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    Corwin is far too confident in what his NHL 20 rating could be, so DZ took him to meet someone who's actually in the game to humble him.

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    1. A Nichol

      I'm 13 and I got 15.8 seconds in a speed test in an all star comp

    2. rusty shackleford

      they do puck speed tests with slapshots from the hashmarks? what lol

    3. Ixax WR

      Anyone see the grit grinder definition on his card?

    4. tnx_ Box

      Henrik Nyberg plays for vita hästen in a Swedish league called allsvenskan next best league in Sweden

    5. zeitxgeist

      will seems like he'd make a good friend lol

    6. Finley Jones

      Finally, a video that isn't FIsels kids restricted.

    7. JD - 07LA - Allan Drive MS (1468)

      I’m twelve my fastest shot is 47 hahahahahhahah

    8. pants35

      at least im better than corwin

    9. Alex Suetta

      They should name a captain for bardown

    10. Mark Amaro

      will was on my mens league team last summer at iceland mississauga. hes unreal and he didnt even try. he was 17 at the time too...

    11. KmartRides

      Unhook the trailer Z damn!

    12. Softnumnums

      goals only count if the puck stays in. lol

    13. cheetahsurge

      I would have liked to see a giant player card of one of these guys with their overall ratings of 10-20

    14. Fredrik Amberg

      HC Vita Hästen is a team in the swedish 2nd league

    15. sandra raymond

      Hey I know him

    16. Zach

      You guys should do a video where you get one of the EA sports employees that watches games live and sets people's ratings to come to your game and each give you guys a rating lol. I mean you're BarDown and it's good exposure for the game why wouldn't they?

    17. Unrelated Coma

      now get a major juniors player to compete at these things against Ovechkin.

    18. K.O. Sounds

      123 kms is about 76 miles.

    19. Captain Rapture

      Corwin is as bad at hockey as he is at being in front of a camera. Luckily, his Toronto bias will take him far at TSN.

    20. Clint Schrader

      I am faster than z I have been playing for 5 months

    21. James Palma

      Why does corwin think he’s good

    22. brodie braun

      These dusters work at bardown? Ahahahah

    23. Rockit321 ‘

      The last number of your like is who you are 0. Kishan 1. Corwin 2. Jesse 3. Luca 4. Sam 5. Eric 6. Z 7. Emily 8. Grady 9. Julia

    24. Little Pal

      I think I could beat TSN and I'm only 11 almost 12

    25. Giuliano

      Expected Will to fly on the skating

    26. Jan Zavoda

      how a ref skates 3:11

    27. Everything Sports

      Do a skills challenge for everyone on your team and in nhl 20 Rate them then play a game with them

    28. let's fortnite

      22:56 I'm 12 and faster

    29. A C

      i kind of figured these guys have at least played hockey before

    30. Vic Damon

      This William is chill as fuck.

    31. MasterFull1

      When are you going to do another quiz??

    32. Aidan Peters

      Hey Jessie if you read the comments then read this Blake wheeler is the all time points leader for Winnipeg

    33. Matt Benard

      that guys greek

    34. Kaeden Ball

      123kph is 79 mph

    35. Rose Postiglione

      DJ talks I Little smack behind the camera when they do the quiz videos but then when you see him skate

    36. Nathan Chen-Mack

      the fact he's wearing black laces is a tell tale sign of a bender

    37. Easton.Harrison

      he had gross hands

    38. Ms. Felony Strutter

      This was awesome but Jessie, Erica nd Luca should have joined in

    39. KJO Videos

      NHL 20 actually gave Will a better Primetime card, it must be because of this video. Way to go!!

    40. Liams Toys And Games

      I love the Steel heads

    41. Max Lee

      I cannot believe i just wasted 11 minutes of my life on something that was so obviously terrible from the 1st sentence uttered

    42. Sumeet Saroya

      A good quiz idea would be a trophy quiz Questions could include 1. Winners of the trophies 2. When the trophy came out 3. Who won he most 4. Which trophy is called the Bergeron trophy(selke) 5. Who won it first/most recent

    43. Ann Jirousek

      Dude their al horrible cowrin is maybe 9 pverall

    44. Steel Flex

      I thought this Z kid played hocke pay - fuck he’s extra trash!! Wow!!

    45. Jake Klein

      I know squirts that will put you to shame😂😂😂

      1. Kaleb Mansfield élève

        Jake Klein squirt?

    46. GraveDigger Productions

      I want to buy a jersey put them on a website

    47. KYtoTn

      Hands seemed like a pretty accurate rating.

    48. Daddie Matty

      They should make him up a new card and gift it to him

    49. Oskar Hellstroem

      Truly the best of TSN, honest to god!

    50. ress87

      FAKE NEWS, Will has all teeth still and therefore is no hockey player

    51. Nolifedangleson

      I’d be a 70 ovr on nhl and I’d beat will on those test besides speed.

      1. jbe tfifty


    52. Mike Trix

      The fact that Corwin didn't do the skating after talking all that smack is pretty lame

    53. Kieran McCormack

      Where did u guys get the huge card

    54. Nate Bonenfant

      His hut card is probably expensive now.

    55. Zachary Bennett


    56. C O

      Oh man, I started crying when Dan started his run 😂😂

    57. Isaac Coltvet

      Do a quiz

    58. Robert B

      I can shoot more than 28 miles an hour

    59. Ronald McDonald

      Will talks like a children’s puppeteer

    60. Pixels O

      He is in my hockey ultimate team nhl 20