Greta Thunberg stares down Donald Trump as he arrives for UN climate summit

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    Greta Thunberg briefly crossed paths with Donald Trump at the United Nations in New York on Monday. Thunberg, the Swedish climate activist, fixed Trump with a steady stare as he arrived at the UN to attend a meeting on religious freedom. The US president decided to snub a major UN climate summit, held on the same day
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    1. Guardian News

      One mother's mission to create an army of Greta Thunberg's ►

      1. Dakota Clarke

        This video single handily just made 10000 more Trump supporters....!

      2. Dave Arnold

        When I see Trump walking like that, I know he just came out of a burger joint, sir can I have 15 combos. 😆 LOL

      3. Jon Lentsch

        Uneducated brats?

      4. Gared Stark

        Who'd want an army of entitled whiny rich kids who hadn't had to work for anything a day in their lives and never faced any actual adversity?

      5. James Jones

        Trump 2020. The truth will set you free.


      Greta : how dare u. Trump: who tf are u.

    3. I agree with everything you say

      The awesome power of the blank

    4. Ismail Marsh

      She's a nobody who liberals try to make a somebody. As soon as President Trump walked in, nobody noticed her anymore.😂

    5. Richard Rout

      Really, how stupid have we become

    6. Desk Top

      nice acting.

    7. Corey Fulcher

      Whenever I feel like I need a laugh...All I have to do is come back here & watch this "Poor', delusional girl! 🤣🤣🤣

    8. Amartya Raj

      *kill bill siren starts playing*

    9. Justin Heras

      Omg Greta creeping

    10. strangerkain

      What a little loon ,now it's fine the crazy ones that support our agendas and elevate and push the b.s.. We are all done from Japan but that won't be fast enough roll out g 5

    11. Jacqueline Munian

      Despite how, some people feel about Greta, the fact that she speaks more intellectual and stares more furiously than Donald trump can not be denied...

    12. zomby GI

      :)) why is this presented like its some epic showdown. Nothing is happening here. It only shows that shes just a child. Your hero is a pouting child. Are her parents worried what growing up in the public eye will do to her or was it their idea to turn her activism into a brand and they are just exploiting her? I have to many questions about why this is a thing

    13. Stephen Kikon

      When she grows up she will be no different than the Kardashians

    14. Dany9823

      So much hate on her.

    15. Ange Browne

      Rescue Greta Tintin and take him off the puberty blockers & tranquilisers campaign#

    16. Martin C

      Heck, I've would have walked past her as well, that is how unimportant and irrelevant she is...

    17. Madelyn Johnson

      WTF??!! She is on special girl (in a weird way)!!

    18. Alex Christopher

      *Donald Trump inhaling oxygen to stay alive. Greta- "How dare you?"

    19. Todd K

      *Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme Plays*

    20. Lo Saeyang

      walking in like a fukin boss

    21. Steve Maclaren

      We all care about the planet but her looks of hate will get her nowhere.

    22. Richard

      "Oooh! Oooh! Where is he? Is that him coming around the corner? Time to get my scowl on! Arrrgh! Arrrgh! Look how mad I am you.. you climate denier!"

    23. daskarman

      oh the little scheming liar ignored in the corner - facial expressions on that kid are priceless !

    24. Daniel Clark Clark

      Both have very strong views, donald loves debt, Greta loves the environment.

    25. SloopJohn B

      President Trump is the Smartest politician, don't listen to fools. Know what's right for the country.

    26. Hardie Bear

      Greta Thumberg aka The Meme Target.

    27. wendy nash

      Do they really think some girl who doesn’t have a clue what she is talking about really going to stare down the most powerful man in the world

    28. Paul Walker


    29. Arron P.

      Blame trump......fukin Democrats

    30. yre

      i was searching for this video so i typed in 'greta thunberg the office', can't believe it worked lol

    31. Mr Awesome

      future LGBT vegan activist

    32. paula Lyeo

      Who ruined your childhood? How long has this climate change activity lasted? HOw much money did this organization get by telling people such a big name: protecting the globe. Why the globe pollution is getting worse every year? Please think, if a person ask you : please give me your money, you will tell him/her to go away. If a person tell you , I will protect the globe, you need give me money. Well, that is so great! When you look at our globe , the pollution is getting worse and worse, especially in Pakistan, India and china. Not USA, or Europe, or Japan. If the pollution is not worse in USA, why this girl claimed president Trump ruined her childhood?She is 15 years old, but President trump has been elected only 4 years.

    33. Rebecca Pressley

      Does Greta own any clothes other than the pink jacket ?

    34. 8484terry

      You see her eyes light up for a nano second, because the most famous man on earth is entering the room, then her programming kicks back in.....oh ya I'm supposed to look angry bleep bloop bleep

    35. Maze Labyrinth

      Imagine having such a delusional view of your own significance that you believe the President of The United States actually knows you exist when you're a 17 year old girl from Sweden.

    36. Bohlin

      I got a feeling that someone tell her that "When you see Trump, cross your arms and look very grumpy. It will make a great shot!"

    37. David Benefield

      Guardian News? More like Guardian Clickbait.

    38. RBG02005

      Hahahaha, she’s actually pouting and she doesn’t even live in America.

      1. lemurian chick

        RBG02005 Those are two random, unrelated thoughts.

    39. Terry Cadwell


    40. Daood Zafar

      Lol trump didn’t even notice her 😂 😂 😂

    41. MediaSock

      Greta's expression after she's told it's time for bed.

      1. Bryan C

        No that's her expression when she's told it's time to stop all this running around she's been doing and has to go back to school.

    42. kacperkrakowski

      How dare you stare at donald trump like that

    43. P.E. P

      He didn't even notice she was there. I see she has that same "angry little troll face" on! She is a puppet, let time pass, no one will even remember her name....

    44. C Nault

      Guardian News,you need to fire your proofreader. The title of the video is "Greta Thunberg stares down Donald Trump........" It should be"Greta Thunberg stares at the back of down Donald Trump's head"

    45. Henry Lu

      My custom character in the background during a cutscene:

    46. Hannah P

      this little girl needs to learn respect.

    47. Hola Burger

      Change the title to *Little brat looks as the big Don enters*

    48. Rose Todaro

      Psst, Greta you’re on the verge of smiling Dammit! 😡

    49. Jack miles the hedgehog

      Damn she's pissed

    50. Frank James

      Gretta met with a number of VIPs over time, it was a set up to popularize her and thus her handlers NWO socialist agenda .. Trump ignoring her was indeed the proper message.

    51. Chris Coghlan

      She's an angry teenager being manipulated by her parents and the left. Listen to her speeches. She says nothing to very little and uses a lot of terminology that she would not be able to explain if asked to.

    52. PATRIOTIC RockaRoller

      I love how he doesn't give two shits that she's way in the back

    53. PATRIOTIC RockaRoller

      Cameraman: Yeah, lemme just film Greta, this'll be great" Trump: walks in Cameraman: Sorry greta, Trump is a bigger icon than you

    54. Joey Nitro

      Does anyone know where the still Dre version is?

    55. Jimmy Ireland

      She should have flew at him like a vampire bat 🦇 yanked off his wig and sunk her teeth into his skull lol

    56. Roxy Gyo

      Proud arrogant men will fall. It is a FACT.

      1. jan simonides

        Greta is no man

    57. Furor Frisii

      STares down. WHOEHEHAHAHA! It must be the leftie extremist guardian to state something as stupid as this. A BILLIONAIRE, TOUGH NEGOTIATOR WHO GETS STARED DOWN BY A AUTISTIC CHILD? In WHAT UNIVERSE?

    58. True Survivor

      ah yes staring at the back of peoples heads whatever that means

    59. Nikhil Kumar Sharma

      That stare kills👺

    60. Scott Brough

      President Trump rules! It's really too bad so many people put so much value on the utterances of an immature child.

    61. mrfrosty3

      She looked a little bit silly. Her family's little touring church of climate doomsaying may be on its last legs.

    62. Manas

      Chutiya aurat

    63. RabidNemo

      When the most powerful man in the Free world walks in and you're no longer the center of

    64. ally enright

      Trumps, like, main psych tactic is staring down the world.

    65. D Man 20_06

      When the kid that the special ed kid hates for seemingly no reason walks in

    66. Sanja Simic

      That poor child has been MK Ultra' d up the wazoo. She's probably program to get triggered any time she hears his name or sees him.

    67. B Carver

      Stared down?? 😂😂 All she did is look like a bratty child pouting in the corner!!

    68. Kevin O'Rilley

      Sad how it takes a 16 year old girl from Sweden to tell world leaders to pull their fingers out on global warming

    69. John Paul Syphon

      That little scowling brat needs to be spanked on international tv.

    70. bill gates

      Man made Global Warming is a scam designed to give government enormous power and control over people's lives. And let's not forget how much they are going to tax you too.

    71. Van de neu

      Angeblich weltbekannte Thunfisch und wird vom Präsidenten einfach links liegen gelassen. HAHA 😂

    72. Crazy Kitty world

      He’s not an orange 😮

    73. Slim Young

      I think she's just jealous that mr. president is getting all the attention.

    74. katbulooo

      If a 40ish White male, had given President Obama that look, the damn Secret Service would have been on him like flies on a gut pile...LMAO!

    75. Dennis Hart

      She's all excited looking, steps forward, and robotically initiates the 'angry comical cat' stare...

    76. Blazebonnie Maizey

      75 percent are sheep .

    77. Bradley Bakken

      I hate this child!!!

    78. leah K

      No one: .... Kurds looking at Trump after betraying rojava:

    79. Paul Taylor

      I should be in school on the other side of the ocean,how dare you!

    80. Martin Balber

      Stares down Trump ? Trump doesnt even notice the little brat