FUNNIEST PRANKS FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY || DIY Holiday Prank Ideas & Funny Situations by 123 GO!

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    Ah, holidays, the time for giving gifts, spending time with family, and sitting around the tree. But that’s a little too traditional for our taste, which is why we’re spicing things up with a little pranking actions.
    Did these pranks get you in the holiday spirit? Share these with your buddies so you can remember all these pranks for the whole year! And as usual, be sure to subscribe to our FIsels channel for more great videos just like this one!
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    1. Ashley Crespo

      He said he was not going to be pranking anymore and he started pranking

    2. Carlos Calienes siles

      As lo en español

    3. Jade Lee

      I love Christmas I got lots of presents

    4. Maliek Beckford

      Kevin is crying over spoilt milk

    5. Theresa Pedro

      I feel so bad for Justin 😢😥😥

    6. Saylor White

      Justin : I'm never pranking anyone ever again Next one: Justin pranking lily Lol

    7. SlimeSlime emilSSilme

      Mom: Is it a girl?!? Docter: no Mom: than its a boy!! Docter:no Mom:than what is is?!? Docter: its a kevin!!

    8. Saad sala Suonborai

      7:05 YOU GUYS ARE SO MEAN!! *also my sister would kill me if I did that*

    9. Mia_ høney_ and_asmr_

      Justin’s teeth are yellow does he brush his teeth dang

    10. Alice rose Gartland


    11. Alice rose Gartland

      I am unsubscribing because of Justin

    12. Alice rose Gartland

      Justin said that he woundent prank any more 😡😡😡😡I HATE HIM r

    13. EŁŁIE._. 29

      Omg I love 💖 your vids

    14. SmolArtist

      WHY DO THEY MAKE WEIRD FACES- xD Face for food: 😍🤤🤯😋👀👃😁

    15. devang patel

      123go is such a best channel

    16. Slavica Peric

      Justin 😅😅Biber

    17. nagi reddy

      Justin broke his promise he pranked more:(

    18. Zakyiah Mattison

      Why was Kevin eating raw cookie dough it is in healthy but who cares

    19. TreeHuggerrr420


    20. Yousra Yousra

      بلييييييز ديرو هذا الفيديو بالعربية ليمعايا جام و تعليق

    21. Aykut Dogan

      It would be better if u put something in the milk!

    22. Jaswinder Kaur


    23. Tabassum Arlikatti

      123 ok go can you do a 500 steps forward challenge

    24. Laura Brown


    25. Ma Ria

      I want to here you talk for real and I dont like the new girl

    26. Katie Menendez

      You guys are the best because I use your hacks

    27. Zuzia D

      Zuzanna is ❤

    28. Lalsangzuali Hmar


    29. Angel_ GachaTuber

      1:00 🎶*Rodulph the red nose reindeer*🎶

    30. Gacha Blue Bear Skylie!

      wait but this was made in January so its not Christmas o-o

    31. Jonathan Vales


    32. Tina Fire yeah

      Umm is Kate new or have I just not noticed her 😒

    33. Liney Tapias

      Briana conteta

    34. Nicole Brown

      i love 123 go a lot that is the best channel in the world

    35. Sarah Hart

      The first prank is a real horror movie

    36. Meagan Taylor

      I just love the way you do this

    37. Eva Barrios

      Me llamo Kimberly te dije te mandé mensaje mi mamá se llama leva y mi hermana se llama Eli mi mamá se llama Evan y mi mi hermana Tengo dos hermanas se llama ale ale ale Mi papá se llama Arley Alejandro

    38. Keyes Vang

      Lily should have slammed the flowers to Justin's face

    39. Amina Kazygulova

      Зачем по английскому я не понимаю

    40. Halima mwachumvi Salim


    41. cantfindausernamedam

      well timed release well after xmas. I'm sure you have better videos out there for that many (purchased) subscribers!

    42. Linzi GachaCraft

      Its bad pranking friends in cheistmas they can be mad and no happy christmas she/he will not believe you again WHY LAMA ALWAYS GET ORANKED

    43. Wincie Goodwin


    44. Hafsa Begum

      lily is the cutest girl in the channel.

    45. الزهراني الزهراني

      وش ذا

    46. Vanesa Placa


    47. Mariyam Yuber

      Didn’t he say that he wouldn’t prank anyone again

      1. McKenzie Cooper


    48. lunar kat


    49. amira dijah

      lily so cute if she wearing hijab

    50. Elsa Reyes


      1. Elsa Reyes


    51. Elsa Reyes


      1. Elsa Reyes

        Lili min dad

    52. Izah Izah


    53. alijung


    54. Alex Barnett

      This channel reminds me of troom troom...

      1. juthin krishna

        I hate troom troom

    55. Brenda Moore


    56. Brenda Moore

      I want to hear y'all real voice

      1. Janixavxyv Mejia

        St city

    57. Angelica Cabasa

      Tmrw is my bday Like to say happy bday

    58. Ryan McLaughlin

      I love it so cool

    59. Michelle McDonald

      4:10 Ahh...The candy onion prank