How To Restore a Rusty Knife

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    Today I show you how to restore a Rusty knife. Have an antique knife that you'd like to restore to mint condition? Watch this video to learn how! You'll be amazed and incredibly satisfied when your warned down blade looks good as new! It's incredibly easy to do - and you only new a few simple everyday household items.
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    1. CL1PZ_ YT

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="167">2:47</a> Egg Minigun

    2. T.D.T the dragon tamer

      pl do a how to discipline your child video.

    3. Jawshipai

      i forgot this was a how to basic video... *i forgot this was a how to basic video*

    4. Seojun Jung

      It's so cool he has that many ingredients during quarantine. LOL

    5. Lan Anh Lam

      chắc là đồ ăn hết hạn ý mà

    6. Unknown Person

      No knives were hurt during the making of this video

    7. Benjamin keyte

      How to do a face reviel

    8. Roblox

      Actually this worked Lol thanks for the tip 👌


      Why did i think he was actually gonna repair the blade

    10. Lucien Trudeau

      I was watching this at the start wondering “where’s the eggs”

    11. Deep hug

      Title : how to restore a rusty knife Something's wrong I can feel it

    12. BountifulGames

      Ok easy way to figure out who how to basic is. Everyone check their local grocery store. Ask if anyone has been seen buying 30 dozen eggs every other week

    13. Ai Via

      im trying to enter in roblx but it said not able to upgrade but I went to youtube and say this is was like oh noice but xD I thought it was a real VIDEO of cleaning a rusty knife but it still did not make meh feel better T^T

      1. Deep hug

        This is suck I know you buy new and close camera this is super sucks

    14. why ?

      To be honest this hack was the real deal it made my blade clean

    15. Handsome Michael

      Каша из топора ебатб))

    16. Shadow X Ninja

      Damn. For once in the channel it worked

    17. Frenzy Fishbowl

      Instructions unclear, my friend ate my knife while I was doing this and now it has a big bite in it.

    18. chococake420

      This guy's sanity gets "better" with each upload

    19. zubaer 04

      The name of this channel should be "how to waste food".

    20. Reno Da Canden

      How to basic when have a problem

    21. Kai Smith

      Jelly spaghetti with a knive and eggs

    22. Hoax GamerZ

      After eating that sandwich... *Why do I poop blood* ?

    23. youngest legend

      I tried it and it works

    24. {{Gacha Vector and Minecraft}} that actually worked...I’m surpried

    25. Kreskówkowy 10 latek!

      Try this! This Working!

    26. mari-des tapel

      I did'nt see the how to basic icon beside it so thought it was real

    27. Game Verse

      At this point Imma just buy a new knife <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="167">2:47</a>

    28. Akio Fujiwara

      For the First time a real instruction video in this channel

    29. The IPad Roblox

      This is suck I know you buy new and close camera this is super sucks

    30. Game Verse

      You will need regular stuff to do this! Such as a Toothbrush Toothpaste And one more simple item! A Blowtorch!

    31. Mandogy - Games

      Still more likely to work than 5 minute crafts

    32. Blake Johnson

      how du i mak vidio gaem????

    33. Alexander

      How to basic: how are you able to clean the mess that you make? Its a question that many friends and i have

    34. Gaq

      Instructions unclear, accidentally started world war 3

    35. Robbie Richard

      He needs to make an actual tutorial making everyone wait thinking he’s gunna do something and then not.

    36. kMZ

      When I saw a egg randomly on a video, I already knew it was HowToBasic

    37. • BabyBeanz •


    38. Robbie Richard

      Awwww shitt!!!! Here we go again

    39. TheBruh ManDave

      This is the first video in a long time to actually stun me

    40. Nqrc

      Did this is worked 10/10

    41. Giovanni Galicia

      I tried this i think I forgot a step.

    42. Puditha Crunch

      The way : buy a new one

    43. Okta z

      Is magic

    44. Alvara Claverio

      Jauajja bro lo pero es q funciona xddd

    45. Noob Toons - Roblox Adventures

      savage lol this is how to cook with a knife

    46. Chrono Sleepwakler

      um just asking what happens to the HowToBasic during Easter cuz i want to know if the Easter Bunny hides real eggs in his house instead chocolate ones

    47. TheNightOwl

      If your going to make a knife restoration video make a real one

    48. OG. Gxrdy

      It worked thx now how to clean up

    49. Lexus Gaming


    50. lil eevee

      This shit goes so wrong so fast

    51. My acc name used to be sasuke but now its Sharissa

      I feel like he can actually cook 😭

    52. Fire Dragon

      Bro kalo ada masalah idup plss ngomong aja sama bapak n emak ato temen, gak tega liatnya 😂😂🙏

    53. Aldi 9090

      "Cook eggs on the Blade" Me:"okay here we go guys"

    54. YT Arkan

      Mantap lanjutkan semangat bikin videonya bukan salam dari indonesian

    55. Shelby Stevens

      "How to inflate a balloon" idk if its been done

    56. Ded Medic Main

      Thanks, now my knife is restored

    57. andryyy 2234

      You must eat the knife

    58. Taco bell piss Nachos

      Whatcha it be Jeff Bezos with how to basic as a stress reduction channel. He destroys stuff and has his own clean up crew

    59. Roberto javier Diaz coronel


    60. Marcus Talens

      Now I want to see a "How to basic" tutorial

    61. MengaPlay

      *Alien from a different planet watches and tries tutorial* •Tutorial doesn't work• Alien: "So you have chosen death!" 👽☠️👽☠️👽

    62. Eliteaj01

      I want to know how many people actually thought his videos actually was the real deal then followed his steps and realized it wasnt what they were expecting

    63. Brek 79

      Lol I was actually taking it seriously until he added the egg, of course !

    64. ygnacio ballesteros


    65. Starry Nights

      Did this just randomly show up on everyone's feeds?

    66. Keegan Reis

      It didnt work my knife is still rusty

    67. Knucles

      Organo knife

    68. Steven Universe

      c l o s e e n o u g h



    70. Lyoko Gaming

      Cara mempersulit hidup ya ini..

    71. ANWAR MTW

      Aku kencot arep mangan

    72. anonymous gaming

      I wonder if he pays people to clean up his mess

    73. Pebble

      Thank you! My mom is so ecstatic that she passed out and ketchup started coming out of her! Even started Christmas early because I see red and blue lights!

    74. Zaidan 268

      Emosi Aku Cuk

    75. Orion ExypN

      Lmao i thought it wasnt how to basic

    76. Skeetpug

      I actually thought this was real until about half way in. Guess I didn’t see the channel icon.

    77. C Schmitz

      now this! is perfect content

    78. Nicolas Mourgues

      I think you're in serious trouble.

    79. Davian Orlandi

      yay my knife is clean now

    80. الشبح الاسود

      Dislike becuase i think is real🌚and you broken my heart