Epic Trick Shot Battle | Dude Perfect vs. Brodie Smith

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    A trick shot battle for the ages vs Dude Perfect
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    A total blast to work with The Dude Perfect!
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    1. Jillybean

      nine years ago

    2. Perfect dude Exstream

      All for dues perfect

    3. Pisgahmts

      Brodie is the only dude I see doing these trick shots on the first try... Why? Because he’s an actual professional at discs. The other guys are athletic but certainly not pros at anything. Just doing fun stuff that gets likes.

    4. Stefan Mertens

      What’s the name of that great song?

    5. Twheak

      Bro I KNOW Ty's arm was killing him after this

    6. Camilla Bondesen

      I like Ultimate frisbee

    7. 吳承恩



      Where’s garet

    9. Omer Eren Besli

      best video of dude perfect

    10. Adam Barnett

      8 years... Wow.

    11. saheefa khan

      Garret was not there

    12. Liam O'Hara

      2020 anyone?

    13. ijust0vereact2

      What is the song through the whole video?

    14. Wood Woodster

      Who came and watched this because they saw a clip in the 3rd one?

    15. Joshy Sanchez

      *Brodie smith vs Rick smith jr* 🔥🔝

    16. Ven0mous X

      This was recommended to me and it's 8 years ago......

      1. MadVulcan Gaming


    17. Rogelio Ortiz

      terydes gTrrqhs

      1. Rogelio Ortiz

        Rogeli. 681. 976. gfhsrq

    18. Jesus Sanchez

      What’s the name of the song?!

    19. 엣헴엣헴

      Oh 8years ago

    20. Ahmed Adel

      2020? gareth bale Vs little Prefect

    21. Joseph Ferguson

      Who Won?

    22. Pro Lucas

      Old but Gold

    23. Viktor

      2019 someone?

    24. Stetson Pacheco Studios

      Wanna see more trick shots? Just click my face.👦

    25. Hyper NZ

      Im with stupid | | | V V V

    26. Berve Power

      imagine still watching in 2019

      1. MadVulcan Gaming

        ikr lol

    27. Ben Stone

      Hey I'm Gareth Bale and I do frisbee

    28. Alex James


    29. The Chosen Cosmic-Order

      When someone has the munchies <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="173">2:53</a>

    30. Alexander Brandon

      That audio though

    31. Fletcher Films

      Sub to me

    32. Patrick142099

      Oh no <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a>

    33. The Offical Wierd Wizard

      2011 No 2012 No 2013 Maybe Wait No 2014 No 2015 No 2016 No 2017 No 2018 Almost 2019 Ok Now its time

    34. RSH316

      Aye Hardy Boyz

    35. Derpeez

      Where is the purple hoser

    36. Benjamin Bird

      a very young brodie smith here.

    37. Blind Guardian

      Fans: how many frisbees do you want to throw? Brodie: yes

    38. 煽りザウルス


    39. SabeX

      Who’s here after overtime? I hope cody did follow you

    40. Machindra Machindra

      Very nice video and Brodie am your biggest fan

    41. Reno Redox


    42. X-Venture gaming

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a> welcome to the swap shop! 😉😎

    43. X-Venture gaming

      You sould battle team edge Brodie! I mean please! 😎

    44. Yonathan Zeceña

      Guau esos chicos son geniales

    45. David Henke

      Back then where the Dudes have to go to a Basketballcourt instead of building one for one video 😂

    46. Santiago Vera



      What’s the name of the song in the video?

    48. William Porterfield

      Where is garret

    49. Mr Wilson

      Was this recorded with a nokia cell phone?

    50. Jam T

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="91">1:31</a> flawless rollover layout

    51. MRIDNETGUY2004

      Wow, anyone watching today?

    52. رايلي ملك الضلام

      واله روعه عاشة اديهم الي عربي لايك وله ماكو عرب🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶❤❤❤

    53. Buzz_ Kiko

      Ty is gay

    54. King Queen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="245">4:05</a> When i finally was no longer a virgin

    55. Bryan Daily

      The flat b-ball ohhhhh

    56. Ishaan Ramphul

      R. I. P. PANDA

    57. SCP 096


    58. Arthur jenkz

      2030 anyone

    59. Marcelo Ferreira


    60. Mercedes Rojo Barrera

      Omg nice!!!👍

    61. Chase Savage

      Guys is the panda okay

    62. joaco_ pallaoro


    63. Louis Nail


    64. Trenton Phillips

      why you guys so mean to Panda

    65. Jennifer Bailey

      Where is gar

    66. Ronnie Piro

      No garret?!

    67. Save the Turtles

      Back when Dude Perfect didn’t have their own facility.

    68. Ljubomir Stankovic

      2019 jun

    69. Owen Walls

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="228">3:48</a>. Jelly. Like if u agree

    70. Aditya Palaskar

      I'm so shocked how can a frisbee can be used like a basketball

    71. Nani Potti

      Me kallaki dandam pettali ra

    72. Do Rian

      One of the first videos I saw when I was a kid

    73. KingofLions

      Am I the only one here for Manic Bloom? Song ; Manic Bloom - Start a new One

    74. Kish Jain

      This is such an old video

    75. Jaden Thompson


    76. Daz Capone

      How many outtakes...

    77. Mofiz CDR

      Is that Captain America with his shield?

    78. Jam T

      AUDL vs NBA Who would win?

    79. TheBiggdogg73

      I forgot about this vid. This was classic og vid 😂

    80. Chase Challenger

      2020 anyone