Greta Thunberg on Whether She’d Meet with the President

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    Climate change activist Greta Thunberg was publicly mocked by President Trump on Twitter, and Ellen asked the 16-year-old whether she would ever meet with him to try to change his opinion on the topic. The teen also discussed inspiring millions of students around the world to organize and attend climate strikes, and how her Asperger’s has been a gift while being an outspoken activist. Plus, Ellen surprised the remarkable teen by revealing a section on ellentube dedicated to Greta and her climate change movement.
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    1. Fl Plays

      Ok, this girl can keep complaining about climate change all she wants but nothing will happen, no one on this earth has the power to change weather. Just get it threw your HUGE coconut head. Edit: I understand that “climate change” is happening particularly due to us but all the damage has already happened and nothing is going to change.

    2. Diego Hernando Rodriguez Gonzalez

      So hard to quit school and travel all around the world...

    3. builder2000

      She is being used by really heartless people.

    4. Es Bee

      2019: autism is a gift

    5. Ayo Aimee

      How dare you

    6. Deez Nuts

      Ellen should show her collection of porshes

    7. Your End Here x

      What cult made her do this

    8. Natalie, init

      Trump : 🧀 Greta: 👺

    9. livewireOr

      Greta on hunger, corruption and violence around the world: Greta on something that's already being taken care of by US and Europe: How dare you.

    10. RickyplaysBass

      Her intro alone brought a tear to my eye. She’s incredible

    11. Kathryn Pitt

      Don't care what anyone says about Greta Thunberg, I think she's an extraordinary and courageous young woman. The 'How Dare You' speech actually made me cry.

    12. Chaitu Lion

      How dare you stolen my childhood

    13. SaltyBwoy

      She’s being told what to say by her parents

      1. bssni touir

        Pollution is a big problem, no matter where you stand in the political spectrum, nobody likes a dirty planet.

    14. 11sdownie

      How dare you?

      1. bssni touir

        Ahh she is amazingg!!

    15. Turnh

      Ngl she pisses me offfff

    16. kucfir rfl

      Btw the reason earth is heating up is because secret societies like the illuminti control the weather and they are doing it to take full control of humans and once they do the temperature will come back to normal somewhere in 2050 or 2058

    17. Robert Davila

      Greta is a Gorge Soros puppet.

    18. Talli

      It’s a very scary topic to think about, this is the reason many people don’t say about the subject that much, though I think that may be starting to change!

    19. Katey Lynn Caballos

      This is so gassy.

    20. Sarah Xx

      I like how they’re protesting about climate change and wasting valuable materials like plastic and paper while they’re carrying a flipping forest while protesting like tf 😂

    21. Genya Arikado

      Greta Jr is much more inspiring and cute! Greta is worthless //Swedish honest guy

    22. Maximiliano Herrera

      Amazing. At just 16yo, without having ever lived in a English speaking country, she speaks a perfect and flawless English. Also, Schawrzenegger gave her an electric car and in just few days she was already able to drive it perfectly. Greta's intelligence is abysmal, i think her IQ should be near 200. Definitely one of the most intelligent human beings ever lived. She is just little bit shy, but she knows how to use irony and sarcasm. I loved how she ridiculed both Trump and Putin. Nobody can stand her sheer intelligence.

    23. Mystical Vortex

      She walked on like she just saw a million ghosts in the audience

      1. Tommy Shelby

        Because she’s from the future

    24. Jack L

      She’s complaining about how law enforcers are forcing her out of school... like go back to school then..

    25. silvercomputer

      The thing is, this girl isn't special. What she is saying isn't anything new she is just saying what scientists proved years ago. I'm fine with giving her praise but don't act like she found some new discovery when what she is saying has been proved many years ago

    26. Honey Cat

      Here she is saying that she is making the world a better place for the environment but then you have MR beast doing about 50x more than she has in a few weeks im telling you Reddit is the future

    27. Bushra Ridha

      She remembered me about some of my classmates. But they never made more attention

    28. Aino H

      Ahh she is amazingg!!

    29. NUKE

      Pollution is a big problem, no matter where you stand in the political spectrum, nobody likes a dirty planet.

    30. Armando P. Problemas

      She has no clue..........worry about the planet? Worry about the nuclear weapons that will be used again, sometime in the future. Russia........ending U.S. hegemony, one day at a time and China ain't putting up with it anymore.

    31. Andrzej 966

      go back to school child

    32. 3hooli


    33. Ramaṇa Bhaṭṭa

      Greta is a very intelligent girl, unlike the university educated, technologically sophisticated, flesh-gorging, liquor-swilling, fornicators who openly criticise and ridicule her. Whatever she says regarding climate-change is the truth, and will happen.

    34. Б Б

      How tf is she 16 she looks about 12


      Ellen's whole show is nothing more than a big carbon foot print. Frauds Frauds Frauds 😆😅😂


      Greta Thunberg is a FRAUD anyone who comes to the United State's in a 60 foot yacht is a Fraud.

    37. Tihi S.

      Biggest hoax in the history of mankind!

      1. beedsj roiue

        And just like that Ellen has lost all credibility what little she had left

    38. Hu,man

      *this is all wrong*

      1. beedsj roiue

        Time traveller

    39. FarhanReacts ToVids

      Wow she's from Sweden but her accent is like Irish

    40. Robin Spencer

      Ellen the war criminal sympathiser Co-opting grass roots movements.

      1. Yrt

        And how exactly did Ellen "co-opt" this movement? By having Greta on her show? Hmmmmmmmmmm.

    41. SuperShekky

      Lul so hillarious

    42. Eduardo Landolt

      She's a tool...literally...

    43. Stevo Canuck

      ellen must be a huge fan for her to promote greta on her website wow

    44. Ni Blue

      I just found out today that she’s a time traveler warning us about the future

      1. Kathryn Pitt

        I've seen the meme doing the rounds on Facebook. Wouldn't that be wild? Of course, it's completely impossible.

      2. kucfir rfl

        I bet you in that in 2060 the temperature is going to be fine

      3. Just Livin

        One photo🤦🏾‍♂️

      4. C Hunter

        Tell me more.. where did you hear this? And what makes you believe this???

    45. KOMROOK

      Idiot will amount to a ZERO in poverty, kid.

    46. tzar 1917

      Lying for the globalist is all she does. Watermelon baby.

    47. Deku Deku

      Who is here after her true identity ( TIME TRAVELLER ) was exposed...😅😅🤣

    48. Abigail Lagman

      thanks for saving the turtles

    49. AllThingsPatty


    50. Zohar Uzuki

      "I wanna change the world but I don't want to talk to the most influencial leader in the world about it, cause the media doesn't like him which means I don't" Yeah way to go.......

    51. NimNim

      I just don't understand the amount of attention she's getting

    52. Liam Liam

      Time traveller

    53. xx zx zxzxx

      And just like that Ellen has lost all credibility what little she had left

    54. M K

      I just the question is would the president want to meet her.

    55. Ruth Brent

      You know something, today I could not go to my Environmental Club meeting today because someone tried to shoot up the school.

      1. Ruth Brent

        @Noa Yariv I am doing better and no one got hurt but there were 2 people outside who were thought to have a gun, and someone pulled a gun out at lunch but they detained him. The person responsible for the threat kept saying there would be a round 2 today so 2/3 of the school was scared to come and I left early because I was really scared myself. Thanks for being concerned though. No one would ever think it would happen in Kingsport T.N.

      2. Noa Yariv

        I am so sorry to hear that. Are you ok now? Was anyone hurt?

    56. Cortney Bolek

      I mean this with complete respect as I have no idea what she experiences...but honestly, I wish I could see the world the way she does. Without the cloudiness and ego. If that makes sense at all. She is pure logic and empathy. I just love her. I want to be more like Greta.

    57. Bella Martinez

      elected officials aren’t doing anything because it’s all a hoax.

    58. Bella Martinez

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂she’s a deep state plant

    59. SHEEPY 14842

      it dead yet ?

    60. Jimmy Singh

      She’s kinda awkward ngl