Do All Asian Americans Think the Same?



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    Sabrina: sabrinaskau
    Nguyen: starrykitchen
    Jonathan: jelijahcho
    Coutney: cortneyleecolvig
    Tiffany: tiffanyeyoung
    Dan: thedchen

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    1. Jubilee

      Hey everyone, thanks so much for watching - hope you enjoyed it! We recognize that this episode does not represent all Asian Americans, and we do plan on doing multiple episodes in the future to represent more! :) If you would like to be in future videos, be sure to sign up for our casting newsletter:

      1. Your Beautiful

        I hate asians If I offend someone I don’t care They’re so ugly and they’re just taking over the western culture.

      2. Pharaoh Tut

        Good, would like to see one with both male and female participation at the same time

      3. Sam Saad

        Can you please rename this from Asian to East Asian?

      4. nidhi kini

        Waiting for those multiple episodes 😁

      5. Ahnaf Khan

        @Nicolas Leroux no different than white people in america always talking and fantasizing about their european ancestry, or celebrating St. Patrick's day in droves, so what exactly is your point? Seems like white people are just as desperate to celebrate their european heritage...

    2. Macht Nichts Sei Mann

      I know someone who continually refers to herself as "Chinese" when she is American, i.e. born/raised and doesn't speak a lick of Mandarin or dialect from her ancestral village in mainland China. Oh, and she refers to me in a vague colorized way as "White". ( Not European nor my specific ethnicities ) She mostly means it in good fun, but she does have a very strong view of the Chinese as superior to every other Asian ethnic group as well as pretty much the world. I also recall a fellow Korean-American student years ago in graduate school that lamented how tired she was of being thought of as "Asian" when she is "American", i.e. how it's a bit Euro-centric or possibly racist to just think of Americans as the white versions only. QUESTION: Do Asian-Americans in this thread contribute to the confusion by referring to themselves as "Asian" when they actually want to be respected and thought of as a part of OUR nation, as "Americans" as a designation not hyphenated? Conversely, when Whites/Blacks/Latinos refer to Asian-Americans only as "Asians" that can re-enforce a separateness, IMHO. At the same time, when friends get together and talk about being "Italian" or "Irish" or "Jewish" or "Brazilian" is that fine for simple conversation, but does that get old after a while? [ When are we going to get to the point where we collectively refer to ourselves as Americans? Tick tock... ]

    3. Cupcake O

      Dan is fine😍😍

    4. Gucci Gabby

      All these people saying Jonathan’s a cutie while I’m just over here like.......he would be such a cool friend to have. He is the type that you could laugh with but also have serious yet comfortable conversations with.

    5. Gucci Gabby

      I feel like jubilee should do ‘ do all minority’s think the same?’ (black,Asian, Hispanic, basically any person of color.). I personally feel that there are an equal amount of similarities and differences such as strict parents, food, languages, racism, stereotypes, etc. that would be so cool to see for me since I love to hear everyone’s opinions and just people debating back and forth.

    6. Hami

      Can we do an Indian subcontinent one and where can I sign up for that

    7. Mr. Caine

      Where are the South Asians?

    8. p00ters1

      i love jonathan dude lmaoooo he looks like a fun dude to hang out with

    9. KDrama Lover

      Where are the Indian Americans???

    10. lol lolz

      Everyone’s commenting about Jonathan but Dan is real cute

    11. hserfgroove

      need more lao and cambodian people.

    12. Nutri - Gains

      No one hates Asians immigrating in Europe, America,... Because they are respectfull and behave well in all ways possible. This compared to Africans, South Americans,....

    13. Kimberly Soh

      Aww Jonathan is so cute

    14. Nabela Khan

      Where’s the rest of Asia lol

    15. Kris tine

      I knew kpop would be mentioned!

    16. tfterini Wjedj.

      Jonathan: “well my head is like.....”

    17. Aryanna Burleson

      Asians dont have a say on whats in america because americans is so focused on what Mexican bring in, gang or drug Black people, homeless crime rate and police White people, white privilege and also history to this day effect black Mexican and white. The three main races in america that what outside of these races doesnt matter right now. But Republicans nor demacrate party never really talked about Asians, Indians, or Europeans to inside the country. Bet a police man will pull over a black or Mexican before pulling over Asians or a white person and that how divided american is with or without trump

    18. Doubo Doubo W

      Asian history has been so repressed by whites that I feel like our ancestors just gave into wanting to become white. Even now, asian parents want powers so much that they see white people as a form of power. So when they say, "my parents wanted me to marry either white or asians," is because of that very reason and only asian because they will be able to relate. In my family tree, I know of 5 woman married to a white man and 2 men married to a white woman, which is a family branch of 40.

      1. Stephen Jenkins

        How the fuck do you repress a history when Asian nations teach their own history? The US is a Western nation and thus teaches Western history.

    19. im00n

      why are all vietnamese ppl called Nguyen

      1. im00n

        Bảo Châu Võ Thiện yea

      2. Bảo Châu Võ Thiện

        Most of Vietnamese ppl have Nguyen as their last/family name. (Correct me if im wrong)

    20. im00n

      would be cool to play video games with jonathan he chill af

    21. Zero

      Is anyone else feeling that Chandler Bing vibe from the guy with the blue jacket?

    22. Vaibhav Khinvasara

      Jonathan lowkey looking like L from death note

    23. Suhani Joshi

      I think that they should have also included like South Asian countries as well bc like they’re still in Asia? There is a large Indian, Bangladeshi (sorry if I spelled that wrong), and Sri Lankan American population.

    24. jerry siphavong

      Dan gives John cho vibes.

    25. Aditya Rao

      So by Jubilee's definition, being Asian is having yellow skin, and Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Sri Lankans aren't Asian????

      1. Aditya Rao

        Hermione Granger oh ya I didn't see that lmao

      2. Hermione Granger

        They actually addressed the lack of representation in their top comment :)

    26. joy

      this is amazing.

    27. Squishy Dumpling


    28. GlassOfWater87

      0:52 she is so hot omg

    29. A M

      Dan is the epitome of "small dick energy"

    30. Muhammad Abdullah

      I feel Asian-American is too constricted as it is specifically about a pretty vast area but is always reduced to the stereotypical phenotypes (eastern asian) rather than the actual continent. ik this is taking pc to a whole new level, but it would be nice if words were more specific in what they describe.

    31. Leonardo Arellano

      Stereotypes are funny no matter where it's coming from. Even for me as someone whose part Asian, Hispanic, and Caucasian. Make it funny, but don't make it racist, I mean look at south park most people can get a good laughter. When it comes to moving back to my heritage country it doesn't matter for me because the fact I'm a mutt, I'm sure I'm more than what I know of what I am, but the Philippines....hmmm maybe when I retire, but I would need to learn the language, customs, proper etiquette, lay of the land, etc. I mean I'm going to to the Philippines for the FIRST time in a year one to visit my grandfather when he retires. (January 8, 2021, twenty four year old) I mean I'm pretty sure I'll blend in only because we either look too Asian, or Hispanic, but in the speaking department. I have zero exposure to my mother tongue being spoken 24/7, and I only got expose to it from my family when I first visit them in California, even some of my Filipino friends never spoken it near me. it like Spanish from what I can pick up in the basic sense, but more words and sounds to make.

    32. D J

      Why weren't there any Indian Americans?

    33. Serena Sashimi

      am i the only one who thinks dan is cute.

    34. Gianrico Sitchon

      All these Asians are the same. No pun intended. I get the vibe that they’re all from Cali. You get some east coast Asians. You’d actually get something different. If this was east coast/west coast Asians, I feel like our morals stand differently.

    35. IFFYx3

      Jonathan, was awesome in this experiment!

    36. isimi taiwo

      A stereotype I hate about Asians, they don't look good and they look the same, I'm like these people look nothing alike and they look great.

    37. Baghuul

      The white supremacy nonsense is so parroted, jeez.

    38. Abhay Singh

      No representation of Indian American!!

    39. xox comtery

      Good entertainment, but y'all should not take it seriously

    40. Oliver Chadley

      This is so relatable lol