Greta Thunberg on Averting a Climate Apocalypse | DAVOS 2020

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    Global emissions of carbon dioxide remain on course to rise above 1.5°C despite clear and present risks. How can business and government work together to accelerate the fast and far-reaching changes this goal requires? This session was developed in partnership with the New York Times. This session contributes to the work of the Forum’s Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders, Mission Possible Platform and the Natural Climate Solutions Alliance.
    The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. We believe that progress happens by bringing together people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change.
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    1. Jikson Bodeev

      How have u changed ur face from "cringe" to "CUUTE"?...

    2. G A

      HI LITTLE GRETA IS THE DAVOS 1% BANKROLLING YOU FOR THEIR ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, THE SHEEP LIKE HUMANITY AND THEIR NEFARIOUS FUTURE FOR US? YES PLEASE TELL US HOW YOURE TO PAY FOR YOUR DREAMS? BUT DONT WORRY! THE MISTERIOUS PANDEMIC (of which NO ONE, has asked so far especially your 1%who was making it and with what purpose???), seems to be taking care of the environment. JUST THE WAY YOU WANTED. Doesn’t it worry you people dying like flies?? YOU SEEM VERY SELECTIVE ON YOUR “LITTLE PEEVES”

    3. Madhumonti Singh

      She isn't wrong though. Look at how the air and water is cleaner. Even the ozone layer is healing itself. All cause of this pandemic.

    4. l order66

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    6. Grim Thor

      Climate: warmer Greta: hotter

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    8. Muhammad Ibn Ahmad

      "Global emissions of carbon dioxide remain on course to rise above 1.5°C " MAN I DIDN'T KNOW YOU COULD MEASURE CO2 EMISSIONS IN CENTIGRADE . SCIENCE AT WORLD ECONOMIC FORM.

    9. Faris Akmal

      I dont about you guys but here in Malaysia our temp is getting hotter and hotter and less rainfall every year Just last year we had to ration our water supply and we've never done that before and we are world seventh with the most rainfall

    10. Isaac Alexis Rivera

      the climate isn't the only thing getting hotter

    11. dragon nest2

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    14. Kien

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    15. JoaquiM

      I feel like a good percentage of the views are from memers/normies XD

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    17. atomicdeathray

      How tf is she so pale. Like even a whole raw chicken is darker

      1. atomicdeathray

        @Lord Of Cheese true

      2. Lord Of Cheese

        She's Swedish...

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    19. RiAS

      90% of the comments just talks about how Greta fuckin slays, missing the point of the video. But ey, it's great publicity.

    20. Wibu From VN

      Everyone gangstar ‘till they see Greta in 2020

      1. Hans Madridano

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    21. For Exams

      Someone is getting hot too after climate change

    22. Superplayer2017

      Earth isn’t the only one it’s getting hotter.

      1. Superplayer2017

        Man that came from my imagination, didn’t saw the other comments saying the same before posting this.

      2. atomicdeathray

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    25. Houssin 7

      looks like climate is not the only things that getting hotter

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      Me to greta before: you're just a meme Me to greta now: Perhaps i've treated you too harshly. Ngl greta looks really pretty now.

      1. Joe Hoe

        She is a hoax, they use her to reach their secret are not to harsh. Not the black woman.

      2. atomicdeathray

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      Wait!!! Her face are not the same in the Universal Troll memes...

      1. WWSO

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    29. bút chì màu đen

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    30. Talpent

      Climate isn't the only thing that's getting hotter

      1. gulf Habibi

        Dig Head 💀💀

      2. retiring

        @Dig Head okay dude....

      3. James Furey


      4. Dig Head

        Temperature isn't the only thing that's rising here

      5. JoaquiM

        Ayy yoooo Niceeee XD

    31. Bartosz

      Everybody know about environment pollutions around 20 years ago. At this time I was in elementary school and I remember how works mechanism of accumulation metals like: Hg, Pb, Cd in fishes and causing illness and die. First stage of this chain was a factory.

    32. Bill Myers

      EARTH NEEDS MORE CO2 - at 400 PPM it is currently Starvation Level for Trees and Plant Life. CO2 is the Life of Life on Earth and Humans on Earth. Trees all die if CO2 falls to 150 PPM. Historically, for hundreds of millions of years PPM measured from core samples of the Earth taken worldwide prove CO2 levels in the thousands of PPM. And, that CO2 levels started declining on Earth about 240 million years ago to a measure of only 180 PPM in about 1700 AD on earth. Today CO2 is measured at only 400 PPM on Earth - still starvation level for Trees and plants. Learn the Correct Science and you too will know the facts. More CO2 is needed and necessary - not less. The SUN causes all weather changes on Earth - for billions of years - proven facts from Earth Science; studies core earth land and sea samples containing animal life, sea shells, soils and atmospheres as well as magnetic fields and earth rotation changes since earth time began - The Sun creates a very UNSTABLE Earth - not Humans and our CO2 that is Earth Life GIVER. For the science studies see Diehold Foundation on FIsels documentary "What Causes ICE AGE" as well as another documentary (many of them) presented by Dr. Patrick Moore.

    33. Arthur Zakarian

      How can a teenage girl have such a high impact in international politics, this treaty at Stockholm for children rights completely destroyed the principle of obedience to parents and tradition. It completely destroyed western society... The future is not the west but the east!

    34. corinth chavez

      We no longer hear from this person.....Thank god for that

    35. hermanwahsletn

      Greta did not manage to damage the economy but Corona did. Fortunately CO2 is the gas of life.

    36. Gabriel Codina

      Bring scientists and engineers to the discussion please!!!!

      1. Jeffrey Jewell

        Gabriel Codina noooooo. They brought in an emotional little girl. Seems legit !!!!!

    37. Sissy dani

      Wait why does she look like my cousin-

    38. Peter Petersen

      It is just too much. Calm down.

    39. audiotomb

      Hey Greta. I am a 34 year geologist who not only provides the energy you need every day but also who understand the real science that geologists evaluate from the earth’s own physical data, rocks, isotopes in ice cores, etc. We don’t speculate with models that never predict correctly. You, Climate Alarmists and the WEF are complettely wrong and doing political malace.

      1. Jeffrey Jewell

        audiotomb why is anyone listening to a child that still eats from Disney lunchbox and has no life experience. Let’s just encourage her to read books and leave this to the adults.

    40. Vijay Sharma

      My generation "Z" is going to change this horrendous scenario, I promise you that.

    41. Clement Smith

      If you love plants stop straving them of CO2. More CO2 for plants means more oxigen for us.

    42. Sean Ye

      So now the climate change people want to get into business? And want to tell business people how to run their business. They are more powerful than government.

    43. R D

      Now that Greta is 17 and is of legal age, she needs to get some action to relieve her stress

    44. Robert Grant

      How can someone look 17 and 70 at the same time?

      1. Jana Osman

        She looks 7 what do you mean

    45. Kinnish

      why is anybody listening to a snotty child? We have lost our minds

      1. Ted LaughsAtCreationists

        She sounds a lot smarter than you.

    46. spillarge

      My message to World leaders is; Get a life and stop patronising this girl and pretending that she is more knowledgeable than you. My message to Greta is; Go back to school and this time stay in school and pay attention to your physics teacher. You may actually learn something.

      1. Ted LaughsAtCreationists

        She understands the science. That is her point. You clearly dont.

    47. 087 bed

      Who is the "WE" she refers to.

      1. Egg.

        *W* orld *E* conomic

    48. beetlejuice

      greta youre opinion on weinstein pweazsche...



    50. tubine rotator

      Yes this is not about right and left it about our future and of our kids world we can't let this the way it going on.

    51. KeyboardWarrior

      So how many years has she spent doing climate research?

      1. Gabriel Codina

        Ted LaughsAtCreationists you couldn’t have said it best!

      2. Sean Ye

        Well no doctor can cue you from future forecasts sickness

      3. Ted LaughsAtCreationists

        @KeyboardWarrior So when you get sick you go to medical school and become a doctor. I dont think a bigger tool than you exists.

      4. KeyboardWarrior

        @Ted LaughsAtCreationists In other words she is an ignorant who refers to others because she has not done any research herself.

      5. Ted LaughsAtCreationists

        She refers to climate scientists all the time.

    52. waynebow 2018

      Instead of being distracted by all this climate doomsday talk.... start looking at the world wide economic crash that's happening.

    53. Enterthemind1

      "The right, the left as well as the center, have all failed" Very true.

      1. Jeffrey Jewell

        Enterthemind1 everything is about money. You think they care about the middle class ?! Bahahahahaha

    54. Norman Wilkinson

      Every body is jumping on the band (financial) wagen.

    55. Michael Byrd

      When she says that you are ready to give up for a sustainable future for you children without even trying. That cuts! Hey you greed heads these kids deserve and have a right for a sustainable future free from a climate collapse. You are no better then the poor, uneducated, thugs that you want to point to as the bad guys that have to live in your slums.

    56. John Martz

      This is total bullshit!!!!!

    57. Karthik Bharadwaj

      okay now that everyone acknowledged the elephant in the room, can someone please give me 10 practical ways to do something . Your service will be more helpful than an hour-long speech. Actually @World Economic Forum. Your move first And trust me I m gonna try to do and tell my friends to do it

    58. Gerald Davis

      No. Junk science. Get an education.

    59. binod Sanba

      Greta may you have change the world .I hope you can win nobel peace prize .thank you .I proud of you.Nepal

    60. BlindSniper

      i guess not a child wrote a speach

    61. John Smith

      There is no global warming that we need to change. The Earth is going back to its natural cycle. This is FAKE. They want to DOMINATE YOU.

    62. Captive Exile

      Xie-xie. Xie-xie. Zai jian!

    63. Major Pro Player

      theres no way greta is 17 years old she looks like 12

    64. Enea L.

      Great job Greta! Thank you for raising public awareness on the subject! We are now truly on a race to save human civilization from collapse and ruin. Personally I am big fan of the book "The Great Waves of Change" which helps me find strength and prepare for the challenges ahead.

    65. Shaggy1

      Stop giving her the platform! Send her home too MOM and go back to school!!

    66. Zrob

      *h o w d a r e you*

    67. Ali A

      Shut the f up gretta You don’t think about the effect on stopping exploiting fossil fuels on the economy of a country.

    68. RedSoulful

      She wants to lower CO2 emissions to 0??? WTF??? Does she knows that without CO2 there will be no photosynthesis and therefore no oxygen??? How the hell adults listen to this nonsense and take it seriously?

    69. orin bee

      Greta is saying we are all going to hurt and hurt bad unless real honest change that ends the use of fossil fuels takes place. Forget your useless words that obscure the truth even if the science words used by non scientists are not exact. The meaning is there and voiced by the people.

    70. Dmitry Mrykhin

      So powerful speech by Greta

      1. Duane Hall

        Greta Twatburg.....Time Life puppet of the century....

      2. fishbmw

        By her Father.

    71. 미미나비

      Look at puppets being hypnotized by a 16 years old girl who left school and created apocalypse herself, for 48 minutes straight.

    72. Geir Balderson

      The year of truth, huh?

    73. Sebastian Aratto

      do you even listen the video?

    74. Bub Zilla

      Hypocrite... rich girl getting richer from corporate sponsors in energy market disguised as green policies... Greta was a P.R. stunt.

    75. Veyd Kurup

      She is so overrated

    76. Osiris W

      Earth also has to die some day like human body. With age we excersice and try to stay fit and healthy but eventually life ends sooner or later. Both of us earth and humans are same with diffrent life spam. So just find another planet and also on the same time make earth healthy. Gn

    77. mfxx888

      if there is a so called Apocalypse, then it must be Greta Thunberg. finish your school before making more stupid comments

    78. Official Filmilen

      I support Greta Thunberg. She is a good climate activist

    79. Property Digital

      still reading off notes - passion - she shouldnt need notes - being fed