I am so sorry about this

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    #Movember #AviationGin

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    1. Angela Richardson

      Never heard of him, is he the one with syphilis?

    2. Corby orange

      Oh hey look it’s Henry Cavil!

    3. Abel Undercity

      Well, I appreciate that you apologized.

    4. Demon Dog lord

      He makes ads entertaining

    5. mikehoff890

      still a better job then Batman V superman

    6. MiGUERUTA Movies, Gaming & Fun

      Yep! That moustache looked better when gone!

    7. Eternal Saber Gaming

      This is clickbait done right.

    8. B-Rad Video Show


    9. Max Hyde

      I'm fine with this

    10. Wolf Rayet

      Thats not Super Man haha

    11. Gage Tomerlin

      Ryan shilling his gin in the best way possible. We love ya man.

    12. Rodrigo Ruedas

      Good one.

    13. Troubleshooter125

      I'm still waiting for Aviator to make a single-malt whisky. I get the feeling I'll be waiting a while!

    14. james williams

      That was a great waste of 16 seconds. Thanks.

    15. Limmeh

      I've been bamboozled.

      1. MotoErgoSum

        Not boozebumbled?

    16. Ahle The Scout

      I don’t get it

    17. Ley

      Ryan Reynolds is like the white version of will smith

    18. wertstahl

      Funny, but can't like or else i will get more ads recommendations :-)

    19. Crazy Craz Ashley!

      Now that's MAGIC!

    20. Goldstar Nice

      I really thought it was a new film 🤣🤣🤣

    21. Ganda Gandara

      Aviator gin is a real brand?

    22. Убайдула Курбанов

      Что это значит?

    23. Workin Alday

      I thought he was going to apologize for looking like a gay 1970's porn star with that mustache in the video pic! Guess not!

    24. DasBlitzKobra

      Well played

    25. RhinoJoe Outdoors

      When you realize its also an ad for Target. 0:05 Target Threshold copper mug FTW

    26. ransom

      Is this the guy from Nickelodeon’s Fifteen?

    27. organicmolecules


    28. Pickles and Chips

      I think we found Deadpool's Plus Ultra.

    29. Kurban Sh

      It's really superman😁🔥


      This had some sick editing!

    31. Gameknight 995

      0:00 it’s fun to stay at the YMCA

      1. huttio srreu

        Funniest 17 seconds I’ve ever seen

    32. Blah Blahsen

      can we just make all youtube adds under 20 seconds and starring Ryan Reynolds, so nobody is pissed about them?

    33. LinkSaya

      Oh my God that's the best way to criticize Superman and mock DC at the same time.

    34. Angelina Aromanov

      You have a f-n FIsels channel? Damn I need to lay off the shrooms 😂

    35. Dream Desk

      Ryan I’m very scared

    36. Helen Burnley


    37. morebakeder

      I was half expecting his mouth to be sewn shut when he put down the cup.

    38. Cioaca Cristian

      When the studio will no longer produve any deadpool movies and your career it's over

    39. downtown baby

      Me:... My mom:... I DON'T KNOW WHO WON'T DO...

    40. Majikul One

      your moostash can be the weirdest thing I've seen all month...and I seen the Chinese Hooman Face Fish.

    41. Alex S

      Holy fuckin moustache movember.

    42. A happy catfish

      Professional troll xD

    43. Poppa Bless


    44. Амир Теуважуков

      Кто из России?

    45. Kz Rippen

      Funniest 17 seconds I’ve ever seen

    46. The Architect

      Ryan no!

    47. HV's Mameer

      Henry C's Clark Kent : *i got hit* !!

    48. boboca171

      Gênio do marketing

    49. Agnibha Sen

      Subtle Superman jokes.

    50. Raxfat LD

      It's a superreferens?

    51. Amanda rodrigues


    52. all about things


    53. weng waacy


    54. karl rizal

      Like when Superman got his moustache removed by cgi

    55. Johnny Allen Shane Prater

      I dont get it

    56. z Technophyle


    57. Тамиз Жолдошев

      Is it parody of Genry Kavel?

    58. Brad Barclay


    59. Be The Best Version Of Yourself

      He tricked me, but ain't complaining..

    60. KM RC Adventure

      Walruses like gin?