Dragon Ball Z Kakarot vs. The Anime: A Side-by-Side Comparison


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    Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is finally here, and with it comes full re-creations of some of our favorite scenes from the Dragon Ball Z anime. So we threw them side-by-side so you can get a full grasp of how things have changed over the years.
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    1. Sonic_YT

      Kinda like future trunks better the comparison's are rlly close and same time

    2. K3M0

      is it just me or was trunk's nose abit longer than it should be in this game, kinda bugged me for a bit and goku's face was abit too cheerful when free roaming as super saiyan 🤣

    3. - Suueyy -

      Yall fuxkin couldnt manage to say OH THIS IS ALL THERE IS.... Like the rest of the anime is eaither half assed or non existent. No gohan ssj. Gohan and elder kai is a blue circle and screen shake... Like tf. I thought this was gunna be like a teaser but NO. THIS IS THE BEST AND ALL UR GUNNA GET

    4. Vipul K

      Look what they did to my boy Trunks

    5. Ethan with a Camera

      i honestly liked it better in dbfz when it showed how fast he cut frieda, i feel that it’s better than the original

    6. Shuaibi

      I feel like the part where trunks sliced up frieza could’ve been cooler . Like have the screen split into different section line the anime when he gets cut

    7. Tyler Nelson

      The anime is better in every single scene. Glad i didn't buy this game.

    8. The Fattman

      The fact they dont fall when trunks sheeths his sword makes me irrationally dissapointed

    9. israel neto

      A dublagem americana é um lixo

    10. ShardyTechTips

      I must admit - if the game was an anime remake using 3d technology, I would buy TV again if it was airing... And watch it after I came home from work.

    11. Alex MYL

      00:40 yeah, how?

    12. Un gato raro :v


    13. Adem0406

      Trunks nose was so weird

    14. Eric Lopez

      Real nice but anime still better imo

    15. Ray

      Trunks throwing up crip in the thumbnail 😂

    16. Nabiel Faiz

      Whrre is part 2?

    17. Miguel Urena

      Is it just me or does the game graphics look way better then the anime

    18. francisco&videos

      Que pedo con el Trunks de la miniatura le dibujaron el codo en la cara

    19. Abdul Wahab Khan

      What the hell happened to trunks' nose

    20. Sam

      the Dragon Ball franchise is for preschoolers honestly

    21. Mr_NoBoDY

      Pfft should've compared with tfs version

    22. trần hoàng dương san

      I think dbz kakarot is the best dragon ball game ever

    23. vlone thug

      why didn’t goku have his og outfit vs radditz 🤦🏽‍♂️

    24. Kaiser Bach

      Porque en inglés?? Suena horrible. Jajaja. En japonés es infinitamente mejor.

    25. poosh joosh


    26. Batsy Arkham99

      King Cold😢

    27. Reapers Blood36

      SPOILER Didnt even say "see ya!" During the fight against kid buu, instead he says "later"

    28. Reborn

      *VEGETAAAA thats a pokemon*

    29. Sobble

      IMO Kakarot did it better

    30. NFmangatoo

      Wow the game even remade the movement of the characters in each scene. This makes the video so satisfying to watch.

    31. Amir Ismail

      Last one is most epic

    32. justjessking006

      The game’s graphics and sense of drama is much better. But the voice acting in the anime was better.

    33. Kyōka Kenka

      Why they got Trunks throwing up Crip in the thumbnail😂

    34. Miguel H Campos

      I can truly imagine how could look piccolo after that Nappa's attack without any kind of moral kid adaptation. Roasted namekian

    35. Lucas Sobrinho

      I miss the blood though

    36. ENDERwigginMEDIC

      This was really well done. Thank you for this video

    37. Abdulwahab Ashi

      Anime is the best

    38. Obrolan Manusia

      No blood?

    39. Mr. Moreno - Composer

      Wait I didn't see that Trunks nose in the game. Or perhaps I didn't notice it.

    40. Sky Guy

      Was hoping for some ninja storm level soundtracks :’(

    41. X Riftz

      These cutscenes would’ve been so much better with the Faulconer music

    42. brooker smith

      So like where the *FINAL FLASH* at tho?


      Goku savage level 9000 😁 fisels.info/video/videot/iF2mo8dzhWh6r6s.html

    44. Ultimate Fusion Gogeta

      I don't know why but I like the scene with Piccolo in game more than the anime.

    45. Just a Dude

      2:45 They skipped him shooting Piccolo

    46. J Rena

      "Iconic anime scenes" where is goku turning into a super saiyan?

      1. RedHotFire

        and why does he look like a school shooter when doing it?

    47. mr.pacman mah:v

      Is better dragon ball kakarot But the game have censored

    48. Gilbert Gutierrez

      Nappa don't make me pull out the chappa!

    49. Christopher Sims

      The anime does it so much better plus the english dub had better music then the sub version.

    50. Jeusiah

      OG will always be better.

    51. SUPER noob player 1 thousand 000

      i like the anime version

    52. De la Torre Arquitectura

      Come on, the scenes of the game are awesome!! No complains, I'm more than satisfied, great cinematics

    53. pao pablo

      hope they make a DLC of Goku growing up.. i mean that were most of the "free roam" in the series took place

    54. Necro Ninja Nate

      Amazing animation!

    55. Jai Ripper

      They cut a few screens in this video to line it up with the anime versions..

    56. Game PUNISHER

      I love this game but I am not gonna buy it yet cause of ghost of tshushima I am waiting for its release first

    57. MoneyManAnto

      Yea the games cutscenes are horrible they just stand still and talk. Game could’ve been so so much better .

    58. iwanttoboxing

      They forgot the final flash scene

    59. Eduardo Quintero

      Shame they didn't made Vegeta's Final Flash

    60. Trickz Santos

      The English dub is so horrible it hurts my ears... It looks a show for little children... Nothing beats the original damn...