How Many Soda Cans Can You Fit in Pringles Can with Hydraulic Press?

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    You won't believe How Many Soda Cans Can You Fit into Pringles can with 150 Hydraulic Press! We made special Pringles can 5 000 000 tool to find out that on this crazy experiment! If you want to see full 2 hours that cans took to crush here is link to 2 hour version
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    Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!
    Music Thor's Hammer-Ethan Meixell

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    1. Hydraulic Press Channel

      If you want to see full 2 hours that cans took to crush here is link to 2 hour version

      1. Roeland Vetters

        chew gum with the hydraulic press next !! :)

      2. Jonathan Matos

        prrrity gad damn güd

      3. jaume agost

        It woud be nice if you press a lot of steel whole at room temperature and after that you heat it up and press it againg, to see if you can make a cilinder of steel, and the same but heating it directly but with steel nails, great video, as all the others, keep up the good content :)

      4. przemko72

        maybe next time :D

      5. Expand Designs

        I dont get it why you didnt crush the cans beforehand (by hand and same style as they are crushed in the cylinder) so you can fit 10/20 of them not 3/4 in that cylinder. i mean, yeah :)

    2. J.D. Leonard

      Almost exactly like my cousin Curtis. Except he would buy 20 cases of RC. It's a family preference. Must be a Dutch thing.☺️ So many good reasons to like the whodraulic press channel. My red-headed great grandmother would have pronounced it that way too.

    3. Phantom Gaming

      What to do during COVID 19 lockdown

    4. Morris Tran

      you have a abucas

    5. Emilian vel Gonzo alias Gonzales

      Hydraulic Press Channel: We have this cucumber. It looks pretty harmless, but we have to deal with it. The cucumber just before being dealt with: *shoots*.

    6. Ксюша Якина

      Чё он балаболит?🗿 Переведите кто-нибудь пж

    7. FireMyster 470

      120 cans spoiler

    8. Nirox

      No one: youtube recomendations: how many Pringles can you pringle can Pringles can can can

    9. Howie Still Gamez

      Plot twist: the thing they are crushing into has a hole at the bottom

    10. K K

      Pring-less can

    11. typowy fan

      can word is definitely overused in the title

    12. FishingRods

      My guess is 30, havent seen it yet. Edit: I was wrong.

    13. Slamon Salmon

      i think it will be able to fit 47 also why did the can crusher quit his job? cause it was soda pressing XD

    14. A J

      anyone else here from daniel fenner's channel

    15. Ezequiel Ridolfi

      crush those fucking murder hornets guys, those things are scary af

    16. William Wu

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    17. Boran Oktay

      That’s awesome dude

    18. StraightOuttaJarhois

      did not expect kurkku vitun mopo to explode

    19. Wyatt Edminston


    20. VeryBoredGamer

      how many packs of lays you can crash into one princles can ??

    21. Caitlin Dawes

      this is soda pressing

    22. Josh Emerton

      I can't believe how much time went into this. It must have been soda pressing.

    23. Jonathan Mendez-Ochoa69


    24. Wealth Info Power Online

      Fantastic video brother and sister. God bless you both. Love from India.

    25. Brian Cohen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="482">8:02</a> that’s one way to recycle your empty cans

    26. freeman nick

      მოგიტყან მეტყველება და ინგლისური აქცენტი.

    27. 100 k

      120 cans wightd 1.56 kg

    28. Carlos Valenzuela

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="589">9:49</a> not gonna lie I wasn't expecting that at all scared the shit out of me 😂

    29. DeeJay Develop

      Idk why but i read the title and now i wanna know.. lol Edit; i get asked by my missus and family why i watch random shit, its not gonna help me, just useless knowledge.. and i think its not useless if i enjoyed learning it. Who knows, one day i might come across a guessing game about coke cans in pringles.. lmao

    30. Dalton334

      I wonder how much heat this produced. It wouldn't be much because it happened over a period of time

    31. ryannayr140


    32. let's illuminatiHD

      In case you repeat that experiment try to crunch the Cans a bit before you put them into the final press

    33. Xplore Productions

      Pring less can

    34. Mic 86

      Things I’m watching in lockdown 😂

    35. Floppi

      Enkku on viis kautta vius

    36. MAGAMER XD

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="47">0:47</a> *D E S P A I R*

    37. Habibul Kareem


    38. Jonnsy

      0,25 € * 120 cans = 30 €. Ok, no way to do it in Germany.

    39. Ahmet Yilmaz

      Enters shop, asks for 200 Coca Cola Zeros. Cashier: Is Pepsi Max ok? HPC: Yeah why not.. Meanwhile in Wall Street: Pepsi market value is up by 10%!

    40. Nick Dizzle

      I watch these vids just to hear him say hydraulic lol

    41. l3layze

      It’s a question I never asked, but I’d love to know the answer! Great video

    42. Matt Anderson

      my guess is 250 soda cans in a Pringles can

    43. Pakruojo Meska

      how many people you can put i 1 coffin answer is one you and you wife. have a nice day

    44. ITZ_ YULIA

      Empty soda?

    45. Lorenz Friedmann


    46. Nicholas Livoti

      Sounds like Goldmember from Austin Powers.

    47. CucumberMoped

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="573">9:33</a> Dont kill me

    48. Graeme Gunn


    49. JustinCreates

      *yes, i ask this question to myself everyday*

    50. Go ahead make our day Scooter & Peanut

      Worked in a frog and switch shop at a steel mill that had a 650T press for actually straightening the frog casting that i put a penny in and with a straight smash made it the size of a half dollar just barely able to tell it was a penny.

    51. Smelly Bombo

      FINALLY!!! I got an answer to my biggest question!

      1. Smelly Bombo

        I just had to make another reply saying that I also like my comment and both of my replies.

      2. Smelly Bombo

        I am replying to my own comment.

    52. Netsuko

      Mad respect for his wive drinking all these soda cans in the background as fast as she can.

    53. DRGNF8

      A real good idea, would be to crush the Pringle’s chips in the same metal container and see how many cans of ships can be crushed into on can!

    54. Kallscape

      how is this a channel? literally just squashing things?

    55. Zach Schneider

      Sometimes i just watch these to hear him say hydraulic press channel in that accent

    56. Oddi Toddi

      Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="108">1:48</a>

    57. John Ossendorf

      Nice abacus !

    58. maddog

      I make lead ingots using a cast iron muffin tin, and I've always stored them in empty pringles cans lol I can fit 6 muffin ingots per can, and 1 can worth of lead is the perfect amount to load in my lee lead melting pot.

    59. illegal life

      Cool video @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="541">9:01</a> got scare thought it was Johnny 5 head it was the scale

    60. Death By Lego

      I don’t need sleep I need answers.

    61. heater guy

      I’ve needed this information for most of my life. Thank you, and thank you You tube. My life is complete... ish.

    62. Gareth Fritz

      Nice drink of choice ❤️

    63. Patrick Diaz


    64. Kim reck

      crush a fully charged latop battery

    65. TheUglyDuuckling MC

      The accent kills me 🤣

    66. joe blow

      Pring-less is cool.

    67. Splays

      this video is soda pressing

    68. Charlie Playz

      It sounds like he has a lisp

    69. Draketh Namikaze

      Coke is better. 😝

    70. Sketch Bean

      You should press a diamond!

    71. jean_superbanan


    72. Aethgeir

      What is that song that's playing while you're crushing the cans? That shit is awesome!

    73. Erik

      Well you could measure the volume of a can by sinking it into water or weighing it and using the density, and get the theoretical maximum too.


      Between 69 and 420 cans

    75. Celso DeJesus

      Seems like it would be quicker to partially crush them by hand so you could fit more in the tube

    76. It's Binh Repaired

      Send to Oregon for $12 refund lol

    77. FunwithStewart

      Me: My Dad, about to sneeze: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="591">9:51</a>

      1. Thunderstorm


    78. EebstertheGreat

      Some quick calculations give the interior volume of a Pringles can at about 1500 cc (an inner height of ~30 cm and inner radius of ~4 cm) and the volume of aluminum in a soda can of about 5.6 cc (mass of 15 g and density of aluminum of 2.7 g/cc). So in a perfect world, where the press was so good it effectively melted all the cans together into a single solid bar of aluminum, you could fit about 270 cans in your Pringles container. I think 120 is pretty good for a practical experiment.

    79. Joe Biden

      Is this guy Finnish?

      1. Jared 19