Hairdresser Reacts: Blonde To Green Hair Transformations

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we dive into the beautiful world of green hair. Few are brave enough to rock the green hair but when they do it definitely pays off!

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    1. Brad Mondo

      I think green is gonna be the hair color of 2020

      1. Stacey Thompson

        Mines green and blue ombré by accident and I love it. I didn’t use arctic fox lol

      2. Savanna Mardock

        I'm actually about to dye my hair green. I'm excited.

      3. Annalise Wright

        Butttt I need blue in my life

      4. Colby Anderson

        Brad Mondo I have rainbow hair but like there’s green in there

      5. Victoria Lynn

        I had my hair green all last year and now I’m trying to slowly take it out lol!!

    2. LG Dragonz

      Yo she said “I just wanted to be Midoriya" 😂😂😂😂

    3. Josie Williams

      "It makes me really happy when people put a lot of work into there colo-" *Brad dies for a sec*

    4. Erin Shelton

      Jay Pham - Electric Peach 🍑

    5. Logan Williams

      Never underestimate Stella Cini 😂👌

    6. Ashleigh

      “i don’t want blue” **mixes a shit ton of blue with the green **

    7. Jade Lopez

      Green was one of my favorite colors I’ve done on myself

    8. Mariah Williams

      Green I used was iro iro neon green

    9. Francesca Piano’s vlogz

      The 2nd was defense not blonde as in your title it says blondes turning green but ???? But love your vids!😑😂💖

    10. Jessica vandegoorberg

      My hair was white, (I’m licensed) when I put nightfall by pulp riot it was a deep but bright blue. But when it faded it was purple in some spots. I also noticed that when I said Tom hair blue when it wasn’t white I did a double process of the blue and it came out better

    11. Anastasia Alexander

      Deku is shook from the first girl 😂

    12. Mariah Williams

      I didn't my hair green last night I loved itttttttt

    13. Fox20

      "I just wanted to be midoriya" lol that would be me

    14. Apricot Blossom

      Damn I actually loved that it came out two different colors on the first video it looked so beautiful

    15. AwkwardSeaTurtle . . .

      When i clicked on the video I wasn’t expecting to be complimented and now I’m crying thanks 🥺💕

    16. Sophia Rose

      I had my hair green for a while, I used phantom green mixed with lizard green from manic panic. Phantom green is actually very blue. The reason her ends turned blue is bc it was the lightest part. The parts that still had yellow in it turned more green because of the existing yellow canceling the blue.

    17. Adam Finley

      The hair dye looked blue on her hands she added it to yellow hair and white hair when you mix blue and yellow it turns green

    18. Zugalu

      jeesus the second girl was soooo pretty

    19. sanjr 515


    20. Cyber Ghosty

      A little tip for those of you who are looking into phantom green, if you want something less blue also grab AF's cosmic sunshine and add a little in. It worked wonders for me to make this lovely leafy green color.

    21. LiciMua

      Phantom green had blue dye in it so when her hair fades it will be completely blue that’s why her hair turned blue

    22. Lucy Walton

      Brad’s reaction to the second girl was everything!!!

    23. Jada Michelle

      you should review arctic fox hair dye

    24. Jennifer Carrera

      Green is my favorite. It’s currently neon green faded into sky blue. Wish I could comment a pic for you to see.

    25. Cherry-Prince

      Same thing happened to me when I tried to go green and I didn’t add any blue into my hair once I got it lightened v.v”

    26. Eliana Iwami

      I dyed my hair green like two years ago, I'm gonna miss the trend :(

    27. Samiya Fatima

      I actually liked the first one

    28. Brooke Riendeau

      Brad: Asian girls have very coarse hair Um that a little derogatory

    29. Nanô Fladmark

      Do you still answer about hair colors that fit someone? 😂 I wanna know what color you think would fit me and I will go nuts #challenge #bored

    30. Wonevy

      How did the third gal's hair also just become two times longer

    31. Destinee Robynn

      Now I want to go color my hair green...

    32. that_1_ sassy_bitch_

      I did my hair green. It looked sick and I loved it..... I dyed it in August.....its January and its still fucking green

    33. abigelow24

      I think it is because arctic fox phantom green has a higher blue undertone than yellow. So the blue pulls a little more.

    34. Yana L

      Hey brad. Can you review the Merry sun cello wax? Its like a color conditioner ? And they have a wide variety and really cheap and the reviews of these colors depositing decent color to hair is good. So... Please?. Its price ranges from 0.5-1 $ per sachet

    35. Kem Lay

      I have used phantom green, and it made my hair blue too. My hair was platinum basically white when I did it. I always always have to mix my own color if I ever want to actually get green hair and it’s always neon never emerald it is too hard to get. 😭😭😭😭

    36. Noelle Baird

      I can't.... nope nope nope I have this fear of the color green, I can't wear it without having a panic attack or see it without feeling anxious

    37. karen riendeau-brown

      Stella's hair turned out amazing!!!!! You are so knowledgable. Love it. I prefer beautiful one solid color to "banding" or choppy colors that have been running around. P.s. I have very dark brown hair and so many people complement the gray coming in. Lol. I don't mind,but then I Tell them what you said about "grey" hair. How it's just hair without anymore color. Then the jaws drop.

    38. Dodie Bert

      I dyed my hair neon green by accident once … i was going for blonde

    39. Karinelle Santiago

      It could be from the pigment. Remember yellow and blue makes green and since blue is stronger than yellow some of the blue pigment stained more. I tried dying my hair purple and mg ends ended up red 🙄

    40. 2eternal2sunshine2

      i thought the first girls hair ended up looking so beautiful. i think it looks cool asf with the color variation, it gives it more depth and makes it cooler. i love it lol

    41. Pandore Halliwell

      Stella in your video!!! I love her she had troubles but she made it green in the end and it’s gorgeous !!

    42. S A

      I just dyed my hair green with manic panic enchanted forest

    43. Brie Howard

      I have been wanting emerald green for a year now!! I will let you dye my hair emerald, Brad!!! Haha. I have hair down to my hips, too. Imagine all that emerald green hair 😍😍

    44. Kirstin Marsh

      I had green in my hair for a few months before it began to fade BUT. I. LOVED. IT!!!! It was a bright neon green with small strips of bluish green and yellowish green mixed in EXPERTLY. I felt amazing. I wish I had taken more pictures of it.

    45. Alana Marie

      Oh my word he used stella. I love her and one of my favorites was when she did green hair, thank you for picking her!!!

    46. Tegan Eva

      Brad please can you do a video on how to fix banding after dying your roots, it's been left a little yellow at the top but whiter in a band after that, then blonde. When I try tone the yellow the white takes the toner (I don't apply it there it just rinses through) and turns purple :(

    47. Gacha- Opolis

      My sister died her hair green recently and it looked GORGEOUS on her. Sadly she changed it to an orangey peach (which also looks amazing on her)

    48. Ashly Monbebe

      💚 Green is my favorite color. I feel so confident when I have my hair dyed black and green

    49. Hailey Vogel

      I want to dye my hair green but my hair is red rn and idk if i could just put the green over the red

    50. Felicitype Videos

      I love green hair sooo much!

    51. Maloyo

      When I was 16 I tried dying my hair red too soon after using a relaxer. It turned green as a pea. I tried to dye it brown, then black. It was still green. I ended up cutting it off once an inch or so had grown out. Years later I found out that if I'd used another red, it would have neutralized the green. But in 1973 this was not a look.

    52. Marcy Ward

      not sure why the ends are blue, but when i dyed my hair green and i barely wash it, but my ends are getting blue now

    53. Iness

      If you google viridian(emerald green) you'll see that her ends look like they're supposed to look like. I wonder if her hair was toned could it have turned out differently?

    54. Gabriel the boy ;-;

      Brad: you look stunning Me: **covered in paint with my hair tied in a pine tree while wearing a shirt covered in hot sauce** awww shucks

    55. _ blunetka _

      I want Brad Mondo to do my hair Hyram to do my skin care And James Charles to do my make-up

    56. Edy Daniela

      Second ones hair looks stunning

    57. Stéphanie Boost

      Once I died my hair a purply dark silver over my kinda silver hair that had gone yellowish. My hair turned forest green but not gonna lie it looked kinda really good.

    58. Makenzie Morace

      When he squealed like a pig I dyed of laughter 😂it scared crap out my cat to

    59. Makenzie Morace

      Green is actually my favorite color

    60. Ida Paula

      Brad please come to germany amd dye my hair olive green, I‘ve always wanted olive green hair but I‘ve never trusted anyone enough to do it for me.