Flat Earthers vs Scientists: Can We Trust Science?


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    We started a podcast! Listen to a follow up conversation with one of the Flat Earthers in our first episode: 👉anchor.fm/radicalempathy 👈
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    1. Jubilee

      We started a podcast! Listen to a follow-up conversation with one of the Flat Earthers in this first episode: 👉anchor.fm/radicalempathy 👈 - leave us a voice message after listening! After many requests, we're happy to share this episode of Middle Ground with you all! In this episode, we explore belief, science, and how our experiences shape our worldview. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

      1. Owen Heart

        @Lucrecea Nazar they wont bring flat earther that can debate well. Like eric dubay. They just wont.

      2. Gaudio Wind

        @Owen Heart so it's quite by chance that Moon is only full when they are opposed. And the moon is dark when they are apparently close together. And also all other Moons match perfectly with a Sun which is farther, farther way and the Moon reflects its bright. It must be the Devil again! Come on, my friend! Open your eyes. God wouldn't do it. Don't you say He is perfect and wants to save us? He wouldn't trap us into that, would He?

      3. Lucrecea Nazar

        Jubilee why didn't you bring dave Murphy he is flat earther

      4. Owen Heart

        @Gaudio Wind dont promote lie. You liar

      5. Owen Heart

        @Gaudio Wind i always observe moon and sun. Moon doesnt rely on sun.

    2. Yash Akshat

      6:38 Flat earther: my grandfather used to tell me never believe anything written in the newspaper .......😂🤣😂🤣 Well his grandfather could either be a curious person or serial killer or child molester 😂🤣😂🤣😂 U never know

    3. - Nathan -

      I was literally screaming what’s the evidence

    4. Rizzy Basar

      Take red pill and be done with it.

    5. Brigitte St-Martin

      All the scientists and most of the medias in the world are wrong and trying to fool us? Wow! Big conspiracy there weirdos!

    6. Cdog

      Flat earthers:the internet helped my theory Flat earth memes:WHAT GAVE YOU THAT IDEA

    7. knees

      That's like an NBA player vs a middle school basketball player

    8. Brandon McCoy

      I can’t believe there are actual people who believe the earth is flat. I honestly thought it was a joke

    9. Rizzy Basar

      Just take the red pill and done with it.

    10. PrettyH8Mach1n3

      People keep talking about Shelley's current lack of a job and the fact that she jumped out of planes and the criticism seems to be a little bit unfair. She was military in the past and did some parachute jumps as part of her training probably. The fact that she brings that up is meant to show that she's seen the earth from a great enough distance that she (in her mind) should be able to see the curvature of the earth She probably didn't do a HALO jump, though. Later in life, she might have chosen to focus on her children, which might explain the lack a job currently. However it is still work and laborious to raise a child and take care of a home. In her free time, she can still take the time to educate herself from credible and informed sources. So a person's profession doesn't make them 100% ignorant. Unfortunately she went to the wrong sources for information and wasn't skeptical of the right things at the right time, relying so much on different types of blind faith. She was taught to put her faith in the wrong things- "common sense", "religion", "personal experiences over data", etc.

    11. Tammy Veretto-Stager

      Wait...did this moron just say that the scientists are "uneducated" bc their knowledge is based on the belief of "what is written" (University teachings, based on scientific text)?! Did they just say, not 5 mins earlier, that their own beliefs are grounded in the bible?! So it's ok that their own opinions are based on a book consisting solely of 2nd (& in many cases 3rd or 4th) hand accounts, written thousands of years ago. But relying on modern, peer reviewed scientific research, using state-of-the-art technology is foolish?! Yeah, sure! Ok!👌

    12. MBrown201175

      Ignorance is painful to the educated...

    13. Fx Opl

      Omg I was like 6 years old when my family went to great Bodensee in germany, we sailed across the lake and I saw the curvature at the accommodating ships. Flat earth is nonsense

    14. Tobson

      Science and Religion...

    15. Kieran Adams

      Shelley: So when I was 12... Me: Ok ok right Shelley: My husband Me: WTF he’s a nonce

    16. Edward R

      Isolate gravity? Wow that’s proof of a flat earth? I know it’s hard to convince an American that the rest of the world is actually bigger than just America,but if it’s flat why stop at America? You should be able to see Australia from America through your telescope right? Oh that dam atmosphere is blocking the view 🤣 but not of the sun,moon,stars,milkyway?

    17. dmaster225

      i bet you the flath earthers also believe trump is a good president.

    18. qresind

      We need: Bush did 9-11 vs Binladen did 9-11

    19. Jθαη

      this is what happens when the educational system of a country is terrible. The reason ignorance exists is easy, people that don't know enough make they own predictions, however, they either like they said in the video, Search for facts after having found a conclusion, or either getting to a conclusion with a limited amount of facts or facts that have too many variables or are just wrong. Humans like to think that themselves are and will be the greatest at something, so if people are arrogant enough, when someone denies their whole believes or hope of being a genius, they enter in a mega defensive mode and deny every argument you give them until a point they're argument will become more of faith than facts. if anyone is in a struggle of faith of anything, the best way to get the truth is the Socrates way: question everything, ask everyone everything to eventually get to the truth.

    20. S H

      how can your evidence be the bible loooooooooooooooooool

    21. hippiegypsygirl

      “Why should they hide the truth, and how can all of the space agencies work together to fool us. Why?” Because this would prove God doesn’t exist. Because there is a great deception for-told to us in the Bible. And a great falling away! The Ball earth supports Darwinian evolution, and both disprove the Bible. It’s literally a war for your soul. It’s to make you believe God is not real. “Christians” who don’t believe the entire Bible are doubting God and calling Him a liar. The first page and 200 more verses show the earth is flat. Realize the Bible is the only true text we have that tells us about our creator and how awesome His creation is. It matters because NASA supports pagan satanic Godless beliefs. And Christianity says we are in a dome with water above the firmament and upturned ice at the edge. Pick one. But don’t try to make them fit together. They are 180 degree opposite views. Most Christians don’t realize the call God a liar when they say we live in a spinning ball. But it’s the indoctrination. Please break free

    22. PrettyH8Mach1n3

      This channel seems too invested in the "both sides" thing, giving credence to some ridiculous ideas by presenting them on the same field. All the videos I have seen seem to be cut and presented in a way that values civility and the idea that when we can all get along when that is just not possible.

    23. MarisaTM

      flat earthers are like religious people

    24. pitterpatter88

      My question is, in the photos of the Earth... and it being Flat, where the hell is the rest of the Earth? If it was flat you'd be able to see every continent at the same time, right?

    25. PrettyH8Mach1n3

      Shame she had the opportunity to go to space camp instead of someone curious and skeptical enough to not be convinced by their husband's conspiracy theory.

    26. Kurt Odi Flores

      They're both wrong

      1. Thomas Kundera

        Really? Explain?

    27. Nikoline Alling

      It made me uncomfortable when everyone clapped each others backs in the end

    28. 黎Mino

      These really the people using up our air.

    29. Halo Boi

      I don't care if the earth is flat or a globe just go save the earth from getting in disaster stop arguing about shape and sizes...

    30. Oh yeah yeah

      Wendell: I am a logical thinker Also Wendell: *My grANdfatHeR ToLD mE NoT tO beLieVE anYTHiNg oN a neWsPAper*

    31. Devin Smith

      Flat earthers are truly fascinating people. I will never understand how they believe that governments around the world who can't agree with each other on anything - to the point of actually going to war with each other - will all agree on this huge lie that benefits absolutely no one.

    32. Eugenia Morgun

      Uhm... Is the evidence from soviet and Russian astronauts a joke to you?

    33. Zade Watson

      You mean idiots vs flat earth people JK

      1. Thomas Kundera

        You mean Scientists vs ignorant.

    34. ICELET

      So the solar system looks like this: Moon is round, Sun is round, Mercury is round, Venus is round, Earth is FLAT, Mars is round, Jupiter is round, Saturn is round, Uranus is round, Neptune is round. Got it! It opened my eyes! Thank you to flat earthers

    35. Ivy Loren Magbanua

      3:17 Bruh in the DRB version its says GLOBE, or in the NAS version it's called the VAULT, witch means the ARCH, the ARCH of the earth. So the bible is not confirming that the earth is flat it's stating the sape of the earth which is a circle, circular...ROUND BISH IT'S ROUND.

    36. Joseph Boyse


    37. Martin Larsen

      Ricky Gervais said it best. "Let´s say all information, all books and data on religion and science, disappears. Then there is a gap of a 1000 years, before anyone tries to put it back. The books on religion will differ from the first ones, the books on science will be exactly the same.

    38. H4ry4d 10

      The only thing the flat earthers are right about is religion but no way the earth is flat

    39. Juzzi79 Shanti

      This is just painful to watch

    40. Mariana Duque

      “We’re tired of being oppressed” Proceeds to insult the other group the entire video