Homemade Screw Tank #1 SCREWS

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    1. colinfurze

      This is a BIG project for a little shed but thats not stopped me before, keep your notifications on so you don't miss the next videos.OFFICIAL Colin Furze SAFETY TIES NOW AVAILABLE www.colinfurzeshop.com I have filmed a lot more detail in this project as builds like the land speeder also should have had way more than one video. Let me know what tank you would build.

      1. Makoa listman

        Collin build a turbo dirtbike

      2. Pizza PowerXYZ

        You put your rod in that tube

      3. Wolf Empire209

        I play world of tanks I have played it for years and I say it’s super fun

      4. peter dhillon

        When are you going to visit the hacksmith and see he's new work shop

      5. BibiBosh

        colinfurze make it colin

    2. Connor Broyles

      I had a rc as a boy that used screws as the drive it would even go in the water i wonder if colins tank will be amphibious

    3. Mitchell 19935

      Yesterday I towed a car a you won’t believe it the rope snapped

    4. amejaremy

      Did the promo code work for anyone?

    5. Stagger Lee

      I 'm sure I'm the idiot here but how does he bolt the second cone on after the other parts are assembled? Is it just welded?

    6. xxThatguyxx Gamer

      Bro love. Me. I hate your vid. And. And. I love it. Your editing is fantastic your adicude is fan tanstic you video is fantactic. I can't love it with out hating it. It's just so shortly well done. Hell idk how you made me fill this way. Out of all the cinie jobs I've had you destroyed b role in the best of ways. Props. Brother

    7. 10 000 БЕЗ ВИДЕО

      Help osuschetvit history, who luit mother again put like and subscribe to the channel

    8. mohammed 4545

      MGS 3 gang assemble

    9. ToFu

      no offense but WoT kinda sucks, especially because of the community (WN8) and p2w, especially "gold ammo" , as oldschoolish players like me used to call it. I know that you can buy it with credits now, which tricks more people into buying premium account to afford premium ammo. Don't think it makes it less p2w. And don't let me mention crew retraining... total joke 😂

    10. Paulo Campo

      Best project 👌 ever colin

    11. Paulo Campo

      Best project 👌 ever colin

    12. TheKaptainKernow

      Ok, I give up. Wossat funny little magnetic clampy jobber at about 8:30 then?

    13. Shubham Sharma

      This is Russian design, didn't you tell about this

    14. Mustafa Genç

      turkish please

    15. Sergeant Retard

      Colinfurze or The Hacksmith? Comment below

    16. Derek Bryant

      It always intrigues me when I watch someone use metric measurements to fabricate with I'm familiar with metric. But most of the time I am using using s a e. Or you would refer to it as Imperial. You always seem to build the most unusual bit of kit. And as usual and as expected It's freaking Epic.

    17. Fernando Vallejo Herrera

      are you crayzy…. I LIKE

    18. Carson Darnell

      I never knew amerex existed in the uk I saw the extinguisher and I’m like omg it’s an amerex in the uk I didn’t know they existed in the uk

    19. I_like_nerf_blasters Yeet

      9:02 how to ride a nuke

    20. Moonlight101Fortnite

      11:41 that voice crack tho

    21. Abhinav Sheth

      The promo code doesn’t work!

    22. Defcon Okay

      Why didn't you buy some pipe xD, "Give a man a hammer"

    23. Pizza PowerXYZ

      Well *_S C R E W_* you

    24. Makujah

      Metal gear?!

    25. I. George


    26. Quincy Willis

      Great Britain was the first country to use the tank

    27. Dragongaga

      I'm just a little worried because you only spot welded everything. Don't forget that there will be a LOT of force on the screw threads and I suspect that they will bend and break their welds unless you welt them completely around

    28. Donovan Gibbons

      Colin you need to make the Underminer's drill machine and drill into your neighbor's yard.

    29. Brian Scott McKinlay

      Colin is building a screw propelled vehicle! Whooohoo! Finally! I have a Tyco terrain twister interesting vehicle but will he drive it on water?

    30. Yong Siri

      how can you make money for living?? and having the kind of fun life making all these crazy toys

    31. Bushcraft Jon

      Am I right in thinking if you make the chassis light enough and the screws big enough then it'll swim?

    32. Animiles

      How about you stop screwing around and make something less destructive to the environment? :D

    33. Dan Mallery

      How did you figure the inside diameter of the screw blades? Did you use the maths or a cardboard template?

    34. Erik Hall

      And Colin here i was thinking that this is more your style of "tank", fisels.info/video/videot/g6DLdKiWnph3nqM.html

    35. Richard Page

      @3:30 what are those tools on the wall? Almost look like car window assemblies? Is it for drawing? Thanks matey

    36. mark rainford

      See you next tuesday!

    37. Paul Hollier

      Thank you, to World of Tanks, for sponsoring Colin. Good on ya, mates! THAT being said, WoT is "free to win" in the same way that Fort Knox is where we keep "the American people's gold." [i.e. Good luck getting in there and taking any out!] It's not WoT's fault. They ARE a for-profit company - nothing wrong with that! - but like ALL World of Whatever games, they DO worship the Almighty Dollar and keep it holy at all times. That means the best things in life may be free, but the best gear in the game costs money - lots and lots of it. You *can* win for free, in theory, but the chances are about those of the tissue paper dog chasing the asbestos cat through the flames of Hell. There's a name for people that play WoT for free - they are called "cannon fodder" or "bonus points".

    38. archyzone

      you are a fucking genius bro...

    39. Wooly Ant

      The Raf would like to know your Location

    40. Петя Сидоров


    41. Xefex

      Eat your cereal.

    42. Johnathan Higgins

      Hey, Colin! What 3D program are you using?? @colinfurze

    43. Tj Harris

      10:20 taking a piss 🤣🤣🤣

    44. Keeneegoon n

      I can’t believe that out of the 1.2mill people who watched this only 60k liked it smh... this video deserves all 1.2mill likes

    45. Nubar Gaming

      Colin build an amphibious vehicle, what kind I don’t know surprise us : )

    46. christopher frawley

      Did you lose your account or something?? Why are you reposting this like its new?

    47. TheRealEngineer

      Bill Nye the science guy on steroids

    48. Rachel Boyer

      Make a missile

    49. FloppyDriveMaestro

      World of tanks sponsors are waaaaay better than raid shadow legends. Because world of tanks is actually a fun game:

    50. ThatMCGamer

      The music was quite calm, somethings wrong...

    51. squirrelly squirrels

      You don't see too many screw type vehicles because they are rather good at going anywhere but terrible at pulling.

    52. Farmer Fpv

      That's a badass start Colin, You have my dream shop! You truly are a Legend! Off to go watch part 2 mate, you never disappoint. ✌

    53. MarioDayZ

      Furze: makes a screw tank Me: *MGS3* *FLASHBACKS*

    54. Gun Mob

      Any of colins videos could just as well be In a apocalypse movie were the protagonist builds something epic to help them survive

    55. jix177

      Brilliant handiwork. Excellent fabrication skills here as always.

    56. Infra Violet

      i had an RC screw tank years ago when i was a kid, it makes me pretty happy to see colin make one you can ride

    57. Fentoncbr

      Desiged. Just letting you know. Can't wait for another awesome project 😁

    58. TrackFocused

      I've been watching Colin since 2014 and I'm asking myself "what CAN'T he build?"

    59. rockincartoons

      I’m calling osha, where is your safety tie?

    60. SubSeventh466

      War Thunder is better.