GOTTA SEE IT: Zack Kassian Ragdolls Matthew Tkachuk After Taking Multiple Massive Hits


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    Zack Kassian finally lost his cool after Matthew Tkachuk nailed him with another huge hit, resulting in the Oilers forward getting the better of his opponent in a one-sided fight.
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    Julkaistu 9 päivää sitten


    1. Relief In Place

      It was worth the suspension.

    2. HopelessMunz

      You could tell literally everyone one the ice, refs included, were like “this needs to happen for a minute.”

    3. Anthony Melidy

      Live by the sword. Die by the sword. I do not appreciate fighting in hockey nor do I appreciate dirty blind hits. If the refs are going to allow cowardly dirty hitting, then the players will take it upon themselves to take care of it. Kudos to Kassian.

    4. YAMAHA YZ250

      LOL caught with head down haha

    5. Estonista


    6. Ran Dumb

      I can see all the Oiler parents telling their kids that it is OK to illegally beat someone up when they have their feelings hurt from a legal play. "Remember the CODE!!! THE CODE!!! AND THE BELL MUST BE ANSWERED!!!!"

    7. Derek Engman

      That is the weakest attempt by a team to save their star player

    8. Devon Klassen

      Tkachuck is Raffi Torres 2.0, only difference is Torres would fight you after a dirty hit

    9. acer13 p

      Good that Rat deserved it.

      1. acer13 p

        @roouit patan I love every second of it lol

      2. roouit patan

        Kassian whaled on Tkachuk wow

    10. Joseph Lester


      1. Joseph Lester

        It’s like Sydney. Can’t explain it. Just love to hate him.

      2. roouit patan

        I'm out of the loop, why does everyone hate Tkachuk?

    11. Alex Stargazer

      I love how tkachuk tries to escape, but Kassian's like "you're going nowhere, kid" and beats the crap out of him 😂🤣😂🤣

    12. David

      I love how the Calgary teammates dont even really try and intervene. They knew he needed a good asskicking

    13. se7en

      who won that round? I think Chucky did. 3 big hits on Kassian, and power play, Zack out for a few games??! He clearly avoided the fight and knew what he was doing. Like him or not. He won! Flames won!

    14. chding zuure

      Goddamn did he ever get tossed around lol

    15. derek hernandez

      Whoever is saying what kassian did was good is obviously an avg joe! That was a clean hit! He was broken and looks like a coward doing what he did! Talk about getting hooked! If its clean get the F up and hunt him fown later! I could see if it was dirty but that was clean! He looks like a clown

    16. FOOEL

      “If he doesn’t wanna get hit, stay off the tracks” - Matthew Tkachuk

      1. chding zuure

        Sucky by cheapshot retaliation by Kassian. It was a clean hit by Tkachuk.

    17. Justin Bradford

      Kassian did react like kind of a baby though lol I mean come on, they were 2 clean hits, he got his ass handed to him cleanly, then gets mad. Well, hit him back. Fighting is a huge part of the game, and in this case, you have to buy that those hits were dirty to accept Kassian being justified to drop the gloves. I simply don't. I think he reacted like a baby instead of waiting for his chance to hit him back. Weak.

    18. Noledad77

      Not necessarily a dirty hit, but it was definitely dangerous. Kassian overreacted there IMO. Not that he shouldn't be mad, but that was a bit of an overreaction.

      1. schouvler15

        Noledad77 Exactly take a number and find him later if youre mad. Instead he take a bad penalty giving them a pp

    19. Glenn Wettlaufer

    20. Stinky Shit

      It’s about time tkachicken got a taste of what’s comin to him.

    21. Filip Škoda

      Good job Kassian!👍💪

    22. Matthew Tkachuck

      Kassian is gonna get smashed next time

    23. KNK Guy

      Give, take !

    24. Thicky

      I'm out of the loop, why does everyone hate Tkachuk?

      1. schouvler15

        Hes a bit of a rat

    25. canrule08

      Kassian whaled on Tkachuk wow

      1. ceerw buty

        Bro he get man handled

    26. trashiest potato

      Battle of Alberta

    27. Dz Nutz

      He beat his ass like he stole something.

      1. ceerw buty

        Id ko Tkachuk if he was just walking down the street


      ????? 0:54 ??? ?

    29. sonofyah2726

      Caucasoids get away with way to much Crap.....Assault he committed response to legal hit Needs to be removed permanently from nhl.....shouldve been arrested people under illusion there white privilege !!! Only sport fighting allowed Dominated by Caucasoids

    30. My Real Fake Name

      Now this is hockey!

      1. schouvler15

        My Real Fake Name lol. No its not, was such a dumb penalty

    31. C F

      Not sure why so many against Tkachuk on this one. Tkachuk did the right thing. He targeted and laid out their most volatile player which Tkachuk knew he would be able to draw major penalties from because Kassian is an easy one to agitate. Tkachuk was right. Those hits were all clean. Kassian needs to keep his head up and stop looking down at his feet. Tkachuk won his team the game which makes him the real super star of the night. What a smart player. He's the kind of player you hate to go against, but would love to have on your team. And the worst part is, EDM could have had Tkachuk instead they choose Puljujaarvi LOL.

    32. Brian Reid

      Sucky by cheapshot retaliation by Kassian. It was a clean hit by Tkachuk.

    33. J H


    34. seeriu ciihy

      Somewhere Scott Laughton is having a good laugh.

    35. jim ritzheimer

      I love how even the refs didn't step in till the last second

    36. Jason Williams

      Tkachuk got his ass kicked. 😂

    37. Matthew Smart

      That is how the game is suppose to be played you take your anger out and sit for 5

      1. seeriu ciihy

        Kassian is now my new Favorite Player! (And that was very clearly a "Charging" penalty. No idea why it didn't get called but it should have been.)

    38. Parseh Kassapian

      Lucky that first punch didn’t land.We’d be talking about another Todd Bertuzzi story.Tkachuck better man up or he could have his career ended short.

    39. Mike Ruddy

      Id ko Tkachuk if he was just walking down the street

    40. Justin Prymych

      Bro he get man handled

    41. Zarfybear

      Hope Georges mustache can take notes 1 m views Nhl rules need to looked at.

    42. Corey Crane

      Hit of the year

    43. Gniewko Lechia

      Great Job Zack. Well done on this moron

    44. RHKY

      1 million views in less than a week, damn 😂

    45. vbddfy euuyt

      Lol the linemen breaking up the fight is my sister's ex boyfriends brother Travis Toomey he hates Tkachuk. He used to play in the WHL for the Thunderbirds and Blades.

    46. S A

      Hurtan albertans, too much oil never enough booze. I wonder where that guy is these days, i dig his music

    47. Jeff F.

      The Tkachuk boys need to be beaten into comas.

    48. Spencer Reed

      Should be allowed in all Sports 😂😂😂 nehmar deffenitly wouldnt whine so much anymore for example 😂😂

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Kassian did the right thing tossing that little punk around like a chew toy

    49. Joe Horvath

      Tcachuk said it best... “If you don’t want to get hit, get off the track! A great clean hit that won the game for the Flames!!

    50. K KM

      Man versus boy. Wow

    51. The One

      How is that not boarding penalty

    52. Daniel Burns

      Kassian is now my new Favorite Player! (And that was very clearly a "Charging" penalty. No idea why it didn't get called but it should have been.)

      1. Robert Younker

        It wasn't called because it was on Kassian. He's not one of the "important" players according to the NHL

    53. yoguy2k7

      Tkachuk is a coward. Running around like a dummy.

    54. Tyler B

      Reminds me of Chara vs McCabe lol

    55. Mikhail SEN

      Хорошо по ебалу получил)

    56. Jay Chou

      Kassian, do what you gotta do. Finish him!

    57. Eric S.

      Kevin bieksa micheal ferland all over again

    58. Sam Slone

      Good on Kassian

    59. Shinn18

      I find it hilarious how Oiler fans are crying about Tkachuk when they had Mark Messier, the king of blindside headshots on their team back then. He never answered for his cheapshots either.