Guns Akimbo - Official Trailer (2020) Daniel Radcliffe


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    Miles' (Daniel Radcliffe) nerdy existence as a video game developer takes a dramatic turn when he inadvertently gets caught up as the next contestant with SKIZM, an underground gang live-streaming real-life deathmatches. While Miles excels at running away from everything, that won't help him outlast Nix (Samara Weaving), a killer at the top of her game. In select theaters February 28, 2020.

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    1. M.A ZAHER

      how will he reload

    2. Odbayar B

      Harry Potter what are you doing?

    3. Roman Bocquet

      I thought this men was Harry Potter ...

    4. human light

      Did i just see whole movie

    5. Michael Ron Revecho

      why can he just unbolt the gun?

    6. GoodStar Gaming

      He's immune to tetanus

    7. Prince 1002

      What does he do when the bullets are over ?

    8. JacobiteBhoy

      He's done some cool movies outside that Harry potter garbage.

    9. Mc

      I feel like this movie is pointless


      Seems like Running Man updated..

    11. Marcus Tackett

      looks trash

    12. AaronPlaysN123

      Harry Is Holding A Gun 100 Points To Gryyfindor

    13. Louis Cipher

      This trailer had me cracking up. Can't wait

    14. Steven Dalloesingh

      Loved it!! Very original concept! Not like some of these cheap reboot bastard ideas..

    15. Damian Bernini

      Akguien español porfa vor

    16. LudaCritz

      Uhhh... no, no thanks.

    17. Andre Safitri lopez

      Harry needs his wand.

    18. ytRbro

      so this is harry potter fused with psycho gun dude? 😂😂😂😂😂

    19. Dauda András

      Harry Potter and the American Accent.

    20. Ok Bb

      The name of music in 1:18 please

    21. President T Nediserp

      Looks like more disconnected white Hollywood garbage.😪

    22. tommy d

      Harry Potter meets Quentin Tarantino

    23. HA SH

      all comments are harry potter bullshits, did anyone watch the movie?

    24. Wanted Games

      the real question is...HOW THE FRIK DOES HE RELOAD ?

    25. Lord Poshname Von Plumbingparts

      Harry really didn't take Snapes death well at all did he?

    26. Liam Storer

      Just hilarious.


      Seriously who’s idea was this

    28. Twain Driver

      Keep thinking of the FreddyW skit while watching this.

    29. Flynn Taggart

      0:59 doom poster

    30. Questions Answers

      Harry Potter, where are your glasses?

    31. bigman lizard

      harry potter

    32. Richard Zilver

      I demand a DNA test to see if Daniel Radcliffe might be the son of Nicholas Cage

    33. Akssh ROY

      Must watch just excited like this all action movies

    34. SuperSmashAdams

      Can't make a whole movie about a guy with guns bolted to his hands. Actually it's super easy bearly an inconvenience

    35. frosts maker

      Okay, I can feel it after Harry Potter. He will resurface again !!

    36. Kristo Sidron

      harry potter is the gun master

    37. Majo Alcampado

      You’re a wizard, Harry!

    38. senthil kumar vignesh

      Harry Potter and the psychotic muggals

    39. Ferry Yap

      Why do I get "Nerve" vibes

    40. Raden Andrianto

      1:18 I know this song, the singer was Indochine/DeadOrAlive 😍

    41. God Rimmer

      Harry Potter mass shooting

    42. shad

      The best part is, now we have context for the meme

    43. Rob Duguay

      Testing Daniel Radcliffe’s action movie potential to get him ready for Bond.

    44. Glen Coco

      genuinely thought this movie came out years ago when the meme blew up.

    45. Lei Tregjok

      Looks fun❤️

    46. 野比 のび太

      Daniel Radcliffe (The Next Wolverine)

    47. Q x i a

      i love his american accent

    48. Brandon gaming TV

      Harry potter + ready or not = guns akimbo

    49. InsideOutStupid


    50. Ryonin Marada

      Is the idea of this movie taken from a Japanese Manga story?

    51. Ayush Khanal

      *Harry Potter but with guns*

    52. N0ah D13rk5

      Kinda got a Video Game vibe from it or something.

    53. Scott K

      Calling it now. This movie is gonna cause seizures.

    54. Vlad L

      Every none American here: what do you do with guns nailed to your hands? Every American: how do I reload?

      1. White Dinamo

        That was actually my first thought XD

    55. Vlad L

      Sure Hermiony looks weird this days.

    56. Vlad L

      Well. That's how canadians see you Americans anyway. Is that really a movie? Or just Tuesday.

    57. flower 8787

      When you give modern weapons to Harry

    58. Aulia Safadila azza

      Why do you prefer guns instead avada kadavra

    59. javis88h

      So THIS is the movie Radcliffe was photographed for

    60. Arts Hedite

      I heard harry potter can use some gun in this movie