Finish The TikTok Lyric and Dance Charades | Charli and Dixie D'Amelio at @flighthouse

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    Every Charli and Dixie D'Amelio TikTok at @flighthouse
    D4L ''Laffy Taffy''
    K CAMP ''Lottery''
    DOJA CAT ''Candy''
    ILL WAYNO ''Eyes.Lips.Face''
    MARIA CAREY ''Fantasy''
    MAK SAUCE ''Good Morning''
    DOJA CAT ''Juicy''
    KAASH PAIGE ''Love Songs''
    KING STACCZ ''Pretty Face''
    ARIZONA ZERVAS ''Roxanne''


    1. Pxstēl Ārt

      Me: *watching this and see's the looking for mrs. Bubble gum title that is laffy taffy* Also me: *stops for a sec while eating LAFFY TAFFY* XD


        Ok but ok I guess

      2. Absolutely NoOne


    2. Leona Pavlovic

      Charlie & Dixi❤

    3. Renato Sotto Mayor

      Arono Inglis speak Portoguis

    4. Renato Sotto Mayor

      I love you Charli❤️❤️❤️

    5. Anna Palmisano


    6. Daniel Otazo

      Hablan español

    7. Periodt pooh

      Who is prettier? Like=charli Reply= Dixie

    8. Te Waikura Walker

      Hi I love you so much I'm from new Zealand but my name is peaches 🤗

    9. Mladen Miloloza

      Im crying

    10. bibi38 jonson

      Charli look like midget 😂😂😂😂

    11. Cheryl Bui

      Dixie: That was kind of cheating. Charlie: That okay I forgive you. Me: what!

    12. Rebecca Musolino

      I love charli and Dixie

    13. Alexawolf77

      Turn on subtitles at the sugar one and it says something that will mAke u laug

    14. AlternateLoki 2

      how lame can someone be

    15. Sara Rodriguez

      Hola Charli soi de titok

    16. Sara Rodriguez

      Hola charlin soi de titok

    17. Karen Monge

      OMG they keep lying about there age Charli is 13 NOT 15 SHE JUST LYING ABOUT HER AGE!!

    18. asmilife

      je suis surement se commentaire français que tu cherches j'ai trouvé ça marrant(oui c tous se que j'ai a dire) like pour aider les autres a trouver se commentaire français if you english want to understand what i said bah it's his I am surely the French comment you are looking for I found it funny (yes that's all I have to say) like to help others see this french comment

    19. luca fastampa

      Ciao siete stupende

    20. PlayBack

      Nice dude, how do you think is my Clip ??

    21. Hilda Canarias

      Charli can you follow me in tik tok my name is Meril anne😉

    22. Galaxy squad

      Dixie want is won duhhh

    23. Roudah Fateeh

      Charli is a queen a dixie queens

    24. Sahrece Simonetti

      CharlieI love you guys and I know you guys are tiktok famous and I want to make tik toks with you can you please come over wearing we're on vanilla Ben and in Australia 😜😃🤩😘😜

    25. Abrianna Hinzo

      I love Charli she is the best at tik tok she is so cute I love her

      1. Abrianna Hinzo

        I love her

    26. Darli Reyes

      There’s TickTock Siri if you want to watch Charlie come here and watch it here

    27. Biancha Vega


    28. Tammi Harris

      Hi charlie and dixe i love your vidioes

    29. Charli D’amelio

      I Love Charli

    30. Sakdh Dehgf

      e tik tok

    31. Shikha Aggarwal

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a> that’s called sisterhood 🥺🥺🥺

    32. Rebecca Gismondi

      Hey Charlie if it's okay with you and your family to mind giving me your phone number I really really really want to meet you and you're my biggest fan on Tik Tok

    33. Tiktokers Vs

      Who did it better? 👍 Like for Charli 💬 Comment for Addison

    34. Anna Patora

      No no on

    35. Manoukplaygames

      Charli: does renagade Dixie: sit on chear

    36. Alex Vidal

      bro they should be duo singers

    37. Indigenous chef Lily and helper Darby

      I love you gus omg

    38. Hyab Emanuel


    39. ScrimHydro

      Why does charli look SMALL?

    40. Sigute Ariene

      i like here she is so kind and so so sweet love you charli so much

    41. MrMatteo4690

      Ovviamente conoscono la peggio merda ma non Mariah Carry ... Tutto nella norma

    42. ROBLOX Life style


    43. Sema A

      Ich habe knaxxxxx

    44. Chic Chen

      When they put roxxane i said: GOD DAMN ROXXXXAAANNEEE!

    45. iiAstrxs

      I feel like I’m the only one here when Charli and Chase had their “fight”

      1. Itz_Snxped

        iiAstrxs Nah bro

      2. Gamer Gabo

        iiAstrxs no you are not the only one

    46. Harry Styles

      oh gosh this is cringe

    47. Ashley Rodriguez


    48. Davide Buquicchio

      Amo Addison Rae

    49. Gabrielle Nichole Quinonez

      They look alike

    50. Celebritycompalation

      Who is her in the middle of Charlies drama with Chase😜

    51. West Gann


    52. Gabriella Lopez

      dixie can sing

    53. Ammu Gustafsson

      only me but like this is so awkarrd to watch. No hate but the more look at charli the more I see that she is only 15

    54. Moe Lester

      Im srry but these two remind me of hardcore pot heads

    55. Atheena Gonzales

      its me or u guys i tought in the beginning charli is the meme

    56. Ryan Rich

      Dnupp 😂

    57. Fouad Elbanna

      R. Watch a similar video but diffrent channel for the next letter

    58. Isaac Dyor

      they would be such a cute couple

    59. Kryptic uwu

      Their laugh

    60. Iyana Perkins

      I get kinda hectic

    61. Andressa Martins

    62. Vanassa Alonzo


    63. CheMya Boyd

      I am Charlie Demilio biggest fan

    64. Lamar Mohamed

      Can Charlidamelio do follow on Tik Tok ILove you Charli

    65. Philip Stuyck

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a> my name 😉 a love Dixie and Charlie 😘

    66. PINK CITY

      я хочу чтобы этот комментарий лайкнули рашен герл

    67. Rainbow Rose

      I love charli

    68. Kymmoni Higgins

      i hat you ch jk

    69. Julia Hajar

      My dream is to see charli in a sleep over

    70. Daniela Anahi lopez

      I like tik tok

    71. Luciana FELIX DE PAULA

      I hope i guys stay safe from corona😇

      1. ledung nguyen

        Kani Bernard bought

      2. Fafhd Sekkk

        tik tok 01

      3. Floris Plays

        Thank you😍

      4. Compact Sneeze50

        @Kani Bernard how do you know

      5. Sia’s _World


    72. Rhian Sims

      The camera makes it so Charli looks so short. 😂😂

    73. Kilo G

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="96">1:36</a> 200 iq

    74. vann kyzer lanang

      ay love charlie demeilio pretty girl is charlie Hype

    75. Sajida Ahmed

      could you pls both comment my name in tik tok I also liked subscribed and turned on the bell PLS

    76. Precious

      Precious: Hi

    77. Mat Pat

      Charli danse bien mais son chant ...

    78. Valeria Anna Simone

      Capite my italian

    79. Julius Mboya

      That looks fun