How to fix Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC... Start up issues

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    The highly anticipated release of Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC has launched... however its a less than desirable situation... here's how.
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    1. Lonewolf Gaming

      Have they fixed it yet?

    2. HAZ3 -_-

      Soo the whole point of this video is that you should buy a console

    3. الإسلام تحفة الشيطان #sub4sub#


      1. الإسلام تحفة الشيطان #sub4sub#

        this is why PC is not master race😭

    4. Jeff Ramos

      Rockstar launcher itself is the problem. As long as they force that POS on gta and rdr, it is likely to cause problems on users.

    5. cubu

      no issues for me on the game must have been fixed since this video though i just got it.

    6. yakomuto

      30/05/2020 Still unplayable. Seriously considering to refund and wait for pirated version.

    7. Bonker

      The way I got this to work: start rockstar Launcher, click launch on EGS, ignoring the fact that I already have rockstar launcher installed and click "yes" to re-install the launcher, it then proceeds to switch to the rockstar launcher again, which now magically finds my install (which it couldn't before.). I'm refunding this piece of crap software. Screw Rockstar and their high horse.

    8. indian lil nas x

      I cant download, it stops halfway through and says error

    9. dirtandmud II

      Still broken, Using 2700x with 5700xt it crashes randomly, I can launch with no problems but about every 2 to 4 hours it crashes.

    10. Envy

      May 2020 still can't play the game. Asking me to verify game data. I updated BIOS, updated windows and nvidia drivers, still nothing

    11. grim reefer0420

      I uninstalled the launcher and reinstalled worked fine for me

    12. NKProductions2014

      Hey ya'll. I bought Red Dead 2 direct from Rockstar and it runs super good now. :) 20/05/2020

    13. Ömer Koyunoğlu

      why we cant change the resolution on laptops using vulcan i dont understand

    14. Vanity TM

      I love the part where you said delete your files. it runs but now i gotta restart... great

    15. forestR1

      26-May-2020 not working

    16. G P

      I bought the ultimate edition for 38 bucks and it runs well.

    17. Sir Sleeplezz

      I bought the game last night ..and have zero problems ..its running smooth now for me tho ..maybe cuzz of pathc or update idk

    18. The Merchant of Menace

      I've found this video after nearly 6 months of no problems in RDR2 - as of the last update my game will not launch at all and I cannot work out what the problem is :-/ Rockstar really don't care about their customers.

    19. Manu

      May 23 2020 and I can’t launch the game. I don’t even get an error. Shows up in Task Manager like it’s running. Says Running on both Epic/Rockstar launchers. Game doesn’t come up at all.

    20. Tommy says

      Almost a year later still not fixed...

    21. Paistin Lasta

      I installed the game, clocked fucking 70 hours to it, uninstalled it to get more space on my hard drive. Now I re-installed it can't can't run it because the fucking launcher doesn't open. This is fucking unacceptable. The game is over half a year old and I can't play it because some fucking launcher that I never wanted doesn't work. Fuck you Rockstar.

    22. Kirk Robinson

      05/23/2020 still not working for me. I have a Radeon GPU

    23. Mexican Red

      Still hasn’t been fixed on steam.

    24. Mexican Red

      Rockstar still hasn’t fixed it after months of it being out on pc. Seriously fuck rockstar

    25. Kevin Wilson

      I have had similar issues with any game that has it's own launcher. Managed to fix GTA V and Assains Creed Odyssey the same way you did Jay. All the normal fixes still nothing worked got so ****** OFF, made a coffee, restarted and just before going back to another game one last try before the refund button and boom worked. I don't know what black magic it was but it worked and not a problem since.

    26. Ricoshe Ric

      Disabling the Intel(R) HD Graphics in Device Manager will fix this error.

    27. Charl Woods

      05/22/20 my dad bought this on an epic games sale.. Can't launch the game

    28. TheDisabledGamer

      It's now May 22nd 2020 and the problems with RDR2 especially the "ou have been disconnected from Red Dead Online due to a fault on Rockstar game services (Error: 0x20010006)" problem which is a major problem for so so many people, myself included, so aggravating.

    29. Rayray240sx Technstuff

      Rockstar billions in revenue makes one solo worker port to PC.

    30. Wah The Wizard

      Not even close to being fixed i still have crashes

    31. Rototh

      Here i am in 2020, it still wont launch. Best money ive ever spent ill tell you what

    32. Juuso Nevalainen

      just bought the game. been trying to play and get it working and i`m done. epic better refund and fucking fast.

    33. Phreedom

      having this issue now, in 2020

    34. Syone

      My game launched , my computer was missing dll files like : MF.dll ; MFCORE.dll ; MFPlat.dll ; MFReadWrite.dll , also I changed launcher and game exe to run as administrator and turned off antivirus for game and launcher exe. ❤️

    35. ScoutTF2

      why with your space station *NASA MASTERRACE PC* Computer doesn't work and with my *steam powered 1867 B.C machine made out of chopsticks and cow poop* does?

    36. socialwithmyself

      5/19/2020 After months of waiting for it to be cracked I gave in and bought the damned thing. Can't get past the first cabin, can't even reach the first save point. Spent so long running benchmarks and testing it, can't even get a refund for it now due to "play time". Flashed BIOS, adjusted RAM settings, updated drivers, tried everything. I just want to play the f***ing game. It's currently 4 A.M. been at this since 2 P.M.

    37. RoyBrown777

      Can you fix the endless log in and the stupid captcha system when you forget your password? I've been trying to play red dead for 10 minutes now.

    38. Tymek Kozłowski


    39. Cristian B

      6 months later, still can't launch the game....

    40. DanielPasten


    41. King Scorpion

      GTA V yesterday its running ok today rockstar on epic game wont start. its so frustrating

    42. Dux Ad Regnum

      How great, it ran perfect , but now a few months later, it just won't start anymore, not in safemode either, click start and nothing happens. the screen don't even show anything but the fockstar launcher. This from a company who came first with a game called bully, it's what fockstar is , a bunch of troll bullies screwing with their utter stupid online game customers to extort money.

    43. Lee Chang

      I login and played just fine for like 5-6 hrs then suddenly, I can no longer login anymore!! wth.... i'm going to send rockstar a big FU e-mail. This mess could easily be better with an offline mode.

    44. Peter Villent

      16/05/2020 - ERR_GFX_INIT Can't even launch the game, the only positive is I bought it on Steam and can Refound.

    45. Kurogr Fn

      If Your Still Facing This Issue The Way I Fixed Mine Was I Reinstalled Windows 10 And Then I Reinstalled RDR2 And The Game Started And Now Is Working Fine😊 ( )

      1. Kurogr Fn

        Ghoul Yezdan Yep

      2. Ghoul Yezdan

        Yeah dude just buy a new pc it will fix it.

    46. Jimmy Davis

      Just downloaded the game last night on steam 20% discount and had same launching issues, requested refund. I don't have time to spend hours modifying the install to make work. Bologna!

    47. balalajka

      6 months later. I bought it it was great and i wanted play more and after sone fucking update adding some shit coat to shit online i cant play

    48. Sam

      May 2020, Red Dead Online is still plagued with bugs but on the surface of it. Rockstar aren't doing jack shit. But hey, at least GTA Online is getting all of Rockstars love.

    49. Dirk Diggler

      I'm from the future in 13/2/2030 and I am sorry to inform you that 01101001 01110100 00100000 01110011 01110100 01101001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01100011 01110010 01100001 01110011 01101000 01100101 01110011

    50. samk

      Update. Game fixed. Found a post in Reddit frmm few days ago. Disabled the integrated CPU intel graphics like it stated (used a google guide how to do this in device management via run) game then had a new bug stating rockstar didn't have permission to use it's on files... ran rockstart program as admin game started up. guess rockstar wasn't looking for dedicated graphics card beyond the intel integrated. ................................................................ 12th May. played 16 hours on record previously. haven't played in about 3 months. had a free day thought i'd get back into it. nope. game not launching. reinstall. still not working. so yea, now broken. gg

    51. Joost V

      A bought this game just yesterday because i thought it would be okay after 6 months, but i still couldn't get it to work. Tried all the things everybody recommends, and ended up spending 3-4 hours (according to steam) in menu's and loading screens. Later i even noticed that steam said the game was still running when it crashed like 30 minutes ago, and there was no way of knowing since i hadn't looked at steam for a while. Now that was just more time spent in-game, even though it didn't seem to be running at all. When i start the story it'll just crash after max 2 minutes, or it wont start at al. Tried to request a refund because i can't fucking use the product i just bought for 60 euro, but steam just says they won't because you spent 2+ hours in the game. No way to appeal the decision. This is such a big go fuck yourself to the consumer i despise steam and rockstar for it.

    52. Kalmeer Perd


    53. Chris M

      Love your southern accent

    54. Squeaking Lion

      May 10th, 2020. I bought the game, not having any idea that all this was going on. Have spent the entire morning trying to make it work, only to find out... there's no fix to this. Six months after launch, and there's no fix to this. I just wasted $60 for a game that doesn't work. Rockstar has just lost all future business with me.

    55. Jānis Stepanovs

      Accidently pressing the "online" hahahaha

    56. Kalmeer Perd

      I'm on day 4 of troubleshooting.. my game just broke and i cant get it to work, didn't change anything, through some serious research I have this idea that the game is not creating any of the files found in DOCUMENTS, except for the PROFILES one. But those bin files, and the System.XML file is not there, along with the .sga files.. ONLY the Profiles one is there. My error message is obviously "exited Unexpectedly, Please click retry to enter game again, or click safemode to launch the game with reduced graphic settings" tried these potential fixes. Format installed windows v1909 updated windows added the Graphics settings thing in windows additional features updated bois ran everything as admin updated radeon drivers (clean boot, clean install) "antivirus disabled, firewall exceptions allowed redownloaded the whole game verified files within the Launcher disable full-screen optimization in the compatibility tab for the red dead 2 .exe file and run as admin run launcher as admin deleted local profile enable / disable cloud saves Verified game files in the launcher. lost my shit about 20 times when i heard the guys in youtube videos launch their game and thought it was mine launching. xD (hear the shotgun load and shoot) Can someone please help me

      1. balalajka

        @Kalmeer Perd i love u it worked ur my hero xdd

      2. Kalmeer Perd

        @balalajka disable your onboard grqphics in device manager under display

      3. balalajka

        i have the same problem. Iwas lucky to play 100h and finish storyline but i wanted to play more and after some update week ago i cant run the game ive done seriouse reaserch and nothing worked. I feel ur pain. If u find somethig please let me know

    57. Extra Long Honkers

      It's May 2020 and my once working RDR2 is now crashing. I've tried everything and being so close to the end of the game is killin me lol

    58. Kalmeer Perd

      2020 / 05/ 07 - I played for like 5 days straight.... all of a sudden my game cant launch.. Disable your onboard graphics in device manager

    59. Havnar

      I can play this blurr simulator just fine, I get all the blurr at 45 fps 1440p on a 1070ti

    60. Eternal Rust

      It justvplaim sux....reinstalling social club and rockstar launcher

    61. Christian Loria

      mine are all black the only thing visible is the cursor.

    62. Emanuel Krznarić

      Game worked fine till 4th May 2020. Now when I launch the game, Rockstar Games Launcher pops up and I have to log in and when I do that, nothing happens. ANYONE HAVE FIX???

    63. Kurogr Fn

      05.05.20 Game USED To Work Now Doesn’t It Doesn’t Start Doesn’t Do Anything Opens The Launcher Closes It Reinstalled Launcher And Game Like 7 times now and now it’s showing the “Launcher Exited Unexpectedly” Error😕

    64. Shhh K.

      this game played 600 fuckin hours... 600 FUCKIN HOURS without issue, and now all of a sudden i cant load into the game.. fuck rockstar

      1. balalajka

        @Lorenco Krznarić same

      2. Lorenco Krznarić

        @Shhh K. Thanks, but I can't even launch the game

      3. Shhh K.

        @Lorenco Krznarić load into online first then load your single.player save , that works for me

      4. Lorenco Krznarić

        Me too. Did you find any fix maybe?

    65. Michal Vavrinec

      As of 3rd of May, on a PC that has NEVER had any issue with ANY game. I still cannot play RDR2 and GTA5 ... they just won't work :D :D

    66. mesene7

      click bait

    67. Unchained Irony

      Lol, hopefully it will be fixed in a few days he said. Dude, I legit just purchased the game on steam(Almost half a year later) and I keep getting the same error, I literally can not even launch the game, which is the bare minimum I need to try the only fix I could find for this issue which is deleting the settings folder(Which doesn't appear since It doesn't launch.) This is just a fucking joke at this point, I didn't know about these issues until after buying it, but realizing people have been struggling with this game and it's launcher since release it is just unforgivable at that point especially when this shit costs 60 Euro's(Which is like 70 Dollars), I am going to refund this heap of garbage and wait for the illegitimate procurers of games to circumvent the launcher all together.

      1. Unchained Irony

        @ChillAMV Beats I have never had to refund anything on Epic Games so I am not sure if there is. However on steam you pretty much file a refund request on the site, explain your reasons and if you ask for a refund before you have played the game for more then a few hours I believe you always get a refund and if you have owned it for less then 14 days you can request a refund but it might get declined(Never been declined for me though.) I would assume they have some form of ability for you to get your money back on Epic Games as well, try googling it or filing a help request on the site if there isn't. All in all though, if the game is literally not working you are legally entitled to getting your money back, it would be the same as someone selling you a broken TV when selling it as a working TV, it's literally illegal.

      2. ChillAMV Beats

        is there anyway to get a refund? I just got it today, and it says that i need to verify and i tried verifying on epic games launcher and it still didn't work so im a bit confused on that one.

    68. Dolanan Setrum

      Wow "rockstar games launcher authentication ticket is no longer valid" brought me here! this buggy Rockstar launcher game drive me mad, cant believe but at the same time I relieved because I am not the only one so its not my system but rockstar game launcher is the problem, they need to fix it for real

    69. Brockzilla

      Almost May 2020, did not pre order. Having issue launching.... GG

      1. Unchained Irony

        I am in the same boat, I literally can't launch it and I have just spend the last 4 hours trying every single fix I could get my hands on.

    70. Diarrhea Splatter

      Dude, April 2020 here and the stupid game wouldn't run for me. Thankfully, Steam gave me a refund on this garbage.

    71. Keith Richner

      When the game released it installed and ran perfectly on my computer. Just this past week I reformatted my hard drives and reinstalled everything just to tidy up and I get 'unknown error ffff" when trying to run the game.. silly

    72. Tectonix

      You should've tried playing

    73. Luis Guerreiro

      Played more than 100 hours of this amazing, yet incredibly bad optimized game, second playthrough, then it started with the fucking crashes again, the best way to keep it from crashing as of now is using vulkan, and running in BORDERLESS WINDOWED, forget fullscreen (If you running in a 4k screen like I am, but doesn't have a RTX Titan nvlink, don't let it scale, leave it as 2160p, than select the option to run 50% resolution (A little below the part where you can change the game api, in advanced), then you might wanna disable ssao, dozens of tweaks really, but a quick youtube search will show you comparision between all specific settings on medium/high that look exactly like ultra, I was getting 40fps with my vega56 (overclocked to 1630/1000, undervolted, and below 75c at all times), after tinkering with the settings, I got incredible 75fps, there's headroom for some nice reshading now, it was pretty impossible before, I might even go to 1440p, since the screen is like 50', 1080p is a little blurry, I could just go to a monitor, but why bother, rdr2 is a game to play in a couch when you're braindead, it's clunky, slow and fun in a way only rockstar provides, with their weird engine where all characters walk like retards, playing that with a mouse and keyboard didn't last 10 minutes for me, with a controller though...100hours+

    74. hritik karve

      5 months after the launch. Still doesn't work

    75. Tom Clarke

      6 months after this video was released and I still cant even run the game

      1. الإسلام تحفة الشيطان #sub4sub#

        @Prieto Asado I can't even refund because I spent 2hrs trying to fix this shit, fuck me

      2. Patrick McDonnell

        Same. Sucks but I'm glad to see it's not just me.

      3. Prieto Asado

        Same here, I was so damn excited, guess the refund is coming

      4. Luis Guzman

        Tom Clarke Same here and it’s really frustrating /:

    76. Tim Sudmeier

      tried all of this ad it still doesn´t work....

    77. Lieve Devisscher

      i have this game installed on 2 systems one on intel 9900k with 1070 ti this work perfect and one on amd 3700x and 5700xt red devil and there i stay have problems

    78. ScraBBer_

      I have those problems now... when it came out I was able to play it normally but it just doesnt work anymore

    79. Kevin Ernesto Escobales Perez

      Still dealing with this problem smh

    80. megamike15

      all of rockstars pc ports have always had some form of issue.