How much distortion can you hear? - Audio Distortion Test

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    In this video you will find out at which point you can hear distortion with your audio system.
    There are three distortion tests: In the first test you will hear some music and then a 500 Hz and 100 Hz test tone. Every test starts out with zero distortion and then increases the distortion over time. Once you hear the distortion you can see how much percent of the original signal is made up of distortion.
    Soundtrack used in the music test: I Missed This - Goodstreet

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    1. George Todd

      First time: Test 1) 16% Test 2) 3% Test 3) 5% Second time: Test 1) 9% Test 2) 0.5% Test 3) 1.2% Knowing what to listen out for makes a huge difference. Very interesting!

    2. Ruiz

      music 3.5% 500hz 0.2percent 100hz 0.8% I'm using Kii three monitor speakers. Good content!

    3. CorNigrum

      music: 4% 500hz: 1% 100hz: 6% Basic in-ears into laptop.

    4. Giuseppe Savo

      test1: 8% test2: 1.2% test3: more or less 5%

    5. petar dabic

      Test 1 : 5.8% Test 2 : 1.1% Test 3 : 1.3% Listening on Sennheiser HD58x connected to Tascam US-16x08 Audio Interface.

    6. Mervin Ling

      Test 1: 6% Test 2: 1% Test 3: 8-10% Interesting, HD6xx.

    7. Flencko

      10% 3% ~2% :D

    8. Rodrigo Roa Duterte

      Weird: 3%, 1.5%, 0.2%.

    9. tupai776

      thanks ....nice explain....helpful video...

    10. Krystian Nowak

      Using headphones Music: 8% 500Hz: 1.5% 100Hz: 1.8%

    11. maynardcat

      Music 1%, it starts sounding bad after 5%, 2500 7% , 100 8 % I was a bit surprised that mine was backwards I didn't pick up the single tones earlier, just sounded louder at first, but can easily hear the music starting at 1% Not sure why that is. Using Sennheiser headphones

    12. Gerhard Wiesinger

      Great, how did you generate it and measure it?

    13. Defalt The Rat

      razer kraken 7.1 v2 11% 2.6% 12%

    14. Fans, boomboxes, and more

      Microphone distortion makes the bass of any speaker more audible. For example:

    15. Fans, boomboxes, and more

      On test #1, I start hearing distortion around 6.5%.

    16. Aerith Gainsborough

      Not looking at the screen, first attempt (thus unknown music and unknown distortion profile) using Focal Aria 906 Bookshelves at relatively low volume: Test1: 10% Test 2: 5% Test 3: 10% Second run: still not looking at the screen, Focal Clear, moderately high volume Test 1: Music sounds dirtier than usual at 0.8% though the effect only gets obvious at 5% since the piece contains distortion in itself as most electronic music does.(test done twice to confirm) Test 2: Tone changes at 0.4% (test done twice to confirm) Test 3: Tone changes at 3% (test done twice to confirm)

    17. Azora Ilke

      Test 1: 8% Test 2 : 1.2% Test 3 : 0.6%

    18. Albeshr

      My score: Music ~1% 500hz ~0.6% 100hz ~8% Using Fearless S8 pro IEM. So I guess no need to look for an amplifier with even more zeros at THD :)

    19. Котт Майский

      Музыка в конце просто потрясающая.

    20. Dundee

      Test 1: 13% Test 2:

    21. superjojo555

      this is an example of a very good youtube video

    22. Haasva

      I Missed This - Goodstreet. Why I can't find the music anywhere?

    23. Roseki

      it's incredible how I am sensible to 500hz noise. Damn I guess I really have to buy a better dac/amp. test2 : I hear clearly distortion from 0.2.5, but from 0.001 to 0.3 I can hear the sound changing, so I would say I can hear a early-stage of distortion at 0.002

      1. APMerlo

        No way, or you are a robot...

    24. Ryker Edits

      .10ish % On Last Sine On iPad

    25. arnebmx

      On SET tube amp (no feedback loop) Test 2: 0,2 Test 3: 0,4 On Home cinema amp Test 2: 1,2 Test 3: 3,4

    26. Chakravarthi Amith Raghav

      In music, at 0.024% the higher frequencies begin to run around everywhere and drove me crazy. In 500 sine though it was not until about 0.6ish% and @100 not until about 1%

      1. APMerlo

        No way!!!

    27. DavidCrypt

      From 10%

    28. UselessHanzo

      With the 500hz tone I started hearing the distortion clearly right around 0,7% on my etymotic er2se. They have very low distortion of themself i guess.

    29. Troy Leonard O

      You make great videos wow keep it up!

    30. Greta Thunberg

      test1 : 14% test 2 :no distortion

    31. Роман Покора

      Test 1: 7.5~% Test 2: 0.350~% Test 3: 3%

    32. MeSaber

      Totally serious question here: If i hear popping(distortion) during your intro talk and outro talk whats wrong then? Gear: chromecast to tv, spdif to wxc-50(preamp) rca to a-300(amp) to 280f klipsch. Ive been going crazy trying to find the error. Help plz. Diagnosis: pops no matter volume on a-300. 0dB on wxc-50 (full volume and bypass, no eQ, direct mode). Short cables to speakers(1m), dunno gauge but their thick enough, rca cable 0.5m, spdif to tv fully working. Plausible chromecast is the bugger? It doesnt have a dac from what i know of.

      1. MeSaber

        @Julian Krause im back after testing multiple things. Found out that an APC i use was causing a constant noise in the speaker while only having A-300 amp to speaker plugged in. Using any power socket without APC made the noise go away. I think it also states in the manual this could happen. The APC is as they say a power cleaner + circuit breaker. In specific APC surge arrest by Schneider ($30). Havent re-installed all gear without it yet and tested your vid but i will now. Will also be testing my Sony A-class vs Edge A2-300 D-class amp and see if there is any audible difference between the two on clean power. My goal in the end is to have very high quality audio which is why i want to not use PC as a solution, except if i get a high quality soundcard or dac ofc, but i felt chromecast to tv to preamp to amp to speaker sounded like a better solution. Will continue investigate my audio bottleneck in this setup. Brb.

      2. MeSaber

        @Julian Krause i will try that and also take an a-class receiver to test without wxc-50 and a-300 directly to speakers. My only thought is shouldnt chromecast be just digital signal all the way to wxc-50, maybe it isnt. We will see soon enough :)

      3. Julian Krause

        You have any chance to use the setup with a PC instead of the chromecast? This way you might find out if the problem is due to the chromecast or the system.

    33. mercuriete

      hahahahaha the outro was distorted as hell :) nice one.

    34. Ase o/m/g

      Hearing not watching: 8% 1.5% 0.2% I’m more sensitive to lower frequencies, because I play acoustic instruments that are primarily ‘low frequency’ in sound & tone.

    35. Fakhri MF

      Help, i like the music and can't seem to find it anywhere:(

      1. Julian Krause

        There you go:

      2. Fakhri MF

        Nvm i found it yay!

    36. EasyPlayMusic

      Using a Komplete Audio 2 for audio playback I noticed I could hear noise from speakers when files were coping on my Desktop, then also realized there was noise when the mouse was moving. All the USB plugs on the front of the desktop and on the back of the motherboard produced noise out of the speakers. The only USB receptacle without noise was into a USB card into a PCIe 1x slot (two plugs on the front of the box connected by wire to this card had noise). I was wondering if splitting the power and data lines in the USB cable of the Komplete Audio and powering the interface with Battery power would be feasible? I noted in some reviews sound quality of DACs can be greatly influenced by clean/dirty power.

    37. Akos Simon

      Can You do reviews / tests between condenser mics? For example the Microphones CM25 MkIII that come with the scarlett 2i2 package bundles, and an audiotechnica 2035 ?

      1. Julian Krause

        @Akos Simon Hey, für ASMR ist es sinnvoll Großmembran-Mikrofone zu verwenden, da diese Mikrofone ein sehr geringes Eigenrauschen haben können. Wusste gar nicht, dass es diesen Spot beim Superbowl gab. Muss ich mir Mal angucken.

      2. Akos Simon

        @Julian Krause Hi Julian, das wäre super !-- I was searching youtube for ASMPR Microphones and preamps and setups and how its done correctly, and your videos here came up, and I have to really tell You, You are simply the only guy out there telling us technical things, that are measured, and precise. No one out there does this !.. its is an eye-opener what You explain to us. If You do not know yet what this ASMPR is: there this infamous ASMPR commercial with Lenny Kravitz’s Daughter Zoe, where she whispers and makes scratching noises to advertise for a new Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold organic beer... during the last USA Super Bowl games (das ist die amerikansiche Football weltmeisterschaft, das ist ebenbürtig mit unserer Fussballweltmeisterschaft, die werbe spots die da in den pausen ziwschengeschalten werden gehören zu den top 10 der Tv spots weltweit meistens)...wäre toll von dir in sachen ASMPR was sehen zu dürfen, oder generell was es halt für tolle Mikrophone da draussen gibt, in den verschiedenen preisklassen. Ist übrigens auch sehr "new subscriber" anziehend diese thematik ... Danke !..Akos

      3. Julian Krause

        Not sure if I will review these exact two mics but I will definitely review some more mics in the future.

    38. Akos Simon

      Finally a technical savvy person in this field...

    39. I'm a Pear

      hi julian, noise test on Steinberg UR22C pls. love ur stuff so much, cheers

      1. I'm a Pear

        @Julian Krause YES! thx man!

      2. Julian Krause

        Hey, I just got one :) Stay tuned!

    40. Darth Carseg

      Du bist deutscher, oder? Interessantes Video... Weiter so ;-)

      1. Julian Krause

        Ja genau, danke dir!

    41. Wayne Cooper

      I'm and old physicist (70+). I love seeing cool science-based videos being done by young, and very smart guys like you. Great and useful video. Thank you.

      1. Julian Krause

        Thank you for the nice comment! :)

    42. Bob Coco

      Set-up: Dragonfly Red + DT 1990 ; played at chill level Test 1 : 7-8% (on the background sparkle so I had to wait for the next beat :) ) Test 2 : 1.9% Test 3 : 3.5% , but had to listen further & go back to confirm the change I heard was indeed the distortion Played at loudest acceptable level: Test 1 : already at 5%, on the higher freqs, I can hear Test 2 : from 0.7% to 1.1% (approx), can discern a change in the tone, while the real static noise begins around 1.5 Test 3 : harder ...5% ? Actually, I think the DFRed was introducing some distor, so I had to listen several times, but my ear probably fatigued/got used to the level, so lowered back the volume then it remained around 3.5% Interesting test, I wonder how it relates to the mesurements of devices (AI, DACs, Amps ... ), there is a good chance that the number war on those departments, go far beyond what can humanly be heard, as usual :) but especially for recording, master prod, it's + important since the signal will be treated, transformed etc... (which is why it's good AI rec at 192khz)

    43. DjClimamusic

      Test 1: I started to hear the distortion 4% !d(-_-)b! Test 2: I started to hear the distortion 1% !d(-_-)b! Test 3: I started to hear the distortion 1.5% !d(-_-)b! I'm using the KNS 6400 KRK headphone. thank you Julian for the share.

    44. Stefan Kamer

      Fascinating! By any chance would you have the original files you used for this comparison? I wonder how much of this is affected by the FIsels audio compression. I also want to try this again when I get home so I can compare against a better audio system (though, my DAC/AMP at work is actually really good too, but the headphones aren't the most resolving. Will be interesting later) Test 1: ~7.5% Test 2: ~0.9% Test 3: ~4.0%

    45. Emre Sunay Gebeş

      %16 on first :D

    46. June Kim

      Hi Julian. Since you mentioned harmonic distortion and you've reviewed Behringer's UMC series and praised on its sound quality, could you have a look into this distortion issue? The combo inputs on the front of UMC404HD puts much more harmonic distortion when the input jack is TRS compared to when it's XLR.

      1. June Kim

        Ping here! I think a lot of people are considering purchasing Behringer's UMC series from your recommendation. This distortion thing could be a potential concern.

    47. Miss Tress

      I would say, I start hearing the distortion from 1% and on. Up to 4% it just livens music in a good way. After that I start looking for broken wires. :)

    48. Game Blog UA

      GJ! Thnx!

    49. Larry Tam

      Hi, when I am using an external mic which connected to H1N. Can I still able to control the gain level by adjusting the gain knob which is on the top of H1N? Thanks!

      1. Larry Tam

        @Julian Krause Thank you , you are the best !

      2. Julian Krause

        Yes, when you plug in an external mic the built-in mics of the H1n are turned off and you control the gain of the external mic with the gain knob in the front of the device.

    50. Soy Bomber

      distorting the outro track was a nice touch :D

    51. Ulysses

      Philips Fidelio X1 on Fiio Olympus E10K DAC - Test 1: 8.6% Test 2: 1.4% Test 3: 6.3%

    52. Ulysses

      Julian Krause - The destroyer of the voodoo HiFi bullshit industry ...

    53. DRS SOUND

      Hi frend .good vedio Watch my channel 🔉🔉🔉🔉🔉🔉🔉🔉

    54. metal571

      Very interesting indeed. 1% for me not looking at the screen at 500 Hz but 2.5% at 100 Hz and 7% with music on a K371. Weird. I also totally am in love with that music track

      1. DRS SOUND

        Hi frend Watch my channel 🔉🔉🔉🔉🔉🔉🔉🔉

    55. Audiovolt Studio

      Fantastic video, congratulations for the idea and thank you

    56. Дмитрий Шаламов

      HEADPHONES Audio-Technica ATH-M40X Music - THD 9.971 % 500 Hz - THD 0.679 % 100 Hz - THD 6.883 % 5" Home studio monitors Mackie MR524 Music - THD 9.560 % 500 Hz - THD 1.465 % 100 HZ - THD 2.605 % Thank you, this test was a great idea!

    57. TNTpyros

      Great video as always! I have a Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD, now I need a microphone. Want to try anything other than Shure SM58, had one before, but sounded a little muffled. I want a microphone with: - Little background noice. - Clear voice, not that muffled as Shure SM58. - For gaming, skype, discord, maybe youtube too and maybe music in the future. - Cost like max 100$. - Good against plosives. - not needed to have like 80% gain for it to work. I was thinking about AKG D5, Rode M2, Samson Q2U, Rode PodMic or should i go for something else like condenser? Then I have a question if a standard foam for Shure SM58 will fit any of these microphones?

      1. TNTpyros

        @Julian Krause Thank you very much for the answer, have seen that very cheap microphone too. Very good sounding but not that good against plosives. Yes that is a very good detailed channel too :)

      2. Julian Krause

        Hey, I want to add one more mic for you to look at. The Behringer XM8500. I would advise to listen to these mics on a FIsels channel called Podcastage. This should give you a general overview of how these mics compare. Then buy the one which you like best.

    58. Kirei El Curita Fraudulento Alias: El llorocove :V

      Test 1: Music: 33.220%.............uhmm............i think i'm fine :V

    59. markolino style

      Very interesting video and tests. I tried it with my monitors and with a pair of in-ears on the street. The difference is amazing. Thank you so much and, by the way, I loved the music you used for the test, in the artistic sense.

    60. DamGuitarCovers

      Test 1 : 10% Test 2 : 1.5% Test 3 : 5% Very interesting, I need to compare it with other results in comments section now! I used Jabra wireless plugs.

      1. Giovanni Bianchi

        Similar values also in my case

    61. woltn

      Hey Julian, i have a question regarding latency of wireless mics. I got a rode filmmaker kit and a sennheiser avx mke2 lav running at the same time into a zoom F4. Since the sennheiser got a higher latency than the rode, i always have the echo monitoring as well as half a frame delay between them in post. Can I correct for the 19ms delay of the sennheiser with the input delay function of the zoom? Would I have to set a input delay for all other mics than the sennheiser? Mostof the time I have the Rode NTG3 on the boompole, filmmaker kit (4ms delay) and sennheiser avx running (19ms delay) running into the zoom and the echo when monitoring is soo distracting. Do I just have to live with that? Is there a simple way to correct for the delay in audition, since i cant move the audio track have a frame in premiere pro? I record all tracks independently, no mix. Thanks

      1. woltn

        @Julian Krause Thanks a lot Julian! Ill give it a try!

      2. Julian Krause

        Hey, the F4 can apply delay independantly to each channel. What you have to do is to slightly delay the audio of the input where you got your boom connected with the filmmaker kit. You should have to delay that channel by about 15ms (19ms - 4ms = 15ms). This should give you a good starting point to dial in the delay further. If you do this, you actually don't have to anything in post, because both channels are already in sync. If you still want to align the audio further in post, you can do this in premiere: Old video but should be the same for newer versions. Hope this helps!

    62. RallenMan

      How did you generate the distortion?

      1. Julian Krause

        Hey, I used Adobe Audition which has an effect called distortion. It can mess with the audio in many different ways. If you want to use some distortion creatively, just search for a free ditostion vst plugin. You can install this into your DAW and create some distortion as well. Cheers!

    63. Mani Movassagh

      Hi can you please test the t.bone microphones like t.bone mb 57 ? Thanks

    64. neven covic

      on first test is unclear to me untill after 12% but on sec test i could hear distortion in 0.400 and the last one after 0.580

    65. Edu Hurtado

      15% Music, 5% first sine wave, 10% last sine wave. Nice and interesting test. Cheers from Spain!

    66. Peter Michael Sullivan

      Excellent! Being an audio Geek myself, I really appreciate your *data driven* approach to audio. I wish more channels had such a fact based, less subjective view on matters of sound where science meets art.

    67. Coffee Flush

      For 500HZ, I could hear it around 8% . With acoustic music i think it would be easier, but the point of this video is very clear.

    68. Soto Cine

      music 13 %

    69. Jungmin Seo


    70. deshchk

      I like how the music in the outro is distorted as well!

    71. Resolute

      Plz test mixpre3 II

    72. iotku

      Setup: Philips SHP9500 connected to a Behringer UMC202HD audio interface at a fairly comfortable listing level. For the music I had some minor suspicions around 5% (possible placebo) and definite distortion around 10%. For the 500hz it was very noticeable around 2%. For 100Hz I hit around 3%. 26 years old and I do have some moderate concerns about my hearing degrading a bit (though my audio cable (with a faulty volume control) sometimes being off balance itself doesn't help with that either.)

      1. heypussy

        Very similar experiencie for me, I opened my eyes around 6% with the music but then I wasn´t sure if the distortion came from the music itself. Then around 12% it became very obvious. Would be cool to try the same test with something more mellow, or like an orchesta. Very nice video, thanks!!

    73. Red Robbo's Workshop

      Good test. In the hi-fi industry, blind testing dating back to the 1950s established a standard that THD should not exceed 0.1% for equipment to be deemed 'transparent'. Six decades later and having spent many years restoring and servicing hi-fi amplifiers I would have to agree -

      1. Julian Krause

        @Red Robbo's Workshop Very good point. And even something like crossover distortion will have a different level of audibility compared to something like digital clipping.

      2. Red Robbo's Workshop

        @Julian Krause Distortion type also plays a part. Odd order harmonics are more objectionable than even order, and higher order more then lower order. Listeners will often tolerate 2-3% 2nd order harmonic distortion but find 0.5% odd order very audible through a clean system.

      3. Julian Krause

        Yes, I think this test puts things into perspective. Of course you want to have equipment with the lowest distortion possible but at some point it's not going to make an audible difference anymore.

    74. airwolf1337

      i have nubert nuPro A-100 Speakers, im 35 years old. Music: 12%, 500 and 100Hz: ~ 2%.

      1. Bigo290

        @airwolf1337 same for music but around 1% on the sine waves

      2. airwolf1337

        After watching the video with eyes open, and repeat it serval times, i hear distortion on music @ 8%...

    75. Intreppit

      It surprised me that it was so hard to hear the distortions in the music. It was audible for me from about 4.5%. I heard with a Sennheiser HD 600. It was only heard via my Nubert A-100 loudspeakers from about 7%. For me a test with different genres would be interesting.

      1. Julian Krause

        @airwolf1337 Yes I do. Because there is no additional reverb from the room that could mask distortion, it is easier to notice it.

      2. airwolf1337

        @Julian Krause Julian, do you think, people can hear distortion with headphones earlier?

      3. robwas

        I agree, would be interesting to hear it with music I'm more familiar with. I heard it at quite a low level with my eyes closes on my Klipsch RF-9's but I was looking for it, just listening casually I may not have noticed until higher. At 5% for music is was very clearly audible.

      4. Julian Krause

        I think that the type of music can make a big difference to the susceptibility of distortion. You will most likely hear distortion more easily with classical music than rock.

      5. Intreppit

        @airwolf1337 Für mich auf jeden Fall. ich präferiere vor allem einen neutralen und smoothen Sound. Ich habe mir alle anderen der A-Serie angehört und meine Soundpräferenz konnten mir bisher nur die A-100 bieten. Natürlich ist der Sound nicht so smooth wie von einem Sennheiser HD 600 / 650.

    76. cubexBeats

      Hey Julian, i Guess youre from germany. Why are you doing english tutorials?

      1. cubexBeats

        @Julian Krause Alles klar. Ja die Antwort auf seine Aussage war mir schon klar und das kann ich vollkommen verstehen, aber es hätte ja sein können, dass es einen weiteren Grund dafür gäbe und den hätte ich interessant gefunden. Dennoch danke für die Antwort! :)

      2. Julian Krause

        @cubexBeats Hey, I did some German videos a while back. But Frisno is right, I have a far wider reach with English videos and I simply like to speak English ;)

      3. cubexBeats

        @Frisno Bostrom its more that i wanted to know, in a subtil way, If he's also doing German videos. But i like your sarcasm honey. :)

      4. Frisno Bostrom

        Yes Julian, why aren't you using a language only understood by an insignificant number of people?