Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass | Official Documentary

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    THANK YOU to each of our fans for this 10 year journey!
    We can’t wait to show you all that we have coming up!
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    1. Dude Perfect

      You guys are AMAZING. Can't tell you how encouraged we are by yall's comments 🙏 SO much good stuff on the way for you guys 🔥

      1. Joshuquon

        This video genuinely warmed my heart

      2. Rachel Seppala

        Hi I am a big fan and I love your channel and you guys are awesome I love how you are Christians I am one too I go to church do u go to church

      3. Hasan Boy

        Yhhjhujjkjioiuukjjihuijjikiyjiiouuhjiiihuuuuoijjjjjjj hiooiuuuuiiiiiiiuuuiii kkllllkjuinuiuuuu bikolujjjkjyuiuii

      4. Miguel Ramirez

        Your amazing 😍

      5. neo/zia/yui gijapon

        you guys are amazing.Keep making the best videos.

    2. Key in the Ignition

      Nobody gonna talk about all sports golf battle 4 I can't wait

    3. Jer ree

      THIS is the EXACT definition of “The Boys” 🤩

    4. Stephanie C.

      Love love love this video and your amazing hearts!! Y’alls wives are the real MVPs!!!

    5. playjack14

      Just a quick Q&A but what was the most expensive rage monster you guys had?

    6. Emma Saadeh

      I love y'all even more now that I know that you're Christians.

    7. Top spot Kids songs

      Interesting documentary collection.

    8. FTB sweetakid

      Let’s just all take moment and thank these guys for all the times I have been down scrolling through FIsels finding their videos so positive! Such great energy! And getting encouraged to go outside and do everything you can. I love you dp keep it rocking!!!

    9. Waffles

      Life is Amazing, you can do anything, as long as you don’t stop. And I’m just a kid, I’m trying to maybe do something like them, but just remember, never give up.

    10. Gitta Malfi

      That was incredible! Thank you for all the videos they make me laugh so hard every single time! I love how you don't shy away from your faith and I appreciate that so much!

    11. Lucas

      who else can't wait till All Sport Golf Battle 4 comes!

    12. Knarr Films

      They are such an inspiration

    13. CHS Celebrity

      Can someone explain to me what happened in that OJ scene?

    14. Stephen Connally

      Y'all...I actually teared up, it's so awesome to see people enjoy the payoff of all their work. 🤜🏼🤛🏼

    15. Roger Shifrin

      51Million people came there

    16. James Pike

      I cried at The end of this video

    17. James Pike

      I love you guys videos I watch every single one of them

    18. Bas Faber

      Im speechless i thought about not reacting but this is just amazing awesome i don’t know what to say i guess just thanks for being the people you are 🙏🏼❤️

    19. Brandan Robinson


    20. AmnaRais YT

      I love dude perfect. I also love their stereotypes

    21. Cens0r

      For those who disliked, the tears from this video probably blocked their vision and accidentally missed the like button

    22. Joaqeem T

      This video is so heart touching like if u agree

    23. Lucas

      i can't believe they would assume people wouldn't like their live tour. literally EVERYTHING they do is awesome!

    24. klgonz

      I’m surprised your guys’ Youtooz hasn’t sold out yet!

    25. klgonz

      I love white people

    26. AndyGamer

      I can’t imagine how much time and effort it takes to make these videos. I wish I could be in their shoes, no matter how long. Being able to go anywhere and have people know you is amazing

    27. Vanessa Guillory

      First, off you guys are amazing and I love your videos, also I have a suggestion for a stereotype video School stereotypes whether teachers or students both would be awesome. Thanks for all that you do can't wait for your next video.

    28. Hunter Jamison

      I love you guys hey cody tell Tyler that he needs to lose the berd and you guys are awesome

    29. 佛祖Buddha心中有光

      why don't they just play NBA?🐵🐵🐵

    30. Marvin Fisher

      Dude I was tuned in the entire. I tip my cap to these fellas, their wives and everyone else that makes DUDE PERFECT happen for us!

    31. Austin Monka

      I’ve watched 10 times cuz it’s amazong

    32. 21 Stermer


    33. Mariofan 12

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="756">12:36</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="773">12:53</a> My favorite part

    34. Imola Szasz


    35. Jordan_999

      Bro there shows seem so so so lit 🔥😎

    36. Otto Otte

      Why do they only have kiddy fans?

    37. Mireille and Mama Delph

      best <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="84">1:24</a>:30 of my life

    38. DarthKylo74

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3423">57:03</a> I swear he yeeted the knife

    39. Berr.ies

      I’m an Aggie. I remember about 10 years ago a video going viral during my first week of school. So surreal

    40. Jolly #Iceworld

      I love it you guys are amazing on all levels thank you for being you continue greatness pound it noggin

    41. Mutombo_NOOO

      Best FIsels video ever

    42. Julian Flores


    43. Alejando Esopanda

      Quiero música de los iracundos

    44. Joe Hiti

      I don’t know why but I teared up 7 times during this

    45. AtomicMagnet

      all the dislikes are literraly people jealous they aren't as cool as these guys! Keep it up 😀😀😀

    46. James Hickman

      did you really upload a 1.5 hour documentary and call it an ad?

    47. Alicia Zhang

      How tho this summer.....

    48. עומר רובינשטיין

      Listen, you're just amazing people. I've been waiting for your next videos

    49. Martin H

      2021 Australia tour

      1. afutla qian

        So proud you guys included your faith in Jesus. It's a huge part of your story and if it had been cut, it wouldn't have accurately portrayed you guys! I hope to meet one day.

    50. Timothy Roberts

      I challenge u to the ultimate challenge too make a shot off the Burj khalifa with a basket ball into a hoop!

      1. Timothy Roberts

        I think there awesome

      2. Timothy Roberts


      3. afutla qian

        These guys have pure, pure souls

    51. Lee Williams

      All sports golf battle 4 is not out

    52. Lucas Chang

      This was by far one of the most impressive things I've ever seen

    53. Anthony Tiger

      Do u ever look at a comment and think I wish I said that

    54. Yahya Abdullahi Abdulmelik

      can you make videos more often please:D:D:D:-D^0^^0^

    55. daggerding catslave

      I love there friend shi pnb I love there progress I love how they get along so well and dont give up these are people who we need more in this world.

    56. Kookee Penguins

      Hoo haw

    57. Magic Tricksman

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2006">33:26</a> rusty cage backround music???

    58. B e l l a

      I remember when I started watching you guys, y’all were at 17 mil 😂 wow 🤩

    59. Subscribe to me for no reason

      they're going on a live tour do they need to pray?

    60. Alice Caldwell

      Clicked on this to see what it was like and was only planning on watching a couple minutes. Ended up watching the whole thing

    61. Alice Caldwell

      Clicked on this to see what it was like and was only planning on watching a couple minutes. Ended up watching the whole thing

    62. Gabriel Pichardo

      The bond they have is unbreakable

    63. Owen Vandenbrink

      Love your videos but this is the greatest video of all time

    64. Red Reality

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1700">28:20</a> Please tell me I’m not the only one that got that.

    65. Gabriel Pichardo

      These guys have pure, pure souls

    66. Toddrick33

      So proud you guys included your faith in Jesus. It's a huge part of your story and if it had been cut, it wouldn't have accurately portrayed you guys! I hope to meet one day.

    67. Laura Kelly

      1 like= appreciation for the DP editors!

    68. alex elizaldi

      Jesus is the truth. The end is near!

    69. ralom!

      the scene with the water and the bridge with the bus was awesome! Scenes like that are way too much underappreciated!

    70. Jose Garcia

      Must be all kids that subscribed cause this is boring

    71. Laura Kelly

      I’m watching from north of Chicago. Lindenhurst is my town. Near Gurnee and kinda near Chicago. Sorry for the super long explanation

    72. GB2023 ArjunS

      wait does that mean a all sport golf battle 4 is coming soon

    73. Santii

      their warehouse is like 5 minutes from my house lol

    74. Micheal Lamont


    75. PumpkinSpiceLatte

      when i hear DP wives i think of something else

    76. M Wenzelton

      I love you guys faith. In this time of need you guys are still smiling. I really appreciate your videos and all you do in God's name. You make everyone happy and I think that everyone on FIsels thinks the same thing.

    77. Nicolette Khaimov

      Can you do a video where you recreate your old trickshots?

    78. IPLAYGAMES 23

      This is so long it took me 2 days but it's worth it

    79. 123 49ers

      keep it dude perfect

    80. Matthias Pannenbecker

      Thanks for That lovely Video. Its so Perfect and i injoy every second. Your hearts are so big and thanks you to See That behind the sceene. A Alltime Fan from Germany.