Gwyneth Paltrow Is Insane and Goop Is Hurting Everyone


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    This is the greatest pseudoscience silliness of All Time

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    1. Debashish Chakravarty

      this made me go to goop, and also saw your video on 2x, coz rants are better faster


      If there was a Netflix show of a bunch of men collectivly orgasming it would be a public outrage

    3. maddog

      This reminded me of that king of the hill episode with dale gribble selling bee stings to stupid uppity people from "Austin tx" lol

    4. arturoperezify

      Pepper really went off the deep end after Tony died.

    5. Nikolaj Jensen

      Fishy ?

    6. c. isabelle

      My parents didn’t vaccinate me, I didn’t even really know and have been making fun of the movement. I found out when I was fifteen that I had never been vaccinated as an infant and that my parents had lied to me when I started asking questions as a teenager. I literally had to fight for my right against my parents to decide for myself to get vaccinated, not to mention the horrible health issues I had all my life that could’ve probably been avoided. The doctors were startled, everybody was dumbfounded, it was like trying to explain exponential growth to a toddler, they simply wouldn’t understand. The worst part is knowing I also put other children in danger with not being vaccinated, that I was literally an unnecessary danger to society. I’m vaccinated now, but it completely damaged the already fickle relationship with my parents. Thank God I grew up to be an independently thinking being.

    7. mnika voli

      Gwyneth Paltrow: "I'm an environmentalist" Proceeds to kills bees & even her clients with homeopathic therapy

    8. Maria Zou

      The lizard ppl conspiracy theories are actually really harmful as well. They build on antisemitic tropes and are often used as a nazi/alt-right dog whistle.

    9. Lixxie Licious

      I know everyone is saying “Why would I want a candle that smells like dead fish?” And all I can think is that my pussy doesn’t smell like that. It smells like sweet and sour sauce.

    10. Lixxie Licious

      I’d like to say, if there are any kids with anti vaxer parents who see this, ask you doctor the next time you see them if there is any way to get a vaccine without your parents knowing. My dad is an anti vaxer and I told my doctor’s nurse about it and she and another nurse went to see if they could get me one in secret. I got vaccinated to protect myself from a completely curable disease, and my dad never found out!

      1. mnika voli

        How much would it cost to have Chief Keef lead the crusade against the Goop Lab?

    11. Violet Blue

      Honestly her skin are glowin but she doesn't look younger, main purpose of most skincare. Her eyes wrinkle!! I feel like she is fail herself, why ppl following her?

    12. D G

      Gywenth (is not my) Pal trow

    13. Master of the First Race of the Universe, The Ultimate Conqueror.

      I thought netflix has no ads. This Goop thing is clearly a scam infomercial.

    14. CrazyRussianDiaries

      0:40 That's what most industries do to some extent though...

    15. iris

      lmao i wouldn't say its worse than scientology, but yeah thats some crazy shit right there

    16. Little Blizzard

      Gross. I’m not even going to click on the show to give it a “Thumbs Down”.

    17. Raihannah Taylor

      Wanna know what's funny? I didn't know anything about Goop, Goop products, or that Gwyneth Paltrow even started a company called Goop. I didn't even know other FIselsr's were talking about it. This video just opened up an entire Goop recommendation for me that I didn't ask for. So, not only am I informed, but I'm also being harassed. Thanks.

    18. ellieminnow

      So they fucking cancel Bojack Horseman and act like no one hates them for that (I do, I fucking hate you for that Netflix) and think all will be forgiven when the Bojack fans log in to see this is the stupid bullshit they have to offer now? Just fuck you Netflix!

    19. Wysse K.

      Everyone is talking about Tony Stark being a victim. Boys: Chris Martin had to put up with this in real life.

    20. Mariah Johnson

      Without even being 2 minutes in and I'm dyinggggg

    21. Will Pearce

      Goop: not wearing shoes will cure you’re depression 14 year old Billie Eilish fans: rips of avocado socks and white Air Force 1s

    22. NintendoFanBoy07

      Crazy Hollywood weirdos. I swear I was typing that as you said it LOL!! But yes they are weird and crazy.

    23. Alexis Perron

      Not surprised considering the number of loony fundie Christian stuff that made it on Netflix already... (seriously, there were even freakin' Kirk Cameron "documentaries" at one time)

    24. Ethan Compton

      "This item is sold out" lolol

    25. Darth Invade Her

      How much would it cost to have Chief Keef lead the crusade against the Goop Lab?

    26. Megan McGuyre

      The candle apparently smells like citrus and florals, I believe. If Gwyneth's snatch smells like that it must be drier than a saltine

    27. Alexander

      Agree but will say there may be something to earthing (walking barefoot on the earth's surface).

    28. mcsmaria28

      1:07 - and she’s selling that awful thing for $75?? How much did it cost to make, two cents? OMG.....I can’t even....

    29. Universome

      5:33 Based

    30. Addicted to Reality

      Ya like you know anything about the side effects of vaccines lol.

    31. Peusterokos1

      It's as if she saw Jontron's video and said: "It is time." as she opened her Goop Lab.

    32. NeWorldVision

      You should've watched the bill Nye bs

    33. Green Gal

      When you become too wealthy you can do anything and preach anything . Money , too much of it, is unhealthy .

    34. Samuel Duncan

      The flat earth and lizard people stuff has a lot of roots in antisemitism

    35. Slut4jesus 69

      The reviews on the candle are hilarious, apparently it smells like she had a godamn yeast infection. I thought it was funny til I realised what else she was doing. edit: VAGINAL STEAMING????????? For the love of GOD NO!!!!

    36. Just Another Happy Humanist

      Someone should start a petition to get it cancelled. Also, I completely agree with literally everything you said. I say this all the time - no pseudoscience is benign, because to embrace it, you have to embrace an illogical way of thinking that leads to all sorts of dangerous pseudoscientific bullshit. I’m glad someone else is saying it, too. 👍

    37. Jesse

      Gwenyth P is the last evolution of VSCO girl. And Thy oop

    38. ᴅᴇᴀʀ ᴍʀ. ɪꜱᴀɪᴀʜ ᴅᴇʀɪɴɢᴇʀ;

      You only say flatearthers and lizzard conspiracy people are harmless because you assume they are not able to procreate and therefore won't be in a situation to not vaccinate their children.

    39. GRA-EME D

      I don’t want My whole house to smell like tony Stark’s fingers🤣 🤣🤣ah my god this killed me 🤣🤣🤣

    40. Martina Passaggi

      Isn't this the guy who made a video about being an extra in The Hunger Games?? Thanks FIsels for the full circle, damn the memories!😂

    41. Banana Corner

      ...I was named after this woman...

    42. Lifeina Realway

      Evil agendas are just spreading their wings..... wt will protect humanity I wonder.

    43. serdy ximi

      All these Hollywood celebrities are becoming crazier every year

    44. MsMerryland

      1.5K people are living in their own alternate 'reality'.

    45. Sierra desu

      To be honest I’m jealous. She is making bank.

    46. N L

      That candle is hilarious

    47. Dean Beckley

      "Funny" after typing it in how no anti vaccine arguments by former merk scientiest & chemists etc dont show up on googles front page but do on non biased search engines like duckduckgo...Are you a liberal democratic leftist or did you get educated from south park.. if you think you cant have an effective immune system unless you stab yourself & stuff some bad bacteria, viruses & animal bits in the wound then your ignorant arrogant or least cartman & his mom had some sense.

      1. Peter Filipovic


      2. serdy ximi

        menu to ingest.

    48. Steven T

      Goop? More like *P O O P*

    49. battlethebollocks Rodgers

      What about e:bortion? Your digital fetus has been terminated. No more Xbox for u.

    50. Nick Peterson

      You can't really say that flat earthers are fine but anti vaxxers are dangerous... They both result from the same line of thinking. This is why all stupid thought should be questioned and challenged, because you never know when that stupid way of thinking is going to end up being a danger

    51. Carlos Linares

      Netflix does have a roast of Anne Frank coming soon 🤔

    52. Lunaxsalvationnew

      Man, to think all of this time I could've cured my major depressive disorder and borderline personality by walking around barefoot. THERE IS A GOD.

    53. River Janson

      I’m still mad that the real goop had to change they’re name because big Paltrow was afraid callmecarson and the boys would become more popular

    54. Jim Setinbocci


    55. NoOne Burns

      Go gardening while barefoot and you'll wish you hadn't. Certain fertilizers will give you hookworm and that's a fact.

    56. Valdagast

      She's not insane, she's ruthless and doesn't care about the damage she causes.

    57. Ryan Howe

      What. The. Fuck

    58. Yan Sfor

      That vagina candle I imagine people who like to smell panties bought it. I can't imagine any other person buying this. Maybe some bought it as a gag gift, but idk it's just unreal to me who else would buy this candle.

    59. Im Rosin

      So glad I was born in the Midwest, I remember back in the day all these west coast nutcases would be like "oh the Midwest is full of hillbillies and peasants." Nice 15% property taxes and pussy candles 🤣🤣🤣. Y'all are literally batshit crazy, there's gotta be something the water out west, there just has to be