Earning $1,800 vs $300 in a Day: Guns & Roses



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    1. Pancho Saldana

      Hanna really cute though

    2. Cris Salinas

      Shout out to the pussies getting offended at the sight of firearms

    3. Mr. Papageorgio

      I got to push back on him not getting a loan cause he's black. That's been federally illegal for decades. You could sue for millions if you sent a white person with the same info and was given the same loan. But I don't think you're suing because its cause the bank doesn't want the liability off you going bankrupt from something controversial.

    4. David Boston

      I’m disliking this video because of the sensitive SJW LGBTQ F A G G O T warning

    5. David Boston

      This is sad that you have to give a warning to C U C K S warnings that they are going to be guns 😂😂

    6. cara

      i hate loud noises its annoying/scary so flowers are better and theyre also nice to look at

    7. kasra kamalfar

      show someone whos trading in wallstreet

    8. Pu Pu

      Waitin for next seasob

    9. GotEm

      Investment Banker Vs Artist

    10. Rex Valentine

      The gun debate comes down to two things. Safety over freedom and power distribution. Do you want the government to have all the power. I don't that's why I support the 2nd amendment. Because in the words of thomas Jefferson I would rather live in dangerous freedom then peaceful slavery

    11. Artoria Pendragon

      I bet those racist people in banks are progressives California liberals

    12. Kier Alimario

      Did this series end? Please do more it’s so inspiring

    13. KaptainBasketball

      300 a day is amazing

    14. Yonatan Yohannes

      I wish there were more episode like this(bottom line) it is the best episode i ever seen

    15. Hexxor™ #CSGO

      8;46 WTF IS THAT GUN

      1. SheffyDoodles

        You act like you've never seen a pistol with the slide locked back...

    16. mw7899

      If she makes like 300 a day ... she makes 100000+ a year ... that’s a whole damn lot

      1. 6 3

        Not in California. :/

      2. jxsilicon9

        Taxes and expenses.

    17. Ezekiel Rayfield

      Wait someone send death threats to a guy who literal job is to train people how to defend themselves with guns.

    18. I can't think of a cool name.

      I feel lucky to earn 60$ a day...

    19. John The Guy

      Yeoboseyo LUL

    20. logan izzo

      Littealy Guns and roses is the best

    21. Kerry Recchia

      Thanks for the advice, i did low the volume 👏👏👏

    22. Anonymous 1

      If you LOVE and happy what your doing as a JOB then it's not a JOB, I envy those that have and can do that. You can't take money with you to the grave.

    23. Oscar

      Jef Bezos vs amazon worker

    24. Trevor Ochsner

      The firearms dealer is clearly working harder than the rose dealer

    25. Maguette Kandji

      Wait GUNS&ROSES???

    26. Revision

      More of these please! (:

    27. Louis Vids

      Imagine calling ur place after a Minecraft ore

    28. Eddie Jeffs

      Plzzz do more bottom line vidz Btw luv ur vids

    29. Jack Liu

      Both are wonderful people

    30. Brigadier General

      That dog cute af

    31. Brooke Zoe

      Most beginners are always affected because they are not been guided on how and when to trade which leads to so many loss while trading on their own. Mr Allen has been handling all my trades for months now with an estimate of $10500 ROI he makes weekly for me that's why i recommend Mr Allen Brookes for beginers,contact him for a successful trade on allenbrookes91@gmail. com

    32. Arjun Chauhan

      I love this series. Please make more videos like this.

    33. Grant Sackmann

      The florist could make so much more money if she outsourced and really utilized social media to bring her more business, I thought she was going to be the one making $1.8k a day.😤

    34. Itai Kizner

      Gosh i'd love to be a gun instructor

    35. Hilario Gallegos

      It's hard to base things on the day alot of business models see things on the months quarters and years so maybe diving into that would be nice

    36. Max Otto

      Guy likes guns... girl likes flowers Jubilee: LET’S CAPITALISE

    37. A'Bre House

      “Physically I’m exhausted, but mentally I’ve been so happy” Life goals

    38. Secra

      I'd be super interested in something where people from all over the world can participate. I mean, for example people in Asia, Australia or Europe. I'd really appreciate that kind of as a link around the world.

    39. streetsurfer24

      Wonder if the gun dude had the students clean the firearms Orr he cleans them himself so he does its once in a while instead of daily

    40. P03ticJustice

      Both are alot