Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell Adorably Crash Daughter Kate Hudson's Interview | Access



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    It’s a family affair! While Kate Hudson chatted to Access about her three kiddos, her parents, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, hilariously crashed her interview. Watch to see what happened!
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      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="147">2:27</a> Happy B-day Kurt Russell. May the Peace be with u. From Harlingen Texas. March 17, 1951 March 17, 2020 through March 17, 3020

    2. Julia_Kendall

      You can read Kurt's lips before hugging Kate: "Hi sweetie", listen (due to the microphone kinda close) his words while hugging "You are beautiful" and the genuine look that only a father has for his daughter...

    3. Melissa Wright

      Kurt Russell is a legend. And Goldie Hawn is a lovely lady x

    4. Anthony Prather

      I swear I feel like Kate wanted to say “there’s already a cure, so I do t know why I’m here tbh” LOL

    5. Emerge Matic

      Damn they still look good whoah he's still with Goldie

    6. Spring Hernandez

      Amazing family all of them have values ❤️

    7. Emilio Concha

      Kurt looks More younger with beard AND Goldie with her tan look younger aswell

    8. Nancy Smith

      Since we paid cash for it. lol

    9. Nancy Smith

      lol. silver or gold nothing else. lol we won't shoot unless you try to take our land away.

    10. James Byrne

      Gotta love Kurt Russel & Goldie Hawn

    11. Julie B

      Pink Ribbons, Inc. Track it down and watch it.

    12. mick taylor

      these two looks like the handmaids tale sex scene

    13. Internal Optometrist

      Mommy and my daddy! Awe. My step dad is my daddy too!

    14. Katie Depietro

      We all love u Kate*Graciousness*Beauty*Good Hearted ❤ Talent*Just like youre Mon⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    15. Butcher B

      What's wrong with kate face????

    16. dee jay

      We could have cured cancer 40 yrs ago but the revenue from fund raising is valuable so they let us die

    17. Jamie Hanley

      Omg I love this family

    18. Aladdin mclovin

      Kurt and Goldie are the real deal.

    19. Arnold Siebu

      Who's the Interviewer???

    20. Shai Taylor

      Kurt and Goldie saved that awful interview. I think she needs more practice asking questions. She asked Kate a question and then answered it, forcing Kate to come up with something else to say.

    21. JR Dallas

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="142">2:22</a>

    22. Hey It’s Me MG

      The day Kurt Russell leaves this world will probably be the first time I’ll ever cry over the death of an actor.

    23. Wyatt Earb

      How bad ass is that

    24. marc st. laurent

      Kate sounds really stupid....

    25. Crispy

      Last time I saw my parents my mom was yelling at my dad because he painted the mailbox the wrong color.

      1. Yuva Silvanathan

        Not quite the red carpet I guess.

    26. Crispy

      Kurt and Goldie: greatest couple in the history of the world?

    27. A Passing Fancy

      I wish i was Kurt Russel 40 years ago?

    28. Sevgi's Tarot

      What's there not to like about this video? Silly people 🙄🤷‍♀️🤣😂

    29. Doodle Pop

      Man that's a rare sight to see a family like that in Hollywood

    30. Paul Rosenberg

      Wow that was a terrible interview lol

    31. Susan D Scraper

      That was so cute she called mommy and daddy.

    32. Lechi Arsanukaev

      Adorable just Adorable 🌹

    33. Klif lord

      What about ball & dick cancer?

    34. J R

      All 3 have different surnames. You wouldn't think they were a family

    35. Micheal Taylor

      Did anyone else see Coach Val of UCLA in the background?

    36. Rhysio Eren

      Please keep Kurt Russell in Tarantino's movies!

    37. GettinginLine Caroline

      She has the fabletics line. With the new law it is required to label the toxic poison that could cause you cancer. Well her fabletics clothes has it, which is so disappointing.

    38. bobsbornfree

      Jesus that wannabe boy is an awful interviewer.

    39. Noop Noop


    40. LxRD FLVCKO

      They all have different last names

    41. Robin Reality

      One of my favorite couple!

    42. Elaine Twum

      Kate HUDSON!! Her name is not Hawn or Russell. How come no one notices that. Three kids, three fathers. That's Hollywood.

    43. Chris Johnson

      Ok I had no clue Kurt Russell was her dad

    44. toy man

      They've poisoned her against her father. Sad!

      1. Steph Starrett

        Her 'father' shouldn't have walked so easily, and he was quoted at saying that Kate and Oliver weren't his kids. They are well rid

    45. Cleo For Real

      We love them....amazing family 👍👍👍

    46. Dachdog

      Thanks for saving us from this horrible interview, Kirk and Goldie. That was SOOO LAME.

    47. Alexandra Marx

      I didn’t realize Miley is still “twerking”. Thought she toned it down and doing more serious stuff. Thought that was a stupid comment. Especially at a Women’s Cancer Foundation event. Focus on earrings then a serious questions and back to a stupid comment. 🙄 Hope there are real professionals who can interview out there.

    48. 46664 NM

      Look at the smile on kurts face, i wish them nothing but happiness

    49. cheekyoziechick

      They are her parents but she seems star struck still.. :)

    50. Claudio Núñez

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a>, you are welcome

    51. stephanie ochoa

      Kate Hudson was me trying to answer a question I completely wasnt paying attn to! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Tiffany Russell


    52. Alexa Vandal

      there’s a power couple, and then there’s a power family 😍😍😍

    53. bloodsling

      Didn't know she was dating James Garfield,that's pretty cool.

    54. Studyo Gangsta

      Goldie's been with Kurt the hoe daughter has to F everyone in show business!!

    55. Rebai Lyes

      The way kat s husband is looking to his wife 😵👩‍👩‍👧👨‍❤️‍👨💋😻😻😍😍😘♥️♥️ my ohh my he wanna râpe her clothes and do her on the carpet ❤️❤️♥️

    56. D S

      Such a beautiful family with no Hollywood scandal. 😊

    57. Moki Me

      That was so cute "I hear Kurt, my parents are here, it's my mom it's my dad" loved how she said, "it's my mommy and my daddy" after their hello hugs and kisses 💖💖💖💖💋

    58. Whit Bianca

      Here is the kicker... they been "raising money to find a cure " for how long? It is a scam. It does not take Billions of dollars to find a cure.

    59. Mary Sanchez

      she seems nervous

    60. jermed2001

      Can their just be a reality show with Goldie, Kurt and their kids (Kate, Oliver, Wyatt), but it's not like those fake ones, it's organic and real and so them..please?! I would definitely watch that.

      1. John Linnon

        Kurt- conservative? With a liberal wife?

      2. caveman Versace

        They were offered. However Kurt is a conservative in Hollywood and they do not like that. Kurt refused the offer many times. Dude doesn't want cameras in his private life.

    61. Tom Purchase

      lol she had know Idea what she talking about hahahahah

    62. Sin Clair

      Flash back. I need to rewatch that movie they were in together. Were she falls off the boat.. too funny

      1. Onlytymewilltell

        "Your my annie and WILL always be my annie! " 💜

    63. Myself

      Kurt and Goldie are Trump supporters and Kate Hudson is a libtard. I wonder what those conversations are like on family dinner night...

      1. Cath Prudence

        They are not Trump supporters. They name Trump was photoshoped un their t-shirts. Everyone know this.

    64. marissa melvin

      I love Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn

    65. Amira ASMR

      Men get cancer too...

    66. 420 REACTIONS's about tax purposes...not cures!!

    67. 420 REACTIONS

      Must be nice having an Elites family.....catch me on the streets..and I will own every one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    68. Mike Haze

      Skip to the end

    69. Margaret Worth

      What a lovely family X

    70. Aussie Harry 11495

      Maybe she should change her last name then 🙄

    71. Danishuia Adams

      The longest running common-law marriage in Hollywood history (not sure if that's a fact)... Kurt & Goldie. Still puttin' in work after all this time. Keep goin' strong u guys. 💪🏾❤️❤️❤️

    72. K G

      Man she looks different.

    73. AnotherSKYWALKR

      I just thought about this, it never occurred to me, but why is her last name Hudson? Her dad’s name is Russell and her mom’s name is Hawn.

      1. Alexandra Marx

        AnotherSKYWALKR Agreed

      2. AnotherSKYWALKR

        Alexandra Marx right. However, I guess she’d keep it now because of name recognition as she is famous and her fans know her with that name now. However, I would change it if it were me and I felt that strongly about it...

      3. Alexandra Marx

        AnotherSKYWALKR It was pretty recent that the biological father was interviewed and made a statement said she bashed him and his family name and to “let it go already” and change her last name if it bothers her. Just wants to left alone at this point. Not sure what happened in Kate’s early years but I understand what he’s saying in terms of her keeping the name.

      4. AnotherSKYWALKR

        Jesica Michel ooooooh! That’s so cool!

      5. Jesica Michel

        Her estranged biological father is Bill Hudson. Kurt is her stepfather but has been raising her since she was little. She considers Kurt her real father 😊

    74. Norma De Leon

      Lmao His looking at her Cut the interview while you can ! She definitely crashed this interview..Mommy and Daddy saved her at the end!! Haha

    75. Chris Santiago

      Kurt and Goldie, Mr. & Mrs. Cool 👍

    76. Roxanne Guerrero

      Awe i love how close they are. No lie when she said My Mommy and My Daddy i gonna call my Daddy and i wish i could talk to my Mommy oh how i miss her

    77. Jill Hollon

    78. Chris Boykin

      Miss Val!!!!

    79. Penis

      What is up with these celebrities with different last names from their parents?

      1. judypoohdy

        Penis a guy named Bill Hudson.

      2. Penis

        job oh. Whos her dad ?

      3. judypoohdy

        Penis Kurt Russell is her step dad.

    80. OgShinigxmi _

      53” it’s that lady