How To: Get Your Crush to Like You Back

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    How To: Get Your Crush to Like You Back
    Isabella Avila, (aka. OnlyJayus) stops by Flighthouse to share her psychology tips and trick to getting your crush to like you back.
    Try these weird tricks out and let us know how they work for you!
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    1. Julissa Monroy

      What if your crush is dating your best friend and you told them you still liked them 😭😫

    2. Gurra Kosumi

      so that's all shes associated with im so dead-

      1. Gurra Kosumi

        btw ppl dont come @ me

    3. Guess who I am

      Haha i got rejected. He low key doesn’t want to be my friend how rude is that like for real🥺😔

    4. Simeran Jasmin Pillay

      Anyone else noticed Avery was der!!

    5. Gigi C

      or you can be like me and just tell them you like them on text and get rejected!

    6. Ariayna Armstrong

      lol avery

    7. BeastlyXD34 1

      Brooo nice this is good

    8. 50% Human Sans

      I follow her

    9. WaxyPeach

      The bubble rap 😂

    10. Ava Bradley


    11. Jacobi Cantwell

      I am just done with guys


      I LOVE You

    13. Icy Vu

      I have try all these he like me but I’m still calling is crush but I need advice how to move on

      1. Medha Bandaru

        ask him out or play like the game called 21 questions.

    14. Randomness Tv

      3 rd comment can you guys give my FIsels channel a shoutout

    15. Sunflower_ Roblox

      Early gang love yas

    16. Majuška girl


    17. Felipe The Felipe


    18. Hannah Grayson

      First like and first comment!!

    19. RAYAN Bouasriz

      1er comment 🔥🔥🔥