Greta Thunberg Says 'It's Extremely Likely' She Had Coronavirus



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    Greta Thunberg shared a health update with her 10 million Instagram followers after spending two weeks in self-isolation amid the coronavirus pandemic. The teenage climate activist revealed why she believes she contracted COVID-19, describing symptoms she and her father experienced upon returning home from a trip to central Europe. Greta explained that in her native Sweden, one can't get tested for the illness unless they need emergency medical equipment, so she's had to follow recommendations to shelter in place on her own, even finding temporary lodging away from her mother and sister.
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    Greta Thunberg Says 'It's Extremely Likely' She Had Coronavirus


    1. Gregory Roscow

      Oh, no doubt disturbed that COVID-19 has stolen her thunder. The only thing more annoying is the mechanical voice of the newsreader.

    2. mark price

      Hey look, it's Linda Blair. The Exorcist remake

    3. harrison kurunathan

      who cares

    4. Nikol Vasileva

      Oo how a cute girl do you like babys

    5. Alberto William Alves Viana

      Get better, your actism is a great directive. Its also good to hear from you.

    6. Sr. Manager of COVID-19

      Hiii Lovely little Angel God bless U

    7. harun koc

      Yet i am one of the lucky ones.

    8. W Oo

      Stop traveling .

    9. Indeliblystamped Supertramp

      Ok, so she had the flu then ?

    10. Sarah Monaghan

      i wonder has anyone ever seen her smile. ...even a grin..???? .nope

    11. Alex Arcila

      Hey first good thing this year

    12. not2tees

      God bless us, one and all. - Tiny Tim (?)

    13. Frank Womack


    14. e r

      how in the hell did she catch coronavirus in the middle of the Atlantic ocean on a dugout?

    15. TheRueuhy

      Does anyone else question the age she's purported to be? She doesn't look older than 12. I think there's a false narrative to her and her story. And her (if in fact she's actually a female) parents really need to be held accountable.

    16. Don't Trust China China is Asshoe

      It wasnt Coronavirus it was Relevance Deprivation Virus

    17. El Matador Del Mar

      "You Have No Power Here!" xD

    18. Gerhard Zeitler

      How dare are you? How many corona infected worldwide are you responsible for. You will defeat the virus you caught, but Fridays for Future urgently needs a ventilator

    19. R W

      I so look forward to watching this train wreck unfold in a few years.

    20. denzel I

      How dare you

    21. jay blair

      no good greta

    22. macb43 ishere

      Hmmm. Maybe more time away from us would be wise Gretal!! How about making really sure and going to your room for a year. Bye bye.

    23. Levi Brennan

      Oh I remember her!

    24. steve hut

      Commie got a cold, now she wants us to bow down to her globalist commie lie!

    25. Andrew McCabe

      Greta: How Dare you close the schools. How will the generations of children strike? Wait! What? COVID19 l must have it. I guess I should not have mingled with that crowd of protesters. Oh well back to my leggo and coloring in books while in isolation. Lol

    26. Eric

      You all don't understand do you ? …… What if we continue to do nothing on AGW, it would be as if we continued to do nothing on Covid 19. We must use this virus as a example of what will happen under climate change. But it is good the virus came along when it did because there are now less fossil fuels being burnt.

    27. Alan Knotts

      She was a T chernobyl when it exploded and survived, she was on concorde when it crashed, she survived that, etc etc etc

    28. Yaşam Felsefesi

      What are ID 2020 and EVENT 201? CONSPIRATION Coronavirus Vaccine

    29. Vultrexz

      If it is extremely likely.. why is she outside and not inside. If she really has it, the amount of people with Covid-19 might double like in Korea

    30. Nicholas Picorelli

      Just searched for Greta Thunberg, I was wondering where she was...

    31. trend trend

      Normal..the most stupid country of all with no confinement measures!

    32. Wagie Cagie

      bye bye, kid

    33. Tommy Mount


    34. David Bradley

      She’s just an attention seeker it’s unreal !!!

    35. samy Mister

      Poor Little Greta !!!!!

    36. lying to the moon

      Go away Turdberg!

    37. Susan Palto

      He better stay the fk home . He said once the vaccine is out he will get it.

    38. martin martin

      Hal dar ju. 🇵🇱

    39. r Negoro

      Well she seems happy, less pollution ? less cars , planes, emissions no activity. This is probably her time.

    40. Mike pech

      Go for a swim in a pool of plastic and pop can tabs. It kills the virus. If you can't find one of them, just roll around in your car. Was enough of that stuff in it.

    41. ROMA Portugal

      Well both of them felt the same way, And then she did go to a bad country of corona.. And there’s like not really good testing right now so it could actually really happen vs the people who don’t believe her. It can happen to YOU also

    42. Jeffrey Sean

      Too bad. Where do i sign the get well card?

    43. Leszek Matti Janus

      omg how pathetic you are ...

    44. Daniel

      She went into isolation after watching

    45. Skeletor

      Maybe if she stopped travelling around Europe she would not become a vector of infection for others. Someone like Greta would be able to get tested ANYTIME , guaranteed. The only reason she claims she cannot be tested, is because she already knows the results ( negative) and she prefers to victimize herself by dancing around her "uncertain diagnosis" as it brings more headlines.

    46. Doro Ziol

      Świat kompletnie zidiociał.,gdy poważnie słucha tej niedouczonej i manipulowanej przez spryciarzy nastolatki

    47. 澳ㄜㄛㄡㄘㄓ愛

      she says how dare you to the worlds leader that they dont do anything about the climate,but she too dont even do anything,what an attention seeker

    48. hedy lamarr

      off the radar this issue maybe for years .

    49. The Alien

      I’m guessing her royalty checks are drying up now that there’s a new annoying thing the world is focusing on 😂

    50. Chris Johnson

      BULL! She did it for the publicity.

    51. Akash Gupta

      Idiot. Can't even go to a hospital to get tested.

    52. videoFusion

      How dare you!

    53. Eric Robinson

      Lol she lies all the time, so fake

    54. Gajesh Prajapati

      Still better than Ananya Pandey.

    55. Melvorgazh

      Who cares about that 27 years old woman? Not welcome in Belgium!!

    56. Wesley Davidson

      she looks like she got in fights over why it’s called “social studies” and not history class.

    57. bird nest

      Some other fake ...wannabe publicists

    58. AUTUMN

      Good luck Greta and looking forward to the end of this pandemic and any future efforts from you 😊🌎

    59. Paul Kirby

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a> "Despite the common *misconception* that COVID-19 primarily affects the elderly and immune compromised..." Is it really a misconception that COVID-19 primarily affects the elderly and immune compromised? Or is this just misinformation?

      1. Tony SA23

        Definitely more disinformation from this child. But you already knew that.

    60. zombie1969zom

      Bei der nächsten FfF-Demo einfach auf genügend Abstand achten. Gute Besserung. Diese Krankheit ist niemand zu wünschen.

    61. y n

      hope she $$$$ on corona virus.

    62. Fredrik Almighty


    63. Hugh Hughes

      In my opinion She said her and her father went all over Europe. Then self QUARITINED. I wonder how many they infected on their tour.

    64. SRSpoony

      She is lying and then some.

    65. Edward Gross

      Hopefully she stays in isolation for decades

    66. Wotan II

      Yeah, sure ...

    67. Faster Jeff

      Natural selection.

    68. 51 50


    69. peter dekker


    70. x— —o

      How dare you... People are dying, and you’re just trying to make yourself interesting,

    71. mdlyonn 00

      Nah, she was just suffering from lack of attention.

    72. Mental Philanthropist

      She just can't stand life outside the spotlight can she. What's next dancing with the -tar- stars?

    73. CK Allen

      Has Greta had time to share her news with Just Harry & Duchess Meghan? The young lady should call the duchess first...Just Harry takes things WAY too seriously (over the phone).

    74. Alex Kim

      Yeah sure

    75. Political Fashionista

      how much to get sick?

    76. mark madigan

      Amazing girl,she can see CO2 that no other human can,and now she can self diagnose a virus without a test.

    77. javier navarro

      Man she needs to stop flexing her white privilege.

    78. IThinkWithMy Dick

      Consider this global shut down for the coronavirus as just a TRIVIAL DRESS REHEARSAL for the necessary global shut down to fight anthropogenic global warming (AGW) & to spare the precious remaining amount of oil for getting onto renewable energy.

    79. IThinkWithMy Dick

      Why should we believe ALARMIST BULLSHIT about a HOAX "coronavirus"? TRUMP HIMSELF said that the coronavirus was a hoax and not serious.

    80. IThinkWithMy Dick

      Trump & Ben Shapiro & Jordan Peterson are all children. Can't believe that adults look to brainwashed fossil-fuel-paid childish shills like them for leadership.