How to fix Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC... Start up issues

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    The highly anticipated release of Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC has launched... however its a less than desirable situation... here's how.
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    1. Jamie C

      i5/i7 quad cores have it REALLY bad too. have to disable 2/4 cores to get it running without stuttering /freezing even with a 4.4ghz OC. or BES and limit it 5-10%.

    2. Mittengalaxy Twizzl


    3. Pongput Intapura

      My 9900k and rtx 2080 can't even launch the game 🤣🤣🤣

    4. lhb1

      Some things other things I do when a game fails to launch: 1. Run game/launcher as administrator 2. After crash, check event log 3. Check config file to make sure resolution and Driver API is correct. Hope this helps someone.

    5. Wilburbean games

      i got that windows error yesterday idk what is was

    6. James Losh

      Even now I still have to run Steam as Admin to get Rockstar launcher to boot for GTA5

    7. JustAllinOneResource Canada

      Never update your bios for any game. Many people out there will not even know how to do it, and they most likely will think that any bios update driver will work. Never do this. It is up to the dev to code a proper game.

    8. timwood70

      PC mAsTer RaCE

    9. Overwatch

      I run the game just fine. 2080TI, 32GB RAM, NVME1TB, 8700k@4.7, on an Auorus Z370 Gaming 7 BIOS F14. I have game at ULTRA and get FPS from 45-65. The game has only crashed on me a couple of times mostly with the initial release. Bottom line for me? I am extremely grateful for R* to have released this game on PC. People can be frustrated they are having problems yes. But God forbid R* says screw PC gamers when they release GTA6!!

    10. Rj Simas

      Can't tell if you tried starting the launcher as an admin or not. (Right click > run as admin) Anyways, good luck!

    11. Frm / Raph

      This is the worst problem actually but what about the fact that rdr2 is just not working on I5 4000, 5000 and 6000 processors series? Mine is working good but my friend has got this problem, we saw a lot of other players on the forums with the same issues... Game is running but frozen every fucking ten seconds... how to fix this? Limit the CPU to 95 percent and stop 2 cores on 4.... Omg Rockstar wake up... Did they just bench their game before the launch ?! This is very frustrating for the price. Mine is working good, not optimised fine but you guys will have a masterpiece when it will be fixed. I just never saw a game like that. Aristic, technical masterpiece but a very bad launch.

    12. PULSAR

      By not buying it

    13. R

      Even with all these issues, Arkham Knight remains the king lol Nobody will ever make a worse port/launch than that. Even Bethesda is fair game in comparison.

    14. shawn mchenry

      Deleting the folder for red dead got it running for me, but I changed a bunch of settings because the cursor was stuck on the screen in game. Any advice, anyone?

    15. C3B


    16. Atreuso

      I've decided that after GTA Online R$ can strictly and unapologetically stuff it's games up it's ass and go fuck itself, but you do you

    17. See OH Zee

      I hope this game doesn't end up like GTA4 where nothing can max the game out even over 10 years from its time of release due to horrible optimization.

    18. CHARGE XD

      Make a video on water cooling the heat sink

    19. 웃고 죽이다 Pęđŕą đø Pøŕţø

      Their Launcher does not recognize Epic Games only recognizes Steam. Everything you speak is English and the rockstar does nothing, says nothing, solves nothing and we can't play. I was paid 35% of the salary in my country. I played the game for more than 10 hours whenever I get into this account sync issue and now I don't want to log in anymore, he says he has no account, the game is not in my library and etc ...

    20. Sonic Broom

      PC master race right.....

    21. Phil


    22. Lord Adz

      might as well just stick with console

    23. Stefan Jensen

      now fix the wanted and bounty system xD

    24. h1ll13illy

      tripple a companys dont give a shit anymore. its all about the dolla

    25. No ID

      My old i7 5820 with two GTX 908's in SLI work fine. No visible difference in 4k compared to 1080. The textures are not there. My only issue is getting randomly kicked from online servers. I can play three hours then get kicked, or am kicked in 10 mins. Hard to progress levels that way. Hope for a quick fix. I feel bad for so many that can't even start the game to enjoy single player. What a shit show.

    26. h1ll13illy

      bro i got an x99 5820 k but a rockstar launcher and havent crashed once . there are some issues and bugs but no shutdowns.....but we are several days after the fact at this point

    27. The 007

      its the 11th and my game still wont even start. spent 60$ on this by the way.

    28. Jay Mata

      I just see a big cry baby here

    29. Noah Hill

      It’s the rootin tootin trouble shootin simulator

    30. Florian Dahn

      I would bet, it has to do something with admin rights, don't know why... but its a windows issue on some stuff

    31. Rodrigor Muniz

      Intel system probably worked cause i need it a restart of sorts (you turn it off and on again, to try AMD PC for a while); or perhaps you plugged some cable on a diferent plug on the back, maybe the display cable?

    32. PaganiniTV

      I usually have a very strict rule against pre-ordering. I made an exception w/ RDR2 when it first launched and was satisfied. So naturally I pre-ordered again w/ my less than 1 year old machine. Seriously fuck R* for even thinking this was anywhere near ready to launch. P.S. no my machine is not the problem I have a R5 2600x @4.2 ghz w/ a RTX 2060 and can barely get 100fps on med.

    33. NapFloridian

      551 People are RockStar Fan-bois

    34. Mackan G

      Run luncher and game with admin rights. Its not game makars, its Windows.

    35. Joker 5033

      hey have you heard anything to fix loading unlimited loading screens i have sat for 3.15 hours waiting for the game to load

    36. Robert Shelton

      🤮 epic

    37. Sandra Ferguson

      The one thing that I learned about computers is that they only work properly when you try to prove to someone that it doesn't work properly.

    38. Bmore hooligans

      Jayyyyy please do top matx cases im looking into getting one soon and we need the top dog to do it

    39. Beefalo Bart

      Win7, FX-8350, 16gb 1866mhz DDR3, GTX 1060 6gb Superclocked, 3x Samsung 32" TV for monitors. I had NO problems at all installing and playing. I wanted to comment also that the game just feels like a crappy console port. The interface is terrible and is bad in so many ways. Now for some reason my screen saver no longer works. and yes did restart after installing drivers and game.

    40. IchLiebeDich99

      Nice video :)

    41. Adam Jagers

      I must have been one of the lucky few, I haven't had a single issue other than the snow acting all wonky when I started, but a restart of the game fixed it. I am on AMD.

    42. eagle Toyota

      All my rockstar games did this

    43. Brenton Edwards

      The launch couldn't be worse than Fallout 76.

    44. Mruca

      Let’s just say I had no issues I played it literally an hour after coming out

    45. Michael Garant Media

      That's funny, works great on my Xbox One X 😛

    46. Dillon

      i dont understand how the fuck shit gets released like this. back in the day a company would never release something that didnt work properly. this is happening way too much now in the tech world and everywhere else. companies release things that dont work. like did you fucking test it ?

    47. Megark

      9:57 Forgot to censor that lol.

    48. Mat C

      the answer is yes Dx12 performs better but crashes randomnly...

    49. pw96

      ok, boomer, but you should remember launch day of GTA 4

    50. Mat C

      Day 6 still have random crashes... playing with a i7 4790k gtx 1080ti (last drivers install) already do it all RockStar procedure (Running the launcher as Admin, change the fullscreen compatibility...etc, etc. all this only to let me start the game without crash but i can not get rid of the random crashes once im playing.... funny at its sounds today i swich to VULKAN (instead of Dx12) and didnt crash in about 1,30 hours... (still)

    51. Frankestein01nl

      Well, holding out on not buying it for a while, is definately a good deal. Sorry to see your frustration.

    52. Bratwire

      I got rockstar opened but game will not load 4 days of fukin bullshit!

    53. Paul Stoican

      Clowns comes in all shapes and sizes, some are even software engineers... Remember: '76 ;)

    54. StuntSmoker

      11/11. still doesnt work.

    55. mr. hat

      playing the game fine here.. no crashes or anything, btw i disliked this video just because you called Rockstar a piece of shit company... you are clueless and you dont know what you are talking about.

    56. GamesAndSuch

      you can tell jay never touched a console in his life. "yeah console has these problems" ..... no jay, no jay they don't.

      1. R

        Ever heard about the red circle of death?

    57. Grant Wallace

      Not good, Rock Star

    58. Shokuji Akai

      This launch can't be worse than plenty of other terrible launches (Fallout 76 for example).

    59. edkode

      Hopefully they will fix this until Steam launch. Thx Epic lab rats.

    60. Sc00bie Skylin3

      It came out a YEAR ago on console WTF!