Meh

      Celeste hates the position she is lmao, please go find another job

    9. Marcus Jones

      Thx for bringing those Tits Ashley. You’re very articulate and smart but I stared at them hooters the entire time.

    10. BM31 HB

      I am a man and I don’t see stripping as cheating. I met her like that. And she’s paying our bills. I love them nikkas cause guess what? I get to PPound that while the fantasize about my girl.

    11. BM31 HB

      Still want to be a stripper.

    12. amataratsu006

      Who would pay to see those ugly crocodiles

    13. makox9

      Annemarie looks like a junkie and looks like she been tossed around and just said fuck it this is what I do from now on

    14. Sophie The Singer

      Wait who even thought of Annemarie? To bring her on here? She doesn't really understand the show

    15. Sofia Guedes

      okay but can we talk about scarlett?? giiirl im in love

    16. Ana Grey

      Damn!!! I’m only a couple minutes into the video and just, DAMN!!! The intelligent, drop dead gorgeous and strong black women floored me! She completely demolished that dude in the white t shirt, when she so calmly and confidently countered his response regarding sex work and Angelina Jolie. I’m so impressed and she truly made my day. She’s the entire package!!! Brains, beauty and strength . Keep it up goddess ❤️😍

    17. Brandon Coleman

      Annemarie doesn't mind when her kids find the lightsaber under her bed

    18. Keeping Up With Kennedy

      I can’t stand the way the girl in the tan dress acted about higher chance of being sexually harassed/assaulted. He didn’t say you’re asking for it. He was saying that you’re in a more vulnerable state and that is a FACT. It’s not right but it’s the truth.

    19. Genesis Velasco

      Annemarie thumbs down button needed

    20. HanJae Yoon


    21. Clue 432

      Why does the black girl no racism hear but she looooooks like niki manash

      1. Maroeska Van de Kamp

        Clue 432 how’s that racist lmao

    22. Zero

      Alright fellas let's take a vote Celeste or Ashley? Celeste for me. She's not only beautiful, but she seems like an awesome person to talk to, supportive, supportive, and goal written.

    23. Andres Orozco

      I really REALLY dont get the hate for annemarie? I think shes just speaking her mind?

      1. Andres Orozco

        In fact i didnt even disagree with her?

    24. MrBeatboxmasta

      The woman in tan is the type to say: Group X is not oppressed because I have never personally seen them being oppressed. Just because you don't experience it, it doesn't mean you can't acknowledge facts.

    25. runmemylikesdamn n

      14:35 prettyyyy😩😻

    26. runmemylikesdamn n

      Annemarie looks 97

    27. runmemylikesdamn n

      12:21 no one is saying this but sis is lowkey pretty 😻

    28. runmemylikesdamn n

      11:34 why is sis standing like that???😩😭😭😂😂😂😂😩😭😭😭

    29. runmemylikesdamn n

      9:44 LMAO Celeste's face 😭😩😂😂😂💔

    30. runmemylikesdamn n

      Annemarie is dressed like a church girl going to church buts still wants to be slutty at the same time

    31. calm state of mind

      I still don't respect their line of work...

    32. Jasmine

      I'm a stripper, doing your hair, makeup, and having nice outfits does not make you less of a sex worker. We take off our clothes, we feel and touch ourselves in a sensual's a highly sexual environment. It's sex work. You need a license and need to be 18+ to dance. Most places you need to be 21 to dance

    33. simply soothing

      Annemarie has the WORST style 😐

    34. subah radyah

      ashleys boobs pissed me off lol

    35. Lee the boss

      If u r a participant n this vid got a ? Who is capicorn I notice most ppl who dance regular dance or stripping type of dance

    36. ValTheCatPerson

      *Its not harassment if you like it dude*

    37. Lady Airam

      Can we talk about how much side boob that girl had?

    38. Conner Luice

      Wait excuse me where did you find that dress with a pocket?

    39. Tbh

      so far in the jubilee hall of fame: Erin, Derrick, and Annemarie

      1. do you canoe

        @Alm Tre yea no problem

      2. Alm Tre

        @do you canoe thank

      3. do you canoe

        @Alm Tre "feminism vs men's rights" and "im an incel, ask me anything"

      4. Alm Tre

        Where’s Derrick from?

    40. Jermaine Allen

      Idc annemarie is a drug user and is delusional. She wanna strip till she die and pass it on to the next generation 😭