How Many Soda Cans Can You Fit in Pringles Can with Hydraulic Press?

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    You won't believe How Many Soda Cans Can You Fit into Pringles can with 150 Hydraulic Press! We made special Pringles can 5 000 000 tool to find out that on this crazy experiment! If you want to see full 2 hours that cans took to crush here is link to 2 hour version
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    Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!
    Music Thor's Hammer-Ethan Meixell

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    1. Hydraulic Press Channel

      If you want to see full 2 hours that cans took to crush here is link to 2 hour version

      1. N64 Danny

        Do a terminator skull next please

      2. 33482

        Sponsored by Pep C

      3. Ron Price

        2 hours maybe while the turkey is cooking in a couple weeks,,,,,,

      4. Tommy Fury

        Nah you’re alright thanks

    2. Jayce Splinter

      750,000 cans

    3. Travis Varga

      You couldn’t crush them manually before pressing them flat?

    4. Smoothys

      someone likes pepsi max

    5. onepcwhiz

      How about some close up views of the crushed cans?

    6. Omuletzu

      intro song?

    7. Der Jan

      In germany is the pfandsystem so for 350 doses you got 87,50€ so i would decide the money 😇🤣

    8. Titus

      id say 50

    9. Dazzy Boi

      Pringles 🤪 I've lost hope in english

    10. Komer

      This is a normal russian meal now.

    11. thomastwo1

      I'm sorry my guy but it's pronounced pringulls

    12. Igor Igor

      Veri gót dżob i indżoj jt

    13. Corey Dopp

      I think all of them will fit. So like wheres my prize did I win

    14. Shalo ツ

      I was 5 off i thought 125

    15. Juliana Hunt

      Stress ball's!!!

    16. tem3111

      You probably don't want to crush the world but I doooooo.

    17. Flix

      In out in out that’s how adults have fun while alone.

    18. Femboy

      The ending scared the fuck out of me.

    19. IamRoyalll

      120 cans. Saved you 10 minutes.

    20. Taylor John


    21. v i b e t i m e

      I love how he says pringles “pringless”

    22. arnemag

      this guy drinks a lot of pepsi.


      "I don't need sleep, i need answers"

    24. Ethan G

      *Me trying to make space in my suitcase.*

    25. Parag L

      I had a small heart attack at last blast

    26. Hector Doyle

      I bet like 10 if he can when you flatten things like this they get wider too

    27. Jüri Paberit

      oi! oi oi oi!

    28. Butters Stotch

      finally the answer to the question I had al my life will be revealed: ´´How Many Soda Cans Can You Fit in Pringles Can with Hydraulic Press?´´

    29. Darius Danca


    30. Ilmari Kamila


    31. Sam Malm

      pRiNgElSsSs can

    32. Mitaka just

      At least do it 11 minutes

    33. Silviu Paris

      thats so oddly specific and i was looking exactly for this thanks my finnish friend :D

    34. AmazingGamer

      Olis kannattaan käyttää pantittomia tölkkejä

    35. DacotaHvH

      dude it would of be so easier if u put the pringles can from the top down and fill it up then flip it

    36. Luwaca

      120 cans btw

    37. Thomas Ahearne

      Pring lez

    38. Ryucho

      How many bananas can you fit in an empty 2 liter soda bottle?

    39. The MoodyScorpio

      Love hearing him say Pring-less

    40. misy4ru3

      this looks pretty satisfy

    41. Niggerosos Monstrosos

      Text meme: --- Bedtime --- *male protagonist is laying in bed and looks thoughtful* GF: He is probably thinking about other girls He: How Many Soda Cans Can You Fit in Pringles Can with Hydraulic Press?

    42. Colin Noble

      When he said pringless, I felt that

    43. David Jr

      My guess is 87 Well I was off

    44. Bacon B boy

      98888579878777683728826268282972627 I guess

    45. Lone

      7:49 stinky poo

    46. Kkona_Ukko_Tosijjaa

      Perkele ku säikähin tos vikas

    47. diamondkid300

      My favorite flavored Pringles- the can flavor

    48. James Bailes

      75 cans

      1. James Bailes

        wait i changed my mind like 160

    49. Baleur

      Am i the only one that is getting a very sexual feel from watching this?

    50. Jon Huestis

      This is definitely a pringless video, I mean priceless video.

    51. Lexusluugis

      paljonkohan panttia noista pulloista olisi saanut ja kauankohan aikaa niissä olisi mennyt palauttaa :DD

    52. Mr Idk

      9:02 We are going to way the cans😂

      1. SkoinksVillUSA

        Learn how to spell you fucking dumb nigga

    53. Shaikh Mohammad Oais

      Answer is 100 Skip it

    54. T0ghar

      Those pringles taste weird

    55. Lead_TV

      when you get sponsored by pringles and pepsi but dont know how to do an ad for both of them

    56. Zyphera


    57. LlamaTheLoot

      It looks like it isn't real 9:20

    58. Sychonut

      A day well spent.



    60. Henry McBark

      9:50 I just love its "Im a kill you" look XD