Hype Fatigue Is Real


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    Max and Michael discuss Hype Fatigue, how it's changed forms over the years, how different creative teams adapt to, use, or oppose it for better or worse, and the difference between organic hype and bought hype. If nothing else, it will kill slightly more time between now and the recently delayed release date of whichever game you are most excitedly waiting for. We know ours! And it rhymes with "diaper funk money heaven eleven."

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      am like this with my GF, Are you gonna come? and i wait and waint and she never does

    2. Jordan Vallejo

      It will only take a great trailer to get people interested in the movies again

    3. Jheyo venero roncal

      im the only one who is more hype about DOOM than Cyberpunk?...

    4. The Great White

      Ain't no hype fatigue for doom eternal or resident evil 3 remake.

    5. Ryan Foley

      Michael Swain hell yeah

    6. Diego Graciano

      I'm so hyped for The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection!

    7. Sy Ku

      Get tired of pizza... NOT POSSIBLE!

    8. Jimmy Early

      I'm, markedly, less excited for Cyberpunk and FF7 remake.

    9. The Dutch

      I am sick of waiting for cyberpunk 2077 just send me a text when it actually is out

    10. Muffle

      sounds like MMO"s that wont release in the west.

    11. Scott Churchman

      isn't that the guy from cracked?

    12. ZYMON X

      Does anyone still cares about avatar?

    13. chad finzel

      Nobody cares about avatar

    14. showmik akand

      I think Marvel boss Kevin Feige knows how to keep the hype for a long time as for example he started raising our hype for infinity war since civil war and infinity war was released 2 years later

    15. kato093

      Wtf is hype fatigue??? Is that the overhyping of garbage from games urinalists to make clicibait

    16. connerdude100

      Ign where is the kakarot review

    17. Niko

      This is a great point. It's so easy to get carried away into the next new thing and miss the things that we already have. I've been obsessing over next gen console leaks and rumours when I already have a high end 4K HDR TV, a PS4 Pro and a One X. I'm not saying I'm ungrateful, it's just that I would have creamed my jeans to play what I play now when say the 360 or PS3 first came out.

    18. Kon Simpl

      US needs to learn how to *chill* in general but, let's face it, this is a nation of hustlers - things might seem to change at times but it's always more of the same approach in various permutations. Edward Bernays has effed this nation forever.

    19. Robin Stephen

      SWAIM!!!! This is going to be the shot in the arm ign comedy needs. An actual comedian. Looking forward to your work!

    20. troryANCAS

      Other dude that isn't Max: “I've lost all objectivity.” Exactly what happened to the whole IGN crew when TLJ came out.

    21. Lee Bu

      Wish James Cameron would just forget avatar and make new aliens movie

    22. keith courson

      Hehe... Star Citizen anyone?

    23. BRENDAN copster

      i cant wait for avatar 2, 3, 4, 5 :D

    24. Storm Trooper

      Well it's still okay, I mean Star Wars Ep1 came after Ep6

    25. Sen Izzie

      Avatar wasn't all that tho. I can't get hyped on it

    26. Ajay

      Hey, it's the guy from Cracked!

    27. Timothy Mangano

      Ign fatigue is real too

    28. Death Stalker

      You should do a video on video games fatigue.. And being burnt out on playing games!!!

    29. Evan McLaughlin

      I honestly don’t think will ever see a movie or game as hyped as avengers endgame was for a long time.

    30. iSprint4GEyes

      Didn’t mention marvel’s hype smh

    31. Jason Honeycutt

      I’ll be honest who even cares about avatar anymore?

    32. Lukas

      I’m honestly not really that hyped for it.

    33. Jonathan Bahena

      Tbh it only made an impact because everybody was on ecstasy and it was the first movie to really hype the 3D experience.

    34. Impending Doom

      I wasn’t ever hyped for Cyberpunk in the first place, it’s been overhyped and now that they delayed it I bet it still won’t be that great except for on next gen consoles. Don’t believe the hype!!

      1. Lone Cyborg

        I think the game has a lot of bugs which is the reason for the delay. I think this game should have been released in 2021 with the next generation consoles.

    35. Pablo Pulido

      How they gonna make a sequel when the actor who played the main character is dead?

      1. Pablo Pulido

        @ZYMON X that wont work. They need the characters face cast ri model otherwise they're gonna have to make it from scratch and its gonna look like mass effect faces.

      2. ZYMON X


    36. Ayrton Sy

      Nobody really cares about Avatar tbh

    37. Edu D

      Literally no one cares about Avatar

    38. crim somreaf5555

      Wtf happens to the avatar movies that were supposed to be in the works no news on a release date, I keep forgetting avatar was a thing because it's taking forever for the" supposed" sequels to come out

    39. Bertie Brown

      Avatar is the only franchise I’m actively rooting against. I think it’s just the hubris in “oh, there will be FOUR sequels....you’re welcome.”

    40. Nolan Schotanus

      Avatar 1 literally had no cultural impact. No one in my family even remembers the main dudes name and we've all seen it before.

      1. Nolan Schotanus

        @Gabriel Bronan oh man of course!

      2. Gabriel Bronan

        Aang !!!

      3. evdawgbeat

        I remember it cuz that say it so many times in the movie

      4. Nolan Schotanus

        @Kevin Glimmerstengesundheit.

    41. Sinister Red

      Hey its Swaim From the After Hours the old Cracked videos which I really liked/miss.

    42. Boffa Deez

      Love the creepy co. Shirt.

    43. Harry Pothead

      Yo,IGN provide some closed captions for deaf people too.Btw,damn those conceptual arts look fantastic and I know a lot of people didn't like avatar but I personally really loved it.Watching avatar was my first time experience in a multiplex and I think for a Hollywood movie too.So,can't wait for the sequel in December,2021 alongside black Adam.

    44. Talion Gravewalker

      Avatar is an overrated piece of garbage and I'm glad Endgame beat it.

    45. Quan Vlog

      Hi 😁😁😁😁😁✌✌✌✌✌

    46. Vincent Dorado

      A lot of people probably never seen the first one

    47. The Barbarian Sasquatch

      Idk about y'all, but hype fatigue has been a thing for me since Promethus came out in 2012

    48. JettTheWolf696

      Honestly, who cares about Avatar anymore at this point?

    49. E. Castillo

      Pegasus, away!

    50. triadwarfare

      I guess James Cameron got abducted by Dai Lee agents. There is no Avatar 2 in Ba Sing Se

    51. Jace Johnson

      I'm not even hyped anymore for Superhero movies.

    52. Dan Chavez

      Avatar is overrated. Why do we need 4 more?

    53. moonking192020

      Man I just dropped a poop after drinking a lukewarm ice coffee... Wow!

    54. EarthsGeomancer

      What's so great about Cyberpunk?

    55. Sean Winkfield

      People saying they done with hype.....until they get hype😒

    56. Cinemaniacal

      Hyped for Michael Swaim

    57. Joseph the game guy Scarborough

      Anyone else miss cracked after hours

    58. Spiritguide thee

      They're taking waaaay too long to make this Avatar sequel

    59. UnwaveringBackBone

      Can you really get hype fatigue specifically for bloobs though? Me thinks not. The real question: was hype fatigue discovered by a chronic wood wanker/midnight stroker?

    60. Lord Baelish

      I'm calling it now, it's going to crash. No one asked for this and Avatar is irrelevant now a days.