Do All Disabled People Think The Same?



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    1. Jubilee

      Thank you to the Goodhumans who have suggested prompts and participated in our poll! The idea behind polling is for us to see how we are shaped by our assumptions on people and letting people's individual stories unveil why or why not those beliefs are accurate or not. To participate in our next polls, make sure to follow us at Thanks again for watching!

      1. Anna T.

        I feel like it would be interesting to do "Do All Cancer Survivors think the same?"

      2. Aron Guy

        "Do all anorexic people think the same."

      3. Praxedes Mubanga

        You guys are amazing.... kindly do one on type 1 n 2 diabetics

      4. Miki N

        Jubilee “Do All Refugees Think the Same?” Please include Tibetan Refugees!!

      5. Xaviera Marie

        Closed captions please, people have trouble hearing and The auto captions, we all know they aren't accurate.

    2. jaki

      When Cambria started crying, and explaining why she felt like a burden, I can tearfully relate to her.

    3. Beanie Baby

      Please do “do all catholic parents think the same?”


      It upsets me how they feel like a burden. 😢

    5. Sama Badawi

      When I watch other types of these videos, someone is always disliked but this comment section is so nice

    6. Luka Moravcevic

      Andrea is kinda cute

    7. MIDZYdeul

      " I might not live long" i'm crying ,I hope paul live a long life and falls in love too.

    8. itumeleng motsamai

      I have a crush on Andrea. Edited: and Marissa.

    9. Les Bennett

      EVERYONE: I’m disabled grace: I can’t sleep

    10. 우리가 다해먹어다해먹어 뭐뭐뭐

      Do "Do all deaf people think the same?"

    11. lexi evans

      Cambria's story really hit home for me. She actually made me cry a little bit. Growing up with a disability in a single parent household is so difficult. I was born with a heart disease that is causing my heart to fail. Growing up I never realized how my disease affected my mom but now that I'm older I see how its affected her. She has worked multiple jobs to pay off medical bills, she has sacrificed everything for me and my disease has affected every part of her life. It's hard to see that. Sometimes I think about how much better her life would be if she had never had me. For me, the guilt is almost worst thing about having a disability/being chronically ill. Thank you, Jubilee for producing content like this. It's nice to know I'm not alone and its refreshing to see people who have similar experiences.

    12. Gaming Garion

      No one gonna talk about how annoying that high pitched noise is after every question? (It’s in every middle ground video)

    13. DaffyWeirdLaughy

      as soon as i click on the video: SEX

    14. Samad Savage

      This one is definitely a tear jerker 😔

    15. Evelyn Sham

      Just a thought from looking at the title. Maybe it should be re-worded to "Do All *People With Disabilities* Think The Same?". Through my customer service training, I learned that the phrase "Person living with a disability" or "People with a disability" is preferred, as it is more respectful than using the phrase "Disabled person" as a descriptor. I don't know if individuals living with disabilities also agree with this, but it would be interesting to hear your thoughts.

    16. Toivo Vasara

      *do all teachers think the same*

    17. Raja

      I'm a blind girl and I feel so hard for all these people.

    18. Aubrey Laing

      Ooo! I suppose I'm one of the few who relate to having a disability! I have a bone disability where I am co-dependant on a wheelchair. My personal belief is that everyone feels like a burden some point in their life. It's until we learn our Abilities that we change our thoughts on the Disability. I've had to learn a lot about self-worth and I no longer feel that guilt feeling. However, please provide an easier accommodation for jobs and such!

    19. A Racoons Wagman

      1:35 vroooooom!! Srry I had to

    20. Meg Fluffy

      I think many physically disabled people can benefit from living in a highly accessible city like many of the cities in Europe and Asia, where high quality public transportation is available, affordable, and more accesible for people with physical disabilities. Dependence on a car is not necessary. Also in those cities there are many close-knit communities of people with disabilities (for instance, communities who speak sign language) and also in N. and W. European cities and N.E. Asian cities there is a higher amount of government assistance for people with disabilities. (I say this as a deaf person who does research on cities.)

    21. Meg Fluffy

      trump should be required to watch this.

    22. jake meyers

      Who the hell are the 688 people who disliked this video??????

    23. Dark Night

      Things you had heard of : Aim bot Sub bot Giveaway bot ( used in discord ) Etc. But have you heard of comment like bot, yea that's what happens in every Jubilee videos everyone have more then 1k likes on comments

    24. Space_girl Cam


    25. leviun007able

      I really wish there was representation of autism in this group

    26. Mark Alexander

      "Do all homeless people think the same"

    27. I'm shook

      do all anorexics think the same?

    28. Doom Kerbal

      As someone with a disability (anxiety disorder), I feel for all these people. It's insane what you go through, even if you're not physically disabled. I'm partially physically disabled, but, mine's mostly mental. But, yeah, it's absolutely insane. If you aren't disabled, and you see someone whom may be, even if you don't perceive them to be, don't be a dick to them. Dudes, be excellent to each other. Regardless.

    29. Snorre Palmstrom

      Do «insert group of people» think the same? No. Thats not how people work. So stop

    30. mEtAlMaNiAc787

      grace if you are reading this i think you're cute. dating me will not be difficult i can sleep 4-12 hour per day..

    31. Maisie’s world

      Cambria spoke her truth , she has some sense in her ☺️xx I love thattt

    32. Abby G

      unrelated, but i fuckin love grace’s jumpsuit

    33. Zero

      Andrea is really cute With that out of the way, that burden question really hit hard. Didn't cry, but I understand that stress of having that "if only I wasn't sick" on your mind is seriously heart breaking. Even as an fully able feel that way sometimes, but not on the level these people are facing.

    34. JoshOnVertigo

      Where was her cane in the Plus Size video she looked pretty able than

    35. Ruby Carter Brackenbury

      I'd love to see do all autistic people think the same. I think that'd be so interesting as someone on the spectrum. There are so many different words and such put forward by autism speaks that are actually offensive to the actually autistic community.

    36. C M

      Cambria's voice sounds like Doja Cat. 🥰

    37. Lizzy McCoy

      Sigh... I’ve been crying this whole video. So beautiful!💗

    38. Da Funky Zookeeper

      Disabled people always struggled in the shadow of society. And they still are. All I wanna say is that They dont really care about us!

    39. cenobyt3z

      The question about being a burden really hit me. :'(

    40. Cheddah Slammer

      Their are a lot of creepers out their. " I am going to check it off a bucket list getting with someone in a wheel chair" or " Bring your Cain". Like what.