I Challenged an Actual SWAT Team to Camo Hide and Seek!



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    I Challenged an Actual SWAT Team to Camo Hide and Seek! with Preston 👊
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    1. Preston

      The subscribe button is trying to hide. Click it if you can find it 👀👀👀

      1. Natan Mengis

        Found it recently


        I still haven't found it though... Where was it?


        Dude you are going to win 👍

      4. Mohammad Ali

        Mohamed Ali my name is also the same

      5. Peter Starrs


    2. isabella summer

      I think you copied faze rug or somthing like that

    3. Greg Nagler

      that's so cool

    4. Lorenzo Barco

      You should hide under the bridge with a gille and put some leaves and branches there

    5. Maria Frezza

      do you know josh

    6. Maria Frezza

      hahahahahahahahahaha this is funny hahahaha lol

    7. Omega_ The Gamer

      My man didint last 2 minutes 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    8. kasm kz

      Престон лох плагиат

    9. Aishah Hussain

      Preston I'm ur biggest fan ever

    10. Krish Mahendroo

      whare is keith

    11. Joey Wade

      If Preston was my neighbor I’d give him my 346$ for being in videos

    12. Joey Wade

      Preston Always gets it done! 🤪

    13. Justin Hauser


    14. shireen hussain

      Hide under the tree 🌲

    15. Travis Deines

      *Has gillie suit, trys to hide from SWAT* *Wears white shows*

    16. TWK_Richard_


    17. Zaran Xine

      Has anyone else noticed that the dog on the thumbnail is Riley from call of duty ghost

    18. Taylor Osborne

      Preston was really camouflaged I couldn't see him

    19. Ajani Levy-Hart

      I Love you

    20. Noah menges

      Lol I have a best friend named John and I'm like Preston and my friend John is like john

    21. Jose Angeles

      Preston you are my hero

    22. jlm03722

      If you get caught you get arrested??

    23. Megan McCormick

      Love it

    24. Tammy Boudle

      Show yourself I'm dying to meet u grow your self

    25. Anthony Graham

      Go you got this

    26. Jennifer Porter

      Subscribed 👍👍

    27. Jennifer Porter

      Preston : I don’t have hands to show you. Me.?.

    28. AHNReverse

      wow those are some nice fake weapons

    29. Mike Lim

      You should wow fgteev

    30. Mike Lim


    31. Riley Moore

      100 layers of ice

    32. Riley Moore

      No you did not

    33. Pedro Para

      Watch this if you want to waste 17 minutes of your life

    34. Diamond pug Volvo

      Your the best preston

    35. shayyaan shimal


    36. profas213 OMG

      are is this real ?

    37. Elm Academy

      Do the last to stop eating candy wins 10000 bucks

    38. Daniil Sharshnev


    39. Captain Olay!

      WT is so cute!👍💓

    40. Brandon Robertt

      Hi you are the best you tobr pretty I love her shirt she wears everyday I love how it's black and pink

    41. Zane Shields

      I have played paintball here

    42. Than Tan

      Always talk

    43. Dion Tabora

      Preston she your wife

    44. dogeghost 69

      Ok now we add a uk accent+fake money and now you have morgz

    45. ben zilla

      On ebay your black shirt with your logo that is yellow orange and red to late i have subed

    46. ben zilla

      Hi preston i have your shirt

    47. Melissa Frohloff

      Preston hide in one of the pills

    48. Melissa Frohloff

      Preston i think that you are gonna be in 1

    49. Seven Cai

      Your were hiding under a tree that spot was epic

    50. NatalRozi

      This is too high energy and the camera shaking is distracting

    51. Boom Town

      This is stolen from faze rug I feel like..?

    52. Emmett Vining


    53. Callum Gallagher

      Wow did you go to prison?

    54. kraken

      First of all the the seats needed to bring their gyns

    55. arjay ayala

      I love

    56. visanti bitraj

      John chit

    57. Randall Leigh

      Since when did he become friends with thatguybarney

    58. Leslie Quiroz

      For Preston to get more subscribers

    59. Leslie Quiroz

      Make sure to like subscribe and hit the Bell

    60. Leslie Quiroz

      We miss you Preston

    61. Leslie Quiroz

      Wow there is a lot of complaining

    62. Mr TopBot

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="934">15:34</a> legit reminds me of my dad coming upstairs to wake me up for school

    63. Jinyao Li

      Preston should crouch then cover his face

    64. Wiremu Milner

      I'm only 5

    65. Cohen MYERS

      Hit the the like button for Preston down here blow my comment

    66. Jax J

      That is going to be hard 😓

    67. Denyse Horner


    68. Natan Mengis

      This is actual training for the swat

    69. Martha Kimbrell

      An actual swat team

    70. Vegeta IOK

      Swat dog?!! Woah do another one

    71. homereviewz

      Everyone knew WT will got caught first😂

    72. 이정순

      Who da swat

    73. JOSE TAN

      Disappointing to see that preston is turning into morgz

      1. Omega_ The Gamer

        True 🤣

      2. gacha Len UwU

        @Margarita Jimenez lol

      3. Margarita Jimenez


    74. Vitality Barbarian

      A4 плогиат

    75. pechupido STANDOFF 2

      Ждем точно такое же видео у а4

    76. David Gudmunsen

      I love it!

    77. Judy Bonnar

      I you play in hing and see ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    78. past the future Galaxy cat

      Is anyone watching this on 2020

    79. Susan Chong SC

      Oh no

    80. Brendah Khayeshe

      I want to Preston to win