Greta Thunberg Is Leading a Global Climate Movement

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    For hundreds of thousands of young people around the world, Greta Thunberg is an icon. In August 2018, dismayed by adults’ lack of action on the global climate crisis, the teenager sat herself down in front of the Swedish Parliament, pledging to strike from school every Friday until Sweden aligned its policies with the Paris Agreement. Greta’s actions have earned her a Nobel Peace Prize nomination and speaking engagements at the World Economic Forum and COP24-but most importantly, they’ve encouraged students from all over the globe to stand up for Earth and their futures.
    This is the fourth story in our latest series, “The Brave,” all about the incredible people protecting our Great Big Planet.
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    This story is a part of our Planet Earth series. From mammals to insects and birds to reptiles, we share this great big world with all manner of creatures, large and small. Come with us to faraway places as we explore our great big planet and meet some of its wildest inhabitants.

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    1. Thu Ukulele

      Be Vegan! Go Green! Save The Planet! World Vegan is the best solution!😇🍊🌽🥕🥝🥦🍒🍎

    2. Brenann Slaughter

      Hey sweedish meatball have you heard of shutting up?

    3. D'Angelo DeMember

      “When all the trees are cut down and all the resources used you will realize you can’t eat money.”

    4. Gem Gulmatico

      she needs some education

    5. Nikol Vasileva

      Pure evil love

    6. W Oo

      She is pissing in the wind . Money wins

    7. Coolboy Vlogs

      Greta: the climate crisis is the biggest crisis humanity has ever been with Me in 2020: CORONA!!! The end has come

    8. Aleksandar Volkanovski

      Greta just rages chaos, climate change IS real, but she doesn’t take real action, why doesn’t she take real scientific measures instead of skipping school, she needs to educate herself before she protests and makes speeches that look like horror movies.

    9. Seth Villeda

      You know, after thinking about it, if you don't eat meat some other person will just buy it anyway!! 😂😂😆

      1. Rhys

        ever thought that if no one bought it, then there would be no demand for it? use your brain and understand what she is saying

    10. Seth Villeda

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    11. Gee

      Greta Thunberg people: "there is no planet B" Vsauce : or is it ?


      Greta : we must save the world. Also Greta: rides in a fuel consuming car.

    13. Ruhul Quddus

      well i see some contribution gets highlighted while some don’t. It’s luck.

    14. Maya Starla

      its a cycle everyone's just panicking about a cycle that takes thousands of years

    15. Elodie Miller

      She’s not DIFFERENT! She’s UNIQUE and AMAZING!

    16. mr. yaint

      We build our future as young people! We don't fight for it. We are the ones to save our planet by going to school and be at the zenith of our brilliancy. Thunberg only encourages us to stall our progress in being able to save the planet. Our house is on fire and we're not gonna extinguish the fire by throwing political leaflets at it!

      1. triplex

        Mr. Yaint, I agree.

      2. Elodie Miller

        mr. yaint don’t agree

    17. Bryce Lee

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="280">4:40</a> she has a gas heater

      1. helen clark

        So what

    18. Bryce Lee

      They live in a country that plants 20 million trees a year and they are the ones protesting

    19. Chromicon

      she should be speaking in Chinese and Hindi because they have the most emissions

    20. A.M.O

      Why tf she blaming old people like my dad 😂

    21. Alexander Kadilli Just watch that

    22. TheDaves1

      Go back to ruddy school and get back to the real world

    23. vritek fritula

      How dare you

    24. Bling Boss

      If you want to protest I recommend you protest in India or China as they are the biggest polluters to the environment who somtimes hide there effect on the environment correct me if I’m wrong. Using facts in arguments makes them more logical . Emotions appeal to those who have trouble understanding facts. Both work however facts Appel more towards those who are sceptical.

    25. Flamboyant Guy

      Great big story, pls stop supporting her.

      1. Forever monster

        ya now nobody talk about her lmao

    26. Ellie Rafat

      It’s kind of dumb, they say to kids: LET THE GROWN UPS HANDLE IT” But now, they don’t care so we have to do this. In other words, kids are smarter than leaders😐

    27. FromThànhLongWithLuv

      Greta now : *HoW DArE yoU* Greta 8 more years : *Who tf was her ?*

    28. Ayesha Sanaa Shaikh

      Saving the nature is very important as were dependent on it and if there are no trees than there is no oxygen produced and if there is no oxygen produced it will mean that there will the be no life left on our Planet Earth. We all need to Recycle,Reuse,Recover,Reduce and also Protect,Restore and Fund.

    29. Ayesha Sanaa Shaikh

      I support Greta Thunberg . I am with her and i am really glad that there are now millions of people globaly supporting it. It is true that there are climate changes around the globe and if we do not do something now then our future is on fire...the worst is that the Amazon rainforest also known as the lungs of the Earth had caught fire. IT IS NOW OR NEVER!!

      1. Elodie Miller

        Ayesha Sanaa Shaikh I support her as well

    30. 9traktor

      She`s doesn`t look good anymore...

    31. Tomato person aka salsa tomato

      HOW DARE YOU don’t talk about the memes

    32. Kevin

      this child and her parents are no icons they are fake and dont have a clue such bullshit

    33. raphael brito

      why should we clean the shit the adults have left for us

    34. RiskItBiscuit C

      Seems like nowadays you can just walk up a stage, address an issue that is well-known among people, and just become famous.

    35. Akarsh Kudrimoti

      That is no reason to skip school. I feel like she does not realize that the "adults" are going to be gone one day and the next generation will have to fix this. School is the best way to solve this problem because with this you can go to college and engineer something to pull out of this situation.

    36. oliviaxx

      How dare you?

    37. SSYoda

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="312">5:12</a> excuse me what?

    38. liama liama

      greta is a scam artist

    39. SharpShadows

      It's fine... The Last Airbender should be appearing any minute now and fix all this.

      1. SSYoda

        SharpShadows fr

    40. E Rea

      Look up Naomi Seibt

    41. Ryan Pyatt

      I love this story but she said she stopped eating meat but at 6 minutes and 20 seconds she eats meatballs

      1. SSYoda

        Ryan Pyatt oh my goodness she does

    42. Farid Rizka Nugraha

      Why did u care so much about climate change? Is the climate or nature feel ever care about u doesn't it?

    43. Ali Shaikh


    44. Bite Me

      Greta please give us your views on the Corona virus, the stock market and what kind of dog food I need to feed Skippy. I think 11 year olds are so smart and need to tell us what to do.

    45. George Panazza

      Is this a meme

    46. Alistair Wright

      HOW DARE YOU!!!! This is the only way i knew her

    47. Tanvir Hasan

      I dont know i cant take her seriously

    48. אוהד יופה

      1. climate change is real 2. it is being coused by the sun's cyclicality 3. the human effect on climate change is peripheral, and should not be bothered by us

    49. Ryan Pithey

      “We don’t want you to be hopeful, we want you to panic”. 😂🤣😂Lol when does panicking ever solve anything?

    50. 《Nxtural 》

      How dare you

    51. Car guy

      Yall remember Alex from Minecraft? This is her now

    52. Marie-Brigitte Souci


    53. Emanuel Silla

      To be honest i don't have a good reason not to and to bash her . . . We'll see what the true agendas of this group actually fight for when they have actually made the so called change . . Whilst eating in one of the finest countries we in a asian and many in africa and india have one of the highest poverty rates i think she should protest when she has felt what the mass are tackling and why they result to pollution and other harms to our ecosystem.

    54. Fabio Vallana


    55. Emanuel Silla

      Hah ! That's funny . .

    56. Emanuel Silla

      After a year or so this will just be another Malala . . . No hate but yeh !

    57. Gavin Pedro

      she is old news

    58. MR UNUSUAL

      Biggest crisis in 2020 Coronavirus

    59. Duck

      If the world ends That’ll be pretty cool

    60. Ken Smith

      Flat earth is bigger, Gretta needs to live in China

    61. Lord OfBaltic

      Greta isnt solving the problem she just incurage a tension in the world

    62. Bootahdah The 1st

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    63. Equal Sky

      Wow greta looks like the real life Minecraft Alex in the thumbnail

    64. OMG_tìs_VRP

      Who else first heard about her before now in 2020?

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    66. Karen Yazidi

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    67. R O S E

      I love Cyling dont frickin cut down the trees i need it to breath and guest what we have cut down trees to make a bike trail but 1 tree will be equal to 5 tree plants and Philippines are getting hotter this days we need to take care our planet and i want to see my son biking around and smile with his friends

    68. 3lord switch

      Welp corona will help the reason “hey greta blame china for the corona and wuhan, italy, etc lockdown probebly your dead sorry,”

    69. Krish Batra

      but like she just talks about climate change and does nothing, but on the other hand mr beast planted 20 million freaking trees and that too before 2020. come on what type of world is this???

    70. Domokenz

      How Dare You?!?!?

    71. Seth Sorden

      Well guess what..... Climate change made by man is fake.

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    76. TJ TUBER

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    77. ryan salloman

      she doesn't have any solutions towards global climate. She only speaks about us fixing it but how?

    78. Zak0

      Adults don’t give a damn about my future? Have you planted 20 MILLION trees or not? ( Mr Beast)

    79. Henry Stroup

      climate change isn't as bad as people say. A bit of smoke isn't going to cause the end of the world. We should try to help it, but if it;s not as big of a deal as Greta here says it is, what is the point.

    80. P0klas GT

      she looks like shes on drugs