Future - Life Is Good (Official Music Video) ft. Drake

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    "Life is Good" available at: smarturl.it/LifeIsGood.Future
    Official Audio: fisels.info/video/videot/knK0obibbnmIbKc.html
    Directed by Director X
    Future online:
    (C) 2020 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Freebandz.

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    1. Agol Bryan

      working on a weekend like usual..

    2. alf hh

      Big Drip

    3. Talvin Johnson

      two right ingredients to the perfect song!

    4. Jtisthename T

      Imagine you’re trying to get food in the drive-through and then somebody’s rapping to you and giving you food

    5. ChefMohawk

      Whats Hotlanta a real restaurant?

    6. ThaVixenxx MayBack

      love it

    7. Jay Puma

      1:06 = lil yachty 2:50 = 21 savage 3:32 = Julien Christian Luts/Little X/Director X (the person who directed the video)

    8. Z D

      It's refreshing to see a funny and relatable rap video for once.

    9. Liam Walsh

      Is this what the youth call music these days?

    10. Boosted Lee

      3:49 this fits for his real job

    11. Ezaz Rasool

      auto tune and mumble this aint good

    12. Liel Katz

      disgusting song rly so bad u cant write and it sounds so bad

    13. Juan Cisneros

      1:35 starts trash 🗑

    14. Boosted Lee

      2:50 savage

    15. cordelia bost

      drake you can do beterr

    16. Z _OG

      They had everybody in this music video like they all went to high school together on sum Disney shi 😂

    17. Reginaldo Smalls

      Song starts at 1:35

    18. John deboi

      Is that lean or tea? 2:50

    19. Sean W

      Let’s be honest this song sucks beside the drake part

    20. Sibonelo Shongwe

      Voice of Future ...It On

    21. Asia McCallum

      This was sooo creative yet so simple. The purpose is .. even though everyone isnt living life lavish, life is still GOOD!

    22. maey mahamed

      This song is out of the world

    23. Joe ogunbiyi

      legends of the game still

    24. krasser Furz

      its like bohemian rhapsody because its so long but its better and more mondern

    25. FlvckoBuild2Much

      Who shawty at 2:39💆🏾😩😩

    26. Steven Day

      Where do I find this Hotlanta's joint at lol

    27. Da BoxTv

      Rich Ass 21 Savage as a Cashier = 21 Average Lol

    28. cem öztürk

      Amerikanın Haluk levent'i puşt

    29. Zach Pinz

      Here at 40 mil who else

    30. Tyler Purvis

      I love this song

    31. Donquest Talerant

      No lie this is the top 5 best due in hi gop

    32. mewy

      drake's part is so much better imo

    33. PVO ENT


    34. Eric Persons

      Imagine meek on da first part 🥵

    35. αиєѕτιꏍ

      10.01.2020, 16.45: 40.033.466 Mio Views

    36. Мaksym Kichko

      Maan! This is amazing shit!)

    37. A Ewert

      Wer ist auch nach Big Drip hier?

    38. Froq N



      Only listen to drake part future so mf trash mane shit crazy

    40. Muhamed Islamovic

      Did someone else notice @ 3:20 how drake lip-synced future at the same time when future said "got the vision", or is it just me?

    41. Justin Ortega

      Drake: haven’t done my taxes I’m too turnt up irs:hold tf up🤨

    42. Jhon Raymond

      We’re are u fan of drake

    43. Strange Mercy

      Cleanest trash truck ever.

    44. 박준성

      역시 한국인의 피는 남달라

    45. Jakus C

      We need behind the scenes of the whole thing!

    46. Kruz Coakley

      @3:41 ME: AYEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    47. Tony Thomas

      The future is drake

    48. skifahren powder

      1:06 nobody saw lil yachty working in the apple store

    49. Admri4l binbow

      😂😂😂‏‌‌‏‌‏‌‌ ☠°☆° ³¹³ ‏𓆪﮼القياده ،مررت‎𓆩☠﮼عندما،نمر،فلترفع،الايدي،وليضرب،لنا،السلام ‏‌‌‏‌‏‌‌ ☠ ‏𓆪﮼ °☆° ³¹³ ‏𖤍𓆪 🖕🖕🇮🇶فبؤ♥️🌝ֆ⇣˝مـٰ̲ـۛۛر م̷ـــِْن ۿنـٰـِِٰـٰـٰـََُُِِٰٰ̲ۧا💁‍♂️ 🇮🇶🖕🖕𖤍ً بہطہنہشہًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًً هنہأ☠🚬ً

    50. King Prodigy

      Yo its been 4 years since future did a vid with future

    51. Memes Flex

      those two collabo never disapoint me

    52. Angela Mo’nique

      “Giving you my number, but don’t hmu on no dumb shit”. #huhhh #feltthat

    53. Nadine Krause

      The First beat is from Melii : no hard Feelings😅🤞🏼

    54. Lennon Roque

      This song is F🔥RE

    55. Angela Mo’nique

      I’m just here for #DRAKE. His voice, his versus, ugggh! ❤️

    56. swing duck • 69 years ago

      The Life Is Good clothing company: its free -real estate- advertisment

    57. d.r.a .c.c.o

      21 savage: so u want 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, chicken and a dipping sauce 😂😂

    58. Ja'rique Burnett

      Life is good

    59. Dominique Curtis

      Smh the worst future and drake song😩😩😩 I’m sry wtf is thissssssssss😰

    60. A.B