Girl Reacts To Herself Rating 11 Guys



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    Angela: ange_christine_
    Brandon: brandonkay_
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    Julkaistu 6 kuukautta sitten


    1. Chethan SOZA

      I’m soooooo sad she went out with Sean out of all the people y

    2. Young Nomad

      Lol Sean ended up smashing. Weirdest looking dude of the bunch.

    3. don dada

      After watching this I don't get girls. How do you go out with that guy.

    4. Gurbetçi Furkan

      So long guys dont need to tell short guys that height isnt important anymore since its been proved again that it is...

    5. b

      Highest score b/c they like boba? that's pretty shallow...most people like boba. And the jerk who asked her what her credit score was, she still gave the time of day? And she rated most of them below average? nah girl

    6. Raven M.

      Okay, Brandon is like so amazing! If I'm looking for a person I think he would be someone I see as golden. He's really chill, down to earth, kind, confident, and so much more! Even though I may be taller than him I don't care! Honestly, if I had to rate him by looks it would be a dead-on 10 too! And personality is a 10! (: He would be such a nice guy to hang out with if you you aren't dating too!

    7. Cak Redi

      Jubilee, please make a video of Angela reacting to THIS video two years from now.

    8. Gari 77

      Make us more like this kind of videos

    9. Esotere A.

      She went out with SEAN?! Gurl watttt

    10. kevi yan

      Her and Sean definitely smashed lol

    11. Scott Kline

      Next : girl reacts to herself reacting to herself

    12. Bradley

      Brain the size of a peanut

    13. Bailey Angus

      I can't believe she went out with credit score guy

    14. Balcoz

      I can't believe she honestly still thinks he's a 3, he's at least a 7 and has an awesome personality.

    15. J Mabruk

      dudes, she said she went out with sean, that implies one date not necessarily more. She also mentioned the other guy, the 8/8. So my guess is she went out with sean cause he is def confident, but hes also unsympathetic and kind of strange. so im kinda positive the only thing that happened after the drinks is her texting the 8/8 guy

    16. Cesar Romero-Muskus

      Imma go ask some girls for their cred score brb

    17. Jay

      Short guys: I can't control my height Big girls: I can't control my weight!

      1. Nyose Esoyn

        both are correct

    18. Jay

      Ya'll think Sean smashed?

    19. Jay

      Sean: Damn girl dat credit!

    20. Jay

      Thanos: I am inevitable Sean: I am a sex symbol

    21. mybiaswillneverloveme

      they literally set them up-

    22. TubeToYou

      her smile jumped on to my face

    23. mehwhyausername1

      720 credit score is child's play. you need to have at least an 865 to impress me

    24. Auggie Almanza

      Sean is still a psychopath

    25. yrn kid

      she's lowkey a thot

    26. Orisha

      She still didn't noticed that the dude was actualy taller than her

      1. Nyose Esoyn

        not actually, girls are in perpetual high heel perception, so brandon is forever shorter ..

    27. LiveN4Christ

      And she is wrong lol . If you are smart you would definitely ask the person's credit score on the first date lol

    28. Aaron

      "Okay, we're not talking about that" So yes.

    29. stormww_

      Every time I watch video's like this, I'm honestly baffled by the fact that somebody like Sean is able to get a girl like this to go on a date with him. Yet I'm the one struggling to get girls to even notice me, or so it seems. While I'm confident in saying that I truly am 100 times hotter than that guy. Maybe because I live in the Netherlands and things are a lot more difficult here than in the US

    30. ScienceGuy

      He didn’t give a shout because he knew you thought he was a 3 so he didn’t want to set himself up for rejection/failure by reaching out and then not hearing back.

    31. ScienceGuy

      The guy who asked about stranger things is totally trying to be that guy from stranger things.

    32. Nick Tokar

      When people say "Just be yourself," don't listen to them. Myself is a socially awkward, pessimistic, apathetic, boring person.

    33. Cold Coffee

      As a girl I am pretty short. I would be hurt too if someone tells me I am too short and look passes my personality.

    34. T 21199

      3 is too harsh, the guy actually has good looks but he’s just not her type.

    35. AG64

      Fantano really out here getting it

    36. Aidan A

      Brandon was highkey the next looking of the bunch

    37. kb94

      720 is not a high credit score 😬

    38. TheMiguel

      LOL girls are shallow but this girl is super shallow, Brandon dodged a bullet.

    39. Awhol Lotta Whoopass

      Sean and Andrew beat those cheeks.

    40. Unidentified Butter

      Brandon made me feel better about my height. I can't change it and if a girl doesn't like me because of my height and just for that then she's not the one. He also showed me to be myself me.