Do All Gay Men Think the Same?



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    1. Jubilee

      Hi Goodhumans! We want to pose a question to you! Do you think people are born as their sexuality? Let us know down below what you think & what prompt surprised you the most. Just a friendly reminder to be respectful & enjoy the video!

      1. Pro-Life Society

        Twali Diamond no gay gene

      2. pamela cornejo

        I believe it evolves into something more tangible as we grow, as a child not all kids are born equally with the capacity to understand their own sexuality because it's still developing

      3. lizette alvarez

        Yes, definitely.

      4. Miki N

        Jubilee “Do All Refugees Think the Same?” Please include Tibetan Refugees!!

      5. Kenzie Hyland

        Yes. They’ve done medical studies on the brains of straight people, gay people, and trans people. Trans people’s brain scans are more similar if not the same to the gender they identify with. A trans mans brain resembled a cis mans brain and a trans woman’s brain resembled a cis woman’s brain almost entirely. And gay people’s brains had more similarities to the opposite gender brain than a straight persons, but not to the extreme. Certain areas of the brain more closely resembled that of a woman in gay men, but not the entire brain makeup itself. If that all made sense lol it’s like 3 am and I’m sleep deprived 😂

    2. Liam Shimizu

      This was so problematic in so many ways. I would like to see this done with a group of men who actually represent the community, because this isn't it.

    3. Chubby Blobfish

      Okay, JJ pissed me off with the first few things he said. "Theres straight guys that I like and if they didnt say "oh no homo" and tried some things that they might like some certian things" Excuse me? People get pissed off when others say "How do you know if your gay if you haven't tried being straight?" Same thing, people just know. AND THEN says with the next question "Being Gay is not a choice".

    4. 무군

      I like Ellis' jacket.

    5. Kevin Martinez

      The black guys answer to “is pride necessary” really upset me. It’s sD to think some people have his mindset

    6. Emaline L.

      JJ radiates so much demi energy and I LOVE IT

    7. La Chancla

      I’m very supportive of the gay community but nah I’m not a little gay lmaoo

    8. Katie Garrett

      I read through a lot of these comments, and just thought I would talk about my experience real quick. I am a teen, in Jr. Highschool. I have been growing up in an elementary school with all races, all religions, all sexualities, and all genders. When I was young my mom taught me to not see color, she would say things like, "Go sit by that kid over there." Or "Hey, why dont you go play with that kid?" My mom never brought attention to the color of skin or gender. I remember there was this time at a store, and the guy behind us said something about a black person or something. And I asked my mom what the guy behind us was talking about, she then had to try and explain to me skin color and well that was a strange conversation for me. In elementary school, I remember there being so many different types of people. Now, in middle school, I see the same thing. At my school the LGBTQ community is very prominent, and the school is very accepting. The first day I went there my Pre AP literature teacher (who's in his sixties said something along the lines of, "Okay, boys, gals, and its..." and I remember being startled by that because well no teacher had ever acknowledged my gender spectrum and such. I went on with the rest of day, and really everyone was like that. The students are so accepting. So like shout-out to Chaffin Junior High. I'm also very lucky to have a very accepting mother and family. So uh if you read all of this then thanks, you didnt have to. I just thought it may show progression of the younger generation.

    9. 45-70 Henry

      Imagine being gay 🤢

    10. Jawaria

      Torrey was soo handsom 🤟💞💞💞 looks liked Asian 😘

    11. Carlos Perez

      Ellis was awesome. JJ sucked

    12. Melissa Wambugu

      Do all lesbians/ trans/ queer think the same

    13. ssilva872

      Bill was very well spoken.

    14. troy Parker

      Imma just call out JJ and say he was featured a call your crush video with jubilee in which he attempted to court a female. Soo.. when did he come out? Lol. I honestly knew it. Good for you bro😁

    15. Matthew Murdoch

      ...these shows are just awesome...

    16. Jun

      pride is important as long there is a person out there afraid to come out.

    17. Jim Fitzpatrick

      5:15 stop blaming the object

    18. LIV CoolPanda

      Ellis and Bill made some really cool points

    19. LIV CoolPanda

      I just felt like the black guy wasn’t really culturally aware? Like presently in the community? If that makes sense. He used a lot of stereotypes and seemed pretty ignorant of what LGBTQ+ people still face and their place in the world currently

    20. Ben C

      I have never seen them caption a definition on one of these and it made me remember straight people don’t all know what Grindr is and the ones who do always so oh like tinder for gay people and I always have to explain no no not at all haha

    21. Newton Sparetire

      The only gay thing about me is the fact that I have a boyfriend. Everything else is my personality. Used to be straight but the relationships I got into were always toxic and I always met the worst females on earth so I switched. No gender bias, no games, just a healthy relationship and it's so freaking great. I would say I wasn't born gay as being with a guy never crossed my mind until last year.

    22. Mark Alexander

      They've done experiments using people's pupils (this is the only way participants CANNOT cheat; your pupils dilate when you see someone you are attracted to even if you don't consciously realize that attraction) and out of tens of thousands of participants they found that NOBODY was more than 85% gay or 85% straight.

    23. Nuclear Effect

      Bill: walks to the other side like he's the burglar in sims 3

    24. isim siz


      1. isim siz

        @Alissia Dici haha omg yes doe

      2. Alissia Dici

        isim siz looks like JJ on heroin tbh

    25. Zaid Siddiqui

      I have a question why are they gay?,and are they okay?

      1. Scuminiac

        Why are you straight? Are you okay?

    26. Daja Andrews

      I really love the incite of the older man

    27. LordRandal1990

      Grindr is unhealthy: *runs towards the right and smashes self against the wall

    28. Chris Ocasio

      I, personally, think pride month is necessary. It’s like the guy said. When he first went, it felt empowering. When I first went, I felt the same exact feeling. It was as if a whole ton has been lifted off of my chest and I could finally be ME.

    29. Chris Pierce


    30. Patton

      As a gay man awnser is no.

    31. Ms Garamycin

      هذولة كلهم مرضى نفسيين لكن السياسة جعلتهم طبيعيين

    32. Samuel115s

      0:31 this would be like straight people telling me all gay people are a little bit straight.

    33. b

      I wish Pride hadn't become a corporate sponsorship needs to be non-commercial. Being advertised to is not the same as equality.

    34. Rukin_III

      I think it’d be REALLY interesting if you had one person of each sexuality in the lgbt community. Like one lesbian one gay one bisexual so on so on.

    35. deoxuh

      the people are born gay statement was very..interesting? your sexuality is a part of your conscience. you gain sexuality and an understanding of that throughout your life. being gay isn’t a choice though.

    36. Nicholas Johnson

      I was kind of hoping they would ask “should trans be included in the LGB(T) community?” unfortunately not all members of the community think that should be :(

    37. Philip Dowell

      the one who went on & on about masculinity (in the all black) is legit the definition of toxic masculinity within our community lol.

    38. Raska The Slaanesh

      Like if Pride parades and so were more tame, like its okay to walk down the streets, but it attracts a lot of inappropriate behaviour, like half naked men in harness and underwear with bulges. Like It looks good for me ofc, but i dont feel this should be in public. You should go in casual wear to those parades. I think those people are the reason why we are still viewed negatively by some.

    39. Brandon Powers

      Hookup culture didn’t start with Grindr

    40. Owen Chua

      Interesting perspective. Especially coming from a Straight Christian Man like me. I do fully empathize with them on life experiences but there are indeed more issues that are needed to be addressed.