Homemade Screw Tank Test Drive

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    and the Hydraulics here fisels.info/video/videot/pWG7ituSaYqGe6s.html
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    1. colinfurze

      What a machine, very pleased with this. So next phase we need to make it float and be bit faster but what weapon should we mount???????If you want your own Colin Furze OFFICIAL Safety Tie click here www.colinfurzeshop.com

      1. audiosreality

        Once you have the balance worked out better with Hydraulics you have so many options, you can run a pump for a water cannon or "rams" with screw drive expanders. You can add all sorts of toys you can dream up but stay with the hydraulic theme for your tank the fireworks or tater guns can just be add ons.

      2. Ben George

        Flame thrower obviously.

      3. Mumin Dar

        Rail gun

      4. s baxter

        Wear a Davros costume. lol

      5. kermit tea time

        a trebuchet

    2. Frank Hughes

      Put a railgun on the top

    3. Luke Morgan

      Paint ball bazooka!

    4. Kawakami Yohei

      You can farm with that machine

    5. Samuel Omar

      Imagine a fucking tank strafing on the battefield, thats scary

    6. Samuel Omar

      Armies all over the world: *WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN*

    7. Aryaman Jain

      Getting ready to raid area 51

    8. Beast Gaming

      you should make an at-st.

    9. Nipulkrad Msinatagras

      Can somebody just please tell me where I can possibly purchace that necktie of his!

    10. Tony Hewett

      You should team up with Guy Martin and make the ultimate land/sea or air craft, whatever you guy's come up with it would be very special!

    11. Александр

      Чувак, хорош мухоморы есть!

    12. Lutfi Liawan

      Your crazy men 😆😆😆

    13. Big Brain Tech

      Who thinks he should put flame throwers on it?


      Кто русский

    15. وائل حموكشه الاصلى

      fisels.info/video/videot/ZXSpdqeQfn1hrJs.html اقسم بالله اقوه راجل مصرى يغنى للكرونا خليك فى بيتك The most powerful man who sings, stay in your house

    16. Pankaj Boro

      Overall a good invention but i'm wondering what will be the condition if it started moving on roads😝😝

    17. Иван Шипулев

      Шне́коро́торный вездехо́д, шнекохо́д - вездеход, движение которого осуществляется посредством шнекороторного движителя. Конструкция движителя представляет собой два винта Архимеда из особо прочного материала. Вездеход обладает уникальной проходимостью в условиях грязи, снега и льда, хорошо показывает себя в качестве водоходного движителя (на амфибийных машинах), однако обычно непригоден для езды по асфальту или бетону. Шнекороторные движители вездехода наносят урон природе.[1] В России появление шнекохода относят к 1900 году, когда русскому изобретателю Ф. Дергинту был выдан патент на сани, приводимые в движение шнеком. Первый шнекоход изобретён в 1868 году Якобом Моратом

    18. عالم My play home

      ونكم يعراب 🇩🇿

    19. Саня Блогер из Села

      Хрень ненужная

    20. Ktuś Jakiś

      Biggest Corkscrew in The World

    21. Andrew Davies

      Re:Weapon - put a trebuchet on it.

    22. Deliso Jan

      Car guys be like: wtf men!!

    23. TheFireIsOnFire

      Does it have differential/neutral steering?

    24. spencer Thompson

      You can u should put a flame thrower on it

    25. Sovietski Krovi

      This reminds me a lot of crossout with the augers.

    26. Daniel Bell

      You should try to put abit more weight in the front

    27. Eli Brooks

      50 cal machine gun turret obviously 🙄

    28. MrLGJ11

      roll cage needed

    29. Igor ёк

      Советский шнекоход повторил :-)

    30. mani jain

      Your father is a foolish

    31. Anem໑i

      Is this Shagohod?

    32. Lee White

      Looks pointless but fun

    33. Stubbitox

      So he is a screw driver?

    34. Jimmy The Powerful ! FU

      What an idiot !

    35. Casey Turner

      The new replacement for Golf course golf carts.

    36. Connor Jacobo

      Please do side mounted flame throwers and a front mounted automatic potato launcher

    37. Plusxz

      Crossout wants his tank back

    38. PleadingPluto72

      No wonder the Brits took over the world 🇬🇧

    39. Plasma

      Machine gun

    40. andrew pankiw

      Looks like a thunderbird

    41. McDouble 2:The Revenge

      thats the shagohod you cant tell me otherwise

    42. dimagen52


    43. Meme gamer MGR

      At world war V the world use it to move :3

    44. Cypher791

      As for weapon a loud hailer and some mean words should be sufficient because that’s what seems to get people most upset these days 👍

    45. Kevin Jones

      Could you swap the screws and reverse the hydraulic flow to try to get the rotation to turn away from the operator? Two reasons...one, to minimize mud being thrown towards the operator and two, to minimize the chance of pinching extremities between the scres and the frame. Just a thought. If it is said in the video, I apologize. I am watching this with the volume off, as I cannot sleep, cannot find my earbuds, and I am trying not to disturb the wife.

    46. XcrunchKiller

      A water blaster

    47. MEagle16

      Add a flamethrower. The ultimate intimidation machine.

    48. Gabriel Isaac Hamoui

      He’s Rick Sanchez in real life!!

    49. yay

      add a firework launcher

    50. sasapienza

      Hey I know of a guy who invented a archimedian screw type torpedo said it will do over 600 mph under water.

    51. Colby Brewster

      It definitely needs a flamethrower

    52. Steve


    53. Brandon Foley

      Can it pull

    54. Andrew

      Didn’t Dr. Doofenshmirtz do this

    55. Brapa Papa's

      For the weapon i suggest a quick load firework mortar, kaboom!!!

    56. Dorian dori

      This guy is not nuts guys😂😂

    57. FrAnK FMK

      His just screwing around, literally!

    58. FrAnK FMK

      Be honest, we are just hear to see him ride, no one intends to make this

    59. FuZa

      Put a flamethrower on top

    60. Joe besant

      See if you can make a rail gun for it

    61. R.j. Brown

      Can Amagin getting caught up in them screws would be painful. Or lethal. Either way no bueno.

    62. craig me

      He is screwed. Needs dealer threads.

    63. Jackson Briggs

      this is basically from sonic the hedgehog nice work man

    64. Coon Boy

      He has to make a tank was my first thought when I saw his sponsor


      Wooo. Belleza de canal.. like 👍 , Abrazo grande desde Rosario santa fe Argentina 🇦🇷 🤜🤛🍀

    66. Ярослав Янкин


    67. Multorum Unum

      I feel like this guy doesn't get older but younger every year

    68. Ya Boi!

      please flame thrower

    69. Mehdi Mirishli

      Təbiəti korlayırsan!!!!

    70. Being positive is the key to success.

      Next He's making a machine that can travel to the centre of the earth 🌍

    71. volodimir Shereiko

      забытое старое! зил

    72. kyle hickmen

      You should accually desighn weapons and machines for the military

    73. Emad Mirzaei

      You are crazy 😜

    74. Sover South

      Son: Mom I want Kim Jong un Mom: We have Kim Jong Un at home. Kim Jong Un at home:

    75. Gigi Malvassora

      Destroyed half UK ... but the machine worked properly....

    76. teshin626

      I think The Rocket Launcher T34 (Calliope) wood be a good option

    77. Charmander_41

      Is this legal to drive

    78. Patrick Kelly


    79. Francisco Orion

      It works btter a side dontya?

    80. Dether Erojo

      Can you make a "Digging screw tanks"..