Do All Teachers Think The Same?



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    1. Edgar Adrian Torres

      Everyone likes our history teacher, but she obviously hates everyone. Specially the class clowns, the ones who like her the most

    2. Angie Slivinskiy

      *dood brings gun. Teacher in pink: oHhH nOo iTs OkaY ThO bC wE HAve RocKS

    3. Gina Cuba

      Kids who are ‘good students’ get so upset when people joke about them because when you’re a ‘good student’ that can easily become your entire identity. All you are is a ‘good student’ in your own mind, so when people poke fun at ‘good students’ it feels like that person is making fun of your entire identity. It’s so unhealthy!!! This comment section is extremely concerning.

    4. MJM

      The blond woman seems like the type of teacher my mom would scream at in parent-teacher interviews

    5. Islenator

      Black counselor knows what's up

    6. Marcus LaFrance

      these responses are incredible just wow

    7. Wini Lau

      lmao i am sorry but maybe the "bad kids" get all the attention but at least we going somewhere in life xD ok jk, but honestly sick and tired of teachers or people saying that "bad kids" are more interesting or whatever.. like some people (me) are just respectful and dont interrupt class or break rules. Doesnt mean we are less out spoken or have a boring personailty. maybe if you take the time to get to know each student then you will know...

    8. Sulaiman Ben Nakhi

      omg this is my professor Brain Hu from SDSU!!

    9. James Kinetic

      That blonde teacher needs to go home. She is so mean to the kids that have respect for her but sadly she will never give that same respect back.

    10. colorfullights306

      We don’t take care of our teachers enough

    11. Lizzy McCoy

      I would love to see school teachers vs homeschool moms!

    12. 1HEART 7SEAS 1MOON

      This video is kinda shallow to me Do another one and with older teachers aswell and ask more questions, what I’m really trying to say regarding the question “are teachers well compensated” I feel like it’s yes and no for me because there’s teachers that go above and beyond for they’re students and some don’t but the main problem is that we’re not being teaches how to be adults because some parents don’t know how to teach that And not appose to learning your self somethings But what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think I have enough text field here to say what’s on mind and this video doesn’t justify a bigger problem in society here in the u.s

    13. 1HEART 7SEAS 1MOON

      Damn KYRA 😍😍😍😍🥰

    14. ivamarie

      Derrick seems like such a cool teacher and I love his tattoos and painted nails

    15. jimin _Nerd

      So you wanna talk to the students that don't do their work and they good cause they get "credit" but the people who actually do it don't get that same type of respect? Ok

    16. Girafee GEYSER

      OMG the Asian teacher is my teacher!!!! And yes he gave me a F

    17. Stan CLC

      Video about autism. If they think same.

    18. Echo Oblivion

      When you see your teacher on here and they put “strongly agree” for hating a student, and your mentioned, rip

    19. b

      to the teacher who said "I could be planning"....yeahhhh, ok....but you could also just be resting, spending time with loved ones, recreating. Almost all teachers spend tons of time outside of their paid hours...but how f'd up is that? You deserve to have a life *and* get compensated for all the time you put into work, *and* have healthy work-life balance. So many teachers are *so* dedicated they think that planning *is* life. No, it's not. it's one part of your life and teachers in many countries in Europe don't spend endless hours outside of school doing schoolwork and they're still great teachers and the kids still learn. We need to shift the culture of what we expect of teachers and that includes what teachers expect of themselves.

    20. Boogie_Chamo

      lmao at throwing rocks at active shooter

    21. Maciu Raikoso

      These videos are too good

    22. Kai Williams

      No questions on homework?

    23. Melanie Gonzalez

      tw//rape expelling as a fair punishment depends on the situation. where im from, there are elitist and expensive schools in which teen boys have RAPED girls from a different school. it's a very fitting punishment to be expelled. (side note, the boy wasn't expelled until later in the year for a different thing he did.)

    24. liL billY


    25. Slick Boy

      Top 10 rappers Eminem was afraid to diss 3:40 - 3:47

    26. AJ Playz

      i feel like teachers do get underpaid. who grows children up to be what they are. who taught bill gates? a teacher. who taught albert einstein? a teacher. so for what they do i feel they get underpaid.

    27. oj dox

      Can you do one about mental health workers.

    28. Muhsina Shardow

      lol the guy in the intro next to Ien just said mmhm and said whatever Ien said lol

    29. Claire pisecco

      i wish this was longer :(

    30. Miri Nya

      Omg, the blond one actually scared the s out of me with the first question. Now I’ll feel insecure about my teachers too :’(

    31. Xx woah.its.kasandra Xx

      4:44 that was a topic I had to do a presentation on it, sadly😞.

    32. Teaii

      I was waiting for the question, “ do you believe homework should be a thing?” Lmao🤡

    33. Samuel C

      Oh my primary school teachers were straight up about it. Parents to meet. Teacher: You are Samuel's mom? Mom: Yeah....why? Teacher: HE MAKES ME VOMIT BLOOD. Me: Prepares my asian ass for the spanking when I get home.

    34. Cleatus Mcdeletus


    35. Эркин Калыбеков

      All teachers hate some students and the same time like others

    36. Ela Tuana Akkurt

      That’s my english teacher

    37. Nemcheeks

      I swear all these teachers look nothing like the grumpy teachers in New York

    38. Dan DA little Man

      That teacher who said “it’s the behaviour that’s bad, not the kid” should be a philosopher of a politician 👏👍

    39. Shona Lucille

      In my opinion teachers should be revered and paid as much as doctors. Especially the good ones teaching is not an easy skill

    40. CenaaFN

      That blond teachers lowkey hot