How to make an old slow computer FAST!

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    1. Mad Sodaz

      I didnt think ssd's would be worth it until my father got a new pc from ibuypower. 6 second boot times... I now need an ssd..

    2. JCsaves

      Mandela effect alert! @9:11 - @9:15 min Luke, I am your father! No, I am your father? Sweet!!

    3. tkarlmann

      OMG, can you POSSIBLY add in any more extraneous BS into this topic? Summary: Add SSD + THIS graphics card .... DONE! Some of the stuff you Fast Forwarded on was useful -- like upgrading your OS to Win 10 with the USB -- then you disabled .... something. How did you do that? I'm just learning that. PLEASE get yourself and editing program to get rid of all the BS! P.S.: MY 10-year-old PC's already HAVE SSD's; just forced to scramble due to Win7's demise. My Win7's are faster than Win10 is.

    4. supa195

      ive got like 4 intel dg41rq mobo's they only let you overclock the memory primary timings would you be interested in one its lga775 socket

    5. WookieWoolie

      Gutted as just binned an MSI LGA 775 and Q6600 that had DDR3 RAM. Was moving house and it just had to go.

    6. jeremy whitaker

      I'm running a hard drive with my ryzen 2600 and rtx 2070 and it's fine.... No problems at all. Not as responsive as ssd but not worth changing really

    7. Umbro Khan

      My old PC died after upgrading graphic card...after few months.


      1150 MSi z97 71error (bios dead) now have to upgrade to ddr4 a new chip am4 and new motherboard. 1150 and 1151. 1 pin differance. and no new motherboards run ddr3 and 1150.

    9. Sonesh Patel

      I recently decided to upgrade my 2011 PC with a 1650 super, but the motherboard needed a non existent BIOS upgrade before it would accept it.

    10. RadioActive191

      damn Luddites

    11. Ken Szakacsi

      Was that a old Alienware case. 😎

    12. Yoan Carlove

      Only issue with SSDs is they are addictive.

    13. WillWork ForCheese

      10 years ago I already had an i7 920, which came out in 2009. This PC is older than 10 years.

      1. jeremy whitaker

        2008 actually

    14. Boosted Doge

      Can't wait for ddr5 so I can get cheap ddr4

    15. Adoom al ga3oni

      Did he wipe the hard drive?

    16. press f

      hdd are fine for sloths


      6 min for 7 gig?? My pc needs more than an hour for 5 gig

    18. Dima Yakubov

      What Ryzen 5 CPU model was that when he mentioned 200$ pack with AsRock b450???

    19. Magi191

      @3:13 Ever since I built my first pc way back in 2002 I have always tracked my FPS, mostly just as bragging rights lol

    20. MrCringeGaming

      This is basically me.....I had an gtx 760 and a i5 4670....I still have that cpu currently actually waiting on my new mobo, cpu and ram. I upgraded my gpu first and went with the rtx 2060 and my new mobo, cpu and ram is not top notch but its sure an upgrade was playing on and 4 core 4 thread cpu and soon will be playing on a 8 core 16 thread cpu which is a huge jump and really excited! Its crazy to think that an gtx 760 and a i5 4670 costed me $1600 10 years ago including all the other parts it was a full build.

    21. check this out

      about 5 years ago i bought sata3 hdd and ssd, hdd failed 2 later but ssd still working

    22. rexxo

      My old computer took almost 4 min to start. Had it for many years, then I installed an SSD when they got cheaper then it took 25-30 sec to start. My 3 year old computer fully starts in 8 sec. Quite the difference

    23. BKingTz

      Put a link in a description of the video you are talking about, you lazy geek. This is a constant problem for you.

    24. The Le

      Add rgb fan case, we will feel it's fast

    25. Tyler Leyden

      I've got an ROG Maximus iv 775 MB

    26. darney catimbang

      ssd are faster for your system.... hdd are for the games and your OS must run on ssd for faster system.

    27. darney catimbang

      its like your camera man waiting you for you to say wrong and laugh a cheeky one... can you slap him hahahah

    28. Lynchio

      Anyone ever experienced a hybrid like the Firecuda? I was thinking of getting one for my Steam library. I've got a 6TB baracuda for video editing, clips and business stuff. But want to keep games separate. The Hybrid Firecuda is about £85 for 2TB. The same size SSD is Like £190. I figured the Hybrid was the way to go... Am I wrong, will this drastically slow game loading times?

    29. Weatheronthe8s

      After having a system with an SSD, I will never buy a HDD for the purpose of a boot drive again. I have upgraded a couple of my systems to SSDs for boot and basic programs (Firefox, media player, etc.). SSDs are just so much faster. I still use HDDs for extra storage and for boot drives on some older computers. But they are fine for games and I will not be buying any more HDDs for boot drives. They work fine for Windows XP though. I have a basically 13 year old hard drive in one of my laptops running Windows XP and it still works fine. I also have another one just about as old that used to be in my first desktop but I think it may be dying so I don’t plan to store important data on that drive anymore. I also have another drive that reports as having bad sectors but I haven’t noticed performance issues yet so I still use it. Windows 10 is painfully slow though on especially a 5400 RPM drive.

    30. Kirt Carter

      I bought a 120G ssd about a year ago as a boot drive to boost my 2012 i7-3770 system... but ended up just putting my primary game on it and not migrating windows over. It improved my load screens and fps but my pc still takes about 8-12 minutes to boot up lol I need to get another one and "upgrade" to windows 10 I guess.

    31. Dm TD

      People who are afraid of SSDs or say HDDs are fine are just low iq60 idiots with no knowledge even of simple computer science

      1. DICE

        HDDs are fine... SSDs are just better in every single aspect

    32. nickytax101

      Do you know the reason pc's drop speed over the years being way slower then normal and is upgrading a medion worth it

    33. Twiztty

      And now you can just get nvidia/gforce now until they go out of beta and you can play every game on steam.

    34. 1Axxonn1

      i am watching this in jan of 2020 , i play an MMO that came out in mid 2012 on a computer i bought back in 2009 . runs like a champ but this is the perfect motivation i needed to get this old beast back to something at least usable by todays standards

    35. Ray Correa

      have an old gigabyte x58 ud3r gigabyte mobo and 1st gen i7 870 2 93ghz intel core i7 system. can that be improved on LGA1156 lol

    36. Christopher Franklin Awesome deals on SSD's atm...!! Samsung Evo Plus's are cheaper than Evos!

    37. Bluepixel

      Throw it out the window. That's how it gets fast :)

    38. thelongslowgoodbye

      Step 1: upgrade HDD to SSD. Step 2: buy and install an RX580 Step 3: Install Linux. Done! Enjoy the new lease on life your PC has.

    39. adam kaptein

      I did something similar with my old q9650 oc'd it to 4ghz found a motherboard for cheap that let's me use 16gb ddr3 oc'd to 1800mhz put an ssd in and a gtx 1660 and it runs great as a bedroom home theatre, steam in home streaming gaming machine and for slightly older rpg games fallout 4 etc. My main gaming pc is in another room at a desk

    40. D. Train

      I've still got a Gigabyte P45 UD3P motherboard that I play around with from time to time. Its an amazing overclocking board. Its currently running a C2D E8500 at 4.5Ghz. Its a fun platform. It was running a Xeon X5460 for a long time with great success.

    41. Michael Hoffmann

      There is also the posibility to upgrade a system using older gen used parts, wich is what I usually do. Three years ago I upgraded from a first gen I3 to a I7 2600 with 16 gigs of ram wich I got for about 100 Euros (was an older Dell office system that used the IGP instead of a graphics card) and a year later I added a used GTX 970 to the system (upgrading from my GTX 670 wich I used before that) for 90 Euros and as a Bootdrive I'm using a Crucial BX300 480 Gig SSD that I got for less than 50 Euros at the beginning of 2019. So for about 250 euros I build a system that is still performing fine even today.

    42. Andrew Godly

      At this point just get a new pc. 10 years is more than enough time to get your money's worth. The point of upgrading is to do it periodically, replacing a component or 2 at a time

    43. Two Tone

      Watching this on a Pentium 4 from 2004 ^_^

    44. Lorioyama Emma-O

      Imagine an enthusiast building a threadripper with a 2080ti water-cooled and wd velociraptor wd1000dhtz!

    45. Mohammed Hafiz Majid

      Rather than replace Gpu why not replace a basic am4 motherboard and APU for cheaper

    46. Camshaft Gaming

      Glad to see a video showing people that there isn't that huge of a difference in playable experience between older hardware and new. I always appreciate a slowdown of the usual RGB infused FPS fest that a lot of new tech channels have become. I'm a regular scrapper putting together a lot of different machines and I always wonder why all that is necessary. A lot of people only need this kind of upgrade to get the kind of boost they are looking for instead of stressing about why they can't afford a 2080 Super.

    47. Kabez M

      I got a GA-N650SLI-DS4L lying around, how do i contact you

    48. Jin-

      Fiber download speed to External HDD or regular HDD is a good way to make your system go to snail mode

    49. Iᴅᴋ ᴀɴʏᴍᴏʀᴇ

      I though you were gonna do something like download more ram.

    50. Karthigeyan M

      Ive a i3 2nd generation 3.3ghz processor with Intel board 8gb 1333mhz you think ssd and rx570 upgrade will help play red dead 2 high settings?

    51. jeccf

      i think running win 10 on this is a bad idea. i have this same cpu and 4 gb of ram and win 7 runs smoothly from ssd

    52. Psychosis

      I find it very sympathetic that not only "young" men are interested in PC and hardware. Not meant badly based on your age or anything.

    53. ionz

      I have never experienced a ssd :( I am planning on getting one but I just haven’t gotten to doing it

      1. Eazy

        Same I'm broke as fuck...... I really want a rig bad. I'd be happy to run classic wow and CSGO

    54. aMarshmallow

      Would you take a premium AM3+ with an 8950x bulldozer? It's from 10 years ago as well and you can compare how much better was than amd 8core marketing

    55. rafael alberto brea reyes

      you can get 16gb ddr4 ram kits for 50 bucks jayz

    56. MostlyWeed

      I would say upgrading to 8gb of ram on my Core 2 Duo was a greater benefit in games than when I added the SSD,

    57. Cyclingbob

      I installed an ssd yesterday. Instant Perfomance increase.

    58. Douglas Overbeck

      Ahh oops. Guess should have watched this first. My system is a Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe with a AMD Opteron 180 CPU, 4Gb DDR2 Ram, with a GeForce 250 GPU. I figured system was too old to even think of a new video card as this will not run DirectX 12. So I have started a new build “all new” case and all. So far I have invested $2500 and still have to get the ram and video and EKWB liquid cooling. Wife asked why I haven’t bought everything at once. I explained I was being financially responsible and didn’t want to max the credit card, without stating the overall cost. Bless her heart she said I should get a new monitor. Well how could I say no.

    59. Fred Ingebritson

      does a gddr5 card work on a system with ddr3 memory?

    60. FTR

      I got 770, i5 4670k, ssd and 8gb ddr. I wonder if just upgrading 770 to > 1660s for example would make a huge difference?